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The Monsters

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A crossover of Sherlock bbc and Hannibal.

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The monsters alway creeped under my bed. I could feel them staring I always wondered why they stared at me.

Until one day I met a man in a Westwood suit. I may have not know which way was up but I definitely knew he was James Moriarty.

I was unfortunately working for Mycroft ‘The British Government’ Holmes as an assassin. Ah yes I forgot to introduce myself did I not the name is Holmes George Holmes.

I, George would do anything for Sherlock Holmes I would kill for him, but Mycroft at the time was a different story. I certainly would have not killed for him at that time

I would have to work for Mycroft Holmes, and as George was in a bind with a cop Mycroft came to bail him out as mycroft said

“Baby Brother would be mad if you went to prison, this is the better option.” and so then and there George was made into an assassin for the British Government

And as any Holmes he lead a double life an assassin and a criminal and he went to kill someone that happened to be in America talking to a cannibal

George was slightly annoyed "Magnussen you are hard to track down, I only want to talk.” Magnussen jumps when he hears that Hannibal smirked at this

George goes on “My dear brother didn’t want me to do this, What never excepted to be tracked down? That is sad.”

George winks at Magnussen “The funny thing is, my dear is I hold information of you, let’s see. Monster pretty much what I can pull out of many people that work for you.”

Magnussen smirks “What did you do to them? Kill them, rape them.” George laughs coldly “If only it was that easy. I tortured them and hmm they did taste good.”

Magnussen is wide eyed at him “You what?” George laughs “Oh that was brilliant, Jim. I’ll have to thank him.” Magnussen doesn’t like being made a fool of and glares at him

George laughs not caring for him and finally shoots Magnussen and becomes serious in a second “The way I see it, Charles you are a dead man walking. You better get running.”

Hannibal sort of liked that joke and laughs slightly at george’s Joke Hannibal speaks with his accented voice “Nice joke, I like the attitude.”

George shrugs as he speaks “Not as much.” He put the tip of the gun in Magnussen’s wound

shoots once more and turns the gun to Magnussen’s head and kills him with one bullet “That was fun.”

He takes a picture of Magnussens body and sends it to Mycroft.

George sighs as he looks at the body “I’m staying in America.” Hannibal tilts his head “What are you?”

George closes his eyes as he speak “An assassin to the British government.” Hannibal nods “Why did you kill him?”

He laughs again “To protect my brothers.” Hannibal ask’s again “Who are your brothers.”

He answers “Mycroft, Sherlock and my full Blooded brother James Moriarty the only consultating criminal in the world.”

Hannibal smiles “Become my assassin.” George looks at him “Sure why not it sounds fun.”
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