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001. Click, BEEP

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Mandy is bored with her life, she meets the famous Pete Wentz one day at work. He befriends her and she's swept away in a world full of drama, humor, romance, and danger.

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Well. This is my first story so here goes.


Mady sighed as she unlocked her car. Her old, battered, rusty red Civic. She threw her light grey messenger bag onto the seat beside her. She smoothed down her black knee length skirt and inserted her key into the slot. She closed her eyes as her engine rumbled to life. She sighed in relief, her car was in a good mood today.

The dirty blonde female was in her last year of highschool. She had already been accepted into Art School in New York. She couldn't wait to leave this small Georgia town for big and exciting New York. She tucked her bangs behind one ear and turned the radio, sighing as the New Three Days Grace tune came onto her speakers.

She made her way to work. A mindless job as a clothing store cashier. The plus side was that she was making a decent amount of money and plus she could listen to her i-pod as she checked people out, as long as she could hear of course.

She pulled into her parking spot and grabbed her maroon vest. It really went well with her light blue polo...gag.
She pulled her earphones out and went to her spot and waved to her boss. She settled in and settled into a rhythm of checking people out.

She was messing with her i-pod and was soon interrupted by a voice behind her.
"Excuse me miss, What song are you listening to?" The male voice was behind her. She didn't bother to look up.
"Fall Out Boy" she replied, still not looking up.
"OMG I loooove that band" the male voice was close to squealing.

Oh great, they have male teenies now? She grimaced and turned around, a "What's your favorite song" dying on her lips.

She came face to face with none other than Pete Wentz. He gave his traditional growly face. Mandy could do nothing but stare.


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