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CH 5 - Bartleby's Sadness

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We meet a new character and discover that one's past never escapes them... I do not own any of the characters from Super Mario. They belong to Nintendo. All characters are over 18.

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'CLANG CLANG CLUNK––' goes the sound of pans, having fallen and rolling across the ground. A sigh quietly escapes from the middle of the room, as a young toad bends over to pick up the kitchenware. Dressed up in a apron and a chef's hat, the casually dressed toad begins to hum to himself.

His blue hair glistens, while a large bang flips in front of his face, over to his right eye. He blows his breath, blowing it to the side; It barely moves an inch, just drifting to the right of his eye. Giving off a small smirk, always amused by his own stubborn hair, he finishes collecting the pans that fell. It doesn't take him before he turns towards a counter, and lets them fall with another CLANG.

“Hm hm hm hm hmmmmmm...time to show everyone how fabulous I am.”♪

Moon-walking backwards, he continues to hum to himself before swiftly turning around; before him is an oven, as he turns on each of the burners. Six flames burst to life, lighting up his smile. Going back to the counter he was at, he begins to fill each pan with a liquid. The brownish paste slowly drips, its viscosity thinning, once making contact with the metal. Cracking some eggs, dropping in some minced turnips, the toad continues to hum away as he mixed the contents.

The flames on the stove, having stayed lit for a little while now, starts to bellow out smoke. It that rises to the ceiling and begins to accumulate. The toad was far to busy with his culinary concoction to realize the folly he made. Not until one of the smokey trails hits a small metal flower along the ceiling; its eyes light up with a blue-ish glow, and it begins spins rapidly, altering its fellow flowers.

The spins from the metal flowers create a vacuum that pulls in the smoke, while each of the flowers eyes glow a brighter blue. Small blue shards get emitted from the flowers, as the fog begins to creep along the ceiling. Seconds later, the room gets colder, as the toad shivers. However, he pays it no mind as he continues mixing the ingredients, using the paste as a shell.

He smiles brightly, stepping back to look at each of them. “Perfect for once something went right.” That is until a snowflake floats down from the ceiling onto the tip of his nose. As he wiggles it, he notices the temperature and turns around.

As his eyes scan the smoke from the burners, he looks up and see thick clouds right overhead. “Oh no...”

WHOOSH....A torrent of rain falls from the clouds onto the kitchen.. The sounds of pings is heard as the water drops hit all the metal within the kitchen. The rain pours so heavily, leaving nothing dry, as water cascades off the counters and onto the stone floor. But in an instant, it stops; the metal flowers continue to spin, sucking in and vaporizing the rest of the smoke .

Completely drenched, the toad turns to the stove and sees all six burners have been extinguished. His chef hat falls over onto the wet floor, and he hears a loud pop behind him. Groaning, he turns around and sees that due to the wetness, the culinary perfection had yielded to the wetness and altered itself. All the ingredients sit in the center of each pan, as the paste sticks to the sides of the pans.

“ La Vache,” the disgruntled toad muffled, turning his back from the portrait of Princess Peach. On the wall opposite of the stove, the eyes blink, before closing half-way; Unknown to the toad, a devilish smile is shown, hidden behind the portrait's radiant smile.

There were two things that boos have discovered about Winsler that he was very good at: screaming like a girl, and screaming in general. If they could see him now, they would all admit that he finally was in his rightful place. Well that is what Peach thought briefly, before a renewed, “AAAAAHHHHHH,” emitted into the hallow tunnel. Even if she can't control her own body, she is able to hear everything Winsler thinks and feels.

This realization came to her after she had 'overwhelmed' him earlier, and made them wantonly fuck themselves. This made her shiver inwardly, how he became a literal expression of her emotional subconscious. She couldn't stop the action; it felt like they were one and all that they hunger for was pleasure. She continues to squirm within her ethereal state, realizing how fierce Winsler could be if he was pushed into being an actual boo. And to know he was using her body in that way , only makes her moan.

The intensity from these thoughts, filtered into Winsler's subconscious thoughts; his screams become moans, as he starts to hump the pole they are sliding against. This surprises both of them and before Winsler could say anything, “Do not worry about what just happened! I..I am just still fired up from what you did earlier for me Winsler.”

Stopping themselves as their face shows a look of doubt,Winsler hugs the pole closer, sighing. Speaking distantly, “Princess if we are to g..get out of this need to be more h..honest with me...” Their head turn downwards, as Winsler watches the torches pass by that lit up the tunnel. “ I...I may be slow-w...witted...but I am not dumb...”

Peach goes silent, with the only sound coming from them was the fiction between their body and the pole they are sliding against. Minutes passed, and the silences becomes to much for Winsler, as he becomes uncomfortable. They wiggle against the pole, as he searches for words to say, but none come to him. However, Peach hears his thoughts loudly and begins to feel the weariness and loneliness he feels; and decides to speak up.

“It is not like that... For a long time I had these desires pent up inside of me that could never be freed. I am a princess of this kingdom, though everyone already sees me as their Queen. Everything action I do, everyone's eyes is watching. I have to be the perfect role is expected of me.

“ gave me a chance to really express myself. You took my quirks and only showed interested in helping me explore them. What you did earlier and what you are doing now, that speaks a lot to me....Where I took advantage of your kindness and continued to hide myself from you. I am sorry Winsler. I may not be the best at articulating how I am feeling, but I do appreciate all you have done for me.”

There was sincerity in the words Peach had spoken, which Winsler could feel as the rush of emotion flood his mind. They smile faintly, as a whispered, “ Thank you...” emits from their mouth. But Peach could tell how he felt, and inside he is melting in happiness. Inwardly, this made her smile.

“Hey, look over there Winsler! There's a flower coming right towards us. Smack it!”

“F..flower?? G..Got it!...” And looking down, Winsler eyes the flower that Peach mentioned; they reach out and their fingertips barely graze against it, as its eyes glow red. Clasping the pole quickly, he looks up and sees a shining light and FWOOM; the fire flower shoots flames towards the adjacent wall and into a small hole.

“W..what did that do?!” but before he could get an answer, he hears noise traveling near his ear within the pipes in walls. It speeds down, and moments later below, the stone begins to move around. Seconds after that, the pole changes angles sharply in a curve, and the spiral into a new direction.

Winsler screams again from the sudden motion, as their hair flies into their face. Shaking their head to get loose of the hair, they continue spiral in this way horizontally. Then with another curve, they straighten out and Peach begins to giggle, as their hair flies back up above their head.

“Just keep hitting those flowers as I tell you and we will make it there in no time!” The jubilance in Peach's tone is the clear opposite of their body, as goosebumps ripple up and down underneath the tight latex.

Winsler groans, “I want this ride to be over...”

Antonia hums softly, as she continues to peek on the toad in the kitchen, rocking her hips side to side. Being far from restless, she is enjoying the way Samuel makes her feel. Having riled him up with her singing, now shes causing slight movements to jostle him about, teasing him with her body. He has been very disagreeable since, quietly storming; she doesn't need to hear him to feel him, as his rage makes him throb harder, and they feel so good to her.

When they had finally reach the end of the tunnel, she noticed the same painting. However, taking the time to look through Samuel's memories, she realized he spied on the toad before them in secret. Since she needed time to finish scrying Samuel's memories, she used her aura to lift herself up the air. Not needing the pulley system Samuel installed, this was easier on her body and she gets to fully tease Samuel.

With that thought, she smirks and the hem of her maid uniform flickers with her purple energy, and lifts up slowly. She then reaches down and unleashes him from her panties. Then she rocks her hips once again, bouncing Samuel between both of her thighs; the way he throbs against the stocking clad legs makes him whine. Being smacked, back and forth, the constant teasing only makes him dribble. This is ecstasy to her and she mewls in delight. Yet , she quiets herself, before eyeing the toad once more.

“So this is...Bartleby....hmmm yes...useless in every single venture he ever does....” she mused to herself, increasing the pace of her hip-rocking, causing Samuel to groan louder. “Anything he touches, breaks apart in rapid fashion...similarly anything that gets near him gets in painful accidents....” She puts the flap back down, making this more audible to Samuel, causing him to throb in anger and she coos back.

“Really you had no where to put him...a danger to himself and everyone...and yet you struck upon gold...utilizing that 'talent'...and making this his little 'home'....” Reaching down, she grips Samuel and squeezes firmly, causing him to yelp and purr at her; helplessly he starts to dribble faster into her fingers.

“But what is most interesting from all that no one can near him just because of his 'talent'...And what better place to hide the most precious jewels...with someone who can be the perfect 'guard'?...” She laughs and smacks Samuel hard, right on the tip of his head; unable to stop himself, he groans loudly and gushes as he shoots cum out.

“P..please...let me release again...” and Antonia succumbs to the intensity of the ejaculation, squirming from cumming, as it falls onto the ground below them. Long sticky drips trail onto the floor as Samuel calms down, and she leans onto the portrait, panting heavily.

Smiling, she raises her hand and snaps her fingers, making her aura wrap around Samuel in a flash. The aura makes very constricted 'sheathe', while she squirms in further pleasure, knowing he is unable to move in this state.

“MMMMmmmm....I enjoyed that Sam, but....I can't finish my plan if you keep acting up like this....” Waggling her finger at him, she giggles and floats back down, nimbly avoiding the mess they made. 

Looking up at the portrait, she smiles to herself. “Now I guess it's time to introduced myself to the aspiring 'cook'...”


“Hit that flower...Good job Winsler!We are almost at our destination but do not worry, I made insurances on a safe landing!”

“W..wait...insurances?..W..why?!” Winsler squeaked, as another fire flower FWOOMS overhead; however even as he hears the noise from the pipes, but nothing happens below. Instead the torch lights go out all around, above and below, expect from one set that he could barely see.

“W..why did the torches do that??”

“You will see in a bit! Now, I want you to hold onto one of the earrings and think of yourself like a feather!” Peach bellowed, as their arm snakes around the pole and Winsler grips one of their earrings. 

“A..Alright!” and he grips firmly, as the blue jewel twinkles again. Stars begin to flow from the pearl, and they swirl around the pole, racing down along with the duo. Soon the stars swirl around them, and continue to twirl as they line themselves up along the edges of the catsuit. However as Winsler peeks downward again, he realized the stone floor was coming to them fast.

“W..wait..n..nooo!...this will actually kill me!!!”

And a scream echoes into the tunnel, loud enough that it can break glass. Yet all that happened was the twinkling stars glowing brighter, as the catsuit becomes one with them. Shining brightly,. their descent slows and they land with a soft clacks, as their heels touch the stone floor. As suddenly as they had started, they now ended.

The screams,however, continue to reverberate throughout the tunnel: beside himself, Winsler grips the pole for dear life, that is until a FWOOM happens out of ear shot, and he opens one of their eyes to peek. The torches around them begin to go out , from the back and to the front, leading to an entryway. As his scream slowly dies down, two torches light up followed by another two. Letting go of the pole and opening their other eye, another two torches light up further down, dancing as they beckon them further. Winsler blinks, standing there shaking, as he finally realizes they are safe.

“There was that not a hoot?! I had Samuel make it this way so I could get around the castle easily. He preferred the hidden passageways and I liked to...feel of the pole against my body.” Peach giggled as Winsler starts to ease up, slowly moving forward.

“Now we need to hurry, if your sister has control of Samuel's mind , then I know where she is heading. So run down that tunnel, we have not a moment to lose!”

“O..okay Peach..r..right away!” And Winsler nods, taking a step forward and stumbling. They bend over as he catches themselves, gripping their thigh tightly. Their knees wobble uncontrollably, as he begins to breathe. “ U...umm...can we go more slowly?...I am...not over what we just did..”

“Alright, but you get to tell me more about Antonia on the way.” Peach begins giggling, amused by how Winsler is handling her body.

Winsler doesn't catch this, and taking a deep breath, stands up tall. With slow steps, he slowly walks forward. The darkness before them disappears slowly, as torches begin to illuminate the path. “ So...I g..guess I should start with me and Tony 'm..met'....”


Bartleby having finished wiping down all the counters, sighs heavily. Even when everything is now spotless, he is still drenched from the accident earlier. Walking back to where he was originally at, small squeaks echo in the room; not realizing, he forgotten to wipe his feet, as foot prints trail behind him. He pauses and turns around to look at the portrait of Princess Peach. “Oh...thank you for this opportunity, but it seems I have messed up again. I just really wanted to give you something for all you did for me...”

With a somber expression, he turns back around; unknown to him, the portrait bottom-half swings inwards and back. As he looks at what was left of his culinary work, the rain had scared the paste. In the middle of the large pan were all his ingredients he mixed in; to the edges were the paste. It is used in some recipes to allow a rising dough that you could pre-stuff. The problem was that any form of water after it was prepared made it 'fled'. Literally.

He stares at the paste, sighing, “I thought that was a made-up joke for cooks...but fleeing...really? You are worse than a goomba.”

Picking up a spatula, he tries wedging it between one of the sides to lodge it free. To his surprise, the paste grips the other end and flicks it to one side, claiming the spatula; It then swings it back and smacks him squarely on the hand. As he looks down at his hand, yelling in pain, purple energy ripples through each watery foot-print he made; followed by mary janes stepping through each one silently.

He glares at the paste, while the spatula wiggles back and forth. “Why you!” he retorts, grabbing the handle with both hands and begins a tug of war with the paste. A half a minute passes and he begins to heave, being forced to let go and bend over to catch his breath. Unfortunately, as his head lowers, the pastes flicks the handle into his face and he screams as his nose gets hit. Anger flickers through his hazel eyes, and he picks up a knife.

“I will show you whose boss!”

“ will scare away your audience...” As gloved-hands gently grip the hand wielding the knife. It surprises Bartleby, with the strength that was used; he is unable to pull away, while his arm is forced to go lower. He looks to the one who spoke and his large blue bang falls in front of his eyes.

“Can you please let me go...I need to move my hair.” he quietly states, feeling being released, as he reaches up to adjust it. Pushing it to the side, it dips along the right side of his face again. Smiling, he nonchalantly says, “Thank you...but what you did was dang––“

His eyes grow wide, the hazel color sparkling. Before him lies the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. It doesn't help that he enjoys the goth types more, and it hardly crosses his mind on how she got here in the first place. All he knows she was, and he was stricken.

Absentmindedly staring at the beautiful maid, she walks up to him. “Oh there you go...aren't you just a pretty one behind all that hair?..” She smiles softly at him, leaning in close so her face is inches away from his. 

Bartleby gasps, “I..I see well are b..beautiful yourself..eerr...”

“Antonia...” She purred back at him, very aware he is not use to females at all. Samuel knew full well of the trouble Bartleby can cause by just existing; he capitalized on that, and stuck him down a few levels below the castle to keep him away from everyone else. The only thing Samuel had to do after that was keep Bartleby happy, which was proving harder to do as he slowly learned that Bartleby wanted to be with another.

Sticking a few “necessities” with Bartleby, Samuel knew that no one could ever reach him. “Other..than myself...” he muttered despondently, knowing Antonia knows all of this. Through his own lack of trust, he put Bartleby in grave danger.

“W..why its n..nice m..meeting you!” Breaking into a wide smile, he slowly starts to step back as beads of sweat drip down his face. Antonia follows, keeping a small distance while smiling at him. Bartleby notices her eyes flicker and the wonders if she was dressing him down; yet only seconds later, her tongue flicks across her lips slowly. It makes him squirm as he bumps into the counter behind him and looks back.

“No no...don't hurt yourself...” she cooed, moving her arm pass his side, and placing her hand on the counter behind. She leans in, pressing her body against, as she lifts her body on her toes. Whispering in his ear, “Since..Samuel told me you needed someone to assist you...and knew you were lonely...he advised me to come down here...” Antonia kisses his ear and pulls back, letting her bosom gently bounce as she smiles at him.

“H..he did!? Why...I didn't know he would do this!” This brightens Bartleby,'s mood considerably. He stands up fully, right in Antonia's face, his eyes beaming at her matching his smile.

This causes Antonia to blink, stepping back as she pauses. At the same time, Samuel, within the purple 'sheathe', shrinks inwardly and whimpers. She flicks through his memories, while Bartleby continues to look forward at her in amazement. She slowly smiles back at him, seeing fully what Samuel denied of the poor boy. With another step back, she curtseyed at him.

“Oh yes...and he praised you so much... Even when he tried to keep mum about it....he just could not keep quiet around me how much he enjoyed what you did....'Every toad should be like Bartleby!' is what he stated...” Her tone is like silk, wrapping around Bartleby easily; Gaining his attention without him realizing the web that was being made.

Samuel squirms in his prison, screaming, “ No, you FOOL! Don't listen to her!!” But all Antonia feels is her cock throbbing madly which make her blush. This accents the charm of the curtsey, and she looks up towards Bartleby.

“I believed he saw you as an successor...” then slowly she rises up, patting the sides of her uniform while giving a more seductive smile at his direction.

The lust that Antonia is giving to him, easily bypasses the amazed Bartleby. All he heard was “I want you♥....” and the face he expresses is one of dumbfounded bliss.

“For the longest time, all I did was hurt others or break things. This though? This just made my day!” And he jumps in the air , his hazel eyes twinkling. Wanting to jump for joy, he raises his arms and she suddenly grabs him by the side. Snaking her arm around, she moves her body close to his, and he could feel his breathe against his neck, making him squirm.

“ Oh yes...before you get too far ahead I do need to say why I am....also here...Samuel was told by Peach that she needed a special set of earrings that you had...he was too busy to come down here showed me the path...Peach said it was super important to stop Bowser...”

The words that Antonia just said were a knife, and Bartleby's brain was butter. He looked at her, blinking carefully as his thought process halts; all the joy in his face gone. “Well...he told me that those have to be protected at all costs..” Lowering his arms, he takes his chef hat and Antonia lets go, before he turns around. He sits it on the counter, before doing the same with his mushroom, and then turns back around to her.

His hair fluffs out, styled in such a way that the long bang accentuates his short hair. A blue seem to have a life of its own, gleaming. However his eyes turn cold, glancing at Antonia before he tilts his head to show off one ear. On it, an earring gleams more brightly than his hair, as a replica of a luma radiates back at Antonia.

She gasps, as her aura tries to go forth, hungry for the power that was radiating from this earring. However she keeps her calm, biting her tongue and swallowing some blood. She starts to step forward, eye only the earring. “It is seems to shine brighter than he sun”

“yes it does!..and the galaxy too, from what Samuel told me. This an the earring on my other ear are gifts from Rosalina...and that it had to be hidden away from all. Apparently it was safest on me! Heh, that was said by Peach. In fact, I can only give them to her only...So I apologize, but I wont be able to give them to you for Samuel.”

Bartleby looks down, shuffling his feet. Antonia cups her hand under his chin, lifting it up so his gaze meets hers once more. Then just as swiftly, she plants a kiss firmly, her purple-colored lips on his own. He tries to gasp, and almost falls; he grips the counter behind him, barely catching himself. This only allows Antonia to move forward and wrap herself against him once more, pushing her body against his while her leg wrap his hip.

New to the natures of pleasure, Bartleby yelps and groans as his member causes a tent in front of his pants. Antonia's hips brush rocks her hip, brushing her crotch along the tip; the pleasure ripples through Bartleby's mind, as he doesn't even consider the 'bulge' he felt. All he can feel is her kissing him, more deeply as she pushes her tongue past his lips; snaking it around his ow. Her tongue flickers up and down, like a cat playing with the mouse.

Bartleby's moans only fuels Antonia's advances, as Samuel groans. Not caring how much pressure she uses now, the 'sheathe' goes out of control, having no where to go. It uses Samuel like a squeezy toy, and all over constricts at increasing paces that makes groan in pleasure. Feeling like he is on the edge of losing himself, he screams, “Noooo Bartleby don–– mmmmmmmm.”

Hoisting herself up a little more, Antonia's kiss becomes more passionate, causing Bartleby to become off balanced. Having little chance to respond, he writhes against her, moaning loudly as he collapses onto the ground. He grounds in pain, but this only allows Antonia to straddle him once more, her ass firmly on his tent, as she grinds ontop of it. He yells in pleasure and she leans down, wrapping his lips once more in hers, as he squirms helplessly under her body.

All he can do was give into the advances, and buck his hips, rubbing the tip of his tent against Antonia's ass. Pants becoming soaked the teasing, he thrusts up weakly, aching for release. Sensing how close he is already, Antonia preys on his inexperience; she purrs loudly going in for the 'kill' and bites sharply on his tongue. 

Bartleby screams in pain but Antonia only kisses him more deeply, wrapping her tongue around his as his blood meets hers. His eyes flicker opening, from shock as he stares, but swiftly turns into fear as her eyes begin to glow. The purple energy that was being held back realizes its time, and bursts out from around Antonia like a crack of lightening; it laps at the air, making it ripple around them. She grips his head hard with her hand, nails digging into his skin and he writes more from the pain, while she pins him harder down; constricting him like a boa, as he quivers helplessly.

Antonia's eyes begin to light up, with purple tears falling down her face and floating over to Bartlebys. Unable to move, from the mixture of pleasure and pain that had shocked his system. All he can do is watch, as the purple tears seeps into his eyes. As tears meet his eye, the hazel color shimmers within the iris, and memories rapidly flash in front of his mind's eye: Of all the times toads laughed at him, of all the times toads ridiculed him, of all the times toads pushed him around.

Bringing up every horrible memory of every moment in his life, rage begins to fill his mind. Forgetting where he was, he hears a whisper in his mind, “You can have the power to change it just have to tell me what you want and I will give it to you...”

Looking, he sees right through Antonia, and sees hundreds of toads that have hurt him. Tears begin to fill his eyes, mixing in with the purple energy and he furrows his brow. “ I want to show them what they have done to me...this pain I didn't deserve...I want revenge!”

And at that moment, Samuel looks up; even in the darkness, as Antonia connects to Bartleby, he can connect to him as well, seeing the anger within the memories. “My god...what have I done...” were his final thoughts as the pleasure overtakes him; lightning shoots from Antonia's aura, hitting everything around them.

The kitchenware begin to make noise, swinging and falling off from their places as the room begins to light up in an eerie purple glow.


As the kitchen is thrown into chaos, the portrait flips open. Coming in, Winsler and Peach, barely fall over as they slip on Antonia's 'mess” earlier.

“Oh no no no!” screamed Winsler, catching himself, before he ducks down. Narrowly avoiding a flying pan as it smacks into the wall behind them, they both look up. Their eyes fall upon Antonia, as purple lightning crackles all around her, and they see a poor toad pinned under her.

“Oh no that is Bartleby! We have to stop the now, or she will take him over too!” yelled Peach at Winsler, as they begin to step forward.

Moving slowly past the flying kitchenware, the room glows brighter with purple malice, as Winsler speaks out. “S..stop Tony...this not the way to do this...Peach can help...we can find another way!”

As Antonia's body rises up, the mushroom head on top falls to the side. Looking back at the duo, her face slacks. Lifeless eyes peer back at them, as her mouth opens up: out comes purple lightening, as Antonia's koopa face flares out from within.

“ You are too late...I have succeeded where you had failed!” As the head slowly turns back, and the magikoopas eyes connect with Bartleby's. He looks terrified, but his body doesn't respond, as she screams loudly into the air and flies right at his face.

“ Tony please!” Winsler screamed, but focusing too much on whats before them, a random pan smacks into the side of their head. They gasp as they drop to their knees, and Winsler reaches up touching the side.

She ignores their cries as her face latches onto Bartleby's, and the kitchen pulses brightly. Within the light, Bartleby screams, as he becomes consumed from Antonia's power lust. His eyes flutter and his eyes flash, as Antonia's magikoopa face becomes absorbed by his own.

Winsler tries to get up, wanting to ready them, but a large roar envelops the room; the sound was too strong as it launches them up to the ceiling, and they indent themselves into it. Gasping loudly in pain, as the glow of the pulsating light changes; as a faint blue swirls within the purple and Winsler groans as it feels the light claw into their skin, keeping them pinned to the ceiling.

Their pain falls on deaf ears, as Antonia's former body goes completely limp and flops to the side; it lies on the ground as Bartleby continues to convulse next to it. His face twists, as Antonia's become more defined, and she laughs though his mouth, as Rosalina's earrings begin to resonate with Antonia's energy. Both energies meet, causing Rosalina's earrings to produce stars and the lightening of the purple energy to become more intense. The galaxy's stars dance with purple lightning, and all over Bartleby screams, being electrocuted and soothed all at once. Yet, no sound come from his mouth, having lost all control over his face.

This entrancing display continues over the rest his body, as the lightning and stars rip all the hair from his body. The pain becomes too much, as his eyes go white. They blink slowly as purple begins to fill the irises and sclera, then overflow onto his face. Going in all directions, the purple liquid slithers, reconstructing the face as his fingers dig into the stone floor. Every second that passes, another aspect of his body changes, as he begins to lose himself and is pushed downward.

Winsler tries to lift their head upward, grunting in pain as the purple-blue energy claws at their face. He gasps and opens his eyes, allowing them to see Bartleby. However, neither can do anything , but watch as they see Bartleby's spirit being pushed downward through his body. As he travels down, bones begin to crack and re-shape; while his chest heaves upward and two large breasts push out. The nipples poke through the fabric, getting hard as Bartleby becomes unable to contain the power; Rosalina's timeless sincerity mixing in with Antonia's eternal rage.

Bartleby's body glows, the two colors mixing into an unholy union; his torso is pulled upward , while his body begins to jerk widely. Every inch of his body lengthens, especially his hair up top. It begins to crawl along the ground , expect for the bang that simply curls a little more. Eyelashes grow and the face softens, becoming slender while his plumps out and moans escape her lips.

The magikoopa having succeeded with the physical, now changes the mental, as Bartleby's own hands raise up. The nails lengthen and begin to glow as purple begins to paint itself along them; finishing with blue tips at the end. Long, slender fingers grip her head, and her eyes widen as Bartleby tries to scream again.

Peach heart slowly breaks, as she watches the poor toad; having been giving a bad hand, his life was bad from the moment he was born. She did her best to give him more, but she didn't mean for it to turn out like this. Her sadness reaches Winsler's mind and it causes him to be sad as well; tears slowly fills their eyes as drops drip down onto their glasses.

Shaking her head, Bartleby begins to lewdly groan, as her cock forces itself from her pants, letting the zipper fly out. It throbs in the air, thickening and hardening, as Bartleby's spirit zooms down and right into the cock itself. It throbs as they become one and it pulses strongly as the room itself.

“Oh no! The energies are mixing...brace yourself Winsler!” Peach yells at him, as he closes their eyes. Another roar of power screeches throughout the kitchen, and sends everything flying again. Samuel's body gets flung into the refrigerator below them, as they get indented further into the ceiling. Their groans of pain get drowned out by the laughter coming below them.

Who once was Bartleby, now it's Antonia once more, as her eyes spiral all around, focusing on the changes of her new body. It grows unnaturally taller, to the size of a human, with the ethereal lightening crackling up and down her body. Ripping the clothing into shreds, only bits of it cover her body. It craves the shirt into a messy crop-top, and alters the pants into shorts. It smooths the skin and gives shape to the body, curving it as her toes point out. Shoes fly off, unable to stay on as purple fills the nails on toes; they wiggle as they length as well, with blue swiftly lining the nail tips.

Antonia, lost in the pleasure, continue to scream as she thrusts into the air; At once she releases, cum spraying everywhere. And with that release the room pulses once more, as she drops down onto her back, and lands with a thud. Groaning, as her body twist and flails a little more, the last of Bartleby's identity being wiped away. Moments later she becomes still, before her eyes flick open. The irises that were once hazel and pure, are now decadent purple.

Without moving a muscle, she lifts herself back onto her feet, and wobbles a bit as she balances herself. The energy begins to settle, allowing Winsler more movement with their body, and he looks at Antonia, getting a clearer sight. What they see surprises them: once a toad, now more humanized, Antonia looks like she could be a relative of Peach. However, she looks as tall as Rosalina, towering over everything like a giant. While admiring the different pattern on her nails, Antonia notices she is being watched and looks up into Winsler's eyes.

“Mmmmm...Hello brother...did you enjoy the show? I surely did....” She cooed, as she looked back down, and towards the portrait. She sighs, as her bangs follow in suit, curving in front of her face, and she reaches up; pausing she notices the tip is now highlighted in purple and this causes her to smile, as she decides to look over the rest of her body.

Her large chest pokes through the make-shift crop-top, and her nipples stand out rock hard. She reaches down and thumbs her finger over her cock, it makes her quiver as Bartleby quietly moans. She smiles and begins to nimbly avoid the mess all around, walking towards the portrait. Reaching it, she snaps her fingers; the portrait glows and shakes, before ripping itself off and being flung to her side. It crashes loudly as she looks forward; that is until a tear drops onto her cheek.

“S..sister...w..why?” as tears continue to fall down from their eyes. They line their glasses, falling off from the overflow and dripping right onto Antonia's face. This causes her to frown as she looks up one last time.

“Now now brother...some things just have to be the way they will understand....I am doing this for the both of us....but I have to be off now...I have things to do...”

And with that Antonia slowly walks through the gaping hole, stating one last thing.

“But never mistake this: even when I cause such pain...I love you more than anyone else...”

And steps into the darkness, leaving the duo and Samuel trapped within the fading energy....
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