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002 An offer she can't refuse

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ok I'm leaving on an outward bound trip but I'll be back on sunday. Here's half of chapter two.

Mandy stuttered and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. Pete Wentz was actually standing
in front of her. She blinked a couple times.

"I err. umm... Hi" She felt her face turn a delicate shade of pink and looked down.
Pete smiled and patted her arm gently. OMG He just touched her.
"So what's your favorite song?" He sraised his eyebrows and smiled.
She looked back up and regained some of her lost composture.
"I uh.. really like Tell That Mick" She didn't bother saying the whole song title as it
was a long one and she would mosst likely fuck it up anyway.
He smiled and glanced around the store. He tapped a finger on his cheek.
"So do you have tickets to our concert tonight" He glanced at Mandy, holding her blue eyes
with his gorgeous hazel ones. She frowned and picked as her vest absentmindedly.
"No, they were sold out." She sisghed, she hasd really wanted to go but she had gotton home too
late to get tickets. Pete smiled and poked her in the arm.
The concert was tonight at a small venue downtown. Only about 500 people got to go. Pete Smiled and flicked his bags out of his eyes.
"Well, now you are. A Backstage pass and a ticket await you at Willcall. What's your name?"
Mandy's mouth dropped open. Pete had no idea why he was doing this. The girl had intregued him and now he was drawn to her. It also helped that she was fairly attractive.
"Thank you!" She hugged Pete before she could think but let go quickly.
"My..uh.. name's Mandy..Mandy Stone." She blushed and Pete grinned. The nsame suited her. He smiled again and jumped as his pants started to vibrate. He removed his sidekick from his pocket and quickly read the message.
"I've got to go, I'll see you tonight".
He gave a salute and walked out to his car. Mandy settled int oher seat and placed a hand over her heart. 'Pete Wentz just talked to me. He gave me a backstage pass to a sold out concert. I think I'm dreaming' She pinched herself to make sure. Her heart was racing at two million miles an hour.
Her shift ended and she rushed home. SHe had to get ready!

She took a quick shower and started pawing through her closet. She setled on some faded jeans with holes in the knees and a plain black shirt. She slipped her faded red chucks onto her feet and shoved her cell and some money into the front pocket. Her long dirty blonde hair was pulled into a pony-tail. Dark Eyeliner sset off her crystal blue eyes. She was ready to rock.

She jumped into her beaten up Civic and drove to the venue. She was 45 minutes early. she picked up her pass and quickly went inside, the laminated card hanging from a long necklace around her neck. No one was really there yet, some super excited kids and merch guys hurrying around. She smiled to herself and sat at the bar, refusing any drinks. She didn't like to drink and plus she was underage. All of a sudden two hands covered her eyes. She jumped and reached her own hands to the pair covering her eyes.
"Guess who?" The male voice quipped.
She could reconize that voice anywhere.
"Hello Pete" She said it calmly and turned around and removed his hands, staring into a pair of honey colored eyes.
"You look great, you wanna meet the guys?" She blushed and nodded.
"Awsome" He took her by the hand and pulled her backstage and into a maze of hallways. He opened a door and revealed a room with a couple of couches and a table piled with food. She grinned as Patrick, Joe and Andy came into view. Patrick was staring into space, Joe was reading a magazine and Andy was idely tapping his drumsticks. Pete bounced into the room and they all looked up at her.
"Hey guys. This is Mandy, The girl I was telling you about."
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