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Meeting the Night Class

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Jess meets the Night Class.

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A girl from Day Class walked up to Jess. "Hi!" the girl said.
"Um, hi."
"So, are you going to meet up with the cuties from Night Class."
"Um, I guess."
"That isn't for another thirty seconds." Yuki said.
"Is the Day Class only going to talk about Night Class?" Jess asked, incredulously.
"You'll understand once you meet them!" the girl said, giggling.
"Come on, it is almost time." Yuki said, hurrying. The girl pulled Jess along. Jess took a book out of her suitcase just in time as she was dragged away. Once they were at the gates, she opened the book, sat on a stump nearby and began to read. The gates opened and Aido gave his usual flirty greeting. Jess looked up, saw the Night Class and looked back down, more interested in her book. A strand of hair got in her face and she moved it. Seeing feet in front of her, she looked up annoyed. "Do you mind?" she asked. A boy with blond hair and blue eyes looked at her. "What are you reading?" he asked.
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."
"Sorry? What is that?"
"A book by JK Rowling. I recommend the series."
"And may I ask for your, uh, name?"
"I'm Aido. And, Jess, what's your blood type?"
Jess whacked him with her book and kicked him where it hurts. "What kind of question is that, creep?"
"It's not like I asked what underwear you have on!" Aido protested.
"That would be perverted!"
"Hey, what are you doing?" some girls shrieked.
A few kids from Night Class smirked. "What are you looking at?" Jess snapped. They turned away.
"Sorry about him. I'm Kaname." said a boy.
"Are you sure your of high school age? You look like you're in your twenties." Jess said.
"Uh." Kaname just stared at her, then walked off, dragging Aido behind him.
"Okay, who are you and where are you from?" the girl from earlier asked.
"North America."
"Well, it's just you shouldn't hurt that boy. The girls will hate you."
"I can live with that. It's annoying to be in a shoujo." Jess replied.
"I liked how you kicked that annoying guy in the groin!." Zero said.
"Thanks. He's the perfect idol of a creep."
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