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Chapter 12

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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“So why are we not going to Hanel to get Jean something to wear again?” Flora asked as she, Galatea, Clare, and the woman in question walked as far in the opposite direction of Hanel and Mount Zakol as they possibly can.

“Because, honey, the city of Hanel is hours away from Mount Zakol. I don’t want to be anywhere near that place by the time Riful wakes up.” Was her answer; Naruto kept looking in the direction of the mountain they were being watched from. He had no idea of the range of that warrior, but he suspected they were getting out of her range.

He can kick her ass, and even kill her. But he wasn’t going to fight the Abyssal One of the West with hundreds of people around him. Also, to be fair, she was going to be justifiably pissed when she awoke and outright killing her in cold blood seemed… dirty.

“So, you’re trying to protect thousands of lives?” Clare asked him with a quirked brow.

Actually, he just wanted to be far away from Mount Zakol as possible. But Naruto answered with a shrug and casually said, “Yeah.” as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Well now that there was nothing to keep them from talking, Galatea decided it was high time to ask some questions she wanted to get off her chest. She looked at him. “So… when you fought Riful… how did you move so fast? Or know when she was about to attack?”

Naruto didn’t mind in letting Galatea and the others know. “Moving fast to avoid her is actually a very basic technique, I know. It’s called ‘Body Flicker’. It lets me move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To anyone but the user, it’s like I teleported.” he paused to let that sink in, and Clare drew parallels between this ‘Body Flicker’ to Miria’s ‘Phantom’ technique. They sound fundamentally similar. “As for how I knew when Riful was going to attack? I could sense her yoki. Even when she thought she was being sneaky with those underground attacks, I could still sense her.”

“I never sensed it…” Flora was looking at him with wide eyes.

“Neither did I to be perfectly honest.” Galatea admitted, which was saying something seeing as she was the best yoki sensor the Organization had to offer. She was so good, the woman could feel their emotions. For him to be able to sense Riful’s yoki in her hair, when she didn't… his ability to accurately pinpoint yoki is greater than hers, and he’s only human.

He is a unique human. Having the ability to sense yoki without having yoki yourself is unheard of!

Then Jean walked a little closer to Naruto and Flora and asked them. “Is it really true?”

Naruto and Flora blinked, looked at one another, before looking at Flora. “Is what true?”

“That you’re fucking Flora? And that you’re getting married?” She asked that with such a straight, serious face that it was difficult for anyone to believe that she wasn’t blushing. Though to be fair, the woman was doing a damn good job at keeping her emotions in check.

The reaction she got from both Flora and Naruto was pretty damn hilarious.



Naruto and Flora looked at one another, then back at Jean.



They looked at each other again. Naruto then cleared his throat and replied with a heavy blush. “We’re in a... very heated relationship, yes. But we’re not getting married.”

“Yet.” Flora interjected with a wide smile.

Naruto opened his mouth to refute that, but thought better of it and closed his mouth with a sigh. She was technically right… they weren’t getting married... yet.

“Duly noted…” Jean replied thoughtfully. “So you really did see her naked then?”

“Yes.” Naruto admitted with a sigh and he wondered why he was telling her this.

“Then you really did see the stitching holding our wound closed.” Jean said, and Naruto was wondering where she was taking this.

“...yes? It’s not really that bad. I mean, yeah, you have a gash that can never heal but that doesn’t take away your appeal or anything.” Naruto was being genuine in what he was saying. He really thought there was nothing wrong with that gash on her front. He saw worse things than that.

Then he had to take a moment and think back to what she said earlier.

“I do owe you my life for what you did. I’d be willing… to compensate you in whatever way I can.”

Those words spoken by her earlier had made him squint his eyes suspiciously at Jean who was looking anywhere but at him. What was she up to?

“Uh… Flora…” Jean called out hesitantly, fiddling against the corners of the cloak Clare had given to her, “C-can I speak to you about something… in private?”

The woman in question frowned in concern but nodded. She was in for quite the pleasant surprise when they ducked into the nearby treeline to chat… seeing that Naruto, Clare and Galatea came to a stop and waited for them to come back.

“...Sooooo…” Naruto scratched the side of his neck awkwardly, as he tried to start another conversation. “...nice day we’re having.”

“Better than I thought it’d turn out for sure,” Clare mentioned. Who knows what would have happened had he and Flora not gotten there in time? She would have probably suffered a worse fate than death!

Galatea concurred wholeheartedly for the Renegade. “Much better. So, where did you come from? Mucha?”

“I was there the longest, yes, but I never lived there.” Naruto freely admitted. “You wouldn’t find out where I lived before coming to Mucha if you tried. It’s very well hidden.” He lied. Naruto couldn’t go and say he’s from a different dimension. They would think he’s insane or something!

“I see.” That told Galatea all she needed to know: there were other people like Naruto out there. Out of gratitude, however, she will keep this information to herself. If what he said was true then the Organization will most likely already know he has defeated Riful. As much as she wanted to, she will not try and involve his people with the youma problem since the Organization is already butthurt with just one person taking their ‘job’ away from them.

Just then, Flora and Jean emerged from the treeline and made their way back to the other three. The latter was now beet red, fidgeting even more than before. Flora, on the other hand, was smiling an amused smile. Naruto was suspicious of that but he didn't say anything.

“You ladies good to go?”

“Very much so,” Flora chirped as she gazed at the fidgeting Jean with a widening smile.

“Uh...huh…” That wasn’t suspicious at all. He put that aside though and they all got back to moving again. As he turned to get moving, Naruto then felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Jean looking at him longingly. “Uh… yes?”

The Number 9 hugged his arm, letting him feel her sizeable bosom, and she was pleased to see that he didn't pull away. Or resist. So he was telling the truth; he didn't find her stigma disturbing. “I… want to repay you for your help,” she said nervously.

“You don’t need to do anything. I would do it again in a heartbeat,” He reassured her, but Naruto knew that look in her eye. Jean was the honourable type, someone who wouldn’t let a debt go unpaid.

Jean tightened her arms around his. “I insist.” Her mind was made up; he helped her. While Clare did reverse her Awakening against all odds, it was he who distracted Riful long enough for them all to escape. She owed them both a life debt. “You helped save my life by distracting the Abyssal One of the West long enough for the rest of us to escape. It’s only fair that I protect yours with my own.” There was more that went unsaid.

“Well well,” Galatea was more amused than anything else. “It seems you have her loyalty and a life debt.”

Naruto was shown to be uncomfortable to be entrusted with such a thing. Even though he never had one given to him, he didn't like being able to control the life of another individual, though he understood where Jean was coming from. She was just being grateful.

“Just so you know, I don’t want a life debt; I’m not the kinda guy who likes having that kinda control over people… but I’m fine with having another traveling companion.”

“That’s a perfectly reasonable compromise,” Jean replied with a warm smile. This Naruto was such a nice, young man; no wonder Flora was thinking about putting a ring on him! Her grin widened. Who knows? Maybe she could be his mistress?

Naruto could tell this girl was thirsty; she had that same grin on her as Flora. And he noticed that not once did she let go of his arm. He could feel everything. Those funbags of hers were a lot bigger than they’d initially looked.

“We should get moving again,” Galatea told them. “I will accompany you for another hour, before taking my leave. I have to report to the Organization.”

As they started walking again Flora gave the Number 3 a suspicious look.

“What are you planning on telling them?” she asked.

The Eye of the Organization shrugged without looking at her and said, “Only what happened: I followed the Renegade to Mount Zakol, engaged Riful and her pet while said renegade rescued Jean. Then the two of you arrived just in time to turn the odds into our favour. Jean gave you a life debt and will protect you with her life, and the Youma Hunter is helping the Renegade find her friend. I didn't press the issue, as I did not like my chances of going up against three warriors, and a human that was capable of defeating an Abyssal One.”

“In other words, you’re going to tell a half-lie?” Naruto clarified.

“Yes. While I never lied to my handler or the Elder, I feel an exception can be made here.” Galatea said with a nod.

“I see…” Then Naruto gave Galatea a respectful bow, surprising her, Jean, and Clare immensely. “Thank you.” He straightened himself up again.

The Number 3 blinked before chuckling. “No thanks is needed.”

After that, the five of them continued on their way, with Jean still hanging on to Naruto’s arm. When an hour did pass, they were well away from Mount Zakol, and Galatea had parted ways with the four as she said she would. Naruto, Flora, Jean, and Clare bid her farewell and continued on their way though the latter was a little confused as to why the other three were following her.

“Why are you three still following me?” She asked, nearly 30 minutes later.

“I’m meant to be following him,” Flora told her while gesturing to Naruto. “I’m simply doing my job.”

“I’m his new companion...and I do owe you my life as well.” Jean answered with honesty.

“I’m heading North actually. I heard there’s some... strange activity going on there.” Not to mention he got the memories of his clone back. Turns out the situation there was worse than he thought.

If his clone didn't get there in time, they would have suffered an entire party wipe. Those poor girls… especially the two of those other clones got out of there. He was no medical expert, but with the wounds they sustained, he doubts they would survive. They were barely clinging to life.

Naruto pushed aside those grim thoughts though and got back to the matter at hand. “Plus, I did say I would help you look for your friend. I figured it would be a good idea to stick with you. It would be easier to relay anything I find to you that way.” The blond finished.

“I see…” While she was mildly irritated, Clare didn't let it show. Besides, the kid did have a point, it would make sense if he stayed with her while he gathered information on Raki.

“Not to mention,” Flora added, “Galatea’s reporting that you’re staying with Naruto.”

“On top of that, we’re bound to be intercepted by a Handler soon,” Naruto added. “Considering we have two single digits, and no offense to you Clare, the weakest warrior, it’s almost a certainty that Handler is going to have a warrior who’s stronger than all three of you.”

“In other words: you’re staying with Clare because of safety in numbers?” Flora asked for clarification.

Clare sighed. She might as well play along… “And more eyes to look for my friend,” she added.

“That too.” Naruto nodded.

“Oh, there’s also the fact you can accurately pinpoint a youma, Awakened Being, or a warrior,” Flora added thoughtfully. “That’ll come in handy, seeing how we’re likely to be chased by Riful of the West.” She shot her boyfriend a flat look.

Naruto sighed, knowing his girlfriend was not letting that go anytime soon… not that he could blame her.

“To be fair, the Abyssal Ones are rather territorial.” Jean just had to come to Naruto’s defense. “Riful won’t chase after us if we’re out of Lautrec unless she wants the other two to usurp it.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” Flora reminded her. “I’m not so confident that she’d care as much about that, mainly because we have no idea just how vindictive she is.”

“She did say she tortured and killed 30 warriors before my… my team.” Having her team die in front of her, and in the case of Katea Awakening, then being crushed was nightmare inducing.

“All the more reason to be cautious...” Flora sighed heavily. Then, she shot her man a look and hissed, “Oh, will you comfort her, already? The poor woman is hiding it well, but I have no doubt she’s traumatized!”

“I don’t know how to comfort a traumatized woman!” Naruto hissed back, “What? Do you want me to say ‘everything’s alright, it won’t happen again?’”

“It’s a start, at least… hug her or something!”

“I can hear you two, you know…” Jean deadpanned. This was getting rather awkward for her. “I’ll be fine.”

“...” Naruto exhaled and Jean rather dejectedly, unwrapped her arms around him when he pulled it away. Then she was surprised when Naruto put said arm around her shoulders and pulled her in for a comforting hug. “I’m not good at comforting or crap like this… But...if you want to talk about it, I’m all ears?”

Poor Jean turned a bright red from her collarbone on up to the roots of her hair as she averted her gaze. “Th-thank you…” While this only made her feel even more awkward, she was grateful. “Again, I’ll be fine… for now. But… thank you.”

Naruto smiled at that and rubbed her back, before turning to Flora. “So… how far is Alphonse from here?”

Flora shrugged. “I haven’t been in Lautrec before now. If we were in Mucha, though, I’d say it would have taken us… two to three weeks?”

“Or you could ask me? Or Jean?” Clare deadpanned. “The two of us could’ve answered that. Our regions are in Lautrec after all.”

“Wasn’t aware of that,” Naruto chuckled sheepishly. “I was just about to ask you and Jean for good measure, before you spoke up, though.”

“We’re a good week or so from the border,” Jean chimed in. “Maybe ten days. I’m not as familiar with this area in particular, but I’ll be able to pinpoint it better when we’re closer to a town, or landmark I am familiar with.”

“If I remember right, the warrior called Phantom Miria said Hanel and Mount Zakol was to the North West of Lydd…” Naruto mused aloud. Hearing him say Miria’s name had surprised Clare immensely as she was now staring at him with wide eyes.

Jean perked up at that. “How far?”

“She said Mount Zakol was a three-week journey from Lydd.”

“I’m aware of Lydd being about five weeks from the northern border,” Jean said. “It’s also a more direct path, though since it’s a valley and there’s only so many ways you can go. The one from Mount Zakol to Alphonse, however, is more… windy, I guess, you could say, because of the rocky, mountainous terrain. It’s harder to traverse, so the path wraps around several mountains and cliffs, resulting in a longer road than it should be.”

“But the journey to Alphonse from Zakol is shorter?” Naruto asked her with intrigue.

“Zakol is significantly closer to Alphonse than Lydd,” Jean replied with a nod. “That much I know, though I don’t know how out-of-the-way this road will take us to get there.”

“If nothing else, it’ll let us get to know each other a little bit more.” Naruto was looking at the bright side of things. It’s sorta his job to keep people optimistic. And he liked that job. “I still have a week’s worth of food on me and everything.”

“I’ll be glad to hunt for some more meat to help it last longer, just in case,” Jean offered.

“It’s nice for you to offer, but it’s okay,” Naruto told her as he smiled under his mask. Only to frown a moment later. “Hmmm...unless the next town is more than a week away, then you can help me hunt for food. Sound good?”

“It’s a good compromise.” Jean nodded. “The next town is a little over a week away, though. But if you’re running out of food by then, I can hunt for some meat for you.” Rabbits made for good meat and they do last a good while when dried.

“Thank you, Jean.” And he meant that. To show his appreciation, Naruto lowered his mask and kissed the Number 9 on the cheek. The woman blushed and sputtered and when she looked at him, Naruto had his mask back on and was acting like nothing had happened.


Two days later

Mount Zakol was well behind them now, and Clare, Jean, Flora, and Naruto were now in a forested area. Clare was getting used to their presence and she found herself surprised when she enjoyed having a conversation or two with Naruto. He was like Raki; the kid didn't treat her like she was a monster just waiting to lash out. He treated her like he would treat anyone else: normal.

‘I guess that’s why I’m finding him pleasant to be around.’ Was what she thought.

“So, you’re still not sure how you got here, then?” Jean hummed thoughtfully. “Very interesting.”

And right now, Naruto was retelling his experience on how he ended up here. And his lack of knowledge on how exactly he ended up here. Though he made sure to leave out a few things.

“Yeah. I’m still trying to piece together just what happened, but, I can't quite remember. In fact, I don’t remember anything on how exactly I got here.” He chuckled grimly at that. Then with a shake of his head, Naruto added, “I was here for three months before I was found by Flora, actually. And before then, I was still trying to find a way home and going from place to place and never stayed too long in a town. I’ve had long since given up hope on that by now, though.”

It was too bad, as well… maybe Granny Tsunade could have helped them with those nasty gashes. Well, he wasn’t going to dwell on ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’. He was going to focus on the here and now.

“But on the bright side-” Naruto cut himself off mid-speech and narrowed his eyes. “Huh… There’s a strong yoki signature up ahead hiding in wait, behind some trees and bushes to our left.” He tilted his head slightly in curiosity. “Whoever it belongs to, she’s stronger than the three of you.”

“She?” Clare asked him.

“Her yoki’s not corrupt like Riful’s or her little ‘pet’. It belongs to a warrior, and she’s stronger than both Jean and Flora. Way stronger.” He told the Number 47. Whoever this woman is she’s stronger than Miria, but not by much.

“What’s the plan?” Flora asked.

“It’s simple,” Naruto grinned under his mask, “you three walk on up ahead and I will-” and so, as they leaned in to listen as Naruto told them his plan, they slowed their walking to buy themselves enough time to listen to said plan.

In the end, the three of them decided to go along with it.


A few minutes later, the three of them kept on walking forth, Flora in the lead. Naruto was nowhere to be seen.

“Windcutter Flora…” a feminine voice called out. “Why are you still with these two and not the Youma Hunter?”

As the woman who spoke, a one-eyed warrior that she passingly recognized, emerged, Flora addressed her. “He is scouting ahead for a suitable campsite,” she replied. “He left me in charge of keeping an eye on these two… mostly Clare. What brings you here... Rafaela, was it?”

The woman in question looked at Clare dead in the eyes and answered, “I am here for her.”

Jean immediately took that in the worst way possible and took a defensive position in front of the Number 47, a hand on the grip of her sword. “If you want to get to her, you will have to go through me first,” she declared fiercely.

“Now, now, no need to be like that,” another voice sounded from the treeline as a dark clothed man with black glasses and a fedora emerged. Clare immediately recognized him as her handler, Rubel. The man was carrying two pairs of uniforms under his arms. “We’re just here to have a friendly chat.”

“The way she phrased it sounded like a threat.” Jean told Rubel respectfully...though she didn't release her sword, nor did she get out of her defensive stance.

“What brings you here, Handler?” Flora asked the man with a polite smile. “Seeing as you’re carrying two pairs of uniforms, I take it this is not a social call?”

“It’s not, I’m afraid,” Rubel replied with a smile. “Eva’s team were all killed in Alphonse by a suspiciously large amount of Awakened Beings. As a result, 24 warriors are being reassigned to go there as a special task force to kill them. That includes you three.”

“What makes you think I’ll go there?” Clare challenged. She had no intention of giving up her search for Raki.

At that Rubel gave her a knowing smile. “Normally, a deserter like you would be executed on the spot. However, if you join the Special Task Force in the north, the Elder will see you pardoned and you will no longer be on the run for desertion. And also, your companion was last seen taken North to Alphonse by a group of slavers. Going there to find him would be in his, and your best interest would it not?”

Clare snarled. “You bastard… you had something to do with that, didn’t you?!”

Rubel merely smiled, and it wasn’t a kind one. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. We don’t deal with slavers. Seeing as you were never seen separated from your little friend, and you abandoned your region, I assumed you were merely searching for him, so I gave you information on his last known whereabouts out of the good of my heart. Or, was I wrong in my assumptions?”

Unseen by Rubel and Rafaela Naruto dropped out of a tree behind them and landed in a kneel without making a sound. And then he stood up to his full height without the two knowing and turned to look at them from the corner of his eye.

“Is he lying?” Flora casually asked.

“No,” Naruto answered, surprising Rubel and Rafaela immensely, prompting the two of them to turn around to look at him. “This slimy looking git isn’t lying.” He also clearly believed that Eva’s team had been wiped. “For all he knows, that pardoning bit is true as well, though I wouldn’t put it past the leaders of this Organization to stab you all in the back later.” He then gave Rubel a dead serious look. “If that happens, though, they will answer to me and we’ll see how secure your little walls are against an assassin.”

“Duly noted,” Rubel replied with a polite smile, completely unphased by the threat.

“Uh-huh… let me put it this way: I know you know, that I beat Riful. And I was barely trying with her. Let’s see how confident you are when I am trying to kill you.”

“Rest assured, I’m not foolish enough to provoke you,” Rubel replied, his smile not fading one bit. “If the Elder is, that’s his problem, though I will take steps to prevent it; I very much like the payroll he gives me. It’s quite the generous salary, in fact.”

“Then I really hope that salary is worth it if I come for your heads. After all, if I remember right, the women under your ‘care’ are not allowed to kill humans.” Then he back walked into the shadows and he was pleased to see Rubel’s smug looking smile fading in surprise when he seemingly became one with the shade being given off by the trees.

“Huh…” Jean was impressed. “He really is an assassin. I will not envy who pisses him off.”

“And he can move faster than me and is skilled enough to defeat Dauf and Riful and he wasn’t trying.” Flora chimed. “Truly, whoever is dumb enough to gain his ire will have their hands full.”

“I will bear that in mind,” Rubel replied with a nod. “Now… about your uniforms.”


“Was threatening my handler really necessary?”

“Not really. But if Flora dies because of whatever this new task force is being made to do, I will be very pissed.”

The group of four were now heading to Alphonse. Clare and Jean were back to wearing their uniforms - their armour included. It turns out Rubel had that with him along with the two-piece uniforms, slung to a pack mule in a nearby camp he’d set up.

Naruto didn't like the slimy git. Something about the man just rubbed him the wrong way.

It was a shame about that woman Rafaela though. It was clear there was something that had traumatized her a long time ago, and from the way, she acted no one bothered to try and comfort her, or reassure her. She was mostly quiet for the most part and came off as aloof. But there was something in her eye… she wasn’t living. Not really. It was like she was still around to do one last thing, one more purpose. What that was he didn't know.

He just hoped that woman wouldn’t do something stupid. No one deserved to live like that. Maybe if he happens to run into her again he can just get her to sit down and talk. It wouldn’t hurt for her to get that baggage off her chest.

He’d try not to lose any sleep over it if he can’t help, though. He can’t save everyone, after all. But he’d sure as hell give it his best shot.

“I thought it was funny.” Flora chimed in with a smile. “And be honest, weren’t their times when you wanted to threaten your Handler?”

“Uh… n-no comment,” Clare muttered, averting her gaze.

“Translation: yes,” Naruto said with a warm chuckle. “I don’t blame you, to be honest. I met Flora’s Handler, and I wanted to break his nose within the first five minutes of meeting the prick. Your Handler just rubs me the wrong way… that and that smug little smile makes me want to break his nose too.”

“That one rubs us all the wrong way, I’m sure,” Jean chimed in. “I’d prefer to avoid unnecessary violence when I could, even if it weren’t for that one rule, but I can understand where you’re coming from.”

“I prefer to avoid unnecessary violence too, profession as an assassin aside. But I can and will kill if it’s necessary.” Then Naruto shrugged and said, “It’s not all bad though.”

“Yes. You told me you would do anything for the right price… weeding. Gardening. Babysitting…” Flora trailed off with an impish giggle.

“Bera is bera; I have to make money somehow.” Naruto reminded his girlfriend.

“A man’s got to eat,” Jean concurred with a sagely nod.

“Speaking of eating, I wouldn’t mind eating you out, if you know what I mean,” Naruto teased with an eye smile.

Being the innocent woman she was, Jean didn’t, though she knew damn well that whatever he meant was sexual in nature. She blushed heavily at that realization. “It… depends on what ‘eating out’ means,” she replied.

“He wants to give you the tongue lashing,” Flora clarified with a lewd giggle.

Poor Jean went stock still at that. Had she eyebrows, they’d reach her hairline as she turned beet red. “Oh… uh… oh, my…” She honestly had no idea how to respond to that.

“Ugh…” Clare couldn’t help but shake her head. That kind of talk was appalling! On the other hand… she subtly eyed Naruto, Flora, and Jean from the corner of her eye… seeing the stoic woman acting like this was rather refreshing. Normally single digit warriors are unapproachable. It’s nice to see that not all of them were.

And to see such an unapproachable woman’s composure shatter so… cutely, well, it threw her in for a loop. And to see Windcutter Flora encouraging it was something else the Number 47 had not been expecting.

If he wasn’t around...she wondered what Flora would be like. Would she still be the same person here? Or, would she be different? Clare felt a smile tugging at her lips as the conversation escalated, Flora, mentioning that she’d love to have Naruto’s babies if she could, though the Number 47 would die of embarrassment long before admitting that she was amused by it all.

“P-please stop.” Jean pleaded.

Naruto couldn’t help but one last jab in before calling it quits. He let out an overdramatic sigh and laced his hands behind his head. “And here I was getting used to you wearing nothing but that cloak. I got nothing to stare at now.”

Flora giggled, swearing she could see steam rising from the poor woman’s cheeks. Fortunately for Jean, though, that was the last of it.
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