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Hiding Evil

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Jay knows he can't escape. Not even his secret crush and resident psychic Teresa can help him! What will he do? Hide it and fight? Or call on someone for help?(OneShot)

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Disclaimer: New to this soo.. for good measure: I don't own anything except for this one particular piece of writing. I don't even own the socks I'm wearing :P
Note: I'm kind of sucky at writing but yeah... and kind of distracted by the wondrous music of Panic1 At The Disco, and no I'm not a teeny bopper. I know more than I Write Sins Not Tragedies.. wow I'm talking to myself.. Good Convo too.. And yeah so I'm not sure how but they inspired this story? blush

He couldn't believe it. Years. YEARS of worrying and being responsible! It had all dredged through a fine sprinkling of stress.
Now, it caught up with Jay.
Glaring at it contemptuously, he faced his current foe with as much ferocity as he could muster.
Jay swiped his weapon one side to the other, harsh in his movements, but fluid. Every way he attempted, he still could not smother it!
" I can't believe this! This has to be Cronus, or Erida, or, or- ANYBODY! Or everybody... they're all plotting against me, I know it..." his ramblings distracted him, if only for a split second. His wound throbbed and flickered with pain. He had swung his tool in desperation much too hard.
"Paranoia's a-" Jay paused in his cursing. Was that someone coming down the hall? Teresa maybe? 'Shoot!'
" I can't -urgh- let her see me so weak, pitiful!" he muttered frantically, pausing only for his frustration.
Sweat trickled down his forehead. Few drips travelled down his features, but had accumulated with the oil and dirt slicks that littered his face.
The monstrous entity had just popped up. 'And in my own room, no less!' he fumed inwardly.
Click. Click. Click.
That time was definite. Teresa's trademark sneakers squeaked along with the floor boards, rubber against wood. Her shoelaces connecting with the floor. ' I always told her they were too long, but nooooo...' Jay stated inwardly.
"No! She'll never have to face you!" Jay called out threateningly, only to falter, "Not even she is strong enough, experienced enough. Not familiar..."
He marvelled distractedly at her amazing calm demeanor, her laid back attitude. Her luck! 'Not luck... maybe she hasn't encountered you because of the former...' he mused. And his luck was fairly dissipated. Jay, as well, had never known this evil. Until now.
Then again, being leader of a group set out to save the world -from a power hungry Evil Time God, as he called Cronus frequently- would cause strange meetings and fights. With Medusa, The Seeper, and many more.
But, never any such as this, seemingly undefeatable foe.
Click. Whiiirr...
His door's familiar creak sounded. The brown haired boy winced. 'WHAT the HECK am I gonna DO!' His efforts still fruitless.
"Jay? Jaaayyy... Oh! There you are." Teresa peeked in. At first the dim lighting and dark green walls were blended, but her crush's telltale purple and yellow coverings revealed him.
"Yes?" he grunted. His voice was hoarser than usual, for sure. Somewhat rough as well.
"Are you alright? And what's with the lights?" her usually smooth voice was shrill with worry. Jay definitely didn't need to see her to notice her face wrinkled with worry.
"YES!" he nodded emphatically. Jay's back was turned to Teresa, so his enemy was engulfed in the shadows. She couldn't see it, not now!
"Okay... well, breakfast is ready." she drawled. Why he was acting so strangely, the red head wasn't sure. Did she even want to know? Again, she wasn't sure. Jay could already smell the wondrous aroma of pancakes and grits. How he loved his grits!
"You've been up here for a while... and you seem pretty warm. Are you sick? Did you catch a fever?" He WAS sweating excessively from what she could tell. Her hand went for his forehead in a motherly gesture.
He apparently hadn't noticed her creeping onwards into his room. As the shadow of her hand appeared on his wall, he jerked.
"NO! No, no, no nee-heed for that. I am sick, thermom-mometer said so. Haha... well bye!" Jay stuttered hurriedly. He was lying between his teeth, and to his crush! His opponent wouldn't wait.
"Well, you sure are stammering a lot... and you've never skipped off of your own free will..." the red-head speculated, "Alright. I'll tell Athena and get some extra notes for you. Feel better, Jay."
She scurried off with a new task, slightly disappointed of his absence.
He slumped his formerly stiff form. Jay would stay home, restore his strength and face 'it' again. Alone! Never would he show his companions this horror.
Jay's pale brown eyes shimmered. Tired determination arose and he once again took his stance.
Raising the comb towards his hair he tried with more strength than before to cover 'it', the bane of his existence, the ruiner of his life, the mistake of the century that was never meant to be released.
'It', the evil blemish.

Okay I had a slight bit of confusion, so a blemish= a pimple, a zit, you know? And since Jay's all serious, he acted like it was this huge enemy. I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much : >
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