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Harry gets a wake up call in regards to caring for pokegirls

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Chapter Start.

Harry was starting to think about dozing off after his and Nanoha's, well technially his and Rein's, little tussle when he heard the door to the bath open and close. Harry's mind shuck off the fog of sleep he'd been falling into and watch the privacy wall and was surprised to see a pink-haired blur step around it and head for the changing area.


"Just relax Harry" the voice of Sakura Haruna floated from the blur "Dr. Psy already filled me in. And since I'm supposed to take over overseeing your physical recovery until your assigned Nurse Joy is bought up to speed she asked me to come help you out."

By this point Sakura sounded like she was much closer and when Harry looked up he was met with a pink-topped darkened cream blur that was just outside of his arm reach. Sakura took another step forward, bent down and slid his glasses onto his face. This brought Sakura into sharp focus and a deep blush to Harry's face as not only could he see Sakura's smiling face, but also her bare plump breasts with large pink nipples, the small strip of pink hairs between her legs and the tight hourglass figure of a girl who actually did something other then sitting around gossiping or trying to look pretty. Before Harry could turn away Sakura reached out and cup his chin, keep his eyes on her's.

"Harry if I cared weither you looked or not I'd of wrapped up" Sakura said before she release his chin and plopping down beside him pulling him and a still snoozing Nanoha into a one-armed hug (which also quashed Harry's arm and shoulder into one of Sakura's plump breasts).

"So Harry did you enjoy your little romp with Nanoha-chan" Poor Harry's face went fire-engine red at Sakura's teasing question.

"No-not really" Harry stuttered out "it felt good towards the end when I-" Harry froze up for a moment in embarresment before continuing "But the whole time Rein was going at it I couldn't help feeling that something was wrong. I'm pretty sure that Nanoha wouldn't have...done that if I'd said no, but Rein basically forced us both to..." Harry couldn't figure out how to continue, but Sakura interupted.

"Harry thats how most pokegirls react to almost going feral, they do anything in their power to jump the nearest person for sex. Just be thankful that Rein is apperently fairly mellow in bed or else you could have been seriously hurt" Sakura said while giving the two in her lap a gentle hug.

"But you were warned about this Harry" Sakura admonished the blushing boy "Multiple times if what Dr. Psy said is correct."

"I know...Bu-"

"You weren't in a position to really take care of the problem do to your condition" Sakura said, cutting Harry off "And I'd be prepared to bet that some part of you was secretly hopeing that they'd find a way to get you home before it became an issue right?"

"...Yes" Harry finally answered after a moment.

"Well now that your awhere of the possible consequences of putting taming your girls off, I hope that you'll put a bit more effort into remembering that your girls need attention or they could do far worse then just some surprise sex."

"Still doesn't feel right" Harry grumbled. Sakura giggled a little at the pout that adorned Harry's face.

"Ya want to make a bet with me Harry?" Sakura asked with a sly look on her face, a look that only got slyer when Harry agreed "I bet you control of the bed tonight that if you started playing with Nanoha's fold right now she'd grab your hand and wouldn't let you go until you made her orgasm again"

"That sounds like a sucker bet" Harry said as he gave Sakura a slight glare, just caused Sakura to giggle.

"Well are you going to follow through or forfit?" Sakura asked with a gleam in her eyes. Harry looked from Nanoha's peacefully snoozing face to Sakura's slightly devious one a back a couple of times before coming to a decision.

"I forfit, I don't want to desturb Nanoha's sleep." Harry answered as he pulled his sleeping pokegirl closer to him.

"Well then lets finish getting the two of you cleaned up, Nanoha balled up and you down to dinner. You still need to meet the others that will be stay with us after all" Sakura said as she reached up to grab the spray noozle for the shower "you can take your tamer's test in the morning."


Harry sighed softly as he finished buttoning up his pajama top in preparation for bed. Dinner that evening had been a thankfully quiet affair, with Harry receiving no verbal teasing over his an Nanoha's little fling in the showers.

Not that Dr. Psy didn't poke him some mentally, but that was more of an 'I told you so' kind of thing.

There'd been a small change of plans where the housing arrangments were concerned. The British Pokegirl League had managed to come up with another Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, so it was decided to split the group up some. An older couple were given the more experiance Joy and Jenny and would be staying in a house here in London, while Harry got the newer girls. According to Dr. Psy older individuals sometimes had a harder time adapting to a new world, so the league decided that more experianced girls were needed in their case.

And speaking of housing brought Harry's mind to the three newcomers that would be moving in with him and Nanoha( techniqually it was actually eleven if you counted Sakura, her girls, the three newcomers and their girls. But Harry was only worried about the newcomers at the moment).

All three of them were girls around Harry age, and in his humble oppinion very pretty.

Asia Argento was the first of the three to interact with Harry while they'd had dinner. She was very outgoing and unafraid to asked question, but Harry got the feeling that she didn't get out much before now and clearly had a very simple view on the world. Asia was only an inch or so taller then Harry with golden blond hair so long that it easily reached her tights and bright green eye that seemed find everything around her to be a new wonder to be experianced.

Combined with the Nun's habit that she wore gave Asia a vary innocent appearance.

The other two girls were asians with mid neck length black hair. Suguha Kirigaya was the taller of the two with an fairly large bust. Suguha was wearing a red track suit, as apparently she had been jogging when she'd fell through a dimentional rift.

Kyouko Kirisaki was more lightly built then Suguha and was also slightly shorter with a smaller bust. She was wearing a bright pink t-shirt, jean cutoff shorts with candy cane thigh high stockings and sandles. Kyouko was also more outgoing then Suguha was as she had apparently been an 'idol' before she'd come to the Pokegirl world.

Harry didn't quite know what to make of these new additions to his home. He suspected that there was more going on then just housing all the new arrivals in one spot, but until he known more he'd just roll with it.

"Well someone looks almost ready for bed" Harry jumped in surprise when Sakura spoke up behind him, though when he turned around Harry turned bright red. Sakura was standing just inside the door to wear just a set of soft pink underwear and nothing else. And the underwear she was wearing didn't hide much. The bottoms were just a strip of fabric maybe two inches wide held on by a pair of red strings! While the bra was strapless and made of such light material that Harry could see the fine details of Sakura's breasts.

"Hurry up Harry, we're going to have a busy day tomarrow" Sakura continued as she strode acrossed the room to stand next to Harry "It'll be warm enough with the two of us snuggled together, wearing all that will just turn you into a sweaty mess" She then giggled while using a finger to lift Harry's chin "My breasts are up here Harry, not on the floor."

"What are you doing here Dr. Haruno?" Harry asked as he tried to get his blush under control.

"Are you complaining about sleeping with a semi-naked women Harry?" Sakura giggled before continuing in a more professional manner "I'm here to help push along your recovery Harry. I'm also here to help you get more used to sex and sexual situations. Dr. Psy would normally be doing this part herself, but she thinks that you might respond better with someone closer to your own age."

"And when will you know if I've recovered properly?" Sakura grinned in a slightly amused fashion at Harry's question.

"When I have to work to keep you out of my panties" was her response "now quit stalling and come here" with quick steps Sakura walked up to Harry and stripped him of his pajama top before pulling him into bed with her.

"Sweet dreams" Sakura giggled to a blushing Harry as she clicked off the light.


As sunlight started creeping throught the window the next morning when a flash of red light filled the room. The light condensed to form a slightly groggy Nanoha with her hair a bed headed mess.

'I'm really sorr-' Nanoha sighed as she heard Rein start attempting to appologize in her head...again...for the fourth time since Nanoha had regained self awareness.

'Rein please shut up!' Nanoha finally snapped mentally, silencing her symbiotic partner 'Yes you forced me to do something very naughty to Harry. We both knew it was going to happen sometime soon, since master wasn't taming us enough. I'm just surprised that You snapped before I did' sensing that Rein need a little more support Nanoha sent a mental snuggle her symbiote's way before refocusing on the room around her. Nanoha then started giggling when her eyes landed on the bed. Harry had apperantly snuggled up to Sakura's side during the night, and one of his hands was lightly cupping one of Sakura's breasts. It took some effert for Nanoha to not start laughing out loud at the sight. A quick mental command to Rein and Nanoha was soon clad in a mear T-shirt and panties, so equipped Nanoha crawled into the bed herself and snuggled up behind her master.

His reaction whenever Harry decided to wake up was bounded to be...entertaining.

Chapter End.
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