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The Wife Of River Song

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The TARDIS isn't where she was. But where has she got to, and who is she with?

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It was a Tuesday, the doctor and graham had just returned from their encounter with…well…the doctor. As they were walking back to the coffee shop, where the TARDIS was parked, the doctor noticed that it was no longer there. She gasped and ran towards the shop.

“No. No, no no no no nooo!” She screamed. She fell to her knees where the TARDIS used to be and began to sob very lightly.

“What?” Graham asked. “Doc, what’s wrong?” he stood behind her and put one hand on her shoulder, trying to pull her to her feet. He got her standing but it wasn’t long until the now hysterical doctor had her arms sprung tightly around him. She was sobbing in to his ear when he realised that the TARDIS was not where it should have been.

“It’s gone.” He said in bewilderment. “How could it be gone. You’re the only one that can move this thing, aren’t you?” he pushed the doctor away from him just enough to see her face. “Doc, I need you to talk to me.” He said. She backed away from him and wiped her eyes, nodding and agreeing with him.

“Only people with a key can get inside it. And rarely anyone these days knows how to fly one. I barely manage!” She said. “I can’t think of how she could just disappear like this; she never goes on her own.”

“You said anyone with a key can get in.” Graham began. “Is there any old friends of yours that has a key that would maybe know how to fly one?” He asked. The doctor looked him in the eye and started to think, he could tell when she did.

“There is one person that comes to mind, but that’s impossible.”

Just then, Graham noticed the TARDIS slowly materialise around the doctor. He looked at her and opened his mouth to warn her but it was too late. The TARDIS had fully materialised and graham didn’t know what to do. A moment later the doctor appeared at the door and beckon him in.

“Come on, Graham. Don’t have all day” she said. Graham just looked at her with a confused expression on his face.

“The noise,” He murmured. “It didn’t make the noise.” He said as he followed her in.

As they both walked together in to the TARDIS. Graham noticed that the doctor was now smiling. As they approached the console, they heard the voice of a female coming from the other side.

“I must say doctor; I do like the new design. I can’t wait to see - “She stopped mid-sentence as she walked around the console and saw the woman that she was talking too. S wide smile spread brightly across her face. Across the face of, Professor River Song.

“My, oh my indeed. I more than approve of your new lifestyle doctor.” She said, eyeing up the doctor from head to toe. As she began to make her way closer to the doctor, the doctor started to approach river.

“What do you think?” The doctor asked. “It’s not perfect but I think I’ll get by.”

River smiled and looker around her.

“I think it looks absolutely amazing. Stunning in fact.” She smiled and looked back down at the doctor. “As for your TARDIS, not bad.”

The doctor and river where now standing face to face with each other, river slowly moving one of her arms around to the doctors back, pulling her in closer. The doctor’s arms where around rivers waist, also pulling river towards herself. Graham was standing in bewilderment – again – just looking at the two women. River leaned down to the doctors face and they began to kiss very passionately, and very intensely.

Graham was still looking on at the two women, as bewildered as ever. He cleared his throat quietly then began to speak.

“Do you want me to give you two a little privacy. I could go for another coffee if you’d like?” he said. The two woman leaned away from each other and turned to face him. The doctor looked flustered,

“Uh, Graham. Sorry, I kind of forgot you were standing there.” She muttered.

“Oh look at you,” River said, smiling. “Your new face looks so cute when it gets all embarrassed.

“Stop it.” The doctor said, still very flustered. She then turned back to face Graham. “Graham, uh, go and get yourself another coffee. But…sit in a while, would you?”

Graham looked a=from the doctor to river then back at the doctor. “Sure thing,” He said.

As he turned away, he could hear the two women continue to kiss. He opened the door to the TARDIS and stepped outside, and went to the coffee shop. When the doctor finally returned for him, river was gone, and the doctor seemed sad.

“So,” Graham said. “Who was that then?” The doctor turned to face him.

“That was my wife, River her name was. Doesn’t matter now, she’s dead.” Graham looked at the doctor, shocked.

“When did that happen, I was only in there for an hour?” He said.

“400 years ago, give or take. Doesn’t matter, we need to go get Yaz and Ryan. Come on then, in you go.” She said, gesturing towards the open door of the TARDIS.

He stepped inside and they flew away together. Going off on crazy adventures. As she always had done.
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