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A Whole New World: Chapter 2

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Aziz gains a newfound friend Zenol (Zen) while Jasmine feels guilty for pushing her son to choose a wife when she herself felt trapped when her father forced Jasmine to marry a prince instead of Al...

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{As you may remember, we left off when Aziz met Zenol(Zen). Aziz has just finished helping Zen, meanwhile back at the palace…}

“Do you think I was being too pushy with Aziz?” Jasmine asks. “He is as old as i was when i fell in love with you, but we need to let him decide who he wants to marry. Remember how trapped you felt, when you father forced you to marry a prince instead of a street rat like me?” Aladdin replied almost playfully. Jasmine then let out a sigh, feeling guilty of the pressure she put her son through. “I’ll go talk to him after dinner.” she says. “I’ll be right here with you.” Aladdin replied “In the meantime, let’s take a walk. It’s been centuries since the last time!” Jasmine laughs and so does Aladdin.

>Back at the marketplace with Zenol and Aziz<

“I really hope that you can come again.” Zenol says “You’re the only interesting thing in this village.” “Thanks for everything Zenol, but I really need to go. I snuck out of the pa… I mean the back door. And I don’t want my parents to know that I snuck out.” Aziz says. “I doubt that the prince of Agrabah will get caught, as stealthy and quick as you are.” Zenol replies “How… How did you know?” Aziz asks with a hint of astonishment. “It was a little hard at first, but then I realized that no one in the village has a monkey.” Zenol replies playfully. Abu Jr. turns his head away and pouts. Aziz says, “Awww come on Jr., you know you are one of a kind!” Abu jr. then turns back around and proudfully says “OOOH OOOH AAAH AAAH.” Aziz and Zenol laugh with Jr. feeling a ;little bit more proud. “I should really get home, it’s getting close to dinnertime and my parents might start looking for me.” Aziz says worryingly. “Go ahead Aziz, and come back anytime!” Zenol says comfortingly. “Thanks Zenol” Aziz replies “My friends call me Zen, beside Zenol is too long” Zen replies playfully. Aziz gives him a smile and him and Abu Jr. race off back to the palace; they make it just before dinnertime. Jasmine comes into Aziz’s room, and says “Aziz, I’m really sorry for everything that I’ve put you through. I know that you must feel trapped, I did too when your grandfather forced me to marry a prince instead of your father.” “It’s ok mom, I know you guys just want the best for me. I get it, you don’t have to apologize.” Aziz said comfortingly. They both embrace each other in a hug and make their way to the dinner table. Aladdin sees this and smiles, and says, “I take it everything went well?” “Yeah, everything’s great.” Aziz answers. After they enjoy their meal, when everybody went to bed, Aziz and Abu Jr. go out to the courtyard and stay uip a little longer. Aziz couldn’t stop thinking about what happened today. He worried that Zen would tell someone about him sneaking out of the palace. But that feeling went away because he trusted his newfound friend, a true friend he thought. With Abu Jr. asleep on his lap, Aziz goes back to bed with hopes of going back to the village and seeing his best friend Zen. As Aziz falls asleep, he wakes up to a new day. All is well in the village of Agrabah, or is it?
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