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Chapter 1-New York

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The night Lucy Lawton runs away with her boyfriend, Jason, would be the last normal night she would ever have. What will happen when her mother, Harley Quinn, goes after them? What will happen when...

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NOTE: This story will be about Lucy, Harley's daughter, but with a twist; I will be combining her with Duela Dent (a separate character in the DC universe who claims to be Joker's daughter, for those of you who don't know.) But in my story she, Duela, is part of Lucy's emerging personality disorder, (just want to clear that up so no one gets confused later on.) Besides that, I will be using certain events that have happened in DC's movies/game/comic/TV shows. I'll also be using certain characters styles e.g I've decided to use suicide squads Harley and Deadshot, (you'll probably be able to guess the rest from my description.) I decided to do a story based on Lucy in particular because she seemed like an interesting character. And to make it more interesting I added my twist (that I have already explained above.) Please note, this a re-upload so I am still going through my old story and updating it, thus there can possibly be spelling mistakes, I will fix them in the future. The updates won't be frequent for multitude of reasons so just be aware of that. Thank you so much and enjoy.

The girl watched them fight from the open space in the ajar door. "SHE'S JUST A CHILD, HARLEY!" Floyd, her adoptive father, yelled at the hysterical blonde woman, who was moving slowly from one spot to another, across the modest room.

Harley, her mother, stopped pacing and spun around to face him. "SHE'S HIDEOUS! FLOYD. HER FACE IS ALL...ALL... IT'S DESTROYED! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOES THAT TO A CHILD?!"

"I don't know but we'll find out," he said softly while stepped gingerly towards her. "We'll find them and fucking kill 'em. I promise."

The blonde stood still for a minute, staring at the man stood a few meters away from her. The look on her face was a mix of so many emotions. The ones that Lucy could pick out, from her limited knowledge of facial expressions and from where she watching which was to the side, were mostly negative.

She looked so hopeless but somehow hopeful at the same time. How was that possible? What was it called? Desperation?

Suddenly the woman gasped and burst into tears. Sobbing, she ran into her friend's arms to be comforted. To be reassured. "Floyd! Our baby!"

"I know Harl, I know," he whispered, wrapping her in a tight hug. "Let it all out."

"How can we possibly find the bastard who did this?!" she shrieked, nuzzling her head against his chest.

"I-I don't know."

There was silence for a few moments as they stood in the dimly lit front room embracing. Even Harley's sobbing had quietened to a gentle sniffle.

Lucy, who had been preparing to run out there and join in on their hug, watched as her father whispered something to her mother. She listened intently for what he could be saying to her but she couldn't decrypt it.

Sitting back on her heels, the seven-year-old smiled. Her heart swelling at the thought of it being something comforting or romantic. Maybe they would become a couple. That was what she hoped for at least. The idea always excited her. All she wanted was for her mom and dad to be happy. Unfortunately, she rarely saw them happy nowadays. Maybe that was different when she was a baby. Who's to say?

Satisfied, she went to stand up and return to her bed when she heard Harley let out a bloodcurdling scream.

"My poor baby's a monster. MONSTER!"

Lucy shot up in the bed, sweating profusely as her mother's words echoed through her head. The cruel words hit off the walls of her skull like the world's worst headache.


Another nightmare. That was third one this week. What was happening to her? She never got them this regularly. Usually, she got them twice a month. Well actually, now that she thought about it she had been getting them more often. Over the last two weeks or so they had begun to get more frequent. Strange...

"Fuck," she muttered, rubbing her eyes with her jumper sleeve to thoroughly kick the bad thoughts out of her head before she attempted to get back to sleep. This was to prevent another nightmare from happening. She really didn't need another nightmare. Not now.

"Lucy, babe. What's wrong?" she heard a gruff and tired voice grumble to her left.

Glancing in said direction, she looked at the man lying in the bed beside her. He stared up at her. Worry heavily sparked in his blue eyes.

A small smile appeared on her lips, "I'm fine, Jay."

Jason sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Nightmares, huh?" he asked softly, running his fingers through her hair.

She nodded and leaned against his bare chest, "no more than you have."

He smiled at this and placed a kiss on her shoulder. "I love you, Lucy."

"I love you, Jay," she whispered back to him while turning her face to the left to kiss him.

Accepting this kiss greedily, he gently pushed her down onto the mattress and swiftly climbed on top of her. She giggled and pressed her palms against his muscular chest. "Jason no, we can't. It's late."

He laughed lightly at this and ducked his head down to nibble at the sensitive skin of her neck. "Ah, come on. When has night time ever stopped us from doing anything? Also, it's your birthday, I want to give my birthday girl a present," he breathed against her ear.

"You've already given me a present four times," the brunette said, gleefully responding to his kisses.

"Fifth time's the charm," he responded tugging up her jumper.

The next morning, after a frisky shower and a late morning breakfast, the young couple were sat in the living room of the apartment watching TV in comfortable silence.

"Babe, we're gonna have to move again soon," Jason said, muting the TV as the commercials came on

Lucy sighed and rolled her eyes. Seriously? They had already moved twice since they got here. Why did they have to move again? Nobody was after them. He was just being paranoid.

"Where to next?" she asked not bothering to fight him on this. There was no point, he wouldn't listen. Because he knew "what he was doing".

Her boyfriend, not catching on to her distaste, answered truthfully, "maybe go abroad to Paris. I know you've always wanted to go there."

She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. "I have always wanted to go to Paris but I love it here. New York is amazing! Do we have to leave so soon? Can we just stay until the end of the week?"

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and rubbed her arm, subconsciously comforting her. "We have to, babe. I know you love it here and I know we haven't gotten to see Lady Liberty or anything like that, but it's not safe to stay around here, even in a city this big."

Lucy sighed once again and tilted her head up to look at him. He didn't meet her gaze but rather stared at the TV. "You're too paranoid, Jay. We've only been away from Gotham for a week. We've only been here for two days. Nothing's gonna happen. Nothing's happened yet. We'll be fine."

He grunted in response and unmuted the TV just as the commercials ended.

"Promise me we'll never return to that city, Lucy?" He asked, still not tearing his gaze away from the screen in front of them.

"I promise, Jason," she responded, kissing his cheek before turning her attention to what was happening on the TV.

It was the news. God, she hadn't seen the news in forever.

"Breaking news!" The pretty blonde news anchor announced unnervingly cheerfully, "Gotham's crime rate has dropped dramatically over the past few weeks. Commissioner Gordon has stated that it is all thanks to Batman and the other heroes of Gotham! Though some of the so-called villains are still not accounted for in Arkham Asylum and Iron Heights Penitentiary, we can be sure that Batman's on the case!" She laughed lightly at her own joke and smiled brightly at her co-host, who was also laughing unnaturally.

Besides the obvious reasons, why was a New York news channel reporting on Gotham's crime rate? Yeah, they were (sort of) sister cities, but surely they had enough problems to worry about? Why focus on them? But the again, it was a pretty positive report...

"It seems Gotham is getting it's act together, eh?" Lucy said, looking at her boyfriend.

He glanced back at her with a look of disgust on his pleasant face. "We're still never going back."

She cocked an eyebrow at his harsh tone and answered accordingly. "Never said I wanted to, Jay. I'm just saying it seems that it's getting better. I just hope Iris gets out soon." He nodded in agreement and changed the channel. He'd literally watch anything else. For fuck sake, even when he finally got out of that shit hole, it still found a way to follow him. It was a like curse.

They sat in silence watching some cookery show. Every few minutes, Lucy felt Jason shuffle on the couch. She ignored it at first, putting it down to the fact that he was probably losing feeling in his arm, as she was laying back against it, and was trying to discretely shake the limb to life.

But after the tenth time, she had had enough and said something.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he responded, rubbing her shoulder gently.

She closed her eyes and spoke. "Jason, relax, please. For my sake. You're making me nervous."

"I'm sorry, babe, I don't mean to."


Everything was fine for another half an hour or so. They watched a few shows in complete silence. Which neither of them minded. Sometimes silence was good. Healthy even.

That was until Jason stood up all of the sudden and turned to face the shocked girl. "Let's go out. Let's go see the sites, huh?" he exclaimed, shrugging his brown leather jacket on, which had previously been laying on the coffee table. "You're right, we should go see the sights. What's the point in coming here if we don't eh?"

A smile appeared on Lucy's face on hearing this. Was he serious?


"Really, babe," he confirmed, pulling her off the couch in one swift motion, "come on," He pressed his lips to her ear and wrapped her in a tight hug, "maybe can have sex in Central Park, yeah?"

Lucy giggled at this and his subsequent kisses. "Jason! Don't be dirty!"

Hours later, Jason had awoke to a panicking call...

"Lucy," Jason whispered, shaking his girlfriend's sleeping figure gently while simultaneously stuffing his phone into his trousers pocket. "Baby, wake up."

Lucy, groaning, batted his hand away and rolled over.

Sighing, the dark-haired man ripped the covers off her half-naked body. "Babe! We need to go now!"

"Ugh! What?!" She almost screamed, sitting up. "I'm asleep!"

"We have to go," he replied throwing her trousers at the angry and groggy girl.

Instead of questioning her pissed off looking boyfriend, well not straight away anyways, Lucy tugged the jeans on quickly and stood up. She was about to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing waking her up in the middle of the night or was it early morning? That didn't matter! What matter was he woke her up! What did he fucking want?!

"Here." He threw her thick black cotton jumper at her absentmindedly as he hurried around the room collecting things.

Pulling the jumper on, while watching him hurry around the room, she had a change of mood. He looked worried. Frightened even. What was wrong? Something seriously bad must have happened if he was this upset. Did she really want to know what it was though? No, probably not, but that wouldn't stop her from asking.

"What's going on? What time is it?" she asked still watching him scurry around.

He didn't respond.

It was like he was in a trance...

What in God's name had gotten him so spooked? Usually when they moved it was in the afternoon, or in the morning if he was being a little paranoid, but this was crazy. Where could they possibly go this late at night? Hell, it could be morning now. Had he found a new place? If so, how? Had he been up all night looking? If not, where the hell where would they be going? She didn't want to be gallivanting around New York in the dead of the night. They could get robbed or something. Well, maybe not, Jason wouldn't let that happen. Though in the agitated condition he was in right now, she didn't particularly want to find out what he'd do to the poor bastard that tried to rob them.

Jason, who had been stuffing his rucksack with clothes and other paraphernalia, glanced up at her without stopping his packing and finally answered her, "Harley broke out of Arkham."

Lucy stopped mid picking up her own rucksack. He did not just say that.

She felt her body go numb as she placed her own full rucksack (he constantly made sure her backpack was always mostly packed in case of events like this) on the bed and looked across the piece of furniture to her furious boyfriend.

"What?" she whispered, watching him finish packing his bag.

"Long story short, she found out that we ran off and is coming after us," he answered, zipping his red rucksack close before pulling on his leather jacket.

Lucy pulled on her long black winter coat and slung her rucksack over her shoulder. "How did she find out? How does she know where we are? Who told her? How do you know?"

Jason, simultaneously checking his watch and rounding the bed, pushed her gently, but quickly, out of the bedroom and through the small apartment towards the front door. "That bitch Ivy told her. Iris called me five minutes ago and told me. She only found out then when Floyd told her. Harley has a few days on us, she's probably somewhere in New York already."

Reaching the front door, he pulled it open and gently pushed the stunned girl out first before exiting after her.

"We need to go before she finds us," he explained, closing the door before grabbing her hand. He eyed her petrified face and gripped her hand in an attempt to comfort her. "You alright, baby?"

She nodded slowly and smiled reassuringly at him. He nodded back and began to walk down the brightly lit hallway, subsequently bringing her with him.

"Where are we gonna go?" she asked, letting him pull her down the hall. "Brooklyn maybe. I don't know yet, babe," he answered, hurrying his pace as his mind spiraled.

A short and eerily silent while later, Jason, still gripping Lucy's hand tightly, pulled her towards the building's main stairwell. Pushing the entrance/exit door open, he sped down the steps, dragging the girl after him.

"To risky to take the evaluator," he muttered to himself as they descended the winding concrete stairs. Lucy eyed the side of his face curiously and carefully. She didn't want to upset him anymore by making it clear that she was very concerned about him. That would only annoy him. He was already talking to himself so that was pretty bad. She didn't want to make it worse.

Besides that, it was very clear that he was panicking. That wasn't good. At all. Last time she saw him like this he broke a man's arm and collarbone. The poor guy had made the mistake of asking her out. She saw it as an overreaction, obviously, but he said it was called for. "Fucking old creepy bastard! Touching up you! A kid!" Is what he said after snapping the weedy man's arm if she remembered correctly.

They reached the end of the stairwell after a few more minutes. Once Jason's feet met the ground he stopped and turned to her. His eyes were a mixture of fear and anger. "Baby, Lucy, pull up your hood, it's raining."

She pulled up her hood gingerly, not questioning how in God's name he knew that considering they were in a closed off and soundproof room.

"Also for the cameras," her boyfriend muttered to himself as he pushed the stairwell door open and stepped out. "The bitch could get to them and get us from there. No, no... She's too stupid."

Lucy, pretending not to hear his rambles, followed him out into the empty main hallway. She could now hear the pounding rain echo through the empty hall off the white walls. Before she could even think to open her mouth to question Jason, he was already dragging her down the hall towards the exit at the opposite end of the long corridor. Their footsteps were loud and echoed off the walls as they walked along the sleek marble floor quickly.

"Jay?" she whispered. From where she was walking, which was slightly behind him, she could tell he was panicking a lot. She needed to calm him down.

"Yeah, babe?"

"Please relax."

"I'm fine."

"No, you're not."

"I am." He insisted considerably more firmly this time. He sped up, and tightened his grip on her hand, as he spoke: "Everything's fine."

When they reached the main exit/entrance to the building, Jason stopped and looked out the glass pane door to view how terrible the weather was.

It was horrific.

Horizontal rain. Windy. And by the looks, freezing cold.

He sighed and pulled his jumper's hood over his head, mentally preparing himself for what was to come. "C'mere babe," he said turning to his girlfriend. Placing a kiss on her lips he tugged up her coat's hood over her jumper's hood and gripped her hand again. "You ready?"

She nodded.

That was all the confirmation he needed. He opened the door and bolted out into the darkness. She quickly followed suit.

Lucy gasped as a gust of cold wind hit her exposed face. Fuck! It was freezing. She grit her teeth in defiance and ran alongside Jason, trying her best not to slip on the wet road or be blinded by the constant gusts of bitterly cold wind and equally freezing rain hitting her face.

A few cars beeped at the couple as they cut across them to reach the sidewalk on the far side of the wide street. "The subway entrance is a few streets over!" Jason shouted over the lashing rain to her.

"Alright!" she shouted back, gripping his hand for support. She did not want to lose her grip and end up getting left here all by herself or ran over.

They bolted down the streets, quickly approaching the subway entrance. The bright neon sign over said entrance was their only guiding light in the darkness. It was like a beacon of safety,

Jason, on hearing police sirens in the distance, ran faster, unintentionally painfully tugging Lucy's arm as he went. "Ow, Jason! They're not after us," she yelped as they reached their destination. "You never know," he breathed as he sprinted down the stairs. She stumbled after him, holding on to his hand for dear life.

He reached the bottom of the steps within seconds and for some reason stopped dead. Lucy, gasping in shock, grabbed the metal handrail before she could topple over him. What the hell was he doing?! Was he crazy!? He couldn't just stop like that! He could have killed her!

Quickly overcoming her shock, she stepped down from the last step to stand beside the tall man. She went to give him a piece of her mind when she saw the look on his face.


Naturally, she started to feel embarrassed herself as she looked to the open space in front of them.

All twelve people in the room were staring at them. There was a mixture of annoyance and confusion on their faces.

Brilliant. Just what they needed; Attention.

Jason coughed lightly to break the tension and began to stroll towards the ticket booth in the corner of the long room as casually as possible.

Lucy followed him, grabbing his hand as they went. Subconsciously, she looked around at the people. Thankfully it seemed they were gradually looking away, getting back to minding their own businesses.


"Uh..two tickets to Brooklyn please," Jason said to the man behind the glass screen in the booth.

The man looked at him from behind the glass pane and asked in a bored voice, "single or return?"

"Single," he answered curtly looking around him quickly for anything suspicious. He could never be too sure. That blonde bitch could pop out of nowhere and ruin everything.

As the man looked away to grab their tickets, Lucy elbowed her boyfriend gently, "stop looking around, it looks suspicious."

He grunted in response and looked back around.

The man turned back to them and passed the tickets under the pane on the tray. "That'll be six dollars."

Jason pulled out his wallet, took out the amount and passed the man the money before quickly grabbing the tickets and moving away from the booth.

They sat down on a nearby bench and began to wait. Lucy, as they relax into the seat, looked at him while looping her arm around the crook of his elbow. "What time is it?"

Jason looked back at her. "Why do you need to know?"

"I'm tired," she explained meekly, resting her suddenly heavy head on his shoulder. He swallowed his guilt and gripped her hand. "I'm sorry, babe. I forgot you're not used to the late night escapades." He twisted his head to kiss her temple and whisper, "sleep, I'll wake you when it's time to go." She nodded and closed her eyes.

He, untangling his arm from hers, ran his fingers through her hair gently and closed his own eyes momentarily, breathing out slowly, trying to calm his nerves. Everything was going to be fine...

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to relax for too long as he heard the sound of heavy footsteps. Familiar heavy footsteps, at that.

His eyes flew open and instantly began to scan the room for the threat. It didn't take him long to find it as he spotted two men coming down the subway steps. They were looking around themselves as they descended into the room. Cops... No... Worse. They were Arkham cops.


Were they after them?! How?! Why?! They couldn't be. No... Yes?

"Number 4 Brooklyn." The feminine robotic voice announced over the PA system suddenly. Jason jerked up in his seat at the sound, his heart hammering harder in his chest. Shit! They needed to get on that fucking train. Now.

"Lucy, get up. We're leaving," he whispered to the sleeping girl while shaking her shoulder.

Lucy, groaning, opened her eyes and looked at him "is the train here?"

He stood up and grabbed her hand. "Yeah, it's just coming in now."

Taking one more glance at the cops, to make sure they weren't anywhere near them, which they weren't, he pulled Lucy off the bench and guided her over to the line as the sound of the approaching train filled the room.

A minute later, they watched as the graffitied train pulled into the station. Automatically Jason's eyes scanned the carriages, looking for anything or anyone suspicious. You never know who could be on it.

So far there was nothing. It was all just drowsy looking business-people and other workers of that ilk. It was the first rush hour of the day. The six in the morning run. Jason had picked out the rush hour times to avoid detection while boarding and departing. It had worked perfectly the last few times they had done this. Though that was a much later time, usually six in the afternoon or eight at night. This wasn't his first time on a six am train but it was Lucy's. That worried him. He knew it shouldn't have because all she wanted to do was sleep. Which he intended to let her do all the way to Brooklyn. The peace and quiet would allow him to try figure their next step out.

On the fifth carriage down, his eyes landed on one particular woman wearing a pastel blue and pink jumper. Her hood was up. It covered her face from the angle he was at.

He cocked an eyebrow at this as his brain went into overdrive at the sight of the very familiar looking woman.

No, it couldn't be.

As the train ground to a halt, she stood up, keeping her eyes down as she approached the door. As she moved some of her hair fell out from under her hood...

...It was bleached white.

Fuck no... It can't be.

The woman quickly stuffed it back under her hood and looked around discretely, making sure nobody saw that.

Jason went to look away, but it was too late. Their eyes met.


His eyes widened in shock and subsequently hate.

Of all the fucking places in New York! In the same fucking station! FUCK!

The woman's pretty face twisted into a sneer as she recognised him.

He backed away slightly and looked around quickly trying his best not to alert Lucy of what he just saw. Think of something! He had to think of something! Could he get on the train? Possibly, but she could stay on. What about the exit? He looked over at the stairs to see two more cops standing at the bottom of them. Fuck! They were screwed.

Panic filling him again, he gripped Lucy's hand and looked back at the woman, Harley Quinn. She had now shifted her gaze from him to the swaying girl leaning against him for support. Her gaze softened when she saw her daughter.

Jason steered Lucy away from the carriage she was in and tried to think of a plan. Could they hide in a carriage until they go to Brooklyn and just make a run for it when they got there? It probably wasn't impossible but he wouldn't mind shooting and or beating that psychotic blonde.

Before he could plan any further, a bell dinged and the doors opened. Immediately people started to stream out of the carriages.

No more thinking! Act!

Jason rushed towards the carriage door three carriages over from where Harley was and pushed through the emerging crowds, holding on tightly to a groaning Lucy.

Once inside, he ushered Lucy into a seat behind a couple, before sitting down himself on the aisle seat. He automatically wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her towards him.

Humming in appreciation, his girlfriend rested her head on his chest and began to drift off back to sleep.

Smiling at this, he looked around as people started to board the carriage in quick succession. Nobody was looking at them, thank God. They all seemed to be too tired to care. Good.

There was no sign of Harley... Yet.

"Relax, Jay." He heard Lucy yawn.

"I am," he lied, scanning the horizon for the blonde bitch.

There was nothing... Impossible. She wouldn't just get off. Where did she go? Was she looking for them?...

The cops! Duh! They were obviously here for her! Had they got her? (Hopefully.) Hell, maybe she got crushed by the crowds. That'd be nice.

He snapped back to reality at the sound of the carriage doors closing and the feel of the train started to move along the track.

They were safe.

He couldn't believe it.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he pulled Lucy's hood tighter over her head, just in case.

This earned him a groggy moan and a soft kick to the shin. Chuckling, he pulled her even closer to him and planted a kiss on her temple. "Get some sleep, babe. We'll be in Brooklyn before yanno it," he whispered into her hair.

"Can't wait..."

Smiling, he rested back in his own seat and began to plan their next move. It was going to be easy from here. Once they got there, all they'd, well he'd, have to do was find a temporary place for them to stay at until he could secure them flights out of this God forsaken city. Hell, country.

Though saying that, he couldn't believe he was about to say this but, he couldn't wait to go to Brooklyn. He usually hated the place. It was full of crooks, druggies and wannabe gangsters. All of which he absolutely despised. But for some reason, he was actually looking up to it. The placed wasn't that bad, he supposed. There were a few good places to eat and it was relatively quiet and peaceful. In other words, you won't find trouble unless you go looking for it. Which he was definitely aiming to avoid. The last thing he needed was attention.

As his mind wandered, he slipped a hand into his jacket pocket and flicked off the safety of his gun. A habitual act. "That better not be what I think it is, Jason," Lucy's hushed voice said breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Wha?" he mumbled barely coherently as his brain forced itself to wake up.

"The gun."

"Huh... Oh." His grip subconsciously tightened around the object to make him aware of its presence. Fuck, he hadn't even realised...


"I-I'm not gonna use it, babe."

"Then put the safety back on," she hissed quietly looking up at him, "you know guns make me nervous."

He looked around again contemplating what he should do. Now that he had the safety off maybe he should just leave it like that. You never know what may happen.

Then again, he had a live gun on a train full of innocent people... Yeah, he could see why Lucy was nervous.

Sighing in defeat, he clicked the safety back on. Better safe than sorry. God knows he didn't wanna accidentally shoot anyone innocent. That'd be terrible and, more importantly, draw attention to them. And anyways he didn't wanna lose a night or two of sex because he didn't do what his girlfriend wanted. Now that would be a tragedy.

Lucy, on hearing the distinct click, smiled at him before resting her head back on his chest. "Brooklyn," she murmured. "What's Brooklyn like, Jay?"

The young man rested his chin on top of her head and answered her hesitantly. "'s not the best place in the world but it's safe...enough. We can lay low there for a few days and then go on to Paris or maybe when we get there we should go straight away."

"Why?" she yawned, nuzzling in closer to him. He cringed at her question, not realising she was still listening to his rambles. "Not safe," he answered gruffly before shushing her when she went to question him again. "Sleep. I'll wake you when we get there."

"Fine," she muttered angrily before closing her eyes.

He rested his head back and closed his own eyes.

Breathing out slowly, and listening to the sound of the people around him chatting quietly to each other, he began to relax. Hell, he almost felt normal. He'd give anything to be a civilian. Just to live a normal and boring life with Lucy. Speaking of which, he often wondered if they would ever get married and/or have kids. He nearly laughed at the thought of Lucy in a wedding dress, not because he thought she'd look awful, on the contrary, he imagined she'd look extremely beautiful. Rather he was amused by the fact that she hated wearing dresses. It was probably her bitch of a mother's fault. Good God, he despised that woman. How the hell has she not been killed yet? After all the shit she's done. Someone should have murdered her by now. By God, he had dreamed about doing just that countless times. He had thought up a million different ways to kill her. And if he didn't get to exercise one of the ideas soon, it'd drive him insane. Well, even more insane.

He shifted a little in his seat, newly agitated at the idea of that unkillable blonde bimbo.

"Fucking stop," he mentally hissed at himself. "Stop. Do that breathing thing."

He exhaled slowly, trying to clear his mind. Lucy, a few months previous, had taught him how to control his anger via a breathing technique. At first, he thought it was bullshit but after a few tries, it worked. Fucking worked like a charm, to be exact. Not that he'd let her know that. He was too proud to do that.

Gradually, he felt himself starting to relax. While still performing the technique, he opened his eyes one last time to make sure nobody was acting suspiciously. He just had to be sure.

Finding nothing out of place, he closed his eyes again, allowing sleep to take over. Though he kept his hand on the gun inside his jacket pocket, wrapping his finger around the trigger and clicking off the safety as quietly as possible. Yes, he knew he shouldn't have but he was still paranoid. Better scared than dead. He secured his arm around Lucy as unconsciousness started to close around him. All he needed was a little nap...

"Take your hands off her, ya bastard," Jason heard a thick squeaky New Jersey accent hiss at him barely five minutes later. His eyes flew open. His head snapping in the direction of the familiar voice.

His stunned, but tired, gaze met a pair of angry piercing blue eyes.


Shock quickly disappeared off his face and was immediately replaced by a sneer. He eyed the gun clearly hidden under the woman's baggy pastel jumper. "Ah Harley, so nice to see you again. How's that demented fucking boyfriend of yours?"

"Get your hands off my daughter," she said slowly. "Before I fucking make you."

Without thinking of the consequences, he pulled his gun from his jacket pocket and pressed it against her gut. He was not about to lose Lucy. Not after everything they'd been through.

The blonde gasped slightly and pulled out her own gun, pressing it against his temple.

"Try me, bitch," he hissed.

Before either of them could make a move there was a high pitched scream. Instinctively, their heads whipped around in search for the source of the sound.

It was a woman sitting a few seats down from them. Shock and horror were plastered on her pale face. She went to scream again, but Harley cut her off. "OH, SHUT UP!"

Everybody, at the sound of Harley's scream, looked up at them. Unsurprisingly they began to panic at the scene in front of them.

The blonde, tuning out the screams and yells, turned away from the woman she had been threatening to her daughter. "Oh Lucy!" she squeaked at the sight of the young brunette. "You look so tired!"

Jason turned his gaze to the right to see his girlfriend wide awake and staring straight at Harley. Shock was the only emotion portrayed on her face. Though he guessed there were a thousand questions running through her head. "Babe?"

She glanced at him before looking back at her mother. "Mom?" This had to be a dream. It had to be! How did she find them?! This was crazy!

"Yes, sweetie. It's me." The woman replied with a bright smile. "I'm here to-"

"RUN!" Jason yelled as he shot up and shoved Harley away while at the same time pushed Lucy towards the carriage door a few meters away from them. "RUN!" he shouted again holding the frantic blonde back.

"No, sweetie please!" Harley cried, wrestling Jason off her.

Lucy, who was stood in the doorway, with her heart pounding in her chest, debated on what she should do. Stay or go? God she hadn't seen her mom in months... All she wanted to do was speak to her. But... Jason... H-He was...her life. They were supposed to run away together. Was that all over now?

"BABE! COME ON!" Her boyfriend threw Harley to the floor before turning and pushing her through the doorway into the next carriage.

Grabbing her hand, he pulled her down the aisle after him. Halfway through the carriage they heard several loud gunshots, screaming and multiple frantic footsteps. Lucy, resisting the urge to stop and look, gripped Jason's hand and let him pull her through the train.

"COME BACK HERE! PLEASE!" She heard Harley yell over some screams. The brunette, going against Jason's orders, looked over her shoulder to see Harley running after them. Two darkly dressed men were following her. Who the hell were they?! What the hell was going on?! What had Jason gotten them in to?! Or was it her mom's fault?

"Go ahead, babe," Jason said, stopping dead in front of the next carriage doorway. "I'll hold them off."

"Don't hurt mom," she said edging her way into the next department. "Promise me."

He huffed but reluctantly nodded. "Go."

She did.

A few minutes later, Lucy pushed through another door, ignoring all the screams of the people as she passed through the body of the train. There were only four more carriages left and then she would be at the end. Stopping at the door of the next carriage, she turned around and searched for any sign of Jason through the crowds of people running, hiding and screaming.

Finally, after a few agonising minutes, she saw him push through the set of doors at the far end of the carriage she was stood in.

"Keeping going!" he called, speeding towards her, gun in hand. Nodding, she turned around and pushed through the door, she been standing in front of, and ran up the next carriage quickly. She heard a few more shots and more screaming. What was happening?! Was that Jason? Harley? Or those men?

Deciding not to find out, she kept her fast pace up and looked at the nearing dead end. Soon she would have nowhere to go. Could she hide? Guess she would find out.

Reaching the back of the train, she waited in the last carriage amongst the cowering people. Panting heavily, she waited for Jason to catch up. God, she hoped he hadn't killed anybody. She knew what he got like when he was angry.

Exhaling deeply, she looked down the aisle for him, her mom or those men. Her vision began to blur and her heart pounded in her chest wildly as another wave of fatigue crashed in to her due to her irregular excursion. Fuck, she really needed to work out more.

Not a minute later, her boyfriend burst through the last set of doors. Instantly stopping dead at the threshold.

Lucy, in complete confusion and exhaustion, watched as he reached behind him and grabbed his rucksack. Opening it, he pulled out a crowbar.

What the hell? Where the fuck did he get a crowbar from?

She went to question him, but when he violently began shoving it under the handle, she stopped. He looked so angry... Subconsciously, she stepped back from him. Her eyes never left him though.

Even from where she was stood behind him she could see the fury. His movements were blunt and violent as he forced the crowbar between the door handle and lock. He was trying to jam the door, she realised. Why? There was no point, they were going to get caught.

She, closing her eyes, exhaled and inhaled deeply, trying to prevent herself from crying. Now was not the time. She had to be strong. For him. For both of them.


She snapped back to reality, and opened her eyes, to see her concerned looking boyfriend stood in front of her.

"Why did you have a crowbar in your rucksack?" she questioned him, eyeing the bag slung over his shoulder.

Really, Lucy? That's the only question you can ask?

"Don't worry about that," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

"You're scaring me, Jay," she whispered back. He really was. Never had she ever seen him this angry before, and she had seen him after one of his run-ins with his arch nemesis, Batman.

This was a whole new level of fury.

"No, no, no, babe. Lucy, there's no need to be scared," he reassured her gently. "Everything's going to be fine. Ok?"


"Good, right. So what we-"


Nearly jumping out of her skin, Lucy looked the length of the carriage to see Harley banging her fists on the stuck door. "LUCY! SWEETIE! GET AWAY FROM HIM!"

Before she could respond, Jason moved in front of her, blocking her view of her mother.

"We're going to get off the train when it stops at the next station," he continued calmly while forcing his girlfriend to look at him by gripping her chin. "Baby, you hear me?"

Was he mad? She looked into his eyes in an attempt to find the answer. They were like nothing she had ever seen before, void of any emotion. Well, maybe a hint of worry for her and hatred for Harley.

"Jay, there isn't a way out." There wasn't. They'd be caught.

"No. There's always a way out," he answered.

"DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. HE'S A LIAR! EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS A LIE! HE'S DISGUSTING!" Harley's squeaky voice yelled out to her daughter.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Jason yelled back, turning, presumably, to glare at the woman.

Lucy went to speak again, to defend her mother when there was a loud slamming noise, she stopped herself and peeked over Jason's shoulder to see what or who was making that noise. It was Harley. She was slamming against the sealed door, obviously trying to break in.

Their eyes met, a look of worry was conveyed on her poor mother's face. Lucy's face was pretty much the same, though she was definitely a lot more scared than worried.

Harley seeing this, quickly changed tactics out of desperation to comfort her offspring.

Ceasing the slamming, she stepped back a few paces and started to shot at the lock instead, intending to weaken the door.

Jason, on hearing the gunshots, turned fully around and fired at the glass pane and at Harley. She ducked out of the way but continued to bash the fragile door with the butt of her gun. She needed to get to her daughter. Nobody was going to stop her.

Sensing she wasn't about to give up, and seeing the door was about to bust open, Jason grunted in annoyance and started to slam the butt of his gun against the ceiling. If he smashed a hole in it, they could escape through that. They'd wait on the roof until the train reached the next station, then they'd jump off and run. No, it wasn't impossible. He had done it before.

Lucy grabbed his arm, causing him to stop. "Jason, please stop."

He looked down at her, "there's always a way, Lu. And if not, make one."

Shaking her head, she brought his face closer to hers by cupping his face and pulling him down. Forehead to forehead, she ran the digits of her left thumb gently across the concealed J shaped scar on his left cheek, "just stop."

He lowered his arms to his sides and sighed as he rested against the girl. She was right. Of course, she was right, but he didn't want to hear that. "I can't lose you, Lucy."

"You're not going to lose me."

"They'll take you away from me."

Take her away? What did he mean? No, they wouldn't do that. They'd done nothing wrong.

Kicking her worries to the back of her mind, she questioned the man. "Who?"

He huffed and gripped her forearms. Not answering, he just stared into her eyes.

All that could be heard was their breathing, the people's screaming and Harley's slamming.

"I ain't going to Arkham or Belle Reve. Not again," he whispered quietly, completely blocking out the noises and people around them. His attention was solely on her.

"It can't be that bad. You...we won't be held there long. We haven't done anything wrong," she reasoned. They hadn't. Was going on holiday a crime? No.

Jason huffed and stepped back from his girlfriend, still holding her at arm's length. "Why did that bitch keep you so God damn innocent? So fucking naïve. You have no idea what Arkham's like. What monsters are in there." He turned them around so they were facing Harley. Pointing to the woman and the violently shaking door, he said "you see that. Imagine that but ten billion times worse. That is what is in Arkham."

She swallowed heavily and tried to think of something to say. What could she say? Nothing, really. All she could think about was how he compared her mother to those psychos in Arkham. Yes, she was a little strange, and yes she had been in the infamous asylum many a time, but she wasn't violent or crazy. She was just mom. She was the woman who baked cookies with her and read her bedtime stories when she was a kid. She was the one who helped her with her home-school work. But she also was the one who disappeared for long periods of time and neglected her... Maybe Jason was right...?

"LUCY!" Her mother's newly clear voice yelled.

The brunette rose her downcast gaze to look at the blonde woman stood in the doorway. "Mom?" How did she not hear her break down the door?

"Baby!" She squeaked pushing past a stunned Jason. "Oh, I missed you so much!" she exclaimed, wrapping the girl in a hug, protecting her from the crowds of people rushing out of the carriage.

"Get your hands off her, Quinn." Jason snarled dragging the woman back by her bleached blonde hair. No! Not when they were so close! He wouldn't let her ruin this.

Lucy went to give out to him but she promptly cut off by a yell.


All three of their heads snapped in the direction of the doorway. In it stood two men.

The carriage was empty besides them giving the men a clear shot.


"DROP THE GUNS AND GET ON YOUR KNEES!" The other man yelled, pointing his gun at them.

Harley and Jason threw their guns across the room and automatically dropped to their knees, placing their hands behind their head.

"YOU TOO!" They yelled at Lucy.

She instantly dropped to the floor. Copying her mother's and boyfriend's position. Fear gripped her and wrapped around her whole body like a vice. So many questions ran through her head. What was happening? Were they going to be shot? Sent to prison? She didn't want to go to prison! No! This was wrong! They hadn't done anything.

The men entered the carriage, carefully watching the three them carefully as they went. On reaching them, they forced Jason and Harley up and checked them for weapons. They, Lucy noticed, almost instinctively raised their arms up to allow the men to pat them down even before they were told that was what was going to happen. How many times had they been in jail?

They didn't pat Lucy down, much to her relief. In fact, they basically looked her over and told her to go sit down on one of graffitied seats, which she did without a fight. Maybe if she behaved, they'd let them go.

"He kidnapped you?" One of the men asked her while nodding to Jason, who was stood across the room with Harley being questioned by the other officer.

Furrowing her brow and shaking her head, she answered. "No, he's my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" He asked in complete confusion.

"Yeah..." Why did he sound so confused? What was so hard to understand about that?

The man cocked an eyebrow at this and switched on his two-way radio. "We've got her. Found Todd too," he said, keeping his eyes on Lucy's face. "And...uh...some girl."
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