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Chapter 5

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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“I see, so you have an assignment in that so called ‘Holy City’, then?”

“Yes. It is why I’m here trying to find a disguise. Since the Holy City of Rabona is so distrusting of anything unnatural, they kill them on the spot. Us warriors included.”

“Huh… sounds stupid if you ask me.”

“You may think so, but with the youma and voracious eaters running rampant killing people in the dozens every day, it is understandable why they take that mindset.”

Despite what happened several hours ago Naruto and Lucia were having a rather pleasant conversation with one another. The two blonds were sitting on the edge of the bed and were just passing the time getting to know one another. It was quite the learning experience for the latter and utterly refreshing to have someone treat her like she’s a normal person and not like a monster who could rip open your throat at a moments notice.

Naruto allowed a thoughtful frown to grace his lips. “Infiltration and subterfuge, huh. What exactly are you heading there for anyway?” Colour him curious, but that sort of thing doesn’t seem to be their forte. The hybrids seem more geared to fighting head on, not sneaking around.

Lucia shrugged, “Rumour has it a voracious eater has infiltrated the Holy City. I was told to sneak inside, get confirmation and get back out.”

“Do you have a way to sneak inside, then? Your eyes are what makes you stand out in a crowd,” Naruto pointed out the one flaw he could see in her plan. How was she going to get inside with a disguise if her eyes were going to be silver. The answer was in front of him; he knew what the answer was, but it eluded him.

“We have yoki suppressants.” Lucia answered his unasked question unknowingly, “Eating one will suppress our yoki and change our eye colour from silver back to their original colour.”

Ah-ha! So that was what they were called! This world he was in had Yoki suppressants to suppress their power, while his world had chakra pills to grant the user more chakra. If he was right, then the yoki suppressants made the hybrids as weak as normal human beings. A simple price to pay for taking the suppressant. The chakra pills worked in a similar yet different manner. Only it was at the expense of exhausting yourself.

“I see, and how long will this assignment of yours take? A week? A month?”

Lucia shrugged at that. “Anywhere between a week and a month,” investigating a rumour can be a fickle thing. Depending on the nature of the rumour in question it could take her a single day to verify the truth of it, or a month. Maybe more.

“Undercover operations tend to be a bit on the long side,” Flora pointed out as she pushed herself up off the ground with a grunt, looking like utter hell. Damn, she was sore, but that was so worth it~!

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Naruto replied with a chuckle and he pulled his naked, sweaty girlfriend onto his bare lap and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

He saw her stigma and wasn’t put off by it. The blond had seen worse things than that. It was literally just a gash, stitched shut. And besides, those stitches were more durable than he thought.

In a similar state of dress was Lucia. She too was butt ass naked, though the Number 12 had recovered from the fucking much quicker than Flora ever did.

“How’s my sexy girlfriend, hmm?” Naruto gave his girl a loving peck on the cheek and lovingly rubbed his cheek against her shoulder.

Flora shuddered longingly at that. “Half-tempted to go for another round,” she admitted with a heavy blush. “You have no idea how addicted I’m becoming to your affection. I’m… I’m honestly falling for you.”

“Oh? You mean you weren’t before?” Naruto already knew she genuinely wanted him to be her boyfriend. It was why he said yes, because there was no deceit. None that he could sense anyway.

“Not this badly,” Flora giggled. “I was hoping you’d say yes, and I was so glad you did… and as we got closer over time, I…” she hesitated

“Ah, say no more,” Naruto told her, hugging the wavy haired woman to him and he used the new angle to plant kisses on the crook of her neck.

Flora moaned happily, instinctively grinding her rear against him as hot shivers ran up her spine. “I never thought I could be so happy…” she muttered timidly, a small grin upon her face as she blushed like a schoolgirl.

They were interrupted by Lucia clearing her throat and Flora gave her comrade a sheepish grin. She had forgotten Number 12 was here. Oops?

Lucia rolled her eyes amusedly.

Naruto just laid the side of his head against the back of his girlfriend’s shoulder, nuzzling her like he was a cat begging for attention. Though he too was grinning sheepishly, even if the blond in question didn't forget about Lucia’s presence.

“So when are you planning on leaving?” Lucia asked.

“As soon as we’ve gotten some downtime and rest. Since my assignment is to watch over him, and make sure he doesn’t get into any fights with youma… and I personally think that’s a lost cause itself, my mission is indefinite until further notice.” Flora answered, while lightly patting her boyfriend on the arm. While they were busy fucking for the past few hours, they were also talking during that time and Lucia had learned a few more things. Like what her mission actually entailed. Find the blond and keep him distracted or in one place so he doesn’t take their jobs, and their money, away from the Organization.

Naruto was actually amused and unworried when he learned that. Mostly because he already knew; he and Flora did share each other’s memories after all thanks to him connecting their very souls.

He wondered if it was possible for him to heal that stigma of hers, seeing how much trouble it’d caused her, but didn’t want to get her hopes up only to fail. Besides, he’s not as strong as he used to be. And his Six Paths Sage Mode, and the powers that come along with it is connected to the chakra of all nine tailed beasts… which is a big potential fatal problem, right now. His connection to Kurama isn’t there anymore. He still has the fox’s chakra, but there’s only enough of it left to keep him alive. A single tails worth of it. And Naruto had no idea if it could sustain itself and never run out… or… if he was to use it, would it run out and end up killing him? He didn't want to take that risk if he can help it; anything relating to that power is a no go.

Maybe he could fashion a medical seal for the job? It would take a while, and a lot of trial and error, but that sounded like it was worth looking into, at least. He’d have to increase his knowledge on sealing techniques, as well. Maybe the toads can help him out, since his late mentor was their summoner as well as his own father. Those were thoughts for later… For now, he just focused on giving Flora all the attention she could ever want. He didn’t know why, but spoiling her was fun. The woman in question giggled upon feeling Naruto kissing her shoulder and the crook of her neck again.

Unable to help herself, Flora reached behind his head, craned her neck and gave him a loving kiss full on the mouth. “You’re leaving me seriously tempted to pin you down and ride you like a pony,” she giggled.

Naruto snorted and gave her a smile, “Seems I’m doing something right then.” he told her. He lightly pressed his fingers against her stitching and just traced them along.

As he traced his fingers against her stitching, something Flora took no notice of, Naruto was wondering to himself just how he ended up with two naked, downright gorgeous women? No matter how it happened he wasn’t going to change anything. With a smile he pecked Flora on the lips and moved his fingers away from the stitching to rub at her thighs, like a masseuse would do for a client.

Flora shuddered blissfully, a pang of longing wracking her to the core. Her cheeks were now stained a dark red as she started grinding against his crotch once more.

Yes he definitely did not want to change this for anything.


Several hours later, as the sun was going down, Flora did her damnedest to hide the limp she had as she set forth from the tavern to meet with her handler. Naruto was nowhere to be seen as he was wandering around Wem at this time.

‘Scouting ahead’, he called it. And then he opened the window to their room, and scaled the walls to the roof before vanished into the night like a true assassin, using the darkness to shadow his movements. How he achieved that feat in a coat like his baffled her. But she wasn’t going to question it.

That served her well, actually. Since she could now report to Roberto without looking too suspicious. As for the handler in question she saw him wandering in Wem several minutes after Naruto vanished and they locked eyes. He simply frowned and merely beckoned her to come outside.

Handlers and those from the Organization did not like those who disobeyed or ignored orders them. So, she obeyed him. Which is where she is now, garbed in only her sabatons and two-piece bodysuit, looking for her handler who most likely wants a status update on her assignment.

She found him in an alley nearby. So, Flora walked over there.

Having that peptural frown on his face, Roberto huffed once his charge finally got to him. “I need a status update. I received a letter from a messenger bird that the higher ups are getting impatient at your lack of progress.”

Flora resisted the urge to roll her eyes at that. “No need for them to get riled up,” she told him, “I have made substantial progress in regards to my assignment. I have made contact with the so called ‘Youma Hunter’.”

That prompted the frowning man to frown less. He looked rather intrigued now. “Oh?”

Flora nodded in the affirmative, “Yes. I established contact with him three days ago on my way here. And I have garnered some information on him, scant as is.”

“What kind of information? Is it how he is capable of discovering who is a youma and who isn’t?”

This was where Flora decided to tell a partial truth, and a partial lie. For her sake as well as Naruto’s.

“Unfortunately not. I can however, assure you he is capable of telling who is a youma and who isn’t. How he does it, the Youma Hunter has not elaborated. But as I travelled with him, he was able to correctly point out how many youmas there are in the vicinity, where they are, and even minute detail on their positions. I have seen him effortlessly dispatch a few that tried to ambush him by his lonesome just before I caught up to him.”

“What can you tell me of his skill level and fighting style?”

“He uses small, easily concealed weapons,” Flora stated, recalling what she had seen of him use when they were travelling together thus far, “A pair of custom made knives with knuckle guards. He also seems to like occasionally using small shivs as throwing weapons and he uses them with great accuracy. He can also move as fast as us warriors when he wants to. And…” she hesitated here, “...he managed to wipe out an entire fortified encampment of bandits and outlaws that was harassing the town of Barnet by himself. His level of skill is perhaps fairly similar to us warriors who are in the Single Digits. However, he was shown to be incapable of utilizing yoki when performing these feats. I am not sure how he did it, only that he did.”

“I see…” Roberto frowned, and he frowned heavily. So the Youma Hunter can move as fast as Single Digit warriors, but uses no yoki to achieve this feat. He can also accurately detect how many youmas there are and give accurate minute updates on their movements with no yoki either. And he is skilled enough to wipe out a fortified encampment by himself. However, there was one tiny little flaw in her detailing.

“How do you know the Youma Hunter was the one who destroyed the encampment at Barnet?” he asked, no, outright demanded.

“I followed his foot tracks,” was the bland, but obvious answer from Flora. “My guess is that he used some types of explosives or ignited something in the camp itself after seeing the damage to the area, but the lacerations on bandits’ remains and the ground where the encampment was once located imply that the blast wasn’t used to kill them. After that, I followed his tracks to Yate, and finally caught up to him heading here. I’ve been by his side trying to learn as much about him ever since, while trying to keep him in one place and distract him.” she finally concluded.

“And you’re sure he won’t just slink off while you’re here?”

“I… had to resort to less-savoury tactics to ensure that, but yes.” Flora admitted. And she didn't regret it. At all. “Also, he seems to view us Warriors in a sympathetic light. He sees us as still human, despite our status as artificial half-breeds. I am using this to my advantage to gain his confidence and trust.” Letting her handler think she was using Naruto’s view of her as still human to her advantage would give her a couple of brownie points… as well as an excuse in the event that she wasn’t able to hide her limp after a good pounding.

She doesn’t even like the guy so Flora felt no guilt lying to him, and in turn the rest of the Organization. She will use half-truths to get her way and she will do it gladly.

“Good to know,” Roberto said with an approving nod. “I will be back in a week to check on you. Do whatever it takes to keep him here and don’t lose sight of him, whatever the circumstances. Understood?”

“Yessir,” Flora replied with a smile and polite nod. “Am I to follow him if he was to leave?”

“Yes,” his answer was crisp and to the point. “That part of your assignment still applies.”

“Very well, is there anything else?”

“No, that will be all.”

With that said and done Handler Roberto walked past his charge and out of the alleyway before taking a sharp left and walking out of the insignificant little town that was Wem entirely.

Flora let loose the breath she didn’t know she was holding when he was out of earshot and groaned as she limped away. Fuck, she was so damn sore! That boyfriend of hers had beaten her raw with his dick… and she loved it!

“Hmm… I don’t like him,” Flora jumped in surprise when she heard the voice of her boyfriend coming from… the spot where Handler Roberto was? She turned around and stared.

Then low and behold Naruto himself seemed to slip out of the very shadows themselves. Emerging from the darkness like a mirage. He had one of his trench knives in his hand, poised to strike. From where the tip of the blade was pointed, and where Handler Roberto was standing, he would have stabbed the much older man through the neck, severing the spinal cord that was connected to the skull. He would have died instantly.

Then Naruto put the trench knife back into its holder on his waist. And looked at his girlfriend with impressed eyes, “Half-truths, and fake information with a tinge of truth in it. You’d make a good kunoichi,” he complimented her.

Flora smiled at him, appreciating the comment. “Thank you,” she chirped. “As a nice bonus, I can stop hiding this limp you gave me without awkward questions,” the woman added playfully.

“It’s not my fault you’re just as insatiable as I am,” Naruto teased with a hearty chuckle. The couple shared a good laugh at that and Naruto let his girlfriend lean on him for support.

“So, what now?” Flora asked.

“I was thinking of heading someplace else. What’s that place to the West called… uh, Lawtrak? Lewtrake? Leutwrek?”

“It’s Lautrec, honey,” Flora corrected him.

Naruto snapped his fingers at that. “Right! That’s the word! Thank you, Flora,” he chuckled sheepishly. “I was gonna be heading in that direction. I heard it’s quite warm there this time of year.”

“I’ve never been there,” Flora admitted. “With how far it is though, it’ll take us an entire month to get there. We’d have to hunt for food and wood for a campfire along the way, since there’s barely any settlements there for us to stay on the way there.”

Naruto just couldn’t help himself… He just had to tease her a little. “Good, no one to walk in on us while I’m trying to put a baby in you~!” The look on Flora’s face was nothing short of priceless. The poor thing was beet red and sputtering as she tried to muster up a response of some kind.

He also knew what was going through her head. “I know, it’s not possible to put a baby in you honey. That gash on your front ruined any chances of that happening. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t fuck your pretty ass like I’m trying to, though, does it~?”

Flora took a deep, calming breath and nodded with a timid but happy smile. Then, it turned into an impish grin as she decided to tease him back. “A-and here I was hoping you found a way~!” She burst out laughing as it was now her boyfriend’s turn to blush.

Naruto chuckled heartily at that. “To be fair, we’d make some adorable kids,” he commented. Maybe he would find a way if nothing happened and their relationship manages to progress that far. But for now, it was simply too soon.

“That we would,” Flora cooed, giving Naruto a peck on the cheek. “Let’s get ready for the trip, then, shall we?”

“Sure,” Naruto agreed, “It’s still night out, though, and I do have two weeks worth of food now. We can wait until morning. Besides, it would be plain rude if we left Lucia without telling her we’re leaving.”

“So, back to the tavern?”

“Back to the tavern.”

With that said and done the couple returned to the tavern and to Lucia’s room where they stayed for the rest of the night.


The next day, Naruto was roused by a pleasant warmth on top of him. It smelled of a woman as well as roses, blood, sweat and tears. He knew that scent well by now. As his eyes fluttered open, he smiled at the sight of a cutely snoozing Flora snuggling on up to his chest. She wasn’t naked this time around, since the woman slept in her bodysuit, but it still left little to the imagination.

A quick look outside showed it was near mid-day. And Lucia’s gone; her equipment and sword included. She must’ve left for Rabona while they were sleeping. He couldn’t sense her anywhere in Wem, which only solidified it for him. He could also feel something on his cheek, though. Touching the area, he blinked in realization that it was lipstick. It seems he made quite the positive impression on someone.

Seeing as the Organization is expecting him to stay in one place - fat chance of that happening - and most likely keep an eye on him, Naruto thought it would be best to keep one step ahead of them. As much as he loved having Flora use him as a pillow, they needed to get moving.

“Flora,” he lightly shook the woman on top of him. “It’s time to wake up,”

She mumbled cutely and rubbed her cheek against his chest. “Five more minutes,” she cooed. “The kids don’t need to be up for a while.”

Naruto turned beet red at that. Clearly, she was dreaming. A good one from the sound of it. He was almost tempted to let her rest some more… almost.

Naruto lightly shook her again, “Come on, Flora. If we want to stay one step ahead of the Organization, then we need to get up and head to Lautrec as soon as possible.”

Flora mumbled incoherently looking a bit confused as her eyes fluttered open. “A-wha…?” She shook her head to get the cobwebs out and yawned. “And I was having such a nice dream, too…” she whined with a childish pout as she stretched and yawned again.

“So I heard,” Naruto chuckled, patiently waiting for her to wake up. Once she had, Naruto couldn’t help but tease her. “Just how many kids are we talking in this dream of yours?”

Flora blushed and averted her gaze shyly. “F-fifteen…”

If he was drinking something, Naruto would have done an amazing spit take right then and there. That was… ambitious. “Fifteen?! You sure you can handle that many?” Naruto isn’t an expert on the female body… sexy jutsu notwithstanding… but he was sure a single woman popping out that many would make them barren… or something almost as damaging.

“I’d certainly be willing to try... were I not made barren by that operation, of course.”

Naruto frowned slightly at the tinge of sadness he heard and pulled Flora down into a comforting hug. Flora smiled warmly at the attention and gave Naruto an appreciative peck on the forehead.

“Right,” the Number 8 sighed tiredly after a long, awkward silence. “Before we get any more sidetracked, I suppose now’s as good a time as any to get ready. Shall I get you something to eat?”

“I got several bags worth of food and fruit on the table.” Naruto answered, gesturing to said table that had his weapons, sage coat, mask, forehead protector, clothes and several bags of food on top of it. There was even a waterskin full of water amongst them as well. “I can get something to eat from that. And watch your pretty ass while I’m at it.”

Add some nice words and she’ll feel good about herself and will not feel depressed. It worked with Flora so far so it didn't seem far fetched that complimenting her would make her happy.

“Just making sure”, she said with a legitimately flattered smile. Then she got up and out from under the covers and off the bed itself to get her armour, cape, and sword back on. Naruto got up and did the same, though he took less time to get ready since the blond didn't wear any plate armour. The only type of armour he wore under his clothes was mesh. It was a more, efficient version of padded leather armour, that give him equal defense without sacrificing maneuverability. And he always wore that, since it was now more a part of his ‘off-duty’ clothes, which was what he also wore during missions. Once he was done getting dressed and geared up, he helped Flora out with the spaulders and back plate to speed things up - ‘accidentally’ copping a feel or two while he was at it, much to Flora’s amusement.

“It seems you can’t keep your hands off of me~” she teased him goodnaturedly.

“I can’t help it if you’re beautiful,” Naruto teased back, giving her nice ass a little swat for good measure.

Flora giggled and gave him a peck on the lips. “I take it everything’s packed up?”

“Yep. Everything’s packed. I got the pouches of food tied to my waist - I can seal them away once we’re far enough away from Wem.” Carrying all that for a month would tire him out a lot quicker. While storing food away can be helpful in the long run, since he wouldn’t be carrying things that will slow them both down, time does continue to go on so the organic contents will have to be used or else they’ll go off.

Flora smiled and nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him along as they left the room and then the tavern itself. Soon after they found themselves in the bazaar of Wem, Flora laced her fingers with his, her cheeks stained red once more. She wasn’t limping anymore, so they made good time.

As they passed by, Naruto could feel several odd looks from the crowd, though they were vastly outnumbered by the jealous ones, much to his and Flora’s amusement.

Soon enough, they’d left the village entirely and were on their merry way.


An hour and several pouches of food sealed away later, Naruto and Flora were now making good time on their walk to Lautrec.

“What can you tell me about the West?” Naruto asked.

The Number 8 shrugged, “Not much, admittedly. I haven’t been there much as the region I was guarding over was in the South. I do know it has a desert, green valleys and mountains though.”

“Alright.” Naruto replied. “Seems like a good place to explore. I’m not sure if you told me already, but how long would it take for us to get there from here?”

“It would take us a month,” Flora answered.

Which means there’s little chance they’ll be running into Lucia again for quite some time. That was a shame. He liked her if he was honest. She’s pretty nice.

Naruto nodded, “Alright. Let’s keep moving, then,” he said. “I’d like to cover as much distance as we can before we have to set up camp.”

He wasn’t getting any protest from her. She’d like to cover as much distance as possible herself. So, they did just that…
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