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Mycroft knows

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Being found out by Mycroft Holmes like I said crossover with Hannibal and Sherlock bbc

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George was a perfect assassin for Hannibal lector well besides Hannibal getting caught and locked away.

George was having a breakdown but waited for Hannibal to get free. Once Hannibal got out he told George “I will contact you when I need someone Dead.”

George nods and goes back to his house to rest unfortunately Jim was inside his house and humming to the tune stayin’ alive when George stepped in

Jim was happy to see him but slightly pissed “What the fuck did you think disappearing like that?”

George sighs as he speak “I never knew you cared, brother.” Jim sighs angrily at him “You brought in my business, George. Why did you stop.”

George coughs “I got busy I did kill Magnussen, brother for you and Mycroft.”

James sighs as he looks at his brother. “George I hope you know you can’t move back to London, Mycroft has been hunting for your head.” George laughs “Why would he not be.”

George stops talking to think and continues “I’ll tell. He had dealings with Magnussen and I killed him on the same purpose to protect him.”

James clenches his fist “You did what?” George sighs as he eyes James “To protect Mycroft I killed Magnussen.”

James Moriarty was a pissed little Irish man and he didn’t know how to express it to

George at that moment in time so all he can do is sputter and growl in frustration at George.

George laughs at James difficulty in expressing himself

James dismisses himself “If you’ll excuse me I have someone to talk to.” George thanks Jim “Thank you, for staying now please leave.”

George pushes him outside and locks his door as he goes back to sit down Mycroft texts him

Brother why are you in America-MH George sighs as he texts back I killed Magnussen for you So Sherlock won’t have to-GH
George closes his eyes as he gets another one

Thank you-MH George smiles Welcome-GH George goes to sleep as he gets a text message from Hannibal George, How are you?-HL

George wakes up from the loud ding and looks at the message I’m good, Sir How are you-GH

Hannibal sends another message Iam find, How do you feel about killing for me?-HL George is wide eyed and smiles Of course sir I would love to work for you again-GH

Hannibal smile’s Thank you-HL George feels like he helped him but smiles again and relaxes and falls asleep again

When George came to the next day Mycroft was there with MI6 agents and George had to escape his house he did take weapons with him

Mycroft was unfortunately pissed Brother of course you had to side with the cannibal-MH

George sigh’s Brother don’t give up-GH Mycroft smiles as he laughs I will never give up on finding you, brother-MH

George slips his phone in his pocket and goes to Hannibal’s house and sees another person there and is shocked as he giggles slightly

Hannibal still has his accent well getting something out “Ah, George so nice to see you again. Come in come in.”

George steps into the house and asks right away “Sir, can I skip the food?” Hannibal shakes his head and smiles

“Why would you want to skip the delicious smell and taste of my food, but that is your choice. But at the moment you have to.”

George sighs as he knew a day would come to this “Not as unexpected but I never did this, It’s a new day to sin why not sin on this. Sure I’ll join you.”

Hannibal smiles even more “Good thank you, you will love it, George.” George nods “Hopefully I don’t come to regret my choice, later. Ah well.”

George laughs “What am I kidding about, I probably won’t.” George sits down at the table and smiles at him

George looks at his hands as he speaks “Sir, My brothers came to check up on me”

“James Moriarty is a pissed little Irishmen and Mycroft the brother Holmes wants to prosecute me for the crimes I have committed.”

Hannibal laughs at Moriartys description as Sherlock steps in “This is why I like you, George.” George smiles and stands up “Yeah I know, Sherlock what do you want?”

Hannibal can see the strain on their relationship with one look “George relax no need to hurt him.” George nods “Of course sir.”

George stands back next to Hannibal with his plate of food “Hmm this is good, sir.” Sherlock points out the fact that he is eating humans “I hope you know, Brother mine that you are eating Human.”

George smirks “Yeah, I love it, Brother.” Hannibal smiles softly. As Sherlock looks on with a look of disgust at George

George laughs and giggles at what he see’s “I love doing this. And it’s good if you know how to cook it right. Thank you Hannibal.”

Hannibal laughs at what he’s playing at. “Welcome.” George continues eating “Brother I’m sorry to tell ya but I don’t care about normal morals anymore I gave em a try and it didn’t work for me.”

George laughs “Explain to me, Brother do you have morals?”
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