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Dragons in Hogsmeand

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Ok I suck at these so don't get to excited. Luna is in Hogsmeand with Ginny and Hermione, the out of no where, theres screaming, and shouts about a dragon!. Everyone runs, Luna to until she rememb...

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The next few weeks seemed to fly by, and soon it was time for the next Hogsmead trip, and Luna was going with Ginny, and Hermione. Luna had given quite a bit of thought to the locket and its powers, she searched and searched the library, trying to find it somewhere in a book, but she had no luck with her every time she had tried. "Maybe, I had just imagined the owls talking to me," she thought to herself. But she couldn't stop thinking to herself that it was real, so that made her all the more determined to find out more about the locket.

Luna walked down to the courtyard, were she was meeting Hermione and Ginny. It was just the girls that day, because the boys needed "bonding time". Luna didn't mind, but Ginny wasn't too happy because, she barley saw her boyfriend, because of different years and classes. "Hey, you want to get going, I could use a butter beer, plus I need a new quill," Hermione said, shivering in the cold.
"Sure, lets go, that way, we don't freeze before we get there," agreed Ginny. They started walking away, but Luna, stayed behind for a moment, she could have sworn, she heard someone saying something about the locket hanging around her neck. And the strange thing was, the voices were coming from the lake. At first she thought it was the merpeople, but then she remembered the fact that she didn't know mermish. Then a thought slipped into the back of her mind, the locket, what if she could not only understand birds, but merpeople to. The owl even said there were two creatures left on the locket, and one of them was a mermaid.
"Luna," a voice from behind her called, "Come on, we don't want to freeze,"
"Oh, sorry, I'm coming," she yelled back, with one last glance at the lake, she hurried off to catch up with Ginny and Hermione.

Once in Hogsmead, they headed for Honeydukes, for sugar quills, and droobles very best blowing gum. After Honeydukes, they headed for the Tree Broomsticks, to have a butter beer, and then head back to the castle. The pub was crowded with students, and locals, so they had to stand in a corner, just to get some privacy. After there drinks, they decided started to head back to the castle, but on the way out, they heard a commotion.
"DRAGONS, DRAGONS, there coming this way," a man shouted from the streets. Everyone started screaming, and running around in a panic, wondering why in the name of Merlin, dragons were coming towards them.
"Come on, lets get back to the castle," shouted Hermione, with fear in her voice, and panic in her eyes. She and Ginny started running, Luna started to run to, and then she lost them in the crowd, and remembered, the third creature on the locket. A dragon.
Luna started running towards the location of the commotion. As she got closer, she found that the noise was coming from father away, which meant that the crowd was farther, so no one will see her. She slowed down to a walk; she didn't think the dragon would be going very far. Soon, she arrived at a cave, with smoke coming out of it. She slowly walked towards it, thinking about what to say, and wondering if it would be able to understand her. "Hello, erm, can you understand me," Luna asked, her voice quivering.
"Whose there," said a deep, female voice, coming from further within the cave. "What is your purpose here?"
"Erm, my name is Luna Lovegood, I wanted to know if you could understand me, because I found this locket and..."
"A locket, does it have a bird, a dragon and a mermaid upon the front of it," the dragon interrupted her.
"Um, yes, how did you know," Luna inquired the dragon, her voice was more confident now.
"It belonged to my mother, her name was Greta, and she gave it a human girl, so that she could speak with her. Dragons do enjoy company,"
"Well, in that case, may I come in?"
"Only if you tell me where you found the locket and, if you promise to help me,"
"Alright, well, one day I was looking at some books, in the room of requirement. And I found this big, blue one, when I opened it, she was a hole cut in it. In the hole, was the locket? So I put it on, then I went to the owlery, once there, an owl started talking to me, saying that there were two creatures left on the locket for me to find." Luna told her story in a confident voice.
"Well, that is very interesting. I thank you, you have told the story quite well," the dragon complemented. After this conversation, they started speaking about each other, Luna found out the dragons name was Kaida, and that she lived in northern England. The time seemed to fly by, before long, Luna realized that she had to get back, or else everyone would be extremely worried.
"I'm sorry I have to go, it's been lovely talking to you," apologized Luna.
"Oh, alright, send an owl to my, the password will be locket so I know not to eat it." Kaida replied, seeming sad that Luna had to leave.
"Alright, and by the way I meant to ask your, who was the girl that you mother gave the locket to,"
"Her name," Kaida started, "Was Rowena Ravenclaw,"
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