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Max's Day (camp camp) notes at the end

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It's Max's camp day. What was his camp supposed to be again?

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Gwen's POV
David's got that huge smile on his face. It sort of disturbs me but I think I got used to it.

"Good morning campers! I can't wait for our activity! Who's camp are we going to be visiting today Gwen?" David said with that cheerful tone of his.

"Oh no... It's Max's."
Why him out of all the kids? Why him? Wait, Max had a different look on his face, like he was trying to keep his normal one, but he looked... sort of worried. Why would he be though? It's not like it's going to be different than all the other camps.

"Well what does it say?" David asked

"...I don't know. HEY SATAN! What's your camp? I forgot to write it down!"

"I don't fucking know! My parents signed me up for this shit! Go check my document or something!" He yelled back.

Seemed like a smart idea, I told David to wait there with the campers. I searched through the files... "Nikki, Ne- wait, I skipped M." Found his file. It's probably some dumb 'Get happy' camp or something, he did say his parents chose it. Let's see... Name's Max, check. Age 10, check. Activity... uh... It doesn't say anything. I need to get Max over here.


After waiting 3 or so minutes, he finally showed up. He had that same look on his face from before...

"What the fuck do you want?" Max mumbled.

"Your activity isn't shown here Max..." I said, trying not to sound loud.
Just make one up." He suggested.

"I know, but I didn't call you here for suggestions. I want to know why your parents didn't sign you up for anything."

"Well I ain't talking Gwen. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be heading back to the ca-"

"Max. Come on. There's a reason for this and it's probably not legal." I cut him off.

"Stop trying Gwen. I won't talk for you, for David, for anyone! Why can't you just get on with your fucking life? You know what's not legal? THIS CAMP. So FUCK OFF." He yelled. Oh no. The whole camp probably heard that ending.

"Max! Shh, everyone's gonna hear you!" I shushed.

"No Gwen, they ALREADY heard me! So SHUT UP, and I'm leaving this cabin!"
Right when Max left, David came in.

"What in the gosh darn heck happened?" David asked worryingly.
I just opened up the file and showed David it. I saw his face go from worried to concerned really quick.

"He won't talk. All we can do is make up a camp for him. Something illegal is going on and he's not talking. There's nothing we can do." I explained.

"Maybe he'll talk if we think of something good for a camp. Like Therapy, but less obvious." David Suggested.

"You think he'll talk? He'd probably think someone's listening to him, so he wouldn't say shit. Why would he even trust us anyways? All he sees in us is some overly happy fuck, and a depressed fuck."

"Gwen, I got it! We just need a camp to make him trust us!"

"David, he's been at every camp Mr.Campbell faked, he would've trusted us a long time ago."

David sighed, "Fine... We'll just make it a free time."

We then nodded in agreement and we went back to the campers, and- Wait, where's Max?

"Where the hell is Max?" I asked.

"Oh, Max is in his tent, he said he wanted to be alone or something." Nikki replied.

"David, go get Max, I'm not going to try to deal with Satan again."

He nodded and left to Max's tent.

David's POV
I headed toward's Max's tent.

"Max? Are you in there? This is your camp day, you can't stay inside your tent for it..."

"Fuck off David. Gwen already showed you my file. You're just another fucking liar."

I could sense his voice wasn't like it usually was. It wasn't as mean, it was sort of weak actually.

"You're right. I'm sorry for lying."

Wait... it sounds like he's crying. Sorry Max, but I'm coming in that tent without permission. unzips tent Wow... he really is crying. I've never seen him cry before. He realized I came in and he wiped away his tears, but he didn't let go of his teddy bear.

"Is this what you wanting to see? You're being to fucking quiet. Wow, you finally got to see the biggest bitch you'll ever see CRY. You happy now?"

"Max, come on, you know I'd never want you to be sad. I just want to help." I said.

"You're lying. Stop acting like you give a shit."

"Max, please. I do care. I care about every single camper here, you're not an exception. I want to help you."

I saw tears flowing down his face. What are his parents like? I should of known he probably got that attitude from someone. They could of- no... They wouldn't abuse him, right?

"Why would anyone care? It's not like they'll remember me for the rest of their lives. That's stupid."

"It's not stupid, people care because they care about you. So what if they won't remember anything when they're 84, their memories still stick around for a long time."

"It's stupid. No one should care about anyone who treats them like shit."

There will be more chapters!
There will be more main characters, I just need to start things off simple.
Sorry for short chapters, but my chapters will probably be short for a long time, but that means they'll come out quicker!
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