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The Call

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Muraki calls up Anna and the final battle between them begins.

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Chapter Nineteen: The Call:

Anna’s phone rang when she stepped out of the restaurant. The number was blocked. Instinct told her this was her chance.

“Hello?” Anna asked.

“So this is Kimoto-san?” a deep voice asked on the other line. She narrowed her eyes.

“It’s Kimoto-Tsuzuki,” she said. “And who is this?” Anna looked at the people walking around on the streets. Her eyes shifted back and forth.

“My apologizes, where are my manners?” the man said. “I’m an acquaintance of your husband.”

“U-huh… And you are?” Anna asked.

“Muraki Kazutaka,” the man said. “Nice to meet you. Again.” A lie. They both knew it. Anna leaned against the wall frowning.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“To talk,” Muraki said. She rolled her eyes.


“Is that a problem?”

“No.” She saw where this was heading. Why not go ahead and end this?

“Am I coming to you or are you coming to me?” Anna asked. She looked out in crowd in front of her. An old lady stared at her for a moment across the street before walking away.

“Depends on you,” Muraki said. Anna puffed up her cheeks.

“Where do you want to meet?” she asked. Her eyes fixated on the people walking by. She held her breath.

“Shinjuku Central Park,” Muraki said. “Sundown.” Anna didn’t let down her guard.

“Say,” she said. “Are you watching me right now?” There was no answer.

“Good day, Kimoto-san,” was all Muraki said.

“Wait,” Anna said. The doctor already hung up. Anna clicked her tongue as she looked at phone.

“It’s Kimoto-Tsuzuki,” she muttered. The woman puffed up her cheeks. She couldn’t complain. This was what she wanted after all. Anna dropped her shoulders.

“Anna!” someone shouted. The woman turned her hand. Lucy stood inches away from him.

“Oh, hey,” Anna said. “Did you want something?” The birthday girl shook her head.

“Nah, I’m good,” she said. “I’m going home now. See you.”

“Bye, I guess,” Anna said, waving. She didn’t leave until Lucy had walked away. Good that’s done. Anna had one more thing to do.


She made her way to a local weapon shop. Anna walked around with her hands in her pockets. She walked over to the counter.

“Welcome, ma’am,” the shop owner said. “What can I do to help you today?”

“I need a sword,” Anna said.

“Okay,” the owner said. “What kind do you need?” Anna had a cold, stoic look in her eyes.

“Whatever can kill an energy vampire,” she said.

“Sure…” he said. With her new sword in hand, Anna left for her destination.
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