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CH 3 - Samuel's Makeover

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As we go deeper into the story...Antonia decides she needs a the expense of Samuel. We also learn what happens to Winsler and Peach, finally getting a chance to meet. I do not own any ...

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Soft steps echo down the staircase, as a lone individual carefully makes their way down. Bare feet touch the stone steps, carefully side stepping the juices left by a Princess in heat. Sadly for Peach, she is locked up with a Boo....or was it that a Boo was locked on a Peach in heat? The thought tickles Antonia, especially as she looks down at her new form. Poor Samuel, his love for Peach had caused him to be ripe for the taking; however, the way he came earlier, showed how much he loved what was done to him.

Even now, Antonia is looking through Samuel's mind, occasionally using her aura to pleasure her cock and balls. They ache in unison, but that wasn't enough. So pooling her energy, she solidify a small piece of her aura into a make-shift plug; then stuffed it deep in Samuel's ass. It was only a few inches long an d side, but considering Samuel never got any action, this was a foreign feeling. Every step she took, it wiggles and sinks deeper, and Samuel's constant moaning only makes this sweeter for her.

The only downside to this new body, was the way Samuel's mustache reacts. Any form of movement made it wiggle. This causes the tips to lightly scratch his laugh lines. Apparently, this is the most ticklish part of his whole body. He, however, had years to develop an immunity to this; not so much Antonia, who had been fighting for a little while now to keep her footing steady. She is already ticklish enough, but the next wiggle of the mustache she was unprepared for.

Bursting out laughing, Antonia's next step falls upon the liquid lust, and she slips. As she begins a free fall, flipping in the air, her aura catches her; her face now starting right at the stone ledges as Peach's juices drips slowly down from one step to the next. She scowls, un-amused, “I think this body will need an update...sooner than later...or my next laugh will be my last...” She sighs loudly, righting herself back onto her feet with her aura's help, before concentrating on the tips of the mustache. Lifting them up, they make her look like a barber, but this was better than falling again.

Another 10 minutes pass by, and Antonia arrives outside Peach's room. She steps inside, making her way to the wardrobe closet in the middle. Standing 7 feet tall, they dwarf her new stature as she looks up. With one snap of her fingers, the doors open with a crash, and she ducks inside while softly humming to herself.

Her eyes light up , as she remarks, “Ah yes..good thing you did 'everything' for the princess....” She steps back with a maid uniform in hand. Smirking, she turn and winks, walking towards the bedroom mirror as maid accessories fly out of the closet: a hat, duster, gloves, stocking and mary janes come out; and once they are all out, the wardrobe's doors slam shut. “Hmm...just to make extra sure..” And with another snap, the energy that was slowly disappearing from the closet handles, snap back to life. They begin to creep along the edges of all the wardrobe closets and eventually around the whole room. Creating a faint shell, the window and bedroom door shimmer, being replaced by thick stone walls.

“This will give me some time to dress...and to rifle through the rest of this poor butler's mind...” She mused, reaching the mirror. She pouts slightly, taking a good look at her host, inwardly.

Samuel, even as the youngest of the Toads in service to Peach, is the most highly acclaimed of them all. Having helped the hero 'Toad' who adventure with Mario years ago, Samuel decided to stay by Peach's side. He felt that his place was to assist her in every way. Yet Antonia is looking in Samuel's thoughts, and knows more than what is shown.

Back then, Samuel was furious on how Mario allowed Peach to be taken, time after time. That Antonia understands, and even admires how he has abs that would put a Thwomp to shame. Her disappointment, however, comes not from his body, but from his own attitude. From birth to this moment, he has been a pushover; a nanny to all, the most he got from Peach was a head pat. Recalling this particular memory makes Antonia gag, watching Samuel beam with pride from the touch. What Peach didn't know that day, that it was so shocking to him, that he came at the spot.

“Even Bowser treated us better than this...I will need to make tweaks to show you that you can be better than this...” at that, Antonia drops the maid uniform from her hands; yet it doesn't touch the floor, simply floating a few feet away from her. “But first...I need to become more comfortable...”

With a snap of his fingers, she follows up with a stomp of his foot, and begins to sway Samuel's hips from side to side. “And it starts with a little Arabian dance...” She chuckles to herself, as she raises his arms into the air, letting his finger's slither to the rhythm. Purple energy collects at the fingertips, sparking loudly, as every swap of Samuel's hips become wider.

In seconds, purple lightning crackles at his fingertips, the energy crackling up and down along his sides. A faint sphere slowly appears, centering along the hip movements and spreading wide as it envelops Samuel. His eyelids flip open, fluttering as his eyes roll up, leaving the sclera exposed while his mouth drops open. A guttural cry emits from Samuel, as Antonia's spectacles lift into the air, becoming infused with the purple lightning. Samuel follows, being lifted into the air as well, the sphere closing in on his body, as it wraps around his frame. The lightning begins to expand at his fingertips, crackling loudly as intense light spark lash out.

“Nato..Gagon...Latona..Skeost....” chanted Antonia, her voice coming from the air itself, as her glasses settle a foot over Samuel's fingertips. The lightening snaps suddenly, as a bolt shoots down from the ceiling, at the glasses. Light blinds the room, but the bolt never reaches Samuel; instead, it got absorbed by the glasses as a face begins to form.

“Naniti..To Raroga..Balas..Salsora...” As the lightning pops, unable to contain itself, features of a face reveal itself: the outer shell of a koopa's face, with translucent curly-hair rolls itself from the top of the head, reaching a little past the chin. Tiny eye's pop into existence, narrowing as purple energy radiates and crackles like the lightening. A nose slowly unfurls and nostrils flare, and finally thick lips blossom like a rose, and plumping into shape; Antonia's face crackles like the lightening as her chant echoes in the room.

“Ramuno..Tator Ralnakgi..Annessi..Baboloo..Sator!!!” shrills Antonia, as her face flies downward, being pulled like a magnet towards Samuel's; in the same motion, her eyes shoot the purple lightening at his fingertips, causing his arms to sway wide open. Looking up, unaware of what is happening, Antonia's face shrieks, causing ripples in the air. This reaches Samuel, waking him from his slumber, as his eyes roll back, staring up at the purple koopa. Before he could do anything, Antonia's face swallows Samuel's and envelops it completely.

“Now to fit into my new 'suit'!” as lightening shoots down from the ceiling again, right at Samuel's head. The energy shocks his body, crackling along his veins. Screaming from the shock, he begins to collapse, but pause as his arms shoot out. The purple lightening intensifies, rippling up and down along the length; it smooths the skin, and begins restructuring the bones. Traveling up to his shoulders, and down his torso, the lightening energy reach's his nipples and pour inside; he groans in response as they puff up, getting thick as his chest swells up.

His screams, already high pitched for a male toad, begins to alter in frequency, as the lightening energy ripples down the rest of his body, sides shrinking and hips growing. Through the mirror, you can see Antonia's face gazing back, deep in thought as if she is playing a game. Bones reshape, popping back into place, while she forces Samuel into a macabre dance.

The energy ripples down his legs, thickening his thighs and narrowing his feet. With another flash, the lightening slowly starts to dissipate. The energy being pulled back into Samuel's feminized body, as it reaches back, clawing the ground and the air with finger like nails. His fingers and toes react, straightening in shocked as a dark purple infuse along the nails; and the energy crawls up his smooth skin, leaving a tattoo above his tail-bone named 'fuck me right here.'

Even as feminized body is now done, Antonia isn't finished, as Samuel's head convulses. Trying to fight off the changes, he screams at her like mad. However, she was simply to strong, and laughs once more as her face tightens on his own, and then gets absorbed. His head goes limp, as the life in his eyes disappears; but soon it begins moving, in all sort of weird ways. Neck cracks, as the facial structure alters itself, Antonia's features redefining his.

In a matter of minutes, the dance was done, and his arms, petite and smooth, rise back into the air; Fingertips pinch, as purple energy sparks. Curls fall down from the under the mushroom head, and his eye open, of its own accord. Staring helplessly, two purple eyes stare right back; a feminized Samuel appears, naked and dripping with sweat, as Antonia smiles at herself.

She coughs, as her smile fades a little, looking down as she winks. A sudden pull, and Samuel zips down from his mind down to his cock, the only thing she left true to him. Standing proudly, the veins popping out as a faint image of Samuel's head screams within. “ A perfect place for you...while I seek what I need...but for now I am so very tired...I guess it is time for nap...”

And she closes her eyes, groaning as she convulses one last time, shooting the load that was trapped in her new cock. It flies high, hitting the top of the mirror, and drips down the length while she collapses onto her knees. Her snores begin to fill the room, but ritual was not done. Her purple aura finished the work that needed to be done, as purple drips from her closed eyes; down to her lips, along her neck and over her nipples. The energy itself cackles, as it tweaks and gropes Antonia form its liquid state. She sleeps, while Samuel moans in horror, realizing this may last for hours until she wakes up again....

Peach's sigh echoes in the enclosed room, still seeing nothing but the ghostly darkness. She didn't know how long she has been like this, but she knew the one who took Samuel couldn't be far. Yet, unable to move her own body, she ignored Winsler's request , stating she didn't need to get off. Now with time passing, all she can think about is her own raging need.

There were times where after being captured , Kamek would tie and gag her up; if he does this, he would follow up with flying back on a lakitu's cloud, hiking her dress up, so her panties were shown to the world. The were other times, when she was in Bowser's holding cells, his koopa's like to play a game with her; one would slip back into its shell and slid under her dress. Since she was shackled, it became a game of who can spin and make the Princess cum the fastest.

But none of those compared to this feeling that his gripped her loins. Being a literal puppet of another entity, and having them user her body as their own. The pleasure doesn't compare, and her pussy gets wet anew. This causes Peach to bite her lip, stifling a moan.

“ you know...t..that even when I c..can not read your mind...I c..can feel what you desire...” remarked Winsler, as his face reddens and he wiggles about, making Peach's head shake all over.

Peach gasps, turning crimson as she speaks, “Well..I guess I can not lie. I do need...'some' assistance before we figure a way out of here. I can not see, nor move, so you will have to guide us...” Her voice gets quieter as she finishes, her face now too hot with embarrassment.

Winsler's eyes go wide, when he realizes what she meant. “W..w..why yes! I..I..will help you with your u..umm princessly release!” Peach already feels regret, as Winsler puffs up and stands up with Peach's body. The iridescent blue-green dress clings tightly to her body, as bits of Peach's juices drips down from the hem. Having been sitting on the ground for a little while now, the liquid has gone cold, and falls down Peach's legs; causing Winsler to shiver in surprise, he huffs and turns toward where the mirror is at.

“W..we..can use that as v..visual method to g..get you off...” but only one step was taken with Peach's bare foot, before reality meets Winsler. Forgetting the massive puddle of Peach's lust underneath them, and with no glasses, Winsler blindly steps forward and slips.

SMACK! As they go head first onto the stone floor, with Winsler's body taking the brunt of the impact. Groaning loudly, small stars appear over his head, while Peach's ass waves in the air. The movement causes the dress to slowly slip, revealing a wet pussy, that starts to get wetter.

“uhhggnn...mmmm” to Peach's dismay, Winsler was so connected to her body, that her arousal was affecting him, causing him to moan while dazed. The idea of a buffoon in charge of her body, only makes Peach yelp, and she squirts, causing more of her juices to trial down her thighs.

“P..please sit up. I have an idea.”

Winsler groans, and slowly rides Peach up to a sit, placing one hand on the ground and stiffening the arm to keep them propped up. The small stars dance around his body, amused by how odd a sight this is. This only lasts a bit, as he shakes his body, causing the stars to disappear. He then tries to lift his eyes, but the shaking now cause him to be dizzy; his eyes swirls around while he tries to keep balance.

“Okay good you listen. I can hardly see when you are solid like this. Are you able to go invisible like before? I may be able to see and can guide you better that way.” She finishes, before biting her lip, realizing how erotic it will be to 'see' her body move on its own.

“I..I can try to do goes nothing...” And with a big huff, he pulls in his tiny arms, as his tail wags back and forth. Heaving with all his might, his body begins to vibrate, causing Peach's head to feel it as well.”

“Mr. everything going well?”

But Winsler was too focused on the task at hand, trying to force himself invisible. Many times in the past, whenever he had to do this on the spot, he would fail and his fellow boos would laugh at him. Frustration fills him, and for a brief second, Peach connects with him; her heart swells with sadness, as she becomes sad from the memories that touches her mind.

“Pay them no mind. You have done many things that are far more impressive than they could ever muster up.”

Those words touch Winsler, in a way no one else has, except for one; however she is dozing below them. It makes his heart swell up, with pride, and he heaves again once more; but he deflates, but to their surprise, so does his tangibility. His form disappears slowly, as Peach becomes woozy. Her eyes fluttering rapidly, like a vacuum was running with her head. “Oh my!”

As Peach blinks from this sensation, Winsler disappears with a pop. When she blinks again, she realizes she is able to see again. “Mr. Boo...are you still there? Are you alright?” Trying to move, all Peach can do is blink rapidly; moments later they stop, growing wide as the color changes from blue to green. They close half way, while Winsler brings up her hand to his head and wet fingers stroke her cheek.

“ body is not t..there...I..I did it!” beams Winsler, making Peach's lips curl into a smile. Then with sudden curiosity, he brings those finger to her nose and takes a big sniff; Both of them react, gasping. Winsler continues to sniff, moaning, “ O..oh smell like strawberries...”

“Purr..I do. I have been doing some wait! Focus, silly boo! All I can think about is sex, so please hurry so I can think straight.”

Winsler stands up again, his knees wobbling as he notes how Peach's body is now more his while like this. “ I u..understand, b..but it is so hard to you have any glasses I can use?”

“I..believe so...turn your head please,” and as Winsler looks around, Peach scans for a specific outfit. She smiles inwardly as she eyes it, telling Winsler, “Stop! Now walk forward.” Winsler nods, complying as he walks blindly forward, waving their arms before them.

“You are doing fine Winsler. Oh heavens...did she have to throw my clothing into a mess? Okay lean forward to your move your arm to the right..” continued Peach, directing Winsler to a pocket on a blazer. Clawing inside, Winsler touches something. “ Good, now pull it out!” as he tugs, revealing a pair of glasses . The frame is red, styled as a cat eye, the snazzy glasses feel light-weight to Winsler.

Putting it on their face, he adjusts it on her nose as he sighs, “I..I still can not see...things are just...a little less blurry?”

“Hrmm...I think I can fix that. Reach up to my ear and see if my earring are there.” Nodding, Winsler reaches up and their fingertips brush against a small jewel, round and smooth to the touch.

“Good now gently squeeze it, and say these words.”

As Peach says the words to Winsler, he speaks them out-loud: “Wonderful stars of a bright kingdom...beautiful lands the give us nourishment...everything that is filled with life from the sky the ground below..please hear me...Take these lenses and bless them with your life us the ability to see through we can see your beauty all around...”

Finishing the chant, Peach's magical energy twinkles along the earrings, jumping to their fingertips. They shoot out to the glasses, making the lenses glow bright and shimmer. Winsler gasps, jumping back as he rapidly blinks. “I...can see!...W..wait! was I able do that?!”

“Well since you are 'me' now...I figured you could do what I can. I learned a few things that Rosalina taught me. I am still new...but it helps me deal with my cravings...eep!” Peach blushes inwardly, hoping Winsler didn't notice the meaning. “So now you can help me get release!...umm...what is your name Mr. Boo?”

As Winsler stands up fully, taking in the view, he wiggles their toes and then walks over to the side where the mirror was at. Touching the dressing curtains, he pauses and states, “I..I am Winsler..Winsler...Notchrink? Antonia says that is who I..I am...p..pleasure to met you...” He smiles, and the warmth makes her smile back, as he opens the curtains.

“It is good to meet you Winsler. I am Peach Toadstool, Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. A pleasure to meet you, as well.”

This brings tears to their eyes, Winsler finally meeting another who accepts him. He moves forward, standing in front of the mirror, and they both can see what was done: Peach's hair was a mess, slightly dripping with her juices; the same goes for the dress, as it looks wrinkled up and wet.

Peach withdraws inside, murmuring quietly, as Winsler looks down, seeing their pussy dripping again.

“I g..guess you like this..b..but do not w..worry..I know something t..that even gets Tony to scream...” Turning back around, he goes back to the mess of clothing and tosses a few of them around. He smiles as he pulls one out.

“ about dress in this...m..maybe tha you cum?” Revealing a see through latex catsuit, with holes for the crotch and ass.

Peach's face lights up, redder than it has been, and causes Winsler to moan right back, unable to resist their body's heat. Peach purrs, “oh...a..and..can we put in a few plugs while we are at it???”

“Err..what?” Winsler remarks, confused as Peach directs him to the other side, and their eyes go wide.

“T..those have to be 8 feet long!”

Antonia snorts loudly, startling herself awake. She stretches her arms and yawns, realizing she had passed out on her knees. Looking down, she smiles, as her morning wood greets her , dribbling onto the stone floor.

“Mmmm....yess....good morning to you's time now that I show you how a girl uses your body...” And with a snap, purple energy ripples through the air; seconds later, Antonia is floating along with the maid uniform and accessories.

“ see here. I may have...gotten to my predicament way to fast while you were out for these last few hours, but this is not the end you wench!” Samuel heroically stated, though to other eyes all he did was throb as a cock and his balls swelled up. This only causes Antonia to laugh, righting herself to a floating stand.

“Well for one, my deary, I am a slut....However if you want to know what I really am: I am a magikoopa... And I can do damn well as I please...” She coos, reaching down and flicking her finger at her cock tip; this causes Samuel to twitch and he yelps as she moans. “As far as I am concerned...You have no power over me little man...not while you are the elephant in this room...”

Before anything else was thought, his cock tip flares up, “A..a koopa?! How?! Magikoopas normally do not have this much power...nor are they alone!” Samuel confusion and anger begins to overwhelm him, causing him to throb erratically; this only makes Antonia laugh and moan uncontrollably.

“O..oh well see...I am special...These spectacles?...A conduit for my power...better than a wand and fashionable too...” She smiles as she raise her arms, admiring her form as the maid slips over her. It extends around her easily, then squeezes shut once it reaches its full length. This barely knocks the wind out of Antonia, smiling as her breasts get pushed up by the uniform.

“Mmmm for a stuffy old uniform...these really do wonders on my cleavage....a C to a D?...yes please...” she purred, continuing to admiring herself through the mirror, as her curls are untangled. Subconsciously manipulating the her aura, she combs her hair and let the curls under the mushroom head fall gracefully; deep and shiny black, they glisten like pools of oil.

“But then how did that bumbling boo get your glasses. Why is it on Peach! And why are you dressing me up like a whore?!” Samuel's excitable rage looks pathetic to Antonia, as he only gets more erect, causing her to squirm.

“Oh please Sam...calm this rate I will cum again..” giggling as she extends her hands and toes, letting the long gloves and stockings slip onto her. Her purple nails sparkle unnaturally, underneath the solid white fabric, while a pair of pink panties flies up and wrangles Samuel. His rants become muffled, being tucked in tight as he looks like a tightly packed bugle in underwear to small for him.

Smiling, Antonia floats back down, toes pointed, as the mary janes float up onto her feet. The leather buckles clasp, and with a clack, she lands gently. She looks up into the mirror and what stares back is a gorgeous toadette, dressed to the nine's in a maid uniform. Blinded, Samuel is connected to Antonia and to his dismay, can sense how tight the uniform is on his body.

He muffles, only causing small jerks within his panty prison, and this cause Antonia to smile, licking her lips as she pats he hair. With a snap, she cleans the room and a bright flash appears. The purple energy that had hidden the room begins to dissipate; the stone bricks un-bricking themselves revealing the window and door.

“Oooohh...yes yes!...This feels so much better...and I will be able to search the castle now...I have a plan to finish over all....but I think I shall have some fun while hunting..” As she walks out of the bedroom, the door closes behind her, leaving Samuel to whimper.

He wants to do something, but all he does is bulge out, becoming more pronounced in his prison. Dejectedly he thinks, “Oh Princess...I am sorry for how much of a fool I am..Please hurry...I believe only you can stop this watch now...”

And as Antonia's heels clack down the stone staircase....this scene ends as we will come back soon....just seeing how Winsler and Peach gets out of this predicament....
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