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Getting used to it.

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After some help, Michael can finally live in peace.

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Michael's POV
I'm here... with Jeremy. It's not us joking around about games and drunk girls... It's because something bad happened... This hasn't happened since his mom died. He's really willing to help me this much. He could of left me be, to leave his life forever, but he saved me in another way.
J: "Are you alright?"
Oh, shit. I was crying?
M: "Y-yeah... and, thank you Jeremy."
He smiled. I've never seen him look like this. I know he's faking that smile, but it's to make me feel better. I don't know what to do... God this is so weird, I thought that Jeremy would never know. Now he knows everything. I can't believe it. Now he just... feels bad.
Jeremy's POV
Those bruises... Something about them doesn't feel right. Maybe it's those cuts. Did his mom cut him up? Or did he... no. No no no... H-he wouldn't do that! He... he kept so many secrets though. What if he never told me that? Does he not trust me? Does he think I'm a horrible friend? Who am I kidding, I am a horrible friend. He didn't want to tell me anything. Maybe I should say something, all this staring could seem weird.
J: "So, um, we should we go get something to eat?"
M: "Are you hungry?"
J: "No, not really."
M: "Neither am I, but maybe later."
Wow Jeremy, nice one. Can you try to find SOMETHING to say without making it seem awkward? Seriously, your best friend of 12 fucking years has had some seriously bad shit happen.
Michael's POV
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