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Thank you Boyf riends

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Michael has some family problems, Jeremy helps him out. This might become a series.

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Jeremy's POV
Seriously, Michael you're supposed to be here by now, actually no, he was supposed to be here 17 minutes ago. I called him, and sent a text, he should of responded by now. You know what, I'll just go there right now.
D: "I'm right here, no need to yell Jeremy, and yes."
J: "Oh, sorry dad. Didn't know you were there, aha."
D: "Alright, let's go."
They arrive and the door is already open
J: Huh... that's weird. Well, he must of known I was coming then. opens door "OH MY GOD"
Jeremy has seen the sight of Michael crying with bruises on his arms while his mother was previously laughing
M: "Jeremy!"
M's Mom (MM): "I... uh... i-it's not what it looks like...?"
J: "What the hell are you doing to your son?! This is YOUR SON. He isn't a doll, he's a living, breathing, PERSON! You... You're going to have to get a punishment." Gets his dad to help him call child protective services
7 hours and a few discussions later
J: "Wow! I can't believe you'll be staying with my dad and I for the rest of our lives! This is gonna be great!"
M: "I know right! Where do I sleep though...?"
D: "Oh, don't worry Michael, we have enough money to buy another bed, we can fit it into Jeremy's room."
Both M & J: "Alright! Awesome!"
Some IKEA stuff later
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