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Chapter 4

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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It’s been four days since he and Flora left Yale and things had gone a little hectic.

It seems no matter where he goes, there’s always a youma or two lying in wait somewhere. To be honest it was rather exhausting. He did not envy his girlfriend or her compatriotes whatsoever since they had to do this every single day and night with little to no breaks.

As he cleaned the purple blood and other gore off of his trench knife, Naruto, now fully clad in his ‘Youma Hunter’ attire, looked around. There was a lot of bodies that were missing limbs, and had cleave wounds cutting their torsos almost in half.

There had to be at least two dozen youmas. Maybe more. The purple blood and gore went on for quite a bit, since Flora had taken it upon herself to try and kill as many as possible, as fast as possible. There was a literal trail of blood, limbs and bodies. With a sigh Naruto put his trench knife away in its holder and followed the trail of blood and gore Flora left behind in her little rampage.

Guess that town with those ‘high-end whores’, as Flora put it, can wait a bit. These youma did come from the North, so they’d have to check it out and see if it was still standing or not. But first he had to find Flora.

When Naruto eventually found her again, it was to see her killing the last remaining youma, who was missing an arm and a leg, by stabbing her through the back of her head and out through her mouth. Then she dragged the sword sideways and back again, severing the head and leaving the bottom half of her jaw attached.

Amazingly, she didn’t have a drop of blood on her as not a single youma even got close enough before she cut them down.

“It seems you have everything here handled,” Naruto said, drawing her attention to him. “I have to admit, seeing you attack so fast it’s like you didn't draw your sword is scary… and sexy.”

Flora smiled at her boyfriend, his complements significantly brightening her mood.

“Why, thank you!” she was positively beaming right now. They’ve been together for nearly three weeks now, (two weeks and three days) and this is the happiest she’s ever been!

As much as he didn't want to put a damper on her mood, Naruto had to bring this to her attention. “Do you think there are more youma’s nearby?”

“There aren’t any I can sense, but I only have an average range,” Flora replied with a sigh.

Naruto frowned at that and closed his eyes. “...I can’t sense anything around us, either.” he said after a moment of silence. He opened his eyes again and looked at her. “Good news: there’s no one around us in a one mile vicinity. Bad news: they came from the North, in the direction of that town you indirectly suggested we go to. Want to check it out, and make sure they’re okay?”

“Yeah, that would be the best thing to do right now,” she replied. “I hope they are…”

Naruto pulled her into a comforting hug upon seeing her concerned expression and rubbed her back. “Hey, if they aren’t alright, we did avenge them. And if they are alright… well… we did stop a small platoon of youma from causing future harm.”

Flora gave him a peck on the forehead and urged him to get moving. “You’re right,” she said. “Now, let’s get going. I want to check on them as soon as possible.”

“Aye, my fair lady, I shall obey your commands~” he saluted her with a playful grin.

With one of her own, she decided to tease him a bit. “Then, I command you to give me a baby~!”

She got a hearty laugh out of Naruto’s blush, before giving him another peck. Truth be told, she knew it was impossible, though she honestly wondered if she’d mind popping one out for him. Her cheeks flushed at the thought, but she filed that away for later.

With that out of the way, both Naruto and Flora made a beeline for the currently nameless town.


Lucia was Number 12 of the Organization. She was very young and not the strongest by any stretch of the imagination. But despite that, she was only a few ranks away from hitting the single digits, mostly because of her staggering intelligence. She was second only to Phantom Miria in that regard and would probably surpass even her in a few years.

She figured if she got herself a special technique, then she would be able to increase her rank by a few numbers.

Staying in a rather expensive room in a tavern, the young woman looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had short hair in a feminine bowl cut, with the tips ending in spikes, a round, pretty face and almond-shaped eyes. Her large, perky bust and wide flaring hips made it annoying to find clothes that fit for her upcoming assignment in Rabona, as most women didn’t tend to have these features on such a small frame. But at the same time, she was rather proud of them.

Lucia let out an irritated sigh. Why did the Organization have to send her to Rabona? That city was so superstitious they would kill any hybrid they find lurking within their walls. It made any mission coming from there incredibly risky, because if you’re found out, then that’s it. Unless you were to somehow get away, then you’re dead thanks to the rules of not allowing to harm or kill any human. Even if it’s for self defense.

Then she picked up a rather strong yoki source entering her range. She looked towards the window on the opposite end of her room and out of sheer curiosity walked towards it in order to look wait and see who it was when they got within her line of sight.


Meanwhile, as they entered the town Flora and Naruto were both relieved to see that it was still standing. As they walked through the street Naruto took everything in. It was a pretty big town, though he had no idea what the name of it is called.

“I can sense a yoki-source in the vicinity,” Naruto murmured to his girlfriend, “From the feel of it, it’s a ‘claymore’. The amount she’s giving off isn’t as strong as yours but it’s close.”

“I know,” Flora murmured back, “she may be in the lower double digits, possibly rank 11 or 12.” she glanced around, “she’s located to our left in one of the buildings.”

“What’s this town called anyway?”

Flora giggled and replied. “Wem. Welcome to Wem. I… was born and raised here, actually…”

“So that’s why you were so worried,” Naruto mused aloud. “I could tell, even though you did a damn good job of hiding it.” he rubbed his chin through his mask and asked, “Is this the last town before we’re out of Mucha?”

Flora nodded, “Yes. Wem is near the border between Toulouse and Mucha. And the City of Rabona is at most a few weeks away from here by walking. If we were to run non-stop, we warriors could in theory reach Rabona in a matter of days.”

While that was impressive, by this world’s standards, Naruto could get there in a matter of hours if he wanted to by using chakra to enhance his running speed. Flora knew that as well. She wasn’t kidding when the woman thought he could utterly demolish anyone this world can throw at him. She genuinely believed he was beyond anything this world was capable of throwing at him. Even the Abyssal Ones working together wouldn’t be enough.

Naruto and Flora came to a stop just before they came within the line of sight of the building that claymore was in. “It seems the source of the yoki is in that building over there,” Naruto said, looking up at the building in question. Then he lazily leaned his head back and looked at Flora, “Ignoring the yoki source inside, do you want to rest in the tavern?”

Flora thought on it for a second and nodded, “Alright, resting on a nice comfortable bed and getting a nice hot bath sounds good right about now.” she may not be affected by the cold or heat, but she did enjoy the feeling of hot water soothing her nerves. Flora looked at her boyfriend and asked with a single quirked eyebrow, “And what about you?”

“I have two days worth of food left on me; I need to get more before I run out.” Naruto answered.

“I can help pay for that,” Flora chirped. “I have plenty of money.” Then, she teasingly added, whispering into his ear, “more than enough to buy all the whores you could ever desire, if you want~!”

Naruto chuckled nervously at that. “No need,” he replied. “I have you as my girlfriend, you’re more than enough,”

Hearing that from her boyfriend brought a smile to Flora’s face as she cooed in delight. And just for that she gave him a peck on the nose, even if it was covered by that mask of his. Naruto snorted as the kiss to his nose felt a little weird, but he gave her one of Kakashi’s traditional eye smiles in return.

“Let’s go see what’s available to buy here,” the masked blond told her; even if Flora did have enough money to ‘buy him all the whores he could ever desire’, he had more than enough money on him too. Money he took from all those bandits a while back after trapping them in that dome of water. They weren’t going to use it and it would be in much better hands if he had them.

“Okay, follow me, I know a couple of shops that sell food.” Flora beckoned him to follow her as she started moving down the road, and past the tavern that had the owner of the yoki in. Flora took a quick look on the first floor and found Lucia peering through the window and looking down at her.

Then Lucia’s eyebrows arched in surprise when she saw Naruto himself coming into view. Flora kept the grin that threatened to grow on her lips down. She was enjoying that surprised look on Lucia’s face when Naruto came into her line of sight. Maybe they can talk once Naruto gets his food restocked… it’s been some time since she last saw one of her comrades, after all.

As he out his hands behind his head Naruto looked at his girlfriend and asked, “So how many shops does this town have?”

“It’s pretty big, so it has quite a few. It has a market where a lot of goods are for sale.” the woman answered him, then she decided to add a little more information to it since the woman was pretty sure he was curious by the lack of murmuring and whispers when they walked into town. “Toulouse is where most of us warriors are stationed, including the top three warriors because it is easy to move to the other four quadrants of this world. Because Wem is fairly close to the border, a lot of warriors who are heading to Mucha stop by here before setting out on the rest of their journey. So the chances of there being a youma infiltrating this town is very unlikely.”

That was good to know. And so, Naruto followed Flora as she guided him to the shops. He honestly hoped the shops here were fully stocked. That way, he would have some variety to eat. He needn’t have worried, as the stores in question had a lot of traffic, so being ill-prepared was bad for business. He saw it first hand when he came to the market, many a fruits were on display, from large juicy green apples, to bananas, oranges, grapes, and peaches. There was even bread, dried meat, butter, pork, beef, eggs and plenty of other stuff from weapons, shields, to clothes and even armour. Wem was a blustering town it looked like if it had this much stuff. Yeah, there was plenty of food choices for him to make here. He grinned under his mask and went straight to work on restocking, starting with the fruit stand. Flora merely smiled as she stayed back and watched him mingle with Wem’s people.

Without taking her eyes off her boyfriend, Flora tilt her head to the left and seemingly said to nobody, “I was wondering when you would come out.”

Lucia, clad in her full gear once more stepped up beside her. “Windcutter Flora,” she greeted the woman with but a glance; then she brought her silver eyes back to Naruto, “ he the so called ‘Youma Hunter’ the Organization’s been trying to find?”

Flora grinned and nodded. “He is,” she chirped.

The Number 12 blinked at that and cocked her head to the side as she examined the blond. “He doesn’t look like first glance. But appearances can be deceiving.” she looked at her superior and asked, “Did you find out how he can tell who is a youma and who isn’t?”

Flora shook her head negatively at that. “No, I did not. He did say there are other ways on how to detect who is a youma and who isn’t, but he has not elaborated on it… however, he is capable of detecting yoki. He pointed out several youmas to me several days ago, and they were all accurate pointers. He never failed to give away their location, how many numbers there are, where they were in the vicinity. He even sensed you. His yoki sensing is impressive…from what I had seen he may be more than a match for God-Eye Galatea.”

That… legitimately startled the Number 12. “Surely, you cannot be serious?!” she couldn’t help but look at Naruto’s back as she took all that information in.

“I honestly am,” Flora replied with a nod. “More than a week ago, I saw him wipe out a bandit camp that was terrorising the town of Barnet in under a minute. He is not someone you want to trifle with.”

“Damn…” Lucia muttered. “And...he’s friendly, right?”

“So long as he is not provoked,” the Number 8 assured her with a nod. And seeing that Lucia had another question on the tip of her tongue, Flora thought it wouldn’t hurt to tell her, “My handler gave me the mission to follow him and keep him distracted. If he was to leave Mucha, then I would be obligated to follow.” then Flora looked at her, “What about you? What are you doing here in Wem?”

“I have a mission in Rabona. I need to find a disguise to help me get in…” Lucia answered with a long suffering sigh. “Why’d I get stuck with a mission that involves getting inside of a city full of superstitious people?”

Flora winced at that. Many a warrior had been killed shortly after they were discovered in that city. That place was so bad in their superstitions that many a warrior would stay away from it at all costs, since they had an unknown rule that allowed no unnatural things in their city.

“I shall pray to the Twin Goddesses that you make it out alright.” Flora told her.

Lucia let out an unladylike snort at that and crossed her arms. “Not the kind of Goddesses you would ask for protection, but it’s the thought that counts,” she joked. The she looked at Naruto again, “So what’s his name?”

Flora pondered if she should answer or not. The Number 8 decided to answer. “Naruto. His name is Naruto.”

“Naruto, huh…?” Lucia muttered thoughtfully. “An odd name, though I kinda like it.”

“His name is odd,” Flora agreed wholeheartedly with Lucia on that, she wondered who would name their child so strangely. Culture difference, was what she chalked it up to. It was a very different world, in fact. Thinking back, she was honestly surprised that humans were able to survive in such an environment with man-eating cats the size of wagons and bugs the size of the very trees they crawled upon. The latter made her skin crawl...

Lucia hummed thoughtfully at that. “What’s he like?” she asked out of pure genuine curiosity. The Number 12 didn't have any intention of spilling the beans to her handler or anything like that, but she was curious as to what the Youma Hunter was like personality wise. “Since you seem to be cozy around him, and mentioned he was friendly, he can’t be that bad.”

Flora thoroughly surprised her by blushing and giggling. “He’s so sweet,” she cooed. “Always caring about others and treating them with respect. Even those like us.” she grinned outright at that and added, “I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but he sees us as human beings.”

“You never.” taking her eyes off of Naruto to look at Flora, Lucia was...genuinely taken by surprise again, and for good reason, it’s rare for a human to not fear people like them. “So he’s one of the rare humans that don’t fear us for what we are… interesting.”

The Number 8 looked at the Number 12 from the corner of her eye, “Would you like to get to know him before you leave~?”

The mischievous tone in Flora’s voice went ignored. “It wouldn’t hurt.” Lucia answered with a shrug and a thoughtful look on her pretty face. “I have some time to spare before I need to leave… I still need to find myself a disguise, after all.”

“You certainly have the curves to pose as a courtesan,” Flora impishly pointed out. “I’m actually rather jealous.”

Lucia chortled at that and crossed her arms under her bosom. “You don’t need to be jealous…finding clothes to fit my figure is a bitch and a half.” Don’t get her wrong, she loved her curves and bust, but she hated that there are few clothes other than her uniform that fits her when she needs to disguise herself.

“I can only imagine,” Flora giggled. “I know where you can find a good tailor, though. Even if you need a custom job, he’s pretty quick about it. I have yet to see him take more than three days to make something.”

“Is that so?” Lucia curled her finger against her chin, “I’ll have to check this tailor out in that case.”

“If you want I can point the way to you?” offered Flora.

“Maybe later, I still want to meet the Youma Hunter and gauge him for myself.” Lucia replied.

Unknown to either of the girls Naruto was subtly looking at them as the owner of the fruit stand handed him a few bags containing different fruit. The blond handed the man the required amount of Bera in return. Then he went to get some dried meat, bread and some other foods to eat while making sure he kept them within eyesight and within hearing range.

It seems this Lucia woman is rather interested in meeting him. He will introduce himself to her after he’s finished up here. He had to admit, though, she had one hell of a rack. Though it wasn’t to the level of Tsunade's, it was still quite easily easily in the top ten he’d ever seen - bigger than Hinata’s, even!

After spending several minutes getting a few weeks worth of food, Naruto made sure to secure the bags to his waist before turning around to rejoin his girlfriend. Though with so many people around it made getting behind the two hybrids too easy. They didn't notice him. Nor did they notice when he leaned in until his head was practically in between their heads. He looked at Flora, then at Lucia, then back at Flora again.

“Y’know,” his voice startled the two of them something fierce, “if I was an enemy, you’d be dead right about now.” Naruto pointed out to them with an amused look, that was shown only through his eye smile.

“Glad you’re not,” Flora replied, taking a deep, calming breath. The poor woman nearly jumped out of her own skin!

“Yep.” To Lucia’s surprise she saw Flora blushing when Naruto put an arm around her shoulders and pull her in for a hug, “Good thing I’m not. Who knows what I might be doing right now,”

There was so many ways someone could interpret that, it was no surprise Flora’s mind went down the gutter. It didn't help she was pressed to his side, with an arm around her shoulders.

Flora started giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush, complete with reddened cheeks…and that only got Naruto to gave her an odd look that had some concern in it. The masked blond was still dense, even though she’s his girlfriend, so he wasn’t able to connect the dots.

This side of Flora...had utterly surprised the Number 12. Never in her life had she thought she’d see one of her kind acting in such a manner.

Then Naruto looked at her and gave her a friendly wave with his other hand. “Hi! I’m Naruto, and you are?”

“My name is Lucia,” she replied with a polite smile. “Pleased to meet you!”

“The pleasure is mine, Lucia,” Naruto then looked at his girlfriend, then Lucia, back to his girlfriend and back to Lucia again, “So I’ve heard you wanted to get to know me?” he asked and almost grinned at the surprised wide-eyed look he got from her.

Naruto was completely ignoring the stares he was getting from the normal people in the vicinity. It’s like they hadn’t seen someone talk so casually to a woman before! Probably not to a bunch of ‘claymores’, sure, but seriously it shouldn’t that surprising! He was interested to note that some seemed less surprised than others, though. An oddball or two here and there even gave him a jealous glare of all things! That was amusing if he was honest. Perhaps it was because this place had a lot of ‘claymores’ pass by?

“How’d you know?!” Lucia was sure they weren’t talking that loud! Not to mention the commotion around them would have nearly drowned out anything they said! So how did he know?!

Naruto just shrugged with an amused roll of his eyes, “I have good hearing.” Was the simple answer. Then he gave her another eye smile, “Still, though, you want to get to know me, right?”

“Y-yeah,” Lucia replied shyly, feeling her cheeks turn a bit pink. She’d never been approached like this by a guy before. It was very strange, but admittedly pleasant.

“Alright then!” Naruto was positively beaming at that, and managed to get an adorable little squawk out of Lucia when he got an arm around her shoulders and pulled her in for a one-armed hug. Flora was amused by her boyfriend’s antics. “Either of you sexy ladies know a good inn nearby we can sit down and chat in?”

“We did pass that tavern she was in, in case you forgot.” Flora pointed out to him with a dry look.

“Ah. Fair enough,” he replied sheepishly. “We can go there, then, if you want… unless there’s another you’d prefer?” Naruto looked between the two women he had his arms around with expectancy in his eyes.

“I’m fine with it,” Flora replied, her expression shifting to an eager grin.

“I do have a room there,” Lucia told them with a nonchalant shrug. “So it would be a shame not to use it.” She turned beet red at Flora’s impish look, knowing precisely where her fellow blonde’s mind went.

Naruto was utterly unaware what was going through Flora’s mind though and he nodded, “Alright. I got a couple of weeks worth of food, so I’m done getting supplies. Let’s head on over there now then.”

“Okay.” Lucia smiled as she pushed aside her embrassassment and lead her fellow warrior and her companion to the tavern she was in. Though there was one question nagging her, “What age are you?” he sounds fairly young so in her mind asking what age he was sounded rather reasonable.

Naruto saw no harm in letting her and Flora know. “I am 15-years-old.”

That little revelation surprised Flora and Lucia both; more so for Lucia, since he sounded older than that! Flora was surprised because he acted like a mature man... with a hint of playfulness mixed into it. She honestly forgot he was still in his 15th cycle.

Granted, he was still old enough to be considered an adult, but still!

“Good thing I like ‘em young,” Flora cooed teasingly.

“Careful now,” Naruto berated her just as teasingly, “people might get the wrong idea…” he trailed off and trailed his eyes left and right at the civilians looking at them as they walked back to the tavern Lucia was in. “Of course, they might just get jealous because two beautiful women like you has taken an interest in me.”

Lucia blushed heavily at that and while Flora was very flattered at the compliment, she lightly swatted him on the chest with a smile. She didn't want to give their little audience the wrong idea after all. “Oh, don’t tease me like that, you~!” She couldn’t hold in the giggle if her life depended on it, feeling a bit lightheaded from all the compliments and flirting.

Naruto’s smile was unseen, but they could see it from the way his eyes crinkled in amusement. “Who says I’m teasing? Being half-youma’s aside, you both are very pretty. I don’t see why anyone would treat you like you’re monsters. If they didn't give you a wide berth and actually treated you as human women, your lives would be a little easier. I’d might as well be one of the people that treats you like you’re ordinary people.”

Naruto chuckled and caught the wobbling Number 12 before she could topple over. Her cheeks were now inventing a whole new shade of red as the world spun from her sheer embarrassment and happiness.

“Woah! Easy there, watch your step,” It’s not that uncommon that someone takes a misstep, so that was what Naruto made it seem like. He even got his arm under Lucia’s, and ‘helped’ her back up. He accidentally copped a feel as well but Lucia didn't seem to notice, thankfully. “I guess it’s a good thing we’re heading to the tavern, huh?”

They were actually close to it now. It was a few steps away and they would be at the front door and on their way in. He slung one of Lucia’s arms over his shoulders and let her lean on him while they stumbled towards the tavern. Once they got there and inside the building, Lucia who was still leaning against Naruto led them to the room she was occupying during her stay here.

All the while, Flora had never been so amused in her life. Never did she think miss Number 12 here would be so embarrassed from a handful of complements as to nearly faint on the spot. At least she was still coherent enough to still lead the way, and completely ignored the stares the people around them were giving them. It wasn’t until they had gotten up the stairs and out of eyesight that Naruto came to a stop a few steps away from the staircase and let Lucia get her bearings.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long, though he wouldn’t have minded scooping her up into a bridal carry and bringing the woman to her room. ...actually, now that he thought on it, she had her sword in the back slot and was wearing her armour. Those would have made it awkward. He still wouldn’t have minded though.

Once they got to the door of her room, opened it and walked inside, Naruto couldn’t help but take everything in with a low whistle. This was a legitimate suite. It was damn expensive.

Then Lucia went over to the table in the room - and it was a big one at that - and took off her armour, cape, and sword and set them all on the table in front of her and leaving herself in just her two-piece bodysuit. Flora smiled, got out from under Naruto’s arm and went to do the exact same thing as Lucia did.

Pulling down his mask completely - letting it act as a turtleneck - Naruto tilt his head to the side once he finally saw Flora’s round, firm ass. And he liked what he saw. “I was right Flora, you do have a nice ass.” he looked at Lucia’s ass too and added, “The same goes for you Lucia~”

Naruto chuckled, swearing he could see steam rising from the latter’s head.

“Th-thank you,” Lucia replied shyly. She had no idea how else to react. Flora on the other hand was still blushing, but she was enjoying the attention far more openly since he was her boyfriend.

“You don’t need to thank someone who means what they say,” Naruto pointed out to Lucia with a chuckle, “But you’re welcome.”

Flora could barely contain herself. She wanted to rock his world at this point. They were a couple for over two weeks and she already felt this strongly for him… It was just a matter of letting him know.

She took a deep, calming breath. Turning Flora walked over to her boyfriend, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into a tight hug with his face buried in her bosom. “You’re so sweet~!” Flora cooed lovingly, before letting out a squawk when she felt his hands grabbing a handful of her ass.

Flora giggled and wrapped a leg around him, grinding her mound against him enticingly. “Y’know,” she said, “We’ve been a couple for a while now…” She rubbed his back with one hand and held him to her breast with the other as she giggled again. “I’m ready to take our relationship to the next step, my dear~!” She cooed and licked her lips hungrily upon feeling something poke her.

Flora’s words drew a shocked gasp from Lucia who almost shouted, “Wha- a couple?!” Wasn’t she meant to keep an eye on him or something?! How did that end up with them becoming a couple?!

The Number 8 giggled impishly, “Of course, Naruto is one of a kind, you saw how he’s treating us. There was no way in hell I was letting him slip out of my grasp.” She flashed her peer a wolfish grin and added, “I even offered to buy him some nice whores if he wanted them and he said I was enough, the dear. I was so happy to hear that, I nearly jumped him right then and there~!”

“Because you are enough for me,” Naruto told her, muffled by her bosom as he was.

Oh, that did it! Flora pushed him down to the ground and straddled her boyfriend, a ravenous look in her eye. “Keep that up and I’ll fuck you into a coma~!” She growled lustfully, a wide, tooth-baring grin upon her face. She could feel a pang of hunger radiating from her loins as her nipples poked out, threatening to cut through her top,

As exciting as all this was…Naruto was also a little intimidated. No, actually, he was very intimidated! Holy shit, this woman was thirsty! How was he supposed to react?! Naruto let out a nervous chuckle as his dick poked at her once more, wanting to pop out and dive right into the hot-ass blonde’s honey pot.

Flora moaned and giggled at the sensation. “Oh, my~! Someone’s packing an impressive, little sword~!” It wasn’t little at all; she could tell.

“Y-you’re sure you wanna do this?” Naruto asked after he swallowed the lump in his throat. “I-I don’t want you to find yourself regretting it later.”

“What I regret is waiting this long,” Flora assured breathily. “I want it. I want you… I want us to take it as far as you’ll let me~!”

Naruto was way out of his depth here. Damn it what would Pervy-Sage do?! What would his advice be?!

...On second thought, he knew damn well that man would be cheering him on right now. He can almost hear him right now.

“C’mon, you brat! Take the lead! Show her what you can do!”

Naruto’s eyes almost went dull at the spectral sound of Jiraiya’s voice sounding in his head. Yeah… That is exactly what he’d expect Pervy-Sage to say if he found him in this situation. Still… maybe Lucia can do something to stop this before it actually does go out of hand?

“No!” the mental conjuration of Jiraiya cried out in despair, “Don’t think that! This is the closest thing you’ve had to getting some action! Don’t. Blow. It!”

Yeah, totally ignoring him now.

“Hey, Lucie,” Flora called out. “You wanna join in~?”

“I-I’m fine with just watching,” she replied shyly.

“Oh, please, I know a horny woman when I see one,” Flora giggled, before jokingly asked, “Shall I order you to~?”

“Uh, to be fair, she did want to get to know me…” Naruto awkwardly pointed out, he even went so far as to raise a finger to emphasise that.

“Indeed she did,” Flora giggled, leaning down to give her man a peck on the forehead. Then, she returned her attention to Lucia and asked, “how ‘bout it? You wanna get to know every manly inch of my boyfriend~?”

There’s an innuendo somewhere in there, he just knew it but for the life of him, Naruto couldn’t find it.

It took every fiber of her being for Lucia not to faint at the implication. It was so dirty and yet she knew she wanted to~! The Number 12 awkwardly stumbled on up to the couple. She took a deep, calming breath and then nodded shyly. “Y-yes, I do, actually…”

Though she’d die before admitting it, Flora had inadvertently pressed the right button. A hot shiver ran up Lucia’s spine at the thought of ‘stealing another woman’s man’, her deepest, darkest fetish rearing its ugly head.

Naruto chuckled nervously once more at the timid, but very hungry look on her face. The little jackrabbit was now trapped between two vixens and he…honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.
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