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Chapter 3 New Town, New Life

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Brooke finally makes it to Ohio and to her new home. She has a reunion with her old friend Puck, which she met in New York.

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Chapter 3 New Town, New Life

It’s been hours since her encounter with Lucas and she can’t help but think about what happened. She can’t help think about how much it hurt. How sad it made her feel he didn’t even care that he had hurt her. He didn’t even try to apologize, he just made excuses. Once again instead of thinking about it, she shoved her thoughts and feeling away. She didn’t want to feel the pain, she just wanted to forget.

Time jump. Puck's house, Ohio

Brooke pulls up to a dirty town house near Pucks home. She quickly grabs her things and heads to the door. She quickly knocks on the door. When there was no answer she decided to call Puck.

Brooke calls Puck. Puck picks up.


“Hey Puck Bear. Remember me?”

“Oh, hey Brookie.”

“Hey Pucks, where you at?”

“Oh I just left school. Should be home in about 20 mins.”

“Okay. See ya soon.” Brooke hangs up. Brooke sits on steps.

20 mins later

Rusty truck pulls up next to the house. Puck quickly jumps out and shouts out, “BROOKIE.”

Brooke startled jumps up. Realizing it’s Pucks, she runs and jumps in his arms and shouts just as loudly, “PUCK BEAR.”

Pucks uneasily takes Brooke in his arms. He holds her as tightly as she is him. Puck would never say this out loud, but he really missed Brooke. Him and Brooke have been friends ever since they met in New York. They just clicked. Other than Finn and the glee club, Brooke was all he had. Having her here was going to be a blast.
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