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Chapter 2

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Helga makes a choice whether or not to trust Luna.

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"Ok...take it easy now…nothing to worry about…" Helga said to herself. "…I'm just hallucinating again…oh, why did I skip those sessions with Dr. Bliss…?!"

"Relax, Helga," said the cat with a feminine voice. "You are perfectly fine."

"How do you know my name?"

"I overheard your father calling for you when you wouldn't wake up. Big Bob, is it? He's a regular livewire."

"Heh…tell me about it. And don't get me started on Miriam. Like this one time, she-whoa, whoa, whoa!! Hang on a second: I'm telling my personal problems to a talking cat." Helga placed a hand over her face and fell silent for a moment. "I think we need to start over."

"Certainly," the cat cleared its throat. "My name is Luna. I am from the 30th century. I was somehow transported to this time period, and now I desperately need to get back."

Helga rolled her eyes. "Oh, gee, well, that makes sense," she said sarcastically.

"Do you see the thing around my neck?" asked Luna. "This is a time travel device known as the Time Key. Under normal circumstances, I should be able to use this device to get back to my own century. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Around the same time as my arrival, I noticed that the city has become overrun with strange creatures. Creatures whose sole purpose is to harvest the energy of any living matter – in your case, unsuspecting civilians."

"Like the one that attacked me last night…" realized Helga.

"Correct. I'm not sure where they came from, or why they are even here to begin with. All I know for sure is that their presence has given this city an over-abundance of dark energy – negative energy, if you will. I predict that if I can eliminate this dark aura from the area, then I can finally return to my respective time period. Only…I can't do it alone. And that's where you come in."

"Me?" asked Helga. "What can I do?"

"Last night, I witnessed the attack. Somehow, you were able neutralize the negative energy coming from the monster, thus destroying it. It is a gift that very few people possess, and an asset that I can most definitely use. That is why I'll be counting on you to rid the city of the evil beings."

"Wow, Luna! You know what, that is a really great idea, and of course I'd be glad to help! I just have one little question….ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! I'M NINE YEARS OLD, FOR CRIPES' SAKE!! AND YOU EXPECT ME TO JUST GO AROUND FIGHTING MONSTERS BECAUSE A MAGIC TALKING CAT TOLD ME TO?!"

"Keep it down up there, will ya?!" yelled Big Bob from downstairs.

"Ah, stick it in your ear!" Helga yelled back.

Luna sighed. "I had anticipated your reaction to be like this. I'll give you some time to think it over. Until then, I suppose I'll give you back this." She dropped to the floor at the foot of Helga's bed, and then came back up with a heart-shaped object in her teeth.

Helga gasped and immediately snatched it away. "My locket! But, how did you…?"

"You dropped last night after the struggle," Luna replied. "Turn it over."

Helga obeyed and flipped the locket over so she could see the back. Instead of the smooth surface that she was expecting, Helga noticed that a symbol exactly like the one on Luna's forehead was engraved in the center. "Oh. You…put a horseshoe on the back."

Luna made a face. "That is a crescent-moon, a symbol of my family. I put it there for your protection. If you happen to run into trouble again, simply yell out the phrase 'Moon Prism Power, Make-up!' - it will do the rest."

"Thanks," Helga said, though not actually meaning it.

Luna smiled and leapt onto the windowsill. "Not bad for a mangy, flea-bitten, run-of-the-mill cat, eh?" she added, before going through the window and back into the outside world.

When she was gone, Helga shook her head. "Last time I sleep with the window open…"

Later that day, during lunch period, Helga sat with the other girls in her class in the school cafeteria. She was deep in thought while fiddling with her food, and not listening to Rhonda talk about her summer vacation in Paris, when Curly approached the table.

"Hello, ladies!" he said.

"Hello, Curly," said Nadine. Rhonda said nothing, merely shuddered.

"You seem to be in a good mood today," noted Sheena.

"Well, Sheena, I AM in a good mood today. And do you know why? Because it is MY official duty as ball monitor to inform you all about the brand-spanking new playground balls that the school has recently purchased. I'll let you girls get first crack at them, IF Rhonda asks nicely."

"Only if we can throw them into your dorky face," replied Rhonda.

"Hot dog! I'll take that as a 'yes'!" said Curly as he pranced merrily away.

"What a dweeb," said Rhonda to the other girls.

The bell rang, signaling the start of recess. As most of the students headed for the doors leading out into the playground area, Arnold made his way to another set of doors that lead into the hallway.

"Hey Arnold!" Gerald said. "Aren't you coming?"

"Not today, Gerald," he replied. "I promised Mr. Simmons that I'd help him with something after lunch."

"Okay, it's your free time," said Gerald as he joined with Sid and went outside.

When no one was looking, Helga slipped out as well and followed Arnold from a safe distance down the empty corridor.

Meanwhile, outside in the playground, a large crowd had gathered around Curly, who had just brought out the bag with the new balls.

"All right, everyone!" he said, sticking his arms out as if to push the crowd back. "Line up to receive your ball!"

"Aw, come on, Curly!" complained Harold. "Can't you just toss them to people like everyone else does?"

"You animal! I would never do such a careless thing! These balls are factory-fresh - they deserve RESPECT!"

As the crowd groaned, Curly took a new ball from the bag and sniffed it deeply. "Ah…" he exhaled. "I love the smell of regulation rubber in the morning. Huh?"

The ball in Curly's hand began to shake violently. It eventually tore out of his hand and elevated several feet into the air. The other kids stared as the remaining balls in the bag elevated as well and remained there for several seconds. Suddenly, the balls exploded out of the bag, and the lone one that had reached the sky first hit Curly square in the face.

Back inside, Arnold reached the second floor and had entered Mr. Simmons' classroom. Helga peered round the corner and waited for the door to close before whipping out her locket.

"Oh, Arnold," she swooned. "Such a charitable lad, sacrificing your time of leisure to give help to those in need. Yet another reason for I to love, honor, and worship you…"

But Helga's soliloquy was cut short by the sound of yelling and screaming coming from outside. "What is that infernal racket?" Annoyed, Helga walked over to a nearby window and peered out at the carnage taking place on the pavement below.

The balls had taken on the appearance of missile-like trajectories as they sought out and struck the unsuspecting students on the ground. When struck, however, the victims would simply vanish as energy seeped into the ball and looked for another target. Among the casualties: Joey ducked as a ball bounced of the wall, rebounded, and struck him from behind, making him vanish. Sid and Stinky, while trying to avoid the balls, were not looking where they were going and collided, allowing enough time for the balls to strike them as well, making them both vanish simultaneously before falling down. Harold waved his arms madly as he fled, crying out for his mommy just as one hit him in the back, and he, too, vanished.

"Well…there's something you don't see everyday," Helga said to herself, trying her hardest to remain calm. Some of the balls began to congregate in the middle of the playground, hovering around in a circle, gradually attaching to one another and forming what appeared to a pair of legs. Soon a wide torso was formed, then two arms, and finally a head, made entirely of the balls.

"…And there's another thing you don't see everyday," Helga backed away from the window and began to pace back and forth. "Come on, Helga…think!" She then realized that she still had her locket in her hand. After looking at it for a moment, Helga clutched the locket tightly, a look of determination washed over face. She turned around and ran down the hallway from which she came.

It was eerily quiet when she reached outside. There were no kids remaining on the playground. The man made of balls was standing still in the center of the playground, his back to Helga. Helga took a deep breath and walked toward the towering figure. When she was halfway out, she saw numerous chalk sketches on the pavement that she hadn't noticed before; it was at that moment she realized that all that remained of her friends were crudely-drawn representations of them under her feet. Helga gulped and, after mustering all her courage, pointed a finger at the lone figure standing in the playground.

"Hey, you!" she yelled. "Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you, bucko!"

The ball-monster craned its neck slowly so he could see the young girl. "Who are you?" he growled.

"I'm Helga G. Pataki, the toughest girl in this city. You'd better bring those kids back and get out of here pronto…or you'll have to answer to Ol' Betsy!"

Helga showed her fist and gave the meanest scowl she could possibly muster, but it only elicited a deep, guttural laugh from the monster. He turned completely around to face Helga, and outstretched his hands so his palms were facing upwards.

"Come," he said deeply. "We play ball." A single black ball materialized above each palm.

"Oh, crap," said Helga. The two balls shot directly out towards Helga. At the last second, she leapt out of the way. Rather than bounce off the walls, the balls exploded, creating a hole in the side of the building. The ball-monster then crossed his arms over his body, then uncrossed them and outstretched them into the air. A long line of black balls appeared overhead, then came crashing down upon Helga, who literally had to sprint across the playground to avoid being hit.

"I thought this stupid thing was supposed to protect me!" yelled Helga, the locket still grasped in her hand. She jumped up vertically as another black ball sailed underneath her legs. Suddenly, she remembered: "Oh, wait – there was something that I was supposed to say first…but what? AAH!" Helga leapt away again, narrowly missing a ball that instead struck the bike rack, causing metal and broken tires to fly everywhere.

"Was it…Moon Magic? No…Moonie Power…that's not it…Make-up Pyramid? Aargh, I'm never gonna get it right!!" In a fit of anger, Helga chucked the locket across the pavement. Only after it left her hand did she realize her colossal folly. "Arnold!"

Helga ran and jumped, sliding on the pavement and catching the locket just before it hit the ground. "Phew, that was close…" she said, sighing in relief. But now she was vulnerable, and the monster took the opportunity to fire a ball directly at her. Knowing that she couldn't escape in time, Helga could only close her eyes shield herself from the impending attack.

But the attack never came. Rather, the ball that was supposed to strike her had instead sailed up and exploded harmlessly in the air. Relieved, but at the same time confused, Helga opened her eyes to see what caused the amazing stroke of luck.

A blonde boy in a tuxedo suit, top hat, and cape was standing in front of her. He turned to look at her. "Are you alright?" he asked.

She couldn't see his face quite clearly, as he was wearing a half-mask, but his unique, football-shaped head looked strikingly familiar…

"Arnold…?" said Helga in utter disbelief.

The masked boy lifted Helga off the ground and into his arms; she was too awe-struck to make a sound. He then leapt high into the air, so high in fact that he landed on the roof of the school building. "You'll be safe here," he said, setting her down. "Let me handle the beast."

Helga, still stunned, could only nod slowly as he went back to the ground below to confront the ball-monster. He pulled out a black cane that she hadn't before noticed, and straightened in a fencing-like pose as he pointed it at the creature. "You want to play? Fine. Then play with me."

The ball monster growled in acceptance of the challenge as it held its arms out straight in front of itself, its palms now facing the boy. Several black balls appeared behind the monster, shooting out in a barrage. Unflinching, the boy took his cane and, with both hands, began to twirl it rapidly, like a propeller blade. As before, the balls were deflected in various directions before exploding without causing any damage.

"Come on," said the boy tauntingly. "Is that all you got?"

Angry, the monster roared and sent another barrage of balls at his opponent. This time, the boy had dropped the cane on the ground and pulled a dozen red roses from his coat pocket; he then threw them at the barrage. As they pierced each ball, they turned from black to red again, and then change directions so that instead they hit the monster dead-on. As the monster staggered back and forth, trying to regain its footing, the masked assailant had picked up his cane again and had lunged forward.

From the rooftop, Helga watched the monster hobble to and fro, unable to retaliate from the boy's relentless attack. Suddenly, she came to her senses. "I've got to help him!" she cried. "But what was that phrase. It was moon-something. Moon…moon…."

"It's 'Moon Prism Power, Make-up'!" yelled the boy, between jabs. Eventually, he struck the monster into submission and it fell backwards onto the ground. "Say it, now!"

"Right," Helga stood up straight and, with locket in both hands, outstretched her arms toward the sky and yelled the phrase. "MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE-UP!"

An enormous white light emanated brightly from the locket, washing over her entire body so that she could no longer be seen. Almost instinctively, Helga grabbed a nearby Frisbee that had accidentally flown onto the roof several weeks ago and jumped off the building. Rather than simply fall straight down, she floated until her feet gracefully touched the ground.

Struggling, the monster finally got to its feet. "Hey, ball-boy!" came an ethereal voice from the body of light. "Play-time is over." When thrown, the Frisbee had become a glowing disc of light. It flew true to its target, slicing directly through the monster's abdomen, causing it to give one final howl before dissipating into shadow, and then, nothing. The glowing disc then made a U-turn and flew higher into the air where it stopped at certain height before spinning rapidly and showered the entire playground with sparkling light. The hole in the wall of the school and the bikes on the bike rack were mended in an instant. The chalk drawings which covered the pavement had disappeared, and the children slowly re-appeared in unconscious heaps on the ground. The balls, which had caused so much carnage and mayhem, simply faded away. Finally, the disc glided back to the ground, becoming nothing more than an ordinary Frisbee, blue and plastic.

"Wow," was all Helga could say. "There's something you DEFINITELY don't see every day". Her eyes fell upon a red rose lying on the ground. As she bent down to pick it up, she noticed for the first time the changes that had happened to her. She was wearing boots, knee-high pink boots! Her elbow-length gloves were white, as was the bodysuit she had on, which was generously decorated with two large, pink bows, one in the back (which was fastened to a short, frilly blue skirt), and one in the front; attached to the latter was her locket, which was still heart-shaped, but now had an ornamented pink cover which held the emblem of the crescent-moon instead of Arnold's visage.

Helga turned and went to the window to get a better look at herself. In the reflection, she could see that she was also wearing a small pink band with a single crescent moon around her neck, a blue and white sailor collar, and a gold tiara with a gem on the middle of her forehead. Upon closer inspection, Helga could see that her blonde-hair pigtails had grown to double their original length so that they were down to her waist. On the inside, she felt stronger, like a soldier; on the outside, however, she felt completely different. She felt…pretty.

"I don't believe it…" she said, touching the reflection with her hand. "Is that me?"

"You did it." Helga turned just in time to see the masked boy exit the playground at the gate. "You saved your friends, and delivered the school from utter destruction." He turned and smiled, giving her a thumbs-up. "Good work…Sailor Moon."

She watched as the boy started to run, then leapt up high, to the top of a nearby building, and then out of sight. As her fellow classmates were coming to, Helga stood and looked on, in awe over what had transpired.


Helga finished her math test early that afternoon (the extra studying had apparently paid off). As the other students in her class were still solving problems in their heads, she wrote about her own personal dilemmas inside the little pink book that she kept hidden in her desk.

Well, it's been quite a week. One minute I'm flunking long division, and the next I become some sort of evil-thwarting super-heroine. Talk about your ups and downs. Boy, that monster was tough, but I think I showed him who's boss. The strangest thing about this whole incident, though, is that it only happened an hour ago, yet no one seems to remember, not even Arnold.

Helga looked up and saw that, two desks in front of her, Arnold was still working on his test; from the time they had come back to class, he had given no indication that anything out of the ordinary had occurred at all.

Could it be that I'm wrong? Maybe it wasn't him that saved me….wait, what am I saying? Of course it was him, who else could it be? Then why is he pretending like nothing happened? Does he know something that I don't? Perhaps…perhaps even he's not aware of what happened? But that doesn't make sense.

Helga looked up again, and this time, spotted Luna outside, perched upon the windowsill. She smiled and nodded at the black cat, who fully understood the meaning, and left.

Whatever the reason, it's too late to turn back now. I've got to get to the bottom of this mystery, and if using these new-found powers of mine helps me to figure it out, then so be it. Who knows? Maybe Arnold and I will finally become closer in the process. Only time will tell.

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