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Green Room

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Anna meets up with Muraki in Shinjuku Central Park... and ends up trapped in a twisted survival game starting in a green room.

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´╗┐Chapter Twenty: Green Room:


Anna slowly fluttered her eyes open. Where am I? Her head throbbed as everything spun around her. Anna tried to touch her forehead but found herself unable to move.

What… What is this? She tried to remember how she got here. Anna felt her head swim through the pain.

Calm down. Think.

Anna to go back in her head to how she got in this situation.

-5:45 p.m.-

Anna made her way to Shinjuku Central Park. She kept her sword in hand.

See him anywhere?

Not yet.

Anna held her breath. Come on, you bastard. Come out right now! There weren’t many people in the park. Probably going home. Anna slowly turned around. Muraki walked over to her.

“Good evening,” he said. Anna glared at him.

“Aw, why the cold look?” the doctor asked. “I’m not here to harm you.” Anna didn’t let down her guard.

“What is there to say?” she asked. “Stay away from my husband.” Muraki put up his hands.

“Easy there,” he said. “No need for hostility.” Then it went black.


Anna narrowed her eyes through the pain. This was a trap, of course. But…

I won’t let him win!

Anna’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was nothing in the room. Anna found herself bound down to a wooden chair.

Airi? Airi, are you there? Speak to me. No answer.


Anna moved her right wrist back and forth. He had her strapped down really tight. Anna smirked to herself. She looked up in the ceiling. There were no cameras in sight, but Muraki could still be watching her. Anna muttered to herself before closing her eyes.

Focus the mind. Focus the mind.

Anna took a breath. She counted backwards in her head.Five… Four… Three… Two…

“One!” she said. Anna drew back her right hand. The bondage around her right wrist was chained up by a heavy chain. The metal felt cold against her skin.

“Oh, you’re awoke,” she heard Muraki’s voice in the air. Anna looked up.

“Sensei,” she said. “Is that what you meant by ‘talking’?”

“Now, now,” the doctor said. “Be a good girl and listen closely.” Anna frowned as she tried to find the source of his voice.

“What is this?” she asked. “Some sick game of yours?”

“You can say that,” he said.

“Really?” she asked. “And what’s my prize if I win?”

“You won’t,” he said. Anna smirked and shook her head.We’ll see about that. She closed her eyes.

Focus the mind. Focus the mind. Focus the mind. Anna took another breath and counted down again. Five… Four… Three… Two…

“One!” she said again. Anna drew back her hand. This time, the chain broke. She lifted her arm and opened her eyes. There wasn’t even a scratch on her arm.

“Ha,” Anna said. Now was not the time to celebrate. He could’ve done unseen damage. She had to keep up her guard. But first, Anna had to get out of her bindings. She closed her eyes and got to work.

Once Anna got free, she stood up and looked around the room.

“It’s so green,” she said. But, that didn’t slow her down. Anna needed to get out and kill Muraki. She began looking around the green room for the exit. The woman felt along the cold steel walls until she found the exit.

“Got ya!” Anna said. She ran out of the room through the newly found exit.
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