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Chapter 6

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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Three days later

Naruto and Flora had been walking for the past three days, and two nights on their way to Lautrec. So far nothing of note has happened. No youmas were encountered. No warriors were seen. That included settlements; they had yet to even come across a caravan. The mountains that Lautrec was known for were seen in the far distance, and the green lands of Mucha was slowly beginning to bleed away; they could see a valley in the distance as well. The two blonds were about five days away from crossing the border.

Then Naruto had a random thought occur to him. “I’ve been thinking…” he suddenly said.

Flora looked at her boyfriend from the corner of her eye, “What about?”

“I might have to see how good you are at reacting to threats.”

The wavy-blonde frowned at that, “I’ll have you know I am pretty good at reacting.” She did not like it when someone was being critical of her skills. She’s a damn good warrior!

“I don’t doubt you, honey,” Naruto agreed with her wholeheartedly on that. “But you saw my memories, you know the type of people I went up against. And I saw your memories. Now be completely honest with me: do you honestly think you could react in time to fast opponents like them?”

As much as she wanted to say ‘yes’, Flora knew the answer, the real answer to that. “No. I won’t.” She was Number 8 and she had pride in the fact that she had the fastest sword in her generation, but she knew her own limits and knew for a fact if she had to fight any opponents from Naruto’s world the way she is now, they’d have her head on a silver platter. She took a deep breath and looked at her boyfriend again, this time giving him her full attention since he was talking about ‘how good she can react to threats’, “What do you have in mind?”

“I’m going to have you go up against my clones,” was the answer. “You’re fast at using a sword, there’s no denying that. But if you don’t have a quick reaction time to use that speed, then you’re dead.” Then he rested his hands behind his head and leaned back to look into the sky, “My clones are going to surprise you at any point. If you don’t succeed in reacting in time… something will happen.”

Flora gave him a wary look at that, “...Like what…?” she slowly and cautiously asked.

“That’ll be for you to wait and find out, won’t it?” He replied with a smile, “We won’t start right away… I’ll do it sometime later, when you are least expecting it. As soon as you’re capable of reacting before it happens, we’ll stop.”

Flora had no idea why, but she was not looking forward to this. Not one bit. Nevertheless, she put her trust into her man. Given the sort of people he fought back in his world, getting some of that experience - and that reaction time - would increase her survival in this world drastically.

“What are you going to do that will increase my reaction time?”

Naruto shrugged, “Make some clones ‘attack’ you out of nowhere with little to no warning. Again, I’ll be making sure to do it when you are at least expecting it. That way you can react accordingly.”

Flora thought on it for a moment before nodding her consent, “Alright.”

That sounds like a good idea on paper, she had to admit. Many a warrior had met their end because they were unable to react in time when an Awakened Being took them by surprise. In a similar manner to what Naruto suggested having his clones do to her. If he was going for that, then it would be beneficial for her in the long run.


Lucia was, for all intents and purposes, not amused.

After getting her disguise ready for infiltration, Lucia was surprised to meet a handler while she was on her way to Rabona. She was even more surprised to learn her mission had changed; she was no longer going to infiltrate Rabona to confirm if the rumour of a voracious eater being inside is true or not; because several people had already died, and a priest from within the Holy City had reached out to the Organization for aid in dealing with it.

So, she was reassigned to head North. To group up with Number 7 Eva, and three others for a small mission. A reconnasense one. Apparently there is some stirring in the North that has the Organization cautious and they want a team to go there and give them eyes and ears so to speak. It would take her at least three weeks of walking to get there if she didn't take any breaks.

At most, it would take her around a month, if she had to deal with youmas along the way, on top of needing to eat and sleep.

The mission would start as soon as everyone gets there and finding each other. And seeing as Number 7 and the others are being pulled from the region they’re watching over, that will take some time indeed. And she wasted all that Bera for nothing. Well, at least the clothes she bought for that mission would be useful to whoever was sent to kill that fucker.


Several hours later, with Flora and Naruto.

As they set up camp to rest for the rest of the day, the Number 8 leaned against the flat of her sword, staring at the valley she and Naruto were heading to. She wondered what Lautrec is like in comparison to Mucha. Would there be less youma? Would she find more bandits to kill?




Flora was sent away from her sword by the surprise attack. Rolling across the ground before coming to a stop in a heap. Her arms sprawled out around her, mouth tasting dirt, and her ass sticking up in the air. Then she dragged her hands up and pushed herself up, spitting out dirt all the while.

“You’re dead,” Flora looked up and glared at a smirking Naruto, who proceeded to dispel himself before she could retaliate, showing that he was a clone.

The woman looked to her left when she heard Naruto approaching and glared up at him as she pushed herself up to sit on her ankles.

“I did say my clones would be surprising you when you least expect it,” he reminded her. And something was supposed to happen if she didn't react in time, he didn't forget about that.

“Right. You did.” she huffed and wiped her mouth. The woman had to admit he did a damn good job surprising her. She would be dead if that clone of his was an Awakened Being. She won’t make it easy on the clone the next time, she’ll keep her guard up for the foreseeable future.

A puff of smoke.





Starting from now.


Three weeks later

Naruto and Flora were now in Lautrec, having crossed into the valley 16 days ago. After walking non-stop and only stopping to take a one hour break before setting off again, the couple were far enough inside Lautrec now that Mucha was way behind them now. They were still in the valley itself, that was covered with grass, moss, trees, and little else outside of that. The mountains surrounding them on both sides were breathtaking and it only lead them further and further into the West.

So far neither of them had encountered any youma, which was very refreshing. They didn't run into any other warriors either for that matter, so the only company they had so far was each other.

And having nothing to do but keep on surprise attacking Flora with a clone - who was getting better and better at reacting in time to ward the clone off - it was very, very dull and boring. And since Flora had never been here she had no idea where the towns were. So they were basically wanderers in all but name by this point. More so for Naruto, since that was precisely what he was doing before Flora was sent to find him.

Speaking of the blond in question, he could swear someone was following them. Ever since he and Flora joined up, Naruto had the feeling of being watched. Every time he looked around he saw no one apart from the two of them in the vicinity. It was the damndest thing. He’s been trying to put it behind him, but did keep his guard up just in case. You can never be too careful.

But still, who the heck was following them? He had a feeling he would never find out… unless the person, or well, thing in question was to come out of hiding or something.

After several hours of walking, Flora and Naruto decided to take a small break from walking. And the latter took out two scrolls that contained the food he bought from Wem’s market. After unsealing the bags that were contained within, Naruto tossed Flora some wrapped up beef jerky, who caught the meat gracefully.

She didn't need to eat much, only once per week, but Flora had to admit that she did like eating. It was one of the few things she enjoyed doing, aside from… well, Naruto… and committing mass murder on bandits and other scum like them.

Speaking of… they’d had all this private time to have a good romp or twelve and hadn’t used it even once. Flora leered at the now maskless Naruto as they ate, wondering if she should try getting him into the mood. Now was as good a time as any, was it not?

Naruto suddenly peered off into the distance again with a frown. There goes that feeling of being watched again... he doesn’t sense yoki, so Awakened Beings and youma are out. He can’t sense chakra either, so obviously no one from his world was here.

Not as far as he could tell, at least. For all he knew, someone like Sasuke managed to find a way here and was simply out of his range, but that was unlikely. Possible, but unlikely.

He wasn’t just on another continent, either; the Toad Summons he’s been talking too before he met Flora would have been able to bring him back home by now, if that was the case. They did have a secret passageway into Konoha, after all. Instead, all attempts that were made to bring him home just... sent him back here, to this world, for some reason. He could still summon them… somehow. Of course, that didn't mean he was unable to get to Mount Myƍboku. They just couldn’t get him back home from there, since he would just end up in this world.

That was why he was resigned to stay here, despite the hope he still had to get home. But enough about those depressing thoughts, he noticed his girlfriend was looking at him.

Swallowing the beef jerky, Naruto gave his girl his full attention and smiled at her. “What’s up, honey?” God it felt good to call her that!

“Just thinking about how we’ve been on the road… alone… with no one around to bother us,” Flora cooed, her tone becoming more and more sensual as she scooted closer to him. “And yet we haven’t given each other much loving for a while…”

Naruto’s smile grew at that, “Well… We were on the road for weeks... And I was trying to get your reaction time improved…”

“I know, and I’m grateful,” Flora giggled. “But now, I’m… in the mood for something else, if you know what I mean~!”

“Well… we are having a small break from walking… I suppose I can spare an hour or two for my lovely girlfriend,”

Flora leaned in and gave him a brief, but smoldering kiss, before flashing him a sultry grin. “I want you to make me walk funny,” she growled sexily. Flora then squealed joyously when she was pulled down into his lap, straddling him with her arms around his shoulders.

“Maybe you should get out of your armour first,” Naruto gave her a brief, smoldering kiss of his own, “I can’t grab your nice ass if your plate skirt is in the way after all…” he added after withdrawing.

A pang of longing wracked her to the very core as Flora shuddered longingly. Then, she lifted her top to the point that her breasts spilled out, bouncing enticingly. “Something for you to play with while I get it out of the way,” she whispered hungrily. Then, she wasted no time as her hands flashed down to the belt loo[ keeping her fauld up and started undoing it. She stiffened and moaned at the feel of her boyfriend latching onto one nipple and kneading the other breast like dough.

Oh, they were going to fuck like rabbits, now~!

Once her fauld was discarded, Naruto’s hands went straight to her ass and she got to work on her spaulders, undoing the ties and belt loops that kept them in place - and her back plate, by extension.

Not wanting to be idle, Naruto kissed her full on the mouth and started helping her out with that, copping a feel or two while he was at it. Flora’s eyes welled up, burning with joy as she simply couldn’t wait any longer. She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend once more the instant her faulds, spaulders, and back plate were off, and hastily shoved her tongue right into his mouth as they shared yet another heated liplock. Though her sabatons and vambraces remained, along with her dickie choker, they wouldn’t stop Naruto from getting enough of her top and leggings out of the way enough for some fun. If nothing else, they could quickly make themselves presentable if someone walked in on their lovemaking.

Naruto chuckled into Flora’s lips as he felt a hand trail down to undo his trousers. Damn, this woman was thirsty! Hell, she was already so damn wet that he could feel it through their clothes!

As they separated, eyes met teary, lust-filled eyes as they smiled lovingly to each other. Flora always had a habit of choking up when Naruto showed her love, the poor dear. It was both heartwarming and heart-wrenching for the young man.

Then, Naruto got an idea, “Say… Flora… Do you have any... Fantasies?”

The Number 8 blushed heavily and giggled at that. “You mean the ones that haven’t come true~?” Flora asked half-teasingly.

“Of course,” he chuckled, rubbing her cheek with a thumb.

“Aside from having your babies, not much,” she admitted. “Though there are a couple~!”

“I see… I would like to hear them some time. What do you think about a fantasy, where you have your way with a hapless young man?”

“Someone has a fetish, does he~?” Flora giggled. “I’ve admittedly had some… inappropriate dreams of you doing that to me, actually~!”

“Someone’s a kinky, beautiful woman,” Naruto teased with faux-shocked gasp, “What about having your way with a bandit after defeating him?”

Flora licked her lips. “I often did consider raping the rapists, actually… Never actually did it, though I was admittedly tempted a time or two, long ago.”

“Really? The polite, easy-to-get-along, and overly kind Flora has a rape fantasy? I never would have guessed!”

“There was also a massive scandal where an aristocrat knocked up literally all of his servants,” Flora added. “You have no idea how jealous I was~!” She rolled her hips naughtily against the boner she felt.

Naruto gave her an odd look at that, “You were disguised as some guy’s servant? What for?” he ignored the servants getting knocked up. He was more focused on the fact that Flora may have been disguised as a servant.

“Not that guy’s servant,” she giggled. “There was a time or two where I dressed as a maid to help protect a lord from a suspected youma. One of them turned out to be a raving mad axe murderer in that case instead. I left the lord to handle that one, since I wasn’t allowed to harm any humans, even in self-defense.” She shrugged helplessly. “Didn’t stop me from pointing them in his direction and scaring him shitless so he could get caught, though.”

“Huh…” Naruto was surprised at that. “Well, that was quite the story.” It was brief, but what she did say was enough for him to fill in the gaps. Then he gave her a look over, “I can’t help but imagine you in a maids uniform now, to be honest.”

“I’ll buy one, just for you~!” Flora giggled, feeling his dick twitch happily at that. “You think I’d look good with my hair up?”

“Hair up, hair down, you’d look good either way to me,” The blond admitted. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Awww~!” Flora swooned at that. She gave him a peck on the nose. “You’re so sweet~!”

Naruto chuckled, “And you’re so adorable~!” he said, pulling Flora in for a hug. The blond enjoyed the feel of her tits squished against his chest and hugged her to him as much as possible. Naruto rubbed his hand up and down her spine, going down far enough near her ass before trailing his hand back up again.

“Hehehehe… I know,” Flora sounded so smug, so certain of that; and Naruto didn't bother correcting her. He adored the woman’s cuteness and he liked how easy-going she was. If only he met her sooner…

Flora then pulled him into another kiss and urged him to come down on top of her so they could finally get started. Naruto chuckled and obliged, holding onto her tight as they went to the ground with Flora on her back. His girlfriend moaned happily and lifted her hips to help him pull down her leggings when he reached for them. Soon enough, the woman was fully exposed, her legs raised to give him access to her honeypot as he finished undoing his trousers and released the beastly object of her desire.

Flora shuddered at the feel of his member rubbing up against her lower lips, every fiber of her being crying out to mate with him. Then, she let loose a guttural moan as her boyfriend slid right on into her accommodating folds. Naruto moaned as well, feeling her squeeze him like a fleshy vice. No matter how many times they fucked she was forever as tight as a virgin, thanks to her regeneration, and he absolutely loved it~! Then, he started to move. Thrusting his erect cock into the folds of his girl’s snatch like a man possessed.

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

He was going to enjoy fucking this babe into the ground. And from the way she was vocially voicing her enjoyment, Flora was loving it just as much as he did.


Two hours later, a now fully clothed Naruto and Flora were now back on the road. Though the latter was now walking funny, just as she wanted him to make her do. She didn't need to lean against him, though, since her healing factor was working on getting her back to tip top shape. The blissful smile on her face showed that the woman didn't care for it; she got what she wanted after all.

“That was a good way to pass the time, don’t you think?” A now much more chipper Naruto asked his girlfriend.

“Uh-huh…” Flora trailed off with a blissful smile. “A very good way to pass the time…” Damn, she wished they could take it farther and make a kid, but the woman was taking what she could get and loving it. She grabbed Naruto’s hand and laced her fingers with his as the kept on walking.

Naruto smiled at his girlfriend and held her hand tight. Then he frowned and looked around. “Y’know, I’m kinda wondering where the nearest town is… or a river.”

They were still in a valley, for one and they had been walking for the past 16 days without a settlement in sight. At least they didn't cross into the desert Lautrec has, otherwise he would be in big trouble.

“I am afraid I cannot help you there,” Flora said with an apologetic shrug. “I usually stuck to my region and only went out of it for assignments that require me to leave it. This,” she gestured to the environment around them, “is beyond my expertise.”

Naruto got the hint; none of her assignments took her out of Mucha. Still, he had hoped she did know where the nearest town was. He was going to need to find a bigger vantage point and look around… or maybe…

Suddenly, Naruto came to a stop and made Flora look at him with curiosity. His eyes were closed, and his breathing stilled. Then a red pigmentation appeared around his eyes before they reopened, and Flora was taken aback by what she saw.

His eyes were no longer baby blue. They were now yellow with horizontal slits, similar to those of a toad. She saw them in the memories he shared six weeks ago, but never in her life did Flora think she would ever see it outside of battle!

Sage Mode…

Naruto frowned a little in confusion, strange… it seems the person following him is also capable of using Sage Mode. Whoever it is, they’re very far away from them to be of any harm. But… there was a feel of familiarity to it. That certainly explained why he couldn't sense them before. Only a Sage (in Sage Mode) could detect another Sage in Sage Mode, and those who are capable of using that are either dead or in the Elemental Nations. It can’t be Kabuto either since he’s taking care of Orphans in Konoha now...

So who could it be? Naruto pushed those thoughts aside for now. He’ll confront this person eventually in the future, his guts were telling him that was going to happen for sure. For now, though, he needs to find out where the nearest sources of life are.


“Just checking where the nearest sources of life are.” Naruto told her reassuringly, “It’s useful if I want to locate a single person… or several.”


“It looks like there’s hundreds of people gathered up in the valley. It’s approximately three days ahead of us.”

Naruto was amused when several red robins flew down and landed on his shoulders, drawing a giggle from Flora.

The birds started chirping as they looked at him and Naruto just smiled and carefully ran his forefinger along their heads. They’re so adorable! Once he was done the red robins fluttered their wings before taking off once more.

“Then we should head there, yes?” Flora asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” where there are hundreds of people then there’s civilization. And if there’s civilization there is a settlement. Though, he did feel something else, somewhere to their South-East. A single person. That person had yoki, a lot of it, but he figured it was a warrior keeping watch over her region.

Flora smiled, “Okay.”

He allowed the nature energy within him to be released back to the environment once more, and after the red pigmentation and toad-like eyes faded away and his eyes went back to normal, the two blonds continued on their path to what hopefully was a settlement in the valley.

Seriously, walking for three weeks with several stops in-between, with little to nothing to do, was not fun. Then there was a puff of smoke, and Flora reacted quickly and without thinking; the clone was dispelled before he could launch a surprise attack on her.

Flora blinked owlishly once she realised her hand was on the grip of her claymore, and that a clone Naruto had made was dispelled before she even realised it. “Hey! What do you know? I’m actually getting better!”

“Indeed, you are,” Naruto sniffed overdramatically, “I’m so proud! Now, we just need to increase the difficulty.”

“...what?” the sheer deadpan was strong in this one.

Naruto gave her an ‘are you serious’ look, “What? You didn't think it would end there did you? Just because you took out one clone before he could get a hit on you, doesn’t mean you can just slack off. Now I can make it more difficult.” the blond rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he tried to think of different ways to test her, “We can take this to the less ‘pain’ route and have a clone appear in front of you when you least expect it. If you’re not fast enough to ‘kill him’ he’ll tap you on the forehead or something.”

“No punching?” Flora was damn hopeful the clone wouldn’t hit her. Because those punches to the head got old, real fast.

“No punching.” Naruto nodded, “Yeah, now that I think on it, having a clone just suddenly appear in front of you and give a simple tap on the forehead can be an effective training routine. The tap could signify your ‘death’.”

“Well… it’s certainly better than getting punched.”

“Anything’s better than getting punched.” then Naruto started laughing, “I had this idea for a training session where I would grope you if mistakes were make, like leaving yourself open or overextending yourself.”

Flora blinked at that…unusual training method, and couldn’t help but ask. “Why don’t you?”

“Because, my dear, that is a very dumb idea.” Naruto chuckled. “If I tried it with anyone else, I would get punched in the face for it. Heck, because we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, you might actually start leaving yourself open on purpose, just so you can get groped, seeing as how you tend to milk every little bit of attention you can get outta me.”

Flora blushed at that, knowing full well that she was guilty as charged. What can she say? She liked getting his attention. She chuckled sheepishly, “Good point.”

Naruto slipped on up and gave her a peck on the cheek, before leading her towards the nearby cluster of people. “C’mon, let’s get going. If we hurry, we’ll be halfway there by sundown and have plenty of time for some more loving, before we start moving again~!”

Flora perked up, she was definitely looking forward to that.
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