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Chapter Eight

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Not eveyone likes the way Mace and Flea smell.

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It's WAR
Biker Mice from Mars
It's War!
Part 8

By: Whipblade

Mace sat on the edge of the lone bed upstairs, foot over a small trash can, he cut his long claws back into nails.

Throttle pushed open the bedroom door with his foot, carrying a pile of clothes. "Hey."

Mace didn't look up as he continued clipping. "Hey, that lady-friend of yours is sweet."

"Yeah, Charley is." Throttle set down the clothes and looked at Mace. "You look Army." he smirked.

Finished with his claws, Mace put the nail clippers aside, running his hand through his buzzed hair. "I know, but it's better than having those mats brushed out." He felt the small bare spot behind his ear. "She did a great job too."

Throttle smile. "Looks like she got too close to the back of your neck too." Throttle ran his thumb over shaved fur.

Mace smiled wanting nothing more than to push against the tawny's touch. He refrained, now was not the time, nor place. "It was easier shaving the mats out then brushing." he smirked turning to the mouse he waited so long to see again.

The door burst opened, in walked Flea. He rubbed his short hair with a towel. A blue towel slowly slipping from around his waist. "I never in my life thought I'd love to preen like a girl!" he exclaimed, his tail tossing the blue towel off him.

"Tell me about it kid." Mace gleamed, "Need the clippers?"

"Naw, I got a brush." Flea waved the yellow handled brush. "Charlene gave me it, said no one important would mind." Flea chuckled. "Hey Throttle."

"Hey Flea," Throttle said with a frown. Despite the young adult body, Flea was nothing short of skin and bones. In fact, he felt sad that the boy had spent his teenage years in a prison. However, that prison may have kept this mind young. "Flea," Throttle started thinking about training. "How sensitive are your antennas?"

Mace started to ruffle through the clothing Throttle brought.

Flea looked at the tawny healthy mouse questioningly. "Bobbles are bobbles, they hurt when they do."

"Can you sense anything with them?" Throttle asked.

"You mean like other mice and read minds?" Flea asked brushing his wavy black hair, cut short and neat.

Mace started to dress in clothing he was sure had been Rimfire's at one time.

Throttle nodded.

"Of course. Can't everyone?" Flea asked using the brush on his butt.

Throttle chuckled. "Not in the same degree as others."

Before Flea could open his Mouth the door swung open.

"I couldn't find much in your size..........." Charley stopped dead as the youngest mouse turned around to face her.

Her face went red.

Flea grabbed a towel and hid himself.

"Later." Charley squeaked spinning around and leaving. The door slammed shut.

Mace and Throttle both roared with laugher, Flea blushed completely embarrassed.


Throttle wandered into the living room.

Vinnie was alone on the sofa, flipping through channels absently, ignoring all around him.

"Hey bro," Throttle sat down on the other end of the couch.

Vinnie ignored his tawny bro.

Moving to beside his bro, Throttle put his arms around Vinnie's shoulders. The white mouse didn't even flinch as he felt the warmth of his bros body against his.

"She meant a lot to you, I haven't forgotten that bro." Throttle's light voice heavy with sorrow spoke, shattering the silence that Vinnie wrapped himself in.

"Even after all this time, she still means something to you." tawny hands caressed his bros shoulders. "Don't think I don't know she still does." The white mouse didn't flinch. "Vincent, the Rat took her away. Not the/ mouse/ the RAT." Throttle snapped twirling his bro towards him.

"Mace is a gawdamn liar!" Vinnie snapped finally breaking out of his silent hell. Facing his tawny bro he respected more than life itself. "You're protecting him as if he isn't a rat!" tears welled up in Vinnie's eyes.

"Because he isn't." Throttle firmly stated bringing Vinnie against him. "No one but Flea believes me bro."

"That's because the kid is as fucked up as you are." Vinnie snapped, his arms still dangling by his sides. Unsure if he could bring himself to hug his bro, ever again.

"Vincent.... Close your eyes."


"I want to teach you how to rip."

"Why?" Vinnie sniffled blinking back tears. "Why?" He repeated.

"So you can look into Mace's head as see what I saw." Throttle sighed. Closing his eyes he rested his chin on Vinnie's shoulder. "please?" he whimpered.

Vinnie pushed Throttle back, turning his back to his bro the white mouse huffed. "Why would I want to bother to even look in that trash-filled-rats mind?"

Squeezing his eyes shut for a moment, Throttle opened them again and he reached out to touch Vinnie's back, only to be forcibly shrugged off. "Then...., then look into mine."

Vinnie turned slowly, eyeing his bro carefully for anything that resembled humor. "Why would I do that?"

"Because, you have to understand Vincent, if you won't go near him, at least know something I can't find the words to say." Throttle almost begged.

"I can't rip, I can hardly hold on long enough to tell a memory." Vinnie admitted with a low whimper.

"Would you trust if I showed you?"

Vinnie hung his head, looking away from his bro and back out to the sun setting outside the window. The minutes ticked away in silence except for their breathing, shaky and uncertain.
"Yes." Vinnie finally confessed. "I guess I would."

Throttle nodded. "Come here Vincent." Throttle held out his hand, hoping his bro would accept it.

Vinnie turned slowly around, grasping his bros out stretched paw, he forced himself to take a step he disapproved of all his life. "Kay bro. Show me what you want to."

Throttle nodded, moving closer to Vinnie, he brushed his hand against Vinnie's soft furry cheek, then held him behind the ear. The other hand resting on Vinnie's' jaw line. "Close your eyes, relax." Throttle instructed as he leaned forward, his antennas glowing a faint red as they pressed against the root of Vinnie's antennas.


The world became a blast of colors, so many and so bright that Vinnie couldn't name them all if he could. The colors vanished, replaced by the small communications room.
'Mars?' he asked, his hollow voice echoed once, rippling the image like a drop of water in a puddle.
'shhh' Throttle's equally hollow voice shushed' watch.'

"That was one hell of a fight." Mace muttered flopping down on his bunk.
"Wasn't any different than the others." Throttle smirked pushing the red mouse's legs over.
"What?" surprised Mace eyed the tawny mouse. "That was horrible! The whole village! The death... the destruction.. "
"It wasn't as bad as Riders Ridge. The pass was wiped out in three hours, no one escaped." Throttle sighed.
Mace flopped backwards on the bunk. Flopping his arm over his eyes. "Don't even tell me about it. I don't want to hear it."
Steel gray eyes peeked from under his arm. "Is adopting kids a normal thing during battles?" Mace's voice shook slightly. "Adopting no, bringing them to a safe place, yes." Throttle sighed.
"Less and less safe places to bring them." Mace swallowed hard. "Fleas just a kid."
"He's 14."
"Stoker isn't serious about letting him stay... is he?"
"Worried about a kid bro?"
Mace kicked off his boots with his feet. "No. Just saying he's plenty young."
"So is Vinnie, and Rimfire for that Matter."
"Little Rimmy isn't a Freedom Fighter. Modo would kill you just for implying it."
Throttle chuckled. "They'll both kill you for calling him Little Rimmy."
Mace chuckled. "Yeah they'd try." He sat up, wrapping his arms around Throttle's shoulders. "But you'd protect me."
Throttle shrugged off Mace. "You'd better give me a darn good reason to beat up by bros."
Mace grinned slyly regaining his balance. Slipping his arms around his bros' tawny waist he hummed. "Oh I could give you plenty a good reasons....." His fingers started unlatching Throttle's belt.
"Plenty." Mace promised giving small kisses along Throttles sides.

'I don't want to see this.' Vinnie's voice rippled the image, like a drop in a puddle.
'shhh' Throttle again hushed.

Turning around Throttle took hold of his bros face. Locking mouths, the two fell backwards. Tawny crawling atop of red, still mostly clothed. Fingers feeling through fur, pawing and moving against each other. Gasping at the heat between them.

Stoker pushed over the communications door open. "Mace, You seen Throttle any...." He froze.

Both shocked, blushing faces turned to see their idol standing in the doorway.
Flea peering around Stoker.

"St....stoker...." Throttle stammered.

Mace couldn't bring himself to utter a single sound.

"Never mind." pushing the kid back, Stoker shut the door. Leaving the two alone.

"Well, that killed the mood." Mace finally muttered.

Humming in agreement Throttle rolled off his bro. Standing he did up his fly and belt. "Hungry?"

"Not now." Mace sighed sitting up. "More of wanting to be sick."

"Best go find what Stoker wants." Throttle sighed smoothing his fur, he opened the door.

Glancing back he saw Mace still stunned on his back. Almost invitingly.


Opening his eyes, Throttle looked at Vinnie. "That wasn't the first and it wasn't the last." He said softly.

Vinnie sat back, almost wanting to make a sarcastic comment, at the same time wanting to laugh and puke. Getting to his feet, "Better get those thoughts purged bro." the white mouse muttered, stalking away from his bro.

"Vincent..." Throttle took a deep breath, watching Vinnie storm off. "That's not what I meant bro..." Hanging his head, eyes closed tight. "Not what I meant."

..There's much more!

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