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Aladdin: A Whole New World

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A new Story about Aladdin and Jasmine's son growing up, making friends, and finding love just as his father did.

Category: Aladdin - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Published: 2018-05-22 - 546 words

{This story takes place 18 years after Aladdin and Jasmine have their son; Aziz is now 18, and just like his father he is very witty and agile (street rat) who meets his best friend Zenol(Zen) who teaches him to survive the streets of Agrabah. He disguises himself as a commoner and sneaks out the palace almost everyday to spend time with Zen. Little does he know that his life would change after he met a commoner girl with the same wit and agility that he has. This story will be from the 3rd person view. If a section starts with Aziz or Crystala it will be from their point of view.}

This is the story of how Aladdin's son Aziz, finds love with the help of a poor commoner girl, and befriends a merchant’s son who later becomes his best friend. He never was fortunate with women. Sure, women threw themselves at his feet, but Aziz never wanted someone who would just throw themselves at his feet every time they saw him. He wanted something more, he wanted someone who he could talk to; someone who he could share his problems with, someone who was funny, and beautiful inside and out, and amazing! Aziz often wondered if he would ever find out what life was like outside the castle, how the merchants and commoners would interact with each other. "OOOOH OOOOH OOOOOH AAAAAH AAAAAH!" Abu Jr. chirps to Aziz. "Hey Jr., I just wish I could escape this suffocating place. Mother and father mean well, but it's just...." Abu jr. places his hand on Aziz's."I just wish they would see that I am not in love with those girls with their fake personalities who just want me for my looks or money. I want someone who will love me for me, someone who is funny and kind, and is just amazing!" Just then, Aziz had an idea. "Jr., what if we sneak out of the palace and go see the merchants!" Aziz says excitedly. Abu Jr. looks at him as if he is out of his mind. "OOOH OOOH AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAH!!!" Jr. screeches. Before Jr. can get a word in edgewise, Aziz grabs him by the waist and quickly climbs the wall to leap the other side. On his way out he grabs a cloak to wear around him so no one will notice him.

When he and Abu Jr. reach the marketplace of Agrabah, Aziz is amazed at the life people live there. “Lookit Jr.! Look at all these people, everyone is so busy!” Aziz keeps on walking while looking intently at all the merchandise and the food. “Agh!” someone says as him and Aziz bump each other. “Oh, I’m so sorry it’s my fault. I was just admiring the marketplace.” Aziz says while trying to get up. “Admiring the marketplace? You’re new here, aren’t you?” the stranger laughs. “Hi I’m Aziz.” Aziz replies. laughs”I’m Zenol but you can call me Zen” the stranger says. “Do you want to help me with something? Payback for almost knocking me down.” Zen asks. Aziz replies “Sure, i guess i deserve the worst.” They both laugh and they both knew this was the start of a very good friendship.
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