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Lockets and owls

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Ok I suck at these so don't get to excited. Luna finds a big blue book with a small but beautiful suprise inside. This adventure (hopefuly) will keep you hooked, wanting more, and on the edge of ...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Fred, George, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Ron - Published: 2006-09-18 - Updated: 2006-09-21 - 858 words

"Hmmmmm, I wonder if there is anything new today,
" Luna said to herself. She had picked up on this habit of sneaking into the room of requirement, for new and interesting novels to read. Finally, a large, dark blue hard cover book caught her eye.
"This looks interesting," she whispered to herself. She opened the book to the first page. Inside the book, some of the pages had been cut in squares, so that it made a small hole inside the book. Inside this hole, was a beautiful silver locket, on it there was a picture of a dragon, a bird, and a mermaid.
"Hmmmm, I think I will keep this, it looks like it was been forgotten, a long long time ago." once again talking to herself. She put the locket on, and then slipped the book back into its spot, then headed for the owlery. Upon entering the owlery, she heard faint whispers, coming from al around her. This being Luna Lovegood, she instantly thought it was a couple of wrackspurts, floating around. She called down an owl, she needed a fast delivery, and her father's birthday was only two days away, so she wanted it to arrive on time.
"Come here you, I need a quick delivery, it has to be there by Wednesday, do you understand?" Luna asked the brown owl, who was now sitting on her arm, gazing at her suspiciously. "Well of course I understand, the question is, do you understand?" the owl was talking to her! Luna screamed, and then it replied angrily
"Did you really have to do that, my ears are quite sensitive,"
"Oh Merlin, you can talk, or, I can understand owl," Luna was now quite startled, and confused.
"How is this, that all of a sudden I can understand you, or that you can suddenly talk,"
"Well, I'm still hooting, you just hooting back, so I guess its you that can understand me." the owl said, in a matter of factly voice. The owl turned its head, and then started talking to an owl on the top perch, saying, "She can understand us, do you think she found it?"
"Found what, you mean a locket?" Luna asked curious, just remembering about the locket, and how it had a picture of a bird.
"Yes, how did you find it," asked the owl on the perch above her.
"In the room of requirement, it was inside a big blue book." She replied, still in shock that she was having a conversation with two owls.
"Hmmm, well I can tell you one thing, you adventure is just beginning, so be careful, there are two beings left on the locket, you have already encountered the birds," said the owl on her arm, with that comment he flew off, because he had a letter to deliver.

When Luna got back to the common room, she found that there was a note waiting for her. It was from Ginny, saying that everyone was meeting at the lake, and that she was invited, and to be there at 3:00. By the time she had finished reading the note, it was quarter to three, so she had to hurry. She didn\'t think she would tell her friends just yet about the locket and the owls. When she arrived, everyone else was there, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny and Neville, who for some reason was starring at her, as if he already knew what had happened.
"Hello everyone, sorry I'm late, had to go to the owlery, daddy's birthday is coming up." Luna said, while seating herself on the grass next to Ginny.
"That's alright, we all just got here anyways," replied Ginny in a happy voice. Then Luna realized something about Ginny and Harry, the fact that they were holding hands was one clue, the second was that they were sitting extremely close to one another. "Um, am I missing something here," asked Luna, looking at Ginny and Harry, "Would anyone care to fill me in,"
"Well, Harry and I were alone in the common room, when we started talking about Quidditch, when all of a sudden we found our selves sitting very close, we looked at each other, kissed, and then decided maybe we should give dating a try," Ginny told everyone, blushing deeply afterwards. Ron smiled, Neville, laughed, and Hermione said "Well its about time,"
"Yes, now we just have to get you and Ron together, then my mission will be complete," said Harry with a mischievous grin, Ginny looked at Neville, then at Luna, and said "Yes, and Neville and Luna to," by then Ron's ears had turned a deep red, Hermione was blushing, as was Neville and Luna. After this comment, Ron hastily changed the topic, and then the hours passed, by then it was time to go for supper, Luna said goodbye to everyone, and headed for the Ravenclaw table, so that she could eat and collect her thoughts. So much had happened that day, with the locket, the fact that she had quite a bit of homework to do, and the fact that she might have a crush on Neville.
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