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Chapter 3

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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One day later, at an undetermined location, a group of four women were being given a wide berth by many people as they sat together around a table in an inn of some no-name town. All of them were attractive in their own right, while also being rather exotic of the forbidden fruit kind.

They shared the same coloured pale-blonde hair and silver eyes and wore the same type of uniform and armour as Flora did, albeit with a few differences to their faulds. They even had the same claymores’ albeit with a different symbol engraved on the metal.

The first woman had chest length, loose-and-wavy pale-blonde hair that was tucked behind one ear. Out of the four she was one of two that showed the most expression as she was smiling a slight tinge as she listened to the woman next to her talk.

The woman talking in question had short hair that is tucked behind her ears, and stuck out behind her like spikes from behind. She had a slightly stern, if not reserved, expression on her face as she talked to her compatrotes.

The third woman had short, straight pale-blonde hair that is in a asymmetrical bob cut. She had her hair parting down the middle but had the left half covering her left eye, while the right side was swept back slightly towards her ear. While she talked to her compatriotes, the woman looked faintly interested in their issue.

And the fourth woman had her hair worn in a long braided plait that sat over her right shoulder, and had her fringe swept to the right. She looked almost entirely emotionless, her face completely stoic; however, from the way she was listening intently to the woman talk too was thinly interested in their current subject.

These women, in that order, are Number 18 Lily; Number 20 Queenie; Number 24 Zelda, and finally, Number 31 Tabitha.

The topic of the discussion in question? The Youma Hunter.

“I say he’s something that was made up by people that want nothing to do with us,” Queenie said with a scoff and a roll of her eyes. “No human is able to tell who is a youma and who isn’t. Let alone fight so many at once and kill them.”

“I don’t know about that,” Lily said as she tapped her fingers rhythmically against the table. “A person with his description has been showing up in many towns and villages in Mucha for the past two months.”

“Right,” Zelda said with a slight nod of her head. Then she crossed her arms and leaned back against the back of her chair while crossing a leg. “There has been talk that he is a champion sent by the twin Goddesses themselves to fight the youma and voracious eaters. Which I find to be ridiculous.” she let out an unladylike snort at the thought of that, “The youma and voracious eaters have been around for as long as I can remember, why would a so called champion be sent to help us now?”

Tabitha was the one who spoke next, “He is no champion of the Twin Goddesses, nor is he the champion of Rabona’s goddess, however, the likelihood of him being real is there.”

That got Zelda, Queenie, and Lily’s attention.

“What makes you so sure?” Queenie was skeptical and her face and tone showed it.

“Because the Organization’s been looking for him.” Tabitha revealed, to their surprise; though they did well in hiding it. “I don’t know the specifics, but I did learn from Pamela that the Elder has sent one of the handlers to look for him. He’s apparently found enough evidence in the South for the Elder to send one of us to find him.”


Tabitha shrugged, “Last I heard, the Youma Hunter was last seen near Windcutter Flora’s district in Mucha. If the Organization is going to send someone to track him down, it will most likely be her.”

“How long ago was this?” Lily asked. Her interest in this topic had just skyrocketed. She may have to rethink on her own opinion on the Youma Hunter. If the Organization sent one of their own to find him then he might be more important than anyone else thought!

“I learned this a week and two days ago.” Tabitha answered. “I haven’t heard of anything else since then.”


Meanwhile, back with Naruto and Flora, they were already back on the road to Flora’s next destination. Barnet has nothing else worrying them, and with no youma secretly hiding amongst the populace, Flora had no other reason to stay. Naruto had no idea where Flora was going next so he was letting her lead the way, which she was all too happy to do. After last nights shock, and the wordless ‘bonding’ they had after joining fists, the woman had spent the entire night trying to sort through the memories she experienced on Naruto’s side.

The same thing happened with Naruto, though he was more tuned to doing it after he shared his memories - and chakra - with several thousand people all at once.

Suffice to say Flora can say with absolute confidence that Naruto, her boyfriend, can take on anything this world can throw at him and win. Even if Naruto was no longer as powerful as he used to be - and she meant that literally - the Abyssal Ones won’t be able to do much against him if he wanted to go all out.

As for Naruto, he decided to forgo wearing his sage coat, forehead protector, and mask. Leaving him only wearing his dark clothes. Since Flora was meant to update her handler on the search for...well...himself, he thought it would be good for Flora if she was to say she was still ‘searching’ for him. Him taking off his coat and mask isn’t that much of a disguise, but no one other than Flora actually knows what he looks like without the mask on.

Not to mention the suspension of disbelief can make anyone gullible enough to believe what they want to see. Plus he can just disguise himself with henge and wear something else when she meets up with the handler. Flora, of course, enjoyed having Naruto’s face exposed for all to see; what can she say? She liked his exotic appearance.

That didn't stop her from asking questions though.

“So you’re doing that just so I can lie to my handler?”

Naruto had his hands behind his head and was looking towards the sky with a smile. “Not lie per say... Just say you’re still looking for me. After all, it took us an entire week instead of a month to get to your district. You can say I’ve hitched a ride with a caravan and was dropped off before it reached the next town, so you’ve been set back for a bit.”

“Hmm… that’s entirely plausible.” Flora nodded to that; caravans do move faster than someone who is on foot. That being said she can easily cook up an excuse and say the caravan didn't see him leave the group. Or she can come up with something else.

On the other hand…

“What about you?” when she got a questioning look from him Flora elaborated, “If my handler asks who you are, what should I say?”

At that, Naruto pondered on his answer, before giving her a hapless shrug, “You can say that I’m someone you saved from a youma that was about to eat my guts?” he offered.

Flora nodded at that and added on to it, saying with a thoughtful tone, “And you’re sticking close to me until you get to the next town.” ‘claymores’ like herself being used as an escort wasn’t a common occurrence, but it did happen from time to time. It’s even rarer for someone like her to even have a travelling companion, but again it did happen from time to time.

Hybrids that have companions always end up alone in the end. Usually by a couple of circumstances: their companion ends up leaving them. The companion dies. The hybrid in question dies. Or they get split up and one of them either dies later or they never find each other again.

Naruto nodded and the more he thought about it the more he really liked the sound of that. “Yeah. That’s a viable plan.”

After that, the odd couple that was a human and half-human/half-youma hybrid, walked in comfortable silence.


One day later…

As they walked through one of the many plains of Mucha, Naruto and Flora were now having a pleasant conversation with one another. However, while they talked and walked, the former was having this...really odd feeling at the back of his head. He glanced at his girlfriend at the corner of his eye and found she hadn’t noticed it.

He frowned. And made a show of taking in his surroundings when he was actually making damn sure they weren’t being followed. Because right now, this odd feeling, was giving him a distinct feeling that the two of them were being watched. He couldn’t sense any youma or Voracious Eaters around… but that nagging feeling of being watched was there.

He kept it to himself though since he didn't feel any negative intent. Not yet, anyway. Naruto decided to keep his senses sharpened, just incase whatever is watching him decides to attack with no warning.

It was a wise course of action in Naruto’s honest opinion. Despite that Naruto kept the majority of his attention on Flora as they tried passing the time by talking.

“So your mentor really was a… Pervert?” Flora asked with an intrigued arch of an eyebrow.

Naruto nodded with an enthusiastic grin, “Yeah! I’ve had a couple of them! Despite that though they were pretty cool teachers!” Naruto’s grin got wide with nostalgia as he went back down memory lane. Back to the good old days when things were so much simpler. “The man I respect the most used to call himself a Super Pervert with pride. I first met him when he was peeking in some women who were bathing naked.”

Flora’s nose curled with distaste at that, “I see.” then she gave him a confused frown, “‘Used to’? Did something happen to him?”

And just like Naruto went from being incredibly enthusiastic to becoming very depressed.
“He’s… he’s um...” the blond took a quick moment to gather his nerves. Flora though saw how much distraught this brought him and was about to say something, however, Naruto started talking again before she could get the chance too. “He’s dead. Pervy-Sage went to investigate on the whereabouts on a leader of this Organization back home called Akatsuki. He didn't come back.”

Flora couldn’t help but wince at that. The sheer emotional distraught she could hear in his voice made her heart wrench. Now that she thought about it, one of the talking toads who told her boyfriend of his mentor’s demise had been fighting side by side with him. What was his name…? Fusuku? Fafusuku? Fukusaku? It was hard to pronounce for her.

“I’m sorry to remind you of that,” she apologised, only for Naruto wave her apology off as he bounced back to being cheerful in a matter of seconds.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. You were curious.” he told her with a deceptively cheerful smile. He missed Jiraiya, yeah, but he will fondly look back on the memories he shared with the man. Those were treasured memories. He would never trade them for anything.

Then he gave the woman beside him a curious look, “So there are currently 47 of you on the field?”

“Yes.” confirmed Flora, “There are 47 of us in total, with Number 1 being the strongest and Number 47 being the weakest. Each and every one of us has their own district with the stronger warriors being in districts that are densely populated with youma and the weakest being in the least populated.”

“Hmm… Have you ran into the others yet?”

Flora’s curly locks bobbed as she nodded. “Only a few. We normally team up if we are to execute a traitor, hunt for an Awakened Being, or clear out a town or village that’s inhabited by many youma.” she answered.

Naruto made a grunt of acknowledgement as he nodded to show he understood her explanation. He also knew they regularly get replaced if they die on the field, send a black card to one of their compatriots, Awaken, desert after breaking one of the rules, or have an execution squad kill a traitor for breaking said rules. What he didn't like was the lower numbered double digits were far more likely to die on the field because they weren’t strong enough.

Not only that, he learned from Flora’s memories that many a warrior had ventured far into Lautrec and mysteriously vanished. Only for their corpses to be found much, much later.

“I see. And outside of that you’re alone wandering from place to place, until you get a new assignment, only to do it again and again and again.”

“Yes,” Flora brushed her hair out of her face with a sigh, “That is the way we live. And that is what we shall do until the day we die.”

Naruto frowned at that; that...was honestly depressing now that he thought about it.


Three more days passed and it’s been almost two weeks since Flora found Naruto. Still not wearing his forehead protector, mask and Sage Coat, and with Naruto changing his clothes so it would fit in more with ‘this world’ the couple met with Flora’s handler. A man wearing completely dark clothes who Flora calls Roberto, the man was in his mid fifties, with wrinkles beginning to form, bags under his eyes, greying hair and had a permanent frown on his face.

He looked rather lanky in Naruto’s honest opinion. The blond in question wasn’t surprised, since these handlers were the type of people that liked to sit on their asses and let their warriors do all the work for them.

The Handler locked eyes with him for just a brief second, but it was enough for Naruto to see the irritation in his eyes. And on his face before he wiped it off. Naruto was tempted to just give the man a ‘you don’t scare me’ type of look, but thought against it.

Flora turned to look at him before saying, “Wait here for a minute,”

Naruto smiled and nodded obediently. Flora returned his smile with one of her own before wiping it off her face, looking at her Handler and approached him with a sense of professionalism.

“Report.” Roberto commanded once she was in front of him.

Flora nodded and replied with stoicness in her voice, “The Youma Hunter is proving to be more elusive than initially thought. He was last seen in the town of Barnet almost one week ago. I am fairly close to catching up to him however.”

The constantly frowning Roberto nodded with satisfaction at her response, completely believing the lie to be true. Then he glanced at Naruto and frowned even more if that were possible, “And him? Who is he?”

“That is Nathan,” Flora answered, “He’s someone I rescued from some youma that were trying to kill him. I am escorting him to the next town which is the direction the Youma Hunter is heading to.”

“Make sure to leave him, the second you reach town.” Roberto commanded, taking another glance at ‘Nathan’, “I can’t have you getting distracted in your search for the Youma Hunter by someone who will only slow you down and cause delays.”

Flora resisted the urge to scowl at the blatant disregard her handler had for her boyfriend. She kept her expression blank and completely stoic and nodded in the affirmative, drawing a grunt of satisfaction from the bastard.

“What are my orders after I successfully find him?” the Number 8 respectfully asked, “I was told by the Elder I am to keep him distracted, or in one place. If he was to leave Mucha am I to keep pursuing him?”

“Do whatever it takes to keep him in one place; but if he was to leave Mucha then follow him. Keep him within sight and report any findings to the next handler you encounter.”

“Is there anything else?”

Roberto grunted with a nod, “Yes. The village ahead had sent a request for aid in hunting down and killing a youma that is terrorising its citizens. You know what you have to do.”

Well that can be helpful. The village was fairly small and she did say Naruto was heading there. That would be a very good excuse for her to go over there and rest for a bit after the job is done. Well, that, or they can just continue on their way after the youma’s dead.

Flora nodded stoically before looking back at ‘Nathan’ from over the shoulder. “Let’s go.” she called to him and ‘Nathan’ nodded with enthusiasm and quickly followed after her when she started walking without him. Ever frowning Roberto gave ‘Nathan’ the stink eye when he walked past him. The blond in question just ignored him for the most part, even though he was so very tempted in decking his face in.

It wasn’t until they were out of ear shot that Naruto said, “I don’t know why, but something made me want to break that guy’s nose.” then he gave Flora a questioning look and asked, “Also… ‘Nathan’?”

Flora smiled sheepishly and shrugged, “It’s the only name I could think of on the spot. I also have a reason to leave my district now if you were to leave Mucha.”

“I know. I heard.” Naruto told her with a flick of his ear and a teasing grin. Then the blond took a look over his shoulder and found that Roberto was walking away from them now. “So, the town ahead needs help in killing a youma?”

Flora nodded, “Yes. Once I get there, I will need to talk to the mayor before beginning my search.”

“I see - so how long will it take for us to get there?”

“A five hours at most.” Flora answered. “Two hours at the very least if we run from here.”

Naruto nodded as he took that in. He decided to walk there until he gets the necessary information about the village. “What’s the village called?”

“Yate, it’s a small village and has over 500 people inhabiting it… though with the youma, that number might just be under 500 now.” the woman answered, and she gave her boyfriend some more information on how many people that are living in it. And he appreciated that a lot.

Naruto nodded at the small amount of information and gave her a thankful smile. And he then gave her a peck on the cheek to show his appreciation.

Flora just giggled like a schoolgirl at the show of affection.


Two hours later, Flora and Naruto finally reached the village of Yate. And as expected by a settlement being terrorised by a youma everyone was on edge when they saw the two of them enter their little society. And as they walked down the dirty road, their presence had inevitably brought out a small crowd of people.

Being used to the wary whispering, disgruntled grumbling, and the slightly frightened stares being sent her way, even if she was one of the more friendlier ‘claymores’, Flora ignored them all and made her way to the centre of the village in order to look for the leader. Naruto followed after her and casually surveyed his surrounding.

“The youma is in the vicinity,” Naruto told Flora in a low murmur so only she could hear him.

“I know,” Flora answered him in the same way. “It’s among the crowd, watching us, don’t let it know we’re onto it.”

Naruto gave his girlfriend a subtle nod, “Got it.”

Then the two of them continued to walk past the crowd as they searched for the village head. The man was an elderly chap with very little hair left on his head, aside from the bushy eyebrows, and quite a bit on his upper lip. In his hand he was carrying a bag full of Bera.

“A-ah, you’re here,” he rubbed the hand clutching the bag of Bera nervously as his eyes darted between Flora and Naruto. “This is everything we have for your services,” he said, holding out the bag for Flora to take.

He was surprised when Flora shook her head, “I am not the one who will take the Bera. A man in black will appear shortly after the job is done. Give it to him.” she told him.

“Ah...yes, of course,” he let out a shaking breath and brought the bag to his chest. “How long will it take?”

“As long as it needs to be.” Flora answered curtly. Then she got straight to the point, “How many people have been killed by the youma so far?”

“Six people in the past four days.” the man answered, and he started to look around all jittery like as if he was going to be the next victim. “The first three times it happened in the dead of night. The other two times, it happened during the middle of the day. The most recent one was during broad daylight.”

Naruto and Flora both took that into account. “What do you think?” Naruto asked her. “Could there be more than one?”

Flora shook her head, “No. I can only sense the one. This youma could be a voracious eater.”

“The type of youma that’s been around for a long time?” Naruto asked for clarification.

Flora nodded. “Yes. This youma is more intelligent than your common one. If it’s killing people during different times of the day, then not only is it capable of planning, it’s getting more and more confident.”

“That’s bad.”

“Very.” Flora agreed wholeheartedly with him. “I better get started right away before any more people get killed.”

Naruto chuckled and pointed his thumb behind him from over the shoulder, “You’d best get to it then, pretty lady,” he told her with a grin. “I’ll wait for you at the inn.”

For the life of her, Flora couldn’t keep the blush off her face as she responded with a smile and a nod. “Stay safe,” she replied. “I’ll have this done as quickly as I can.”

“Okay,” Naruto gave her a smile and a nod in return. “Don’t get your cute ass hurt~!”

That comment got the village head to look at Naruto in genuine surprise. Like the idea of flirting with a Claymore was unthinkable to him. He was thrown into an even deeper surprise when Flora actually giggled like a playful schoolgirl!

“I’ll be careful,” she assured, a bright smile upon her face. “Now, get going.”

“I will,” Naruto told her. Then Flora went off on her search for the youma, making a beeline in the direction she sensed it in.

Naruto was about to head on off to look for that inn when he heard the village head say in a tone of disbelief, “...Why?”

Naruto blinked and looked at him. “Why what?”

“Why are you flirting with… with something like her?”

Naruto gave the man a stern look, and crossed his arms, “Let’s get one thing straight here, old man: she’s human. Not a thing.” he looked at Flora’s back with a fond smile, “Nine times out of ten, claymores are treated as if they’re monsters in human form and acting as if they’re complete monsters will inevitably make them into a self-made prophecy. If they’re treated like they’re human beings, like they’re like any other person, then it would give them some sense of normalcy.” Naruto then looked at the village head and gave him another stern look, “You would be surprised how little people would give a fuck about you if you were to treat them like monsters or… things that need to be put down. Try treating them like they’re living, breathing, human beings and not monsters. You would be surprised at the kind of response you would probably get in return.”

Off in the distance, Flora smiled again, having heard the whole damn thing. Oh, that young man was getting one hell of a reward for that~! Then she remembered that Naruto was treated that way for most of his childhood and that smile was threatened to turn upside down for the briefest of moments. Only for that smile to resolidify itself when she thought of that reward she planned on giving him when she gets the chance.

Then, not five minutes later, she stopped dead in her tracks. She could sense it. The youma was heading in Naruto’s direction. Was it planning to attack him?! Her composure cracked as she turned on her heel with righteous fury in her eyes. There was no way in hell she was going to let that fucker hurt her boyfriend!

The startled villagers gave her a wide berth as they saw the look, not wanting at all to get in the way of a pissed off claymore of all things. It was the first time they saw a claymore genuinely pissed the fuck off! And what made it even more scary was that it’s from Flora, a claymore who’s actually known to be polite and welcoming in these parts!

The head of the village watch was not about to have a nice day as he got the bright idea to try and slink towards Flora’s apparent companion. He was hoping to get the drop on her after stalking the young man, luring her into a narrow alley and making her big-ass weapon less viable. Unfortunately, she caught onto him far too quickly and as he looked over his shoulder to see Flora behind him, her eyes flashed gold and she walked right on by.

The man stood there stock still for a moment and then he fell apart, quite literally, his gory chunks hitting the ground with a sickening plop as they floated in a pool of purple blood.

Not too far away, Naruto turned to face her when he felt the spike of hoki and wave of malice. While it had caught him by surprise, that was nothing compared to what he felt when Flora grabbed him by the tunic and planted a possessive kiss on his lips. To say Naruto was surprised would be an understatement. He can count on one hand how many times he was kissed on the lips… and that was twice. Sasuke - ewwwwwwwww!! - and that redheaded woman, Fuka who tried killing him by taking his life force via liplock. This was the third time he had someone kiss him full on the lips, and Naruto found he was enjoying it. Naruto returned the liplock with gusto as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in.

As he withdrew, Naruto gave her a warm chuckle. “I knew that guy was looking at me funny,” he said. “Thanks for the save.”

“No one threatens the ones I care about,” Flora replied with a sexy, possessive growl.

Naruto positively beamed at that. “I’ll take that into consideration, my lovely flower~” he grinned flirtatiously, rubbing at her back. Then Naruto let out a sigh, “I suppose we should tell the village head the jobs been done. That was pretty fast.”

Flora sighed as well and nodded. “Yes. We should. Then we can move on.”

Chuckling, Naruto slipped an arm out from behind her waist and turned around to head back to the village head. He pulled Flora along with him, using the other hand he didn't take away from her back. As they walked by, several of the villagers seemed far less surprised than she thought they’d be.

She had quite the reputation for being rather nice and very approachable. If any ‘silver-eyed witch’ was going to find herself a boyfriend, then it was going to be her, as far as they were concerned. Only Cynthia, the current Number 14, topped her in those regards, but they probably didn’t know that, as she was stationed on the other side of the Great Sea of Fire, a massive desert on the eastern edge of the South.

“Surprised at their lack of surprise?” Naruto asked.

“A little bit, admittedly,” Flora replied with a sheepish chuckle. “We don’t tend to be very popular, so I was expecting a bit more of a reaction.”

“Well from what I saw of you, you’re kind, polite and very easy to talk to.” he pointed out to her, “If anything this is the sort of reaction you should be expecting.” then he leaned up and gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek before whispering into her ear, “It also helps that you are cute as all hell. If you didn't have this plate skirt on, I’d be grabbing and kneading your nice ass right about now~”

Oh, by the Twins, Flora could feel the heat coming off of her cheeks!

“In fact,” Naruto whispered, rubbing at Flora’s back in a circular motion, “after we tell the village head the youma’s dead, let’s leave and find a nice place to rest for a bit. Or maybe we can go to that inn, and I can grope and fondle your ass and tits for as long as you want me to~”

“Y-you’re going to make me faint from embarrassment,” she giggled. Granted, she intended to do far more than that, once they were in private, but hearing him say such things out in the open - even if it was in a whisper - legitimately made her feel lightheaded.

“Well, it seems I’m doing something right~” He chuckled before giving her another affectionate kiss.

“More than you know~!” Flora cooed as she reluctantly withdrew from the liplock.

After that, the couple found the village head in the same place as before. Naruto stayed back and kept an eye out for any would be attackers - as a ninja it’s his job to be paranoid - as Flora told the old man the job’s been done. The village elder looked surprised that the youma’s been killed so quickly, but he was also relieved that no more people were going to be dying any time soon.

“A man in black will be coming soon to pick up the payment. Give it to him when he arrives.” Flora told him as a reminder.

“Of course,”

Nodding with satisfaction Flora turned on the heels of her sabatons and walked over to her boyfriend. His attention came back to her when he felt her tapping his shoulder and he smiled.

“Time to go?” It was a question that didn't need asking, but Naruto felt like asking it anyway.

“Yes. Until I get my next assignment, all I have to do is keep tracking this so-called Youma Hunter. The Organization is very interested in him for obvious reasons.” she answered while they started on making their way out of the village of Yate.

The blond beside her chuckled at that. “Yes. Finding him should take you quite a while.” he said with a knowing glint in his eye, “If he’s leaving your territory, then you’d have to follow him.”

“Yes. I would.” she agreed with the exact same glint in her eye. “In fact, there is a good chance he could head on over to the eastern edge of Mucha, to the Great Sea of Fire or beyond.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?”

The two of them were well on their way out of the village now. They had just passed the last building marking the edge of the village and were now making their way to the east.

“I’ve been tracking him for nearly two weeks and he seemed dead set on heading to the east.” Flora gave Naruto a sideways glance and asked, “What do you think? Could he have gone to the east, towards Sutare where the Organization is… or to the west, towards Lautrec?”

Naruto shrugged. “I don’t know to be honest. I mean, it seems like the Youma Hunter was just wandering around aimlessly. He could go anywhere at this point.” he pointed out, and knowing full well that Flora knew the Youma Hunter is himself, everything he said was rhetorical.

“Very true,” Flora admitted. “Then again, I’d imagine that he’s getting lonely by now if he doesn’t have someone. There’s a town a bit more up north that’s rather famous for its high-end whores.” The way she said that made it clear that she was indirectly suggesting they go that way. She did owe him a reward, after all.

Naruto chortled. “Are you thinking of disguising yourself as one to seduce him?”

“It would keep him on one place until the Organization sends a representative,” Flora giggled. “I suspect they want to recruit him.”

“That or keep him in one place where they can try and assassinate him…” Naruto pointed out.

By the gods, she sincerely hoped not!! If she found him dead, Flora would probably awaken from sheer grief at this point.

Sensing Flora’s well-hidden worry, Naruto pulled her into a one-armed hug and gave Flora a peck on the cheek. “He’ll be fine, though, even if they’re dumb enough to try that” Naruto assured her. “No man who can take out dozens of youma without breaking a sweat is easy to kill.”

Both Naruto and Flora were well away from the village of Yale by this point and Naruto dropped the henge that disguised his clothes, putting him back in his original dark ones. Though he was still missing his Sage Coat, mask, and horned forehead protector.

“Besides, I fought things that would make youma look like kittens in comparison. Not to mention I was trained by the best of the best in my world. I won’t get caught off guard so easily.” he reminded her; now that they were out of ear-and-eye shot of the town Naruto saw no reason to hide they were talking about him.

Flora felt a lot better now that she was reminded about that.

Now, she could do whatever she wanted - within reason of course - as she ‘followed’ the Youma Hunter.
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