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Chapter 3

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Aziz meets a girl while coming to see Zen. He falls in love with her.

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[*{Last time we left off when Aziz had fell asleep and had awaken to a new day. He has met his newfound friend Zenol, talked to his mom, and felt at peace with himself. Reminder: When a passage starts with Aziz, Zenol, or Crystala then that passage will be from their point of view. Enjoy!}

[Aziz lying on the railing of the fountain]
Aziz I can’t believe what happened yesterday! I snuck out of palace grounds, walked through the marketplace, met Zen, and the next thing I know I made it just in time to avoid getting caught. [Aziz remembers the apology from Jasmine] Not only that but Mom apologized for putting me through a lot of pressure. I was kind of shocked actually, but it felt great to talk to her. It was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, I just couldn’t believe it!

As Aziz mounts off the railing of the fountain, Abu Jr. scatters and jumps across the courtyard to land on the cloak that Aziz has hid so carefully within the bushes. Just one look at each other and both of them knew where they would be spending their day. With a swift leap, Aziz hops over the South castle wall, and makes his way to the marketplace. Aziz takes his usual path and right when he spots Zen, he accidentally bumps into another girl. “Ow… hey watch it!” the girl said. “Oh! I’m so sorry! Let me help you.” Aziz replied. He helped the girl up and as they stood they met each other’s eyes;the girl’s attitude changed completely while Aziz found he liked that girl, it may not have been love, but there was something there. “I’m sorry, I should have watched where I was going. I’m Crystala, but everybody calls me Crystal” the girl said, kind of feeling shy in front of Aziz.
Crystala What’s wrong with me! I’ve never felt this way towards anybody, ESPECIALLY a boy. He is kind of cute, I mean really cute! Geez, pull yourself together Crystala![Crystala blushes just a little bit]

Aziz What is this! I know I wished for a girl who wasn’t of a royal blood or lineage, but wow! She’s amazing; soft long black hair, a very pretty face, and that smile… just wow!

“Oh,uh… my name is Aziz. Nice to meet you Crystal.” Aziz replied, scratching the lower part of his head a little nervously. “Nice to meet you to Aziz. [Crystala giggles a little] And who is your handsome furry little friend?” Crystal asked. Aziz looked at Crystala with a confused expression for a moment, then Aziz turned his head to the side a little and saw Abu Jr. on his shoulder. “Oh[Aziz laughs softly], this is Jr. He may be handsome but you know,looks can be deceiving.” Aziz replies jokingly. Abu Jr. turns around and pouts. “Come on Jr. you know it’s true, you make look handsome but you’re so mischievous,” Aziz added. Crystal giggles and Aziz turns and smiles at her. “Jr. is handsome to me, no matter what anybody else says.” Abu Jr. turns around and jumps on Crystal's shoulder and hugs her. “I like you too junior” Crystala says.

Aziz I can’t help but smile. She is just so perfect in every way. Jr even likes her, he doesn't even like anybody at the palace. I hope I can see her tomorrow, after I see Zen.

“Hey, I have to go meet a friend. But I’ll see you tomorrow?” Aziz asks. “Sure, I’ll be here, see you guys tomorrow, bye.” Crystala replies as she walks away. Aziz stands there, watching her as she vanishes into the crowd. “Ooooh Ooooh,” Jr. teases Aziz. “Stop it Abu!” Aziz says, a little embarrassed. “Well……… what was that all about?” someone asks behind Aziz. Aziz is then startled and quickly turned around to see who that person was. “Zen! What is wrong with you! Do you want to give me a heart attack?!” Aziz replies. “Nah, that was just for fun. I see you guys met Crystal.” Zen says. Aziz blushes a little, while looking down “Alright lover boy,I get it. Her and her family own the stand way over there.” “Jeez Zen, I already told you..” Aziz replies while Zen cuts him off saying, “Ah ah ah! You may say that but actions speak louder than words.”

As Zen kept teasing Aziz, he noticed the sun starting to go down. “Oh my god, I lost track of time! I have to go Zenol, but I’ll see you tomorrow!” Aziz yells as he runs off into the distance. “Not if you see Crystal first” Zen says playfully under his breath.

Will Aziz make it home in time? Or will he finally be caught by the guards, or perhaps his parents? And will he see Crystal again, or Zenol? Find out in the next chapter.
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