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Ch.1: An Alpha and Human Unite

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Same as the first.

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It was a dismal night, as a human Katherine slowly made it out of the car she’d crashed into a tree. She was injured from the crash, but made herself get out and start heading into town. She needed help. She couldn’t stay in the car, because no one would find her in time if she did. At least, that’s what she thought.

She was half way through town, looking for the hospital or someone willing to help her, when she heard what sounded like a commotion. She was curious, so she followed the sounds, only to find a huge werewolf slaughtering some people. Vampire her never would’ve cared, but human her did. Most humans would be scared, but she was so used to wolves, she wasn't afraid of it.

Stop!" she yelled at it.

The humongous werewolf stopped and looked at her, not understanding how she would be so brave. Humans usually feared werewolves. She was fearless, though. He did get a sense that she was different, though. And he always listened to all of his senses. He wondered how she'd be different from other humans, though. She didn't seem to be even remotely supernatural, but there was always a first for everything.

"You can't do this, full moon or not," she added, not caring right now that she sounded like Elena at the moment. "Do you want to get hunted because you killed too many and didn't cover up your tracks? I may not have cared much when I was a vampire, before my doppelganger shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat, but at least I kept the collateral damage to a minimum and covered up my tracks."

After she said all of that, he realized why she seemed different and why he hadn't had the urge to go after her. Because she was different. Apparently, vampires and doppelgangers existed, and she'd once been a vampire. He also realized how alike they were. She was also injured badly, he saw. Since they seemed to be so much alike, he let his humanity come out to play, and phased back into his human self. Something he didn't do for anyone. There was no one he could let his guard down with. He'd done too much damage for his nephew to care. He didn't even have a pack. It seemed that this former vampire was all he had.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"Katherine Pierce," she introduced.

"I'm Peter Hale," he introduced, as they stood in front of each other. "It seems like you and I are quite similar," he added. Then he put a hand on her arm. "We can pick up on this conversation later. You look like you could use a hospital."

After he introduced himself and told her that, everything went black from her injuries and blood loss.

When Katherine woke up, she was in a bed. She assumed he’d taken her to a hospital, but she wasn’t in one now. She assumed she’d gone to one, since she was taken care of and feeling like herself again. Instead, she was at some place that looked to be a loft, the werewolf she’d seen the night before by a table, which was by a big window.

She sat up in bed.

He looked at her from where he was.

“You’re awake. Feeling better?”

“I’ve had a lot worst. I usually don’t say this to anyone, but thanks. You saved me, when you didn’t have to. Those that know me or know of me would’ve just let me die. Well, most people. Even though he broke up with me months ago, Elijah would never wish me harm or wish me to die.”

“And I don’t usually save humans, but we seem to be almost the same, despite being from two different worlds sort of speak. So, I thought I’d do you a favor. Besides, I may be an alpha, but I’m alone. I’ve caused a lot of harm and trouble, so nobody likes me and would rather see me dead. I don’t even have a pack of my own,” he replied to her.

“Well, you have me now, then,” she assured him. “I think it’s time we stop looking after ourselves. It’s time we help each other. I’ll help you with anything you need, and you can protect me from anything and anyone that comes to town. There’s bound to be at least a handful, if not more, of my enemies that will come looking for me. News travels fast, so I don’t doubt that people know I’m human now.”

“It’s a deal then,” he said. If she needed protection, he’d gladly give it to her.


She gave a smile and he smiled back.
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