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Ch 1 - Boo Gains a New Look

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This will be the first of a few, or many, chapters of what happens when a Boo happens to meet a sleeping Princess Peach... I do not own any of the characters from Super Mario. They belong to Nin...

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Stars adorned a quiet night, illuminating the landscape as everyone sleeps. Everyone that is human, however, as a lone boo floats through the sky. It's big, round spectacles keeps falling down; the rims unable to stay put due to how wet it's face is. Tiny arms keep pushing the glasses back up, only for them to slip right back down. There is no rain, however, that has made this boo's face so wet. Hidden behind those glasses, are eyes filled with tears. So many tears, in fact, that if this boo just let them fall, a monsoon would pour out. But no one can see this boo, hiding behind the invisibility they are known so well for. The only way you could tell this boo was crying at all, was the trail of tears raining upon the ground, and the racket that comes from his sobbing.

“Get a grip Winsler, you do this every time!” he exclaimed, as tears continue to stream down his face, “Those...dummies will never get you...and I do not think anyone else will...” He begins to sulk, causing his flight trajectory to move slightly downwards; and with unfortunate consequences.

“What the heck, I thought they said there was no rain tonight!” screamed a goomba, dressed in a brightly color floral dress. This would be comical, if she wasn't completely drenched from head to heel.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no! I can not get caught now...not like this...I got to hide!” huffed Winsler, wiggling his tush, as he dashes out of sight and straight towards a building in the far distance. “Yes, over there! If I hide in there...they can not find me...”

As he gets closer to the building, it begins to get larger and wider. Soon what comes into is a castle that you only see in story tales, but the concept hardly reaches Winsler's thoughts. Floating up as high as he can, Winsler heads into the window of the highest tower. He enters and hides under the window, peeking out.

“George, I am wet and we still have to walk three more miles to see your parents. Do Something!” continues the screaming goomba, as her husband looks down dejectedly.

“G..good...they will not find me here...” Winsler states, slowly backing up from the window. “ Though I feel sorry for that guy...maybe he will become a boo and then he will have others who will accept him...Boos that want to be around him...” he stops, and he looks down, seeing his tears beginning to coat the stone floor beneath him. “Except me...that no one wants around...”

His body trembles, as he holds back the need to cry again, “Well no point thinking about that now...I should at least get an idea of where I am at.” Winsler's tiny, tear-filled, eyes grow 3 times larger as he gazes upon the room. Even if it's night, the amount of pink that makes up this room gives it a soft-rose glow. Pink curtains, pink rugs, pink stools, pink chests, and a massive pink queen size bed. The bed itself looks like it can fit 10 people, having an awning draped with pink curtains adorned with small golden stars.

“This room is glorious...” amazed, Winsler spins around to survey the room, noting every pink item he sees; that is until he spins himself dizzy. Unable to get his bearings, he slowly drifts over to the bed, as his translucent body pushes past the starry pink curtains. Eventually he stops himself, shaking his head as he admits, “ least no one can see how clumsy I am now.”

A soft, “snrrk,” emits underneath Winsler,and he floats higher suddenly, caught off guard by the noise.

Placing his hands over his mouth, he looks around stating quietly, “Please..I..I..did not mean to disturb the one who sleep...Just a friendly boo who is not take that wrong way!” His head wobbles more intensely, looking for the one who found him until another, “snnnrrkk...zzzz,” reaches his ears. He blinks twice and tilts his body downwards, his mouth still covered by his hands. Below, he eyes someone sleeping under the covers, and breathes a sigh of relief.

“O..okay. Like I did not need another year or nothing off my undead life.” Patting his chest to make sure he was still 'alive', he glides, downward, toward the sleeper. As he gets close to their face, his eyes get big again. Hidden amid a abundance of blonde curls, is the face of Princess Peach, sleeping deeply as she snores softly in her bed. Winsler peers at the Princess, then floats upwards. This lasts barely a second before he begins pace around her in deep thought.

“I ...I can not believe it...I only heard stories and they do not compare to how you really look...You are beautiful...” And right over her head, Winsler stops. Sighing loudly, he crooks his head onto his tiny arm; his tongue sticks out as it touches where his nose would be. Thinking harder than he ever has before, “ I imagine she gets all the recognition and love and attention, one cares about me...” Sadness wells up in him, sighing a deep sigh that would make a kitten cry; the motion from this, combined with his wet face, makes his glasses fall off.

They twirl in the air, while Peach turns her head so it is facing up, and gives a small snort; the glasses land perfectly on Peach's face, as if they were made for her. The spectacles glint at Winsler, wigging as he panics anew; and before common sense came to the forefront of his mind, he gasps, “No not them...I can not lose those...!” And he flies down to get his spectacles, and right into Peach's head.

“Wh..wh..what is h..h..happening??” as a mixture of both Peach and Winsler's voice echo out-loud. Confusion masks Winsler's face, while he continues to sink into Peach. If ever there was time to not struggle, this would be the time; however Winsler only panics more, wiggling his arms and shaking his body. Unwilling to cry out for help, for fear of waking Peach, he shakes himself into sinking faster and after few moments his body fits around Peach's head.

“ssnnrrrkk...” goes Peach , unable to register something was amiss and continues to stay fast asleep. Winsler does notice something is wrong, however as vision re-focuses, the purple rims give of a glint and begin to shine at the tips. In moments, Winsler begins to fill odd; His eyelids slowly close half way, and begin to glow an eerie purple; A feminine, but enchanting voice, rings loud within his mind., “ This is it...this is what you have been waiting for...a chance to gain the recognition of everyone who had made you a fool...all you have to do is take her...”

“Y...yess...take her....,” Winsler breathes as his tongue flops out, with his grin matching that of a normal boo; Winsler was not himself, expect for the voice that is guiding him. Unaware of what is happening, Winsler deviously puts all the rest of his energy into going into Peach. His body seems to vibrate as the purple glow from his eyes begins to become an aura around his body; this aura soon slinks down from his body as snake-like tendrils, slowly wrapping around Peach's body. They constrict, squeezing the helpless Princess as she grunts and groans from the constant rubbing.

“That's it...enter her mind...feel her body...completely become her...,” the voice teases, dripping with lust, that begins to reflect on Winsler's face. Ecstasy ripples along both Winsler and Peach's faces as they begin to react to the seductive energy. The tendrils respond to this, craving for more and begin to push into Peach's wet pussy to excite her further. This causes her to moan and for Winsler's face to slack; the intensity of this pleasure made his tongue droop further, as the saliva that once was coating his tongue now drips freely along the covers.

“Feeeel...fuunnnyyy....” Echos both Peach and Winsler, as the world spins around for them; the purple tendrils slithering faster as Peach's body glows the same hue as Winsler's body.

“Come on's so easy to do it....take her...become free!” the voice screams into his mind, while Peach's pussy gets soaked. The interaction of the voice, combined with human sensations, overwhelms Winsler. His eyes shoot open, with a silent gasp, and Peach follows with a few grunts as her head gets swallowed by Winsler's body.

Winsler's eyes swirl until they are filled completely with purple; Both their head's drop, fully in sync with one another. Peach's eyes begin to glow the same purple hue underneath her eyelids, and both her and Winsler's mouths crack into grin. Both giggle with glee, as their laughter gets louder and more menacing.

“Noooo...feeels...wrong...noooo!” Winsler says with a start, followed by Peach's body sitting up in her bed. Confused, Winsler begins to panic, “Huh..oh no did she wake up!?” In an effort to hide, he tries to raise his arms; however, Peach's arms rise instead. “Uhhh....,” remarks Winsler, as slowly her hand come right towards his face, then back before rotating and her fingers wiggle. “This can not I manipulating her?” Feeling flushed, he looks around, seeing a tall mirror to his side. “There I can look at that a..and then get this straightened out!” Of course he didn't realize that with having a human body, arms come legs, and in one motion he rolls out of the bed . They fall onto the ground, and tumble a few feet away from the bed.

“ hurt...wait. Why did that hurt?....” as he looks up , finding himself right in front of the mirror he was seeking, and gasps at the sight. What stares back is his body, on top of Peach's head. Struggling a bit with Peach's legs, he rights himself up until he is standing fully and looks into the mirror. The amazement shown over his face blots out any thought he had; Peach is wearing a pink baby doll negligee. That isn't what affected Winsler, however. It was the sight of Peach wearing no panties while she was dripping wet that nearly floored him.

In an effort to bring his hands to hide his shame, Peach's hands come up instead. He feels their softness and it makes their body quiver. “ feel softer than anything I ever felt before...” As soon as he tries to stroke his face again with Peach's fingers, his ghostly form disappears, and her fingers make contact with her own flesh. The sensations sends signals to their brains, causing Winsler to make Peach's tongue flop out, as she begins to pant.

“ too much...” Winsler whispered, not realizing that Peach is expressing everything he thinks, and her face begins to twist; mouth opening as her tongue falls out, and her cheeks becoming bright red, as her eyes look at the mirror with lust. Winsler seeing this gasps, “ shame at all...b..but..this like you...” The lewdness only makes Peach wetter and Winsler hotter, causing him to subconsciously move her hand down chest. Her fingers trail off the negligee as it ripples from the movement, reaching down to the tip of the frill at the bottom of the lingerie. Her fingers curl as gently around and starts to lift it up just enough to show off her pus––SMACK.

Winsler slowly pulls Peach's hand from her face, seeing a faint red hand-print along her left cheek. “Owww....that hurt, but it was necessary...A..almost lost myself there...” Leaning forward with her other hand, Winsler begins to check out the damage. As he does, he notes, “G..good..barely anything that I am l..looking closer at her...” Bare of any makeup, Peach's face looks the same as anyone would expect: lips that look like a small heart, and face that makes her younger than she is.

As he continues to look, he notices the way his spectacles fit Peach's head. “They fit were made for h..her...” Winsler takes her finger's and adjust them a bit, and the same glow begins to shine along the tips of the frames. “They w..were always a bit better fit for girls...but..s..sis insisted I should have these....” The brief thought made Peach pout right back at him, and he shakes their head.

“No! No reason to think of that...” But then somethings catches Winsler's attention, “Her..e..eyes...they l..look like m..mine!” What were two big pools of oceans, were now two deep shades of emeralds. It was the most noticeable feature about him as a boo, and one that often got him picked on. “She is beautiful...” Winsler continues to touch his new face, “No...I am beautiful...” and soon what were tiny driplets coating the lips of his new pussy, soon began to dribble. Within a minute, small streams of liquid fell along Peach's thighs, as her body begins to quiver in need.

Peach's face naturally blushes, and Winsler looks down, “W..wh..what is this is new...I feel hot!” And all at once, Peach's face contorts, lips forming an 'O' as she moans. The sound bounces around, within the quiet room, making it louder than it really was. Surprised to hear Peach's voice, it only fuels the dirty thoughts that fills his mind, causing Peach to moan even louder. Focused on the moaning, he forgets about their sync'ed minds, and her fingers begin roam over her body. “ Everything I touch tingles when I touch myself....I am alive...this feels good!”

A laugh echos in Winsler's mind, as the sensations overwhelm him once more, “Yesss...this is what it means to have a with with your body....”

Peach's eyes flutter as they begin to swirl with a purple hue, matching the spectacles as they glow brighter. Too lost in discovery, Winsler tugs at the negligee, letting it drop to the ground. Pussy wet and morale fading, Winsler rolls Peach's tongue out in classic boo fashion as he fondle her breasts. Their moaning becomes louder, and the purple begins to fill their eyes, as Winsler lewdly remarks, “Oh yess...and she is all mine....I can do what I want...I will be respected!”

Swiftly their fingers plunge into the wet folds, amd Peach's eyes begin to glow a deep purple. The saliva rolls down her tongue, dripping on top of their cleavage. Winsler thrusts into the hungry fingers, letting the sensations and pleasure ravage his mind.

“Peach denies her body ...denies pleasure...denies rewarding herself...don't be like you...indulge!” cooed the voice, as it cackles.

The purple begins overflow, dripping down from the eye. The drop fall along Peach's face, twisting it as it coats her lips and gets absorbed into it. Bright purple shines across as the vpice continues to laugh in Winsler's mind. “mmmmm yes...take more....take it all so I can show you how its really done!”

And if Winsler was like any other boo, this would be the end. However, Winsler is not just a normal boo. As he looks upon his face in the mirror for the first time in a long time, he becomes terrified. “No, no, no, no, no...not like this, not to her, no!” And grabbing their head, he shakes it as he begins to rapidly chant “no.”

The level of panic reaches abnormal levels, causing Peach's body to react as she hyperventilates. With a large gasp, he clutches his chest and leans onto a nearby chair . “ I ..I am must calm down...must breathe!...” and continues to clutch their hands on their head as he rocks in the chair.

The voice quietly whispers, “Poor is alright...I will be there to show you what real fun is like....relax...and fall asleep for dear sister.” The spectacles shine brightly, and both Winsler and Peach's eyes come to a close. With the tips shining brightly from the glasses, Peach suddenly stands up. With the motions of a rag doll, and her body is pulled towards the bed as the purple slowly fades from their eyes; the purple from the lips dripping away and disappearing into the air, leaving their lips pink as before. Soon they reach the bed, and a shimmer happens around their head, as Winsler's body replaces Peach's head again.

“ I...can not affect her like that...I do not want to ...I want to be wanted, not like this...”

“That is alright...sleep for me...sleep so soundly brother...” cooed the voice.

“ tired...” and he stumbles onto the bed and passes out face first.

“ have a big day tomorrow..” and the voice chuckles before fading slowly, leaving the two to sleep deeply. Remarkable, for boos can't sleep but Winsler will find out just how different he is...just like Peach will...when they wake up to their first day together.
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