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CH 4 - Winsler's First Orgasm

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It seems Winsler meets his he discover a woman is more than he can handle... I do not own any of the characters from Super Mario. They belong to Nintendo. All characters are over 18.

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“ let me first get this off...” Winsler reluctantly starts, looking at themselves over the mirror. Starting with their face, it still looked as clean as when he first saw Peach last night. However, everything else wasn't so lucky. Their hair was a frizzy mess, with some of the strands hanging over the edges of their glasses. The cat-eye glasses were brand new, having barely been used by Peach; while looking, Winsler can see his green eyes sparkle with life. This makes Winsler smile a bit, finding himself a little sexy like this.

The same can't be said as he continues to look over their body. Having fallen many times during the last few hours, and no less in Peach's juices, the iridescent green-blue cowl dress was a mess. Badly wrinkled from head to the hem, the dress' straps are barely keeping together. The worst part of it is that from the ass down, Peach's juices have started to dry up, staining the dress. Continuing to look lower, he notices the juices getting less dry and more moist, eyeing that their pussy is still very wet.

Winsler can imagine them, slowly opening and closing like a mouth ready to be fed; A rush of emotions floods his mind, causing their eyes to flutter, before they softly moan. Peach, inwardly blushing, states, “I...I know I am a mess...a hot one a that, ahem, but can you please hurry?”

Peach's whines have been steadily increasing, as she becomes more heated from the situation they gotten in. To Winsler, Peach appears less of a princess now, and more of a bar wench giving 'extra' for tips. He could feel the goosebumps on their legs, as their juices continue to trickle down from their pussy; Their toes constantly wiggle from the wet arousal, having been bare to all the lust that Peach leaked on the stone floor.

What was more impressive to Winsler, though, was how there were now an assortment of lubes,dildos, plugs and clamps right at their feet. To think Peach hid all of this from everyone and had never gotten caught, was sort of amazing. But as he kneels down to finish surveying what they have, he realizes he had no clue how to use any of this. Reaching down, and delicately picking up a plug, the tip dangles from their fingertips, as a rush of thoughts bombard his mind.

Thoughts of being new to this, as he screams from inserting the plug, and visions of him riding it as he tell Peach, 'It is so big....I can not take much more....♥” This causes their body to quiver in excitement. Just as suddenly, he drops the plug and it rolls away as he grips their head, shaking it profusely. “ I..I understand in need..b..but please need to...c..calm down...I am new to this and I do not w..want to hurt you...”

Unfortunately for Winsler, Peach responds heatedly, “Uhhhnnn! I don't care, I need to cum now!!” This surprises him, with another wave of thoughts invading his mind. Continued desires of sex barrage his mind, as fingers dig into their hair; he drops to their knees trying to resist the intensity of the desire, yet all he can hear is them moaning uncontrollably. The combination of his own meekness and Peach's unbridled lust, short circuits Winsler, arms falling to their side as they stare straight up.

All of Peach's toy's get knocked around, some spinning in place while others slid to the side; the only thing moving are the twitches of their fingers, and the rapid fluttering of their eyes. Green irises now dilated, as Winsler is pulled deeply within his mind, being further bombarded by Peach's desires. Seeing many versions of the same Princess, each donned in different outfits as they push up against him: Peach in pony gear, as she nuzzles her face against his crotch; Peach in a Chinese dress, as she whispers into his ear while fondling his ass; Peach in a police uniform, smacking a paddle in her white-gloved hand , licking her cherry red-lips at her victim.

However the Police Peach steps to the side, revealing a mirror; In that mirror, Winsler sees all the Peaches and himself: not as a boo, but as another version of Peach. “Winsler you have the means to get what you want...all you have to do is use our body...flaunt it....give into your primal desires...” she teases, as Pony and Chinese Peach chant 'Use our is yours...'

Winsler's looks frozen, unable to process what is being shown to him as he blink and sees from the mirror's reflection more versions of Peach showing up; All of them chant the same thing, 'Use our is yours...'

Each Peach starts to rub against him, toying with his body as they continue the chant. Winsler squirms from the touches, but realizes he has no where to go. He stares back at himself in the mirror, being swallowed by the crowd of Peach's, and responds lustfully, “I will use you...♥”

Back to reality, their head drops back forward, hanging downwards as the eye fluttering becomes more intense. Suddenly it stops, as their eyes snaps open; within those eyes, two colors of blue and green, swirl behind a ghostly white. Winsler smiles as her tongue flops out, reaching up and caressing her face as it twists into an ahegao manner. “ Oh yes...purrrr....this is so much better....Just me and I....and I do have some business to attend to...♥”

She laughs, Peach's voice becoming a mixture of ghostly decadence. With Peach's intense lust, it consume herself and Winsler's emotions along with it, destroying inhibited barriers that kept him in line. As her ghostly eye's leer into the mirror, Winsler looks at herself like any normal boo would: hungry. Driven by Peach, the only thing on her mind was sex and satisfaction, as she reaches up to the top of the cowl of her dress. Gripping hard, she groans as her face reddens before ripping the dress in half.

It falls to her side as two long pieces, and heavy pants fill the air. Staring, all Winsler can see is a nubile body that needs to be fed; Her tongue continues to drool unceremoniously, wetting her chest as she reaches up with a clamp. Twerking one nipple, pinching it so its pointed and hard, she lets the clamp loose and howls in deep pleasure as the pain ripples through her body. Mewling in response, she picks up a bottle of lube and rips the top off, followed by a thick eight-inch long dildo.

Staring at the plug , an impatient lover needing her fill, she pours the lube onto it. The liquid covers up the dildo from top to bottom, as it spills as far a foot in circumference. Snatching it into her hand, as the lube messily drips down her wrist and arm, she leans in close to the messy dildo, sniffing her nose up along it.

“Ooooh even this smells like strawberries....mmm now I know where Peach got her scent....♥” She laughs, reaching down with her free hand to open her aching pussy; By now it has been leaking like a dam, in constant hunger as the dildo is slammed inside.

Her eyes flutter and she moans in ecstasy, as she leans back and pounds her pussy with the dildo. Sounds of pleasure begin to fill the air, with Winsler panting from the effort. Entirely focused on the mirror, she purrs in delight, enjoy the sight as if teased by the reflection.

“Look at me....look at me! I can not believe I wanted so long to have this... I am such a fucking prude!” And she howls, the ghostly laugh causing the dressing curtains behind to shake from the reverb.

Winsler, lost in her new discover pleasure, continues to plunge the dildo deeper in, caring little of what is done to her body. She somehow knows every facet of it, and what needs to be done to bring herself over the edge. She thrusts her hips in rhythm with the dildo, rotating it such a way that the long shaft rubs against her clit; Every thrust only adds to the pleasure, as the dildo bounces against her g-spot as it pushes deeper. The act makes her hips buck widely, aching for her g-spot to be played with. The only self-control she has now, ensures that shes is pushed deeper into the overwhelming lust.

She screams incoherently as one wave of orgasms hit her, and briefly her eyes go completely white. Within seconds, the colors come back, though more faintly as she gasps from that orgasm. She continues to fuck herself the dildo, and whines, “N..not enough...have to go harder...”

Gaining a second wind, she tries to keep up the pace she started, only to gasp as her arm gives out; She falls onto her back and growls. Letting go of the dildo, only to reposition her hand, she starts to pump it once again like a jackhammer, as she bucks her hips back into rhythm.

Another scream, another orgasm, and her eyes go white before they begin to swirl a light green. Winsler in his mind's eye, floating deeper into darkness; Slowly stirring up to awareness, even as the body continues to fuck their pussy. Being pushed beyond conscious limits, Winsler tries to talk but only incoherent babbling comes out of their mouths, followed by another howl of pleasure as they cum again. This seems to shake him awake, as their eyes snap back open and green fills the irises once more; all in the same motion, they let go of the dildo.

He stares at themselves, seeing the scattered toys and sniffing, smelling the aroma of strawberries. Peach is more than satisfied herself, as Winsler grunts and the dildo flops out with a squelch. It rolls a few inches away from them, while he raises their hands up and gently touches their face. He feels the wetness of their fingertips, and sighs. In control again, he speaks softly, “ e..everything alright?...”

However, like a mouse, she doesn't utter a sound. Being consciously aware of what she had done, she shrinks as far as inside as she can. Winsler heaves, pushing themselves up as their knees, before they begin to wobble. Their arms flail, as he struggles to keep themselves balanced, barely achieving this as he slowly walks out to the middle of the room.

Even though he felt like he ran a marathon, Winsler smiles, having accomplished a feat. He looks down again, seeing how messy they had gotten and he nods silently to himself. Without saying a word to Peach, he shuffles over to the pile of her erotic clothing, needing one to clean themselves up with.


“Love's my religion...but Peach was your faith...Something so hard to replaced...” ♪

Clacks of heels echo down the staircase, from an unknown maid with a voice as pure as silk that would bring warmth to other's hearts. The kind of voice that others would die to hear, and often at Peach's Castle, there are many talented that are blessed with this sort of talent. Sadly, for one person's 'ears', he rather be listening to anyone else.

“Fallin' for Peach...was like fallin' from grace...All wrapped in one...She was so many sins...”♪

The song continues unheeded, while becoming like nails to a chalkboard, for Samuel. Sadly, any form of frustration made him 'harder'. In fact, any sort of emotion just gave pleasure to his captor, and all Samuel could do was to muse quietly; yet this is proving to be harder than he originally imagined.

“Would have done anything for her...and if you asked me....I would have served someone else...”♪

Being a cock was insulting enough to Samuel, but knowing all he can think about was: sex, pleasure, Peach, sissy submission, being a good slut for Mistress... “GAAAHHH Blasted thoughts! I am NOT her WANG, remember who you are, you fool! I am a gentleman of honor and integrity!”

“No need to imagine...'Cause I know it's true...They say 'all good boys go to Peach'...But bad boys serve Me...” ♪

As a gloved-hand reaches down, and a thumb rolls over the front of the bulge within the maid's panties. Samuel gasps and his anger dissipates, throbbing as he rubs against the silky fabric in need. “Ughhh...Please I need release...let me be free!”

“It's automatic...It's just what they do...They say 'all good boys go to Peach'...But bad boys serve Me...” ♪

And the noise goes silent within the staircase, as the maid reaches down to her knees. Grabbing onto the hem of her uniform, she lifts up and reveals the outside world to her panties. Samuel squirms, seeing faint light, with torches lining the stone walls softly illuminating the passage. However, the panties block his vision. He throbs and dribbles come forth, soaking the front of his panty prison, while purple energy slithers along the hem of the maid's uniform. Keeping it lifted for her, a gloved-finger lowers itself and wags.

“Mmmm no no...silly Sam...haven't you been listening to me singing?...If you keep that up you will get me too aroused....and then I will have to fuck someone's snatch....” giggled Antonia, as she licks her lips, stained with a same purple that fills her eyes.

Samuel groans and grows silent, even as he continues to throb in vain. Antonia just grins, the energy along the hem of her dress disappearing, dropping the uniform and encloses Samuel in darkness once more. A soft whine is emitted, and she continues walking down the stair case. Smiling, Antonia is taking her time to enjoy how strong her body feels; once it was Samuel's but having been transformed to a more feminine quality, it became a tool that a slut would use to get all sorts of pleasure.

The light begins to grow brighter, as they begin to near the end of the staircase. Antonia slows her descent, as she nears a doorway. Moving closer, she hears footsteps come her way, and she steps back inside, leaning into the door corner, as voices echo loudly.

“Welp..we have been searching the castle ALL DAY, and nothing. We lost Samuel again. Can't we just you know....forget about him and do something fun?”

“ NO. We have a duty to keep this place going, even if we have no clue what to do. But we can do this for we defend this castle, right men!”

“Woo hoo...”, a chorus of toads quietly cheered back.

“Ah yes see, what courage you bring in them. At this rate, we will surely be able to find Samuel AND even get lunch?”


The voices continue to bicker as they go down further in the hall, Antonia unable to hear the rest of the conversation. The sounds of sound of the footsteps begin to die down, and she peeks out, eyeing many armored toads as they reach the end of the hallway and turn.

“ that must have been your lackey's...shows how much they really cared for you...but do not worry Sam...I am here and I will treat you so much better...” cooed Antonia, rubbing the front of her crotch and Samuel groans in helpless response. “Now then if your memory serves right....I will need to head down to the kitchen....”

She thumbs her crotch, precisely where Samuel's tip is at; pushing in firmly, she rubs her panties along the slit, causing jolts of arousal to assault both her and Samuel. She mewls loudly, teasing Samuel as she gives her crotch one smack and giggles before she peeks her head out. Samuel recoils and begins to whine as Antonia's panties start to get soaked.

Looking both ways, seeing the coast is clear, she tiptoes from her hiding place and to a large painting in front of the doorway. In front of them stands a large portrait of Peach, leading up to her room behind them. “Now if I am right....You had this put up here because many of the toads kept getting lost...going up to every other tower but this one to find Peach....

“Not only that...when she was one of her “adventures”...she almost starved because everyone 'forgotten' her.” She giggles at this, while Samuel just shrinks. That week was hell for him, having to sneak up to her tower to 'supply' her while keeping the other toads calm.

Leaning forward, Antonia's purple nails run down the portraits texture, right around where Peach's bosom is. She purred softly, “ And if I recall make sure no one knew where you were coming....or going..–––CLICK” as a the bottom half of the portrait swings back, and another passage opens up. “You made insurances...and many secret passages...good for you when you had to be her little bitch...but defeats the point if no one can stop an trespasser who knows those passages?”

She chuckles to herself, as she eased herself into the passage; once on the other side, the portrait swings back with a click, and it looked like it was never tampered. Samuel continues his best to resist the anger, realizing he just cause more problems. “ I..I can do this...just as long as she doesn't sing...”

“Now...where did I leave off at...oh yes!.....You don't realize the power Peach has...Until they leave you and you want them back...”♪

Samuel groans loudly, as clacks of heels echo in the tiny passage, fading slowly as they disappear into the darkness.


Winsler grunts as he pulls up the last of the catsuit over their chest. Not accustomed to a female's proportions, navigating the clingy outfit was a chore in itself. However he had no choice in the matter, as everything else was not unusable. Either ripped, torn or drenched in Peach's juices, all the rest of her outfits were a mess.

They sigh, before they take a big breathe, and he bends over to pick up a pair of three-inch heel boots. Nodding as he finally got the last of what he needed to get, he begins to navigate the mess. Reaching the back where the mirror was at, he pulls over a little chest and they sit on it, while he carefully puts on each boot. “Now..I..I know what happened was...unusual at best....but I have never felt so good! If women r..receive that kind of pleasure all the time...I..I think I would never be a boy again...”

This surprises Peach, squirming at the thought that Winsler would take her body for his own, and she squeaks a bit even when she realizes what kind of boo he is. He not only helped her with her “problem”, but now is even making sure she is dressed. Just not a bit ago, he was navigating blushing trying not to stare too much at themselves, and apologize for having to use another of her dresses as a make shift rag.

All he ever done was apologize or cower, yet not ever brought harm to her. This makes saddens Peach, but she stays quiet, not sure to how to bring it up to Winsler. Instead she watches him finish dressing them up, as he now stands up, the heels of the boot planted firmly on the stone.

“G..good these feel sturdy!...T..trying the stilettos before was a bad idea...” as they grimace, and he reaches back to rub their ass, remembering how hard they fell. Then bending back over, he picks up a brush and walks over to the mirror. Beginning to brush their hair, Peach gets a good look at herself. now dressed in a tight latex catsuit, her every curve is accentuated, while two slight bumps bulge out; at her crotch, and at her ass.

As a small request, she squeaked earlier, “Winsler...if you can just lube these two plugs up..and put them inside...they will help me keep calm.” And he complied like a good boy, which only made her squirm harder. The plugs were a few inches long, and moderately thick; just enough to tease the Princess since she was use to sizes bigger than this. She felt bad for Winsler, and she knew the best way to assist is to help him navigate the in's and outs of her body.

While Peach was in thought, Winsler speaks up once more, causing her to focus back on the mirror. Looking at their reflection, Winsler has gotten half way through brushing their hair, as he gently tilts their head to their side. “I..I am almost done with this task...and we do need to figure out how to get out of this room....I...may be a boo but I can not...t..turn us both invisible...”

She stays silent, letting Winsler finish up brushing their hair; once done, he sets down the brush and looks at the mirror, putting their hands on their hips as he admires themself. He makes them smile, as he raises their hand to adjust their glasses; Peach speaks up, causing him to fumble and almost knock the glasses right off their face.

“Sorry Winsler...but you did a good job! So, umm...okay now I want you to make turn around and head over to the coat rack next to the door.”

He does this, biting their lip with every step he takes. Peach may be use to it, but having two plugs push in and out with every movement causes Winsler to moan. Taking a few minutes to reach the rack, he stands before it as he peers at it. The rack is bare of any kind of coat or jacket, having been tossed from around from earlier.

“Okay now hold onto the top, right under the hangers and push up.”

“Al..alrighty Peach...” and as he does this, the hangers rattle as they full extend outward; with a swoosh , metal slides from the hangers forming a metal base for the top. Next the sound of gears go into motion and a bunch of clicks fill their ears as the coat rack extends upward, planting itself onto the ceiling.

“Now grab onto it, making sure you are hugging the pole, and stomp your boot on the base of the rack.”

Winsler does this, gripping the pole and hugging onto it before he raises their left leg; a second later, he stomps their boot firmly onto the base of the coat rack.

“So what happens when IEEEEEEE!––“

The stone floor opens up below them, a few feet in circumference, and with whoosh they begin to slide down the pole into the darkness below.

And with that..we will come back just seeing where this pole leads them...and what happens the 'maid' finds someone worthy of her attention....
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