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CH 2 - Peach's Wild Ride

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Here Peach's learns not to take everything for granted...even when all she wanted was to warm up. I do not own any of the characters from Super Mario. They belong to Nintendo. All characters ...

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Day-break pours through the open window, as sunlight creeps along the stone floor. The darkness that once found safety within the room scurries off, as the light slowly fills the room. A tiny opening in the bed canopy's curtains allows some of this sunlight to peek through. It slowly creeps up, past the small amount of drool that has settled near Peach's mouth. She was snoring peacefully, as the light reaches her eyes, making her go, “snnrrrk...u..uhh...huh?” She slowly opens her eyes, filled with a dazzling blue. She blinks, giving herself a moment to shake the fogginess before she stands up.

“Oh my...Did I sleep walk again?” she pondered, noticing the saliva on her chin, as a bit of it drips onto her chest. It rolls down into her cleavage, making her shiver. “And I drooled again. I really need to ask Maria if she has something for that. Unfortunately it might be an excuse to muzzle me.” Sighing as she comes to a full stand, opening her arms to stretch her body; the side of one of her arms brushes inches away from her face, and she feels a chill that makes her clasp her upper arms for warmth. “Oh..oh gosh that was cold! But it is normally so warm up here...” before she looks down to what she was wearing, which was nothing at all. “Of course...I can put something on.”

With a small giggle, Peach walks over to the wall opposite of her bed. Completely lined from one end to another were wardrobe closets, each a few feet taller than Peach. Of course, she was already tall, close to 6 foot, but having something else taller her comforts her a bit. Heading over to the closet near the window, she feels the warmth of the sun as it touches her skin. Causing her to smile, she begins to sing a tune that describes a certain red plumber.

The closet doors swing open, as if drawn to her voice, and she reaches over as a pink dress floats to her. Clasping it in her hand, she runs over it gently with her fingers, “A classic, but it surely fits me well.” Peach muses to herself, before twirling around, opening up the dress in her hands. The sunlight hits the poofy dress, making it shine with radiance as the blue jewel on the bosom glints. This makes her smile bigger, as a bit of the sun shines on her face. Unknown to Peach, Winsler sleeps peacefully on her head, becoming transparent briefly before fading back into invisibility. “No...Tony...need 10 more minutes...”

This causes Peach to jump and she looks around, confused to where the voice came from. However one entity was aware of what happened, laughing softly as Winsler's spectacles re-settle on Peach's nose. The tips of the spectacles glow brightly and the voice whispers into Peach's mind, “Oh princess...dear can do better than this...with the curves of a about I advise you in better fashion...” The glasses gleam, and Peach's eyes flutter as a wave of drowsiness overcomes her.

“Oh...I can do so much better...” as Peach's eyes light up, and swirls of purple flicker in and out of the blue. Her mouth hangs open, slightly ajar, as saliva begins to collect. “ I need to show my curves...” She drops the dress onto the ground, and turns slowly walking away from closet. With a twinkle along the edges of the dress, it rises up and straightens itself; it floats back into the closest, as it gently closes shut. Peach pays no mind, as her focus is elsewhere.

“ Very good princess...listen to are doing so well and you will look so deserve it..after all...”

The voice cackles in Peach's mind, as she quietly remarks to herself, “ Yes...I need to be gorgeous...I deserve it...” Her mouth barely moving, as her saliva begins to fall easily. Dripping down her chest and off her nipple, it hardens as the drop rolls onto her feet.

“I can feel it..can you?..the way your body recognizes how exciting this is...lead the me how a princess really dresses up...” Even in her increasing mindlessness, Peach's body reacts to her subconscious needs, and her pussy begins to moisten anew. Soon, drips of juices and drool trail behind Peach, as she walks outside her room, and head towards another part of her castle.

Many minutes pass as Peach makes her way up, traversing the tower. However, all she can hear is the voice, guiding and teasing her while causing her body to become more aroused. Her eyes glow deeper with purple brilliance, as she succumbs to the whims of this voice. Her lumbering walk slowly becomes a sultry strut, and confidence radiates within her eyes, as Peach's mind syncs with the voice; it chuckles, making Peach smirk, as she reaches the front of another door.

The voice guides Peach's hand to the knob, allowing the purple energy to again emit from her eyes; it drips from them and down to her lips. It coats Peach's soft lips, and they curl to form a devilish grin, as Peach grips the knob of the door and opens it wide. “Mmmm so close...I almost have a body I can maneuver in...” coos the voice within Peach's mind. She barely walks a few steps, as the door begins to twinkle and closes on its own. “Yesss...she isn't aware of it, but she is brimming with power...power that I will be using to get what I deserve...” And with this, the voice laughs, while making Peach walk into room with racks of curious unmentionables. “Tell me...what are these...princess?...”

“ Over the years, having been captured and rescued, I have realized I barely got any action. And soon I have slowly learned of a hunger that only a cock can quench. Accumulating an assorted of clothing to explore this naughty side, I have been less than successful trying to attain the attention of Mario. Even going as far as waiting for Bowser to capture me in nothing but a thong; However he cared far more for gold to fund a secret project.

“Lust slowly consumes me, as does jealousy; have you heard Daisy has been getting it with Luigi? The nerve! I continue to acquire and hoard more clothing, coming in here when my arousal reaches it peak. I do my best to look like a slut when I dress up, fingering myself over the edge. However, I never quench what I need, and I need it so badly.” The drool comes to a stop, the last dripping onto her cleavage, as Peach's face shows a mixture of frustration and mindlessness. And the voice realizes this, and begins to change it's tactics.

“Poor Peach...alone and really do deserve better...I happen to know the best places where a girl can get a good cock...or ten! just have to let me dress you up...let me guide you dear princess...” Briefly Peach's eyes shine blue, before the seductive purple swallows it again. Purple-colored-streaks continue to run down her face and into her lips, as they get more plump and full.

“ me...” Peach states quietly, feeling driven to get what she deserved. It causes her to smile, one of seduction and lust, and making the last of her saliva roll down her cleavage. As it falls along Peach's breast, tiny mists of purple swirl within; and as it rolls right off her hard nipple, bursting into the air, it spreads; within moments Peach has a dark aura surrounding her, that laps at the air.

“Oooooh yes yes!..I can feel you...and everything around...” as the voice extends itself within Peach's body, gaining access to her movements and sensations. “Mmmm so needy.....I can work with this...” and Peach's mouth pulls itself into a grin, even as her eyes shows how lifeless and obedient she had become.

Making her strut, the voice's aura reaches out, feeling the clothing with the nethers of its energy. “ frilly...this one! too pink....this one is a catsuit? surprised....” muses the voice, as she manipulates Peach; making Peach play with her breasts, pinching her nipples, while perusing through all the clothing. Eventually, the voice notices one dress out of the bunch, and with its energy, pushes the rest of the racks out of the way. The racks slide themselves to the sides of the room, as Peach carefully runs her fingers over the dress. A small dress of iridescent blue and green, with a simple cowl hangs around the neck. Too small for Peach's body, the voice knew Peach's curves would 'spill' out, and best of all there was nothing to cover the back. Just enough for the dress to hug tightly to Peach's ass.

The voice coos, making Peach moan in pleasure, while she continues to gaze at the dress. “This is it..the perfect outfit to showcase what you really are...but first lets get you out of these hmm?...” Flipping Peach's hair out of the way, the voice manipulates the princess' body into looking down. Peach's lips curl as they glow brightly, matching the aura as it vibrates in anticipation. “Oh really are hungry...” teased the voice, as Peach's pussy was soaked wet. Making her look back, the voice eyes the trail that Peach had left, not only of saliva but of lust too. This causes the voice to chuckle through Peach, as it hurries her to put on the dress.

A few gasps, and many moans later, the dress fits snugly onto Peach. It hugs her tight, showing how much of an hourglass she had; however the straps strain, as if the dress is about to fall apart. The voice can feel the sexiness ooze right out off of Peach, and the stream of juices that are falling down Peach's leg only highlights this. “So hungry and needy...lets find us a mirror to put on the finishing touches...”

The aura cackles with energy, mimicking the voice tenacity as it feeds off of Peach's lust. Dipping into her mind, the voices makes Peach walk over to the mirror on the far end of the room, hidden behind curtains to hide one dressing. Peach's steps become noticeable, as a puddle was left, a collection of her juices. The voice hardly cares that Peach's bare feet are leaving prints right behind, the leaking lust is proof of her control. Reaching the mirror, Peach poses with her hands on her hips and before the voice can say anything more, Peach looks at herself.

For first time since waking up this morning, her eyes grow wide open and blue flashes back in. What was suppose to be her face, draped in symbiotic purple lust, was instead Winsler. Feeling Peach's distress, he snorts and wakes up, “Oh...morning...umm...I have..uh..a totally...g..good explanation for this...” And the scream that emitted from the princess was so loud, that the birds perched on top of Peach's castle fly off. However, it wasn't heard by anyone else; they are far into a secret place in the tower that no one knows they are there. Well expect one individual, who is currently walking up that tower's steps.

A finely dressed Toad, in butler's clothing, was grumbling to himself with rags in hand. Dripping wet, he eyes the rags. “When I see the Princess she will hear it! Leaving this mess for me and having to hunt her down,” remarks the Toad, as he bends over, trying to clean the mess before him. Yet, he almost slips from a bit of the liquids on the ground, and scrambles as everything flies into the air; he barely catches himself as he grips the stone walls. “And why does it smell like sex!!!” Furious as red fills his face, his mustache shakes excitably until he hear Peach's scream. “ Princess?! It must be Bowser's ruffians. Oh no, but not this time. I. am. ready!” and he charges up the rest of the steps.

Peach stops her epic scream, finally running out of breath, even as her hands keep reaching towards her face. Well tries to, but now that Winsler is awake, all she can feel is his ghostly body as hand goes in, and right out. “I..I can't touch my face...I can't see! Please get off of me, whoever you are!” Winsler tries to talk, but only laughs as the princess frantically claws at his body; the motions only tickling him more than him reacting to this. “Please get off! I do not know what you want but I beg of you to leave!”

Feeling her distress, Winsler collects himself and heaves, causing his body to blow up; the motion stops Peach, fearing he is going to suffocate her. However after wiggling a bit, he lets out a big sigh, that blows his body back to normal. Again he attempts this, “Urrrgghhhbnnn!” wiggling with all his might, as his body puffs up. Only this fails again and he huffs when he finishes deflating. He blinks, noticing how quiet it has gotten and looks at the mirror. In the reflection, Peach has stopped flailing, expect her fingers are now nervously twirling around themselves.

“A..are you alright? do not remember how I got this way....nor how to get unstuck...” Winsler remarks, as he hangs his head, and his body sags. This causes Peach's neck to hang down, and her face to express sadness. This confuses her, for she didn't make her body do that.

“ alright calm. I can tell you did not want this, but my neck hurts. Can you please lift yourself up?”

“Oh why” and Winsler perks up, allowing the princess to become more comfortable. “It seems I can make your body move..or is it that you do the things I think?...I have not had the chance to figure this out...”

“Well we can figure that out later. For now, lets head somewhere where one of my maids can assist. Some know boos very well! we will get this figured out.” Peach's intentions meets Winsler's mind and makes him smile, his tongue hanging out. This causes Peach to smile too, along with her tongue, becoming even more confused. But this confusion was short lived, as steps are heard outside the door. They move outside of the dressing curtains, as Winsler adjust his spectacles. The tips shine as the door it crashes open.

“Halt villians of Bowser! I, Samuel, the right hand of the law, will punish you for your crimes!!” As the butler Toad hunches over, gasping for air before he brandishes a sword right at Winsler. “ Egads you monsters, what are you doing to the princess?!”

“N..nothing at all! I was just trying to fix––“

“Fix yourself to a helping of the Princess. I can see that you already feasted on her body and now are ready to have a main course!” Samuel flicks the sword tip down to Peach's crotch. Her hands shoot down, and both Peach and Winsler feel the wetness that is now soaking through the fabric of the iridescent dress.

“O..oh...well this..I can not explain..but––“

“No! For years every time danger happens, I get knocked around like a buffoon. Not today, today is Samuel's day!” And with a lunge, Samuel presses forward with a at Winsler. Even if Peach can't see, she can feel what Winsler feels. She becomes terrified and shrieks, causing Winsler to react and covers his face with her hands.

“ N..No..pleas–– listen to what I have to say....or you may harm the princess...” Instantly Peach's hand grabs the tip of the sword, as purple energy flicker's and slithers down the length. The energy stops all of Samuel's movement; He struggles, groaning as he realizes he can't move and Peach's hand moves in a 'tsk tsk' motion.

Winsler's mouth moved seductively in a way that surprises himself. Only one person he knows speaks like that, and he reaches up, running Peach's fingers along his spectacle's rim. “.....Tony?”

“Shhh brother....let grown-ups talk...and you are a big man yourself, yes Samuel?...” This halts the butler, hearing the boo talk to him like a lover. He looks up, puzzled, before Peach's hand waves in front of Winsler's body. Slowly , Winsler's body fades, and the purple energy spikes up and around Peach's body. It spreads fast, allowing Peach's mouth reveals itself with dark purple lips curl into a smile.

“Tony is that you!?” Winsler states , his voice echoing throughout the room.

“Why yes is me...but to you me Antonia...” She coos at the butler, as she manipulates Peach's fingers to let go of the sword. This makes Samuel gasp, suddenly able to move again as he almost falls, while Antonia looks at Peach's hand. “Mmm yes...this will be enough for what I can do with you....” she whispers, letting the purple energy emitting from Peach, lap at the air.

Making Peach walk forward, Antonia lets every step Peach takes ooze with sexiness, causing Peach's hips to sway subtly. Samuel's eyes follows the movements, and Antonia notices, making each sway more pronounced. “Yes Bowser's minions are the 'bad boy' kind of way....always pushing you around and making you feel ignored...makes a girl feel hot...but what if I can make you stronger than you are a real hero....capture the princess' heart?....”

By now Antonia has moved Peach right over the butler, and bends her over. Whisks of smoke just disappear from Peach's head, as the rest of Winsler's body fade into nothingness; leaving only purple eyes shining right at him. Samuel doesn't notice this, as his focus is on Peach's cleavage; the cowl barely containing the breasts as one is about to fall out.

Using Peach's fingers, Antonia adjust the spectacle on Peach's nose, and smirks with her mouth before she coos again, in Peach's voice, “Well Samuel?...You can not hide this...I can see into Peach's mind...through her perspective...and you leer at her like you never had any...I know you want her...” And leaning forward, she places Peach's hand on the mushroom head, petting Samuel as purple energy cackles and spreads around the top.

Samuel gulps , as his sword clatters to the ground, and he looks right into Peach's eyes. “ can't...I shall....” as he mumbles incoherently, his mustache droops down, while he squirms on the spot.

Antonia slowly kneels Peach down, until her head is right over Samuel's. She then reaches over, placing Peach's fingers firmly on his crotch. Giving a firm squeeze, Antonia coos again with Peach's mouth, as the toad groans. “Yum...already's to be expected when you have someone as beautiful as Peach....right in front of you....and you can have so much just have to give in and show her what you really need...”

Her whispers carry far into Samuel's mind, and his mouth gapes open before stating, “ need this...” His eyes begin to close slightly, anticipating a kiss that he always dreamed of having with Peach. However, Antonia uses Peach's hands to easily unbutton and drop his pants, exposing his lover half to all. Seconds later, his member comes out, reaching its peak as the mushroom tip begins dribbles.

“Look at this!....the girth of this mushroom...” As one of Peach's hand raises to her lips, the purple-colored lips curl into a wicked smile as Antonia makes Peach gasp. Then swiftly moves Peach's other hand, clasping the fingers onto Samuel's tip. She squeezes hard, causing Samuel to groan and thrust in her hand. “And how reactive you are just perfect...for my plans to attain power!”

“Uhh...wh..what?” Samuel eyes barely lift open, before the purple energy that was spreading all over him, rushes into his mouth. Coughing as the energy pours itself easily, it slithers further down his body reach every hole it can get. Mouth, ears, ass and cock tip, the energy latches on and pushes itself into Samuel. His body visibly shakes as he rises a few inches into the air, the intensity of the energy causing his body to react as he thrusts over and over.

Peach's finger rubs the slit of the tip, as Antonia happiness overtakes Peach's mind. It shows through Peach's lips as a wild grin, while Antonia fucks Samuel like a rag doll. All he could feel was pleasure all over, as he mentally starts to see visions of someone else's life. Visions of a magikoopa as she is fucked by many koopas, goombas, bullet bills and the whole Bowser crew, fills his mind. The mental sight becomes too much, and his mouth opens wider, becoming slack while more energy pours in.

“Mmmm your mind is so rich..and you know where everything is...the perfect host to guide me through this castle...” and all a sudden this stops. Samuel lands on his knees, head hanging down. He grunts and begins to visibly tremble, convulsing from within his very being. And all in an instant, ejaculates as he moans loudly and passes out; the cum splatters in a line onto Peach's face, and Antonia smiles through her. She takes this opportunity to use Peach's finger and wipe the trail of cum along Peach's face, scooping it up. Antonia, with Peach's mouth, flicks out her tongue in classic boo fashion and licks the finger clean, moaning as Peach's face goes bright red. “ Oooohhh...he tastes good...and he will feel better to wear...”

As Antonia finishes, Peach's eyes suddenly turn blue and she wobbles, falling onto her ass and onto her puddle of juices. The spectacles gleam brightly, hovering in the air before moving over and floating in front of Samuel's face. They adjust in mid-air and settle perfectly on his face; within seconds, he grunts and his cock re-erects itself, his eyes opening wide but filled with purple. The energy cackles and spreads all over again, forming an aura, as he stands up and walks over to the princess.

“Why yes this does feel much better...though I will need to make a few adjustments on the way...” spoke Antonia, using Samuel as her vehicle.

“S..Sam? Please are you still there?” Peach looks up , hoping her dear butler can fight off whoever this was.

“tsk tsk Princess...I am afraid he is asleep....he really needed that release....he will be back when I am done...” Pointing his finger at Peach, she coos at her before snapping his fingers. Peach gasps before the purple energy shoots past her and into the wet stone floor. The stones rumbles as the energy spreads throughout the room, and in moments the room begins to pulse with the purple energy.

“ W..what did you do!?” Peach tries to get up but her bare feet slips on her juices , causing her to fall onto her ass again . “OW!”

“Oh just insurance...can't have you screaming like before...this will keep you in and no one can hear you...” Having put on Samuel's clothing, Antonia smiles with his lips and turns, swaying his hips as the door opens for her. As she steps out, she coos, “Oh and thank you for the convenience...A room with no window?...full of clothing kinksters would die to have?....You are the biggest slut I know ..besides myself...” Antonia laughs, before the door closes shut behind her, leaving Peach to look around and hang her head.

“Oh gosh...oh bother. I surely did it again. First possessed and losing my butler?”As she tries to raise her fingers to cry into her face, but blinks as they won't respond to her.

“W..well..I messed up plenty of times...b..but...if I know Tony..and I do...we can stop this..” Winsler states, as his body replaces Peach's head and he makes her stand up. “ look bad now but I...I can fix this!...” Winsler sounds brave, and he knows it; however he feels a wetness on Peach's feet and looks down. To his amazement, there is now a large puddle covering the ground, and he gasps as he sees Peach's juices continuing to run down her legs.

“Umm...first we should deal with your have a stick that vibrates?...Tony uses one...she o..often says its a girl's best friend...”

Peach groans and tries to cower within the ghostly darkness. It's one thing to be horribly frustrated and getting off on what happened. It is another to hear a boo wanting to help her get off. “I should have just let the hammer brothers make me their cunt slave while I had the chance.”

“W..what princess?!...” remarked a now visibly curious Winsler. However we depart from this scene...and will we come back to see how these two will get themselves out of this....
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