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Ch.2: Venom Attack

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Same as the first.

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It was a nebulous night, as Katherine walked through the woods. It had been months since she and Peter had first met, and he’d agreed to protect her. Now, they knew each other pretty well, and both had fallen in love with the other. They’d spent a lot of time together, but she’d also gotten to meet the only family he had left. She was walking through the woods, since that was something that she liked to do. Besides, she liked staying away from the town. Less people around her, the better. She knew enemies would be coming, despite it having been peaceful for several months. She didn’t want those getting hurt that didn’t have to. The less casualties the better. Even as a vampire, she would never put those in danger that didn’t need to be.

She stopped in the deepest parts of the woods, when she felt like something was watching her. She then scanned the area, only to see something come out from the bushes. She didn’t know what it was, but it looked to her like a reptile, but with a long tail.

She stepped back, as it began to approach her. She didn’t know what else to do. She was never one to run from trouble. She usually kicked danger’s ass. She didn’t know how to get rid of this thing, though.

When it lunged at her, Peter immediately was there. He showed his wolf face and growled at it, but it didn’t back down.

She stayed her distance, when the fight began, but when she saw the thing paralyze Peter, and when it approached him, where he lay on his back, something went through her.

“No!” she yelled at it.

It looked at her, and magic shot from her hands. It hit part of the kanima, and it fled.

When it had gone, she knelt by Peter. She hadn’t known that she had magic as a human. She knew that part of her family had history of Traveler magic, but she never thought it was possible to trigger it. She also knew that magic was connected to your emotions. That made her realize that not wanting the thing to chow down on him had brought it forth.

The next day, she and Peter were discussing the attack from that creature. He was by the window, while she stood by the table.

“What was that thing?” she had to ask.

“It comes from different cultures. It’s called a kanima. Its only purpose is to kill. The name kanima means no identity. Whoever it is when it’s not the kanima, doesn’t have an identity. The person may not even know that they’re shifting into anything,” he informed her.

“Well, I’m usually not one to jump to conclusions, but let’s find its weakness and kill the thing.”

“Well, there isn’t much known about it, but I can agree with you. Let’s kill it.”

A few nights later, the kanima was killed between Peter, Kat, and Derek. So, all was well. At least for a few weeks. Little did they know, Kat’s suspicions that enemies would be coming, would soon happen.
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