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Chapter Ten

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It's WAR! Or was... Carbine, Charley and Vinnie get the task of telling Mace and Flea just what happened.

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Biker Mice From Mars Biker Mice From Mars
It's War!
Part 10

/By: Whipblade/
/ /

"It's bits and pieces with us." Carbine continued as she, Charley and Vinnie sat around with Mace and Flea's intense interest on them.
"I've heard it all from others." Charley said. "Carbine wasn't there for all of it. The bros have their own versions too. All along the same lines."

Mace looked to Vinnie, almost begging that is wasn't true. "The rat... really fooled you all?"

Vinnie couldn't look Mace in the eyes. The mouse just couldn't accept the fact that he was replaced and no one was the wiser. "Yeah, it's true." he sighed sadly.

Flea bit his bottom lip. He looked at them, almost as if it was a taboo topic. "Can you tell us anyways? So we know what happened, why you're so angry?"

Mace's ears fell. He wasn't sure he wanted to hear this. Wasn't sure how he could stomach such a true tale filled with lies and war. A war he practically missed.

"Mace?" Vinnie nudged the red mouse's foot. "Do you want to hear this too?" he asked quietly, cautiously.

"Yes." Mace finally muttered. "I have to know how.... even if I can't figure out why."

Carbine settled closer to the red mouse. Her hand resting on his shoulder.

Mace looked at the delicate fingers on him. He knew he had no hope now, maybe never did have a chance at Throttle.

Vinnie started. "When you left with Lucas's party, Stoker's tail was in a knot for days, worried about James. We still fought, we had a war to win, and the battles seemed to be going in our favor. When .... Mace.... came back, he was a mess. Told us about a fight that they couldn't win. But Lucas was determined to keep fighting. The kid fell, that's when he turned tail and ran."

Mace's eyes squeezed shut. He turned away from Vinnie, shrugging off Carbine's hand. She quickly replaced it, her thumb rubbing against his neck softly.

"Couldn't really tell much of a difference. Mace was quieter than before. Stayed more to the edge of the activity inside, when Stoker mounted us up for the next battle. Mace wasn't keen on going, but did.... it was during that battle... I don't know what happened, but Mace was base bound from then on."

"Throttle said Mace froze. He didn't even get off the ridge where the Freedom Fighters formed ranks before charging. Stoker had swung back around to talk with Mace. But the ... rat.., wouldn't budge. He was sent back, alone." Carbine injected.

Vinnie gave a nod. "Stoker was absent at the start of the battle. Not that he was missed mind you." Vinnie chuckled.

Mace caught on to something he hadn't before. "You...don't like Stoker?" he questioned thinking.

Vinnie fell silent.

Carbine chuckled. "What gave you that impression?"

Mace blinked. "No... You did.... until... that blonde gal." he hummed trying to remember more. "What was her name? The one Stoker was banging, but she was sweet on you too, wasn't she?"

"Yeah she was." Vinnie muttered. "Harley."

"She comes in a little later." Carbine stated trying to get the conversation back on track.


Vinnie stood up, having tired of Mace prying questions. The red mouse sat alone in the living room, quietly contemplating all that he heard.

"What cheers you up?" Carbine asked casting a glance at the red mouse looking lost.

"Shopping." Charley smiled.

Carbine gave a nod. "Good, let's do that."

Charley smiled. "All but Vinnie hates shopping and even then it's a prolonged battle to just get new threads." She said jumping into her tow truck.

"That's why you need a girl down here." Carbine giggled getting in on the passenger side.

Vinnie looked at Flea. "Hey, kid." He elbowed the silvery mouse.

Flea looked over to Vinnie. He couldn't say anything just yet.

"Ever ride a bike?" Vinnie asked with a smile.

"No..." Flea muttered.

"Come on, I know something you'd like." Vinnie waved the kid over, together they roared out of the garage.

Mace sat watching the garage door close, he couldn't help but feel what Carbine and Throttle meant to each other. His mind couldn't wrap around the fact that he was replaced, and now ignored.

....Free falling emotions...

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