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Ch.3: Know Your Enemy

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Same as the first.

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It was a dismal night, as Kat stood in the clearing of the woods with Peter, but they were a distance away from each other. They’d just found a body. Anyone would think that it was a random kill, but she knew this kill meant something. Someone wanted her to know her was in town and coming for her.

“What is it? Does this mean something to you?” he asked, sensing what she was feeling.

“She wasn’t a random kill. It’s an enemy of mine. He wants me to know he’s here. He’s one of my vampire enemies. Darius. Killing her is his message, telling me he’s coming for me. Be careful,” she told him. She knew that werewolves usually let their anger get the best of them. She knew Peter was no exception.

As if talking about what he’d done had summoned the vampire, he was suddenly behind her, an arm around her. Most humans would be afraid, but she wasn’t. Not like a normal human would be.

“It’s been a long time, Katherine,” he greeted.

Peter began to approach.

“Take another step, wolf, and I’ll kill her right here, right now,” he threatened him.

“Just do what he says. A vampire is much quicker than a werewolf. You’ll find us later. Just try and figure out where we’ll be. He likes to play games like I did as a vampire,” she told Peter, which made Peter stop. Then she spoke to Darius. “Killing her and not covering up your tracks wasn’t an accident. Us finding her wasn’t an accident, was it? You wanted to send more than just a message, right? This was a trap for me, wasn’t it?”

“You always were too smart for your own good,” he replied. He then let her go and instead, put a hand on her arm. “Let’s go.”

She let him walk her to wherever he was taking her.

An hour later, she was tied up in the deepest part of the sewer tunnels.

“If you’re going to kill me, why don’t you just do it?” she encouraged.

“Don’t worry. I will. But not yet. You killed the only person I loved, before you made me who I am. A little payback is in order.”

“I was different back then. I did terrible things. I’m sorry for what I did, but that was 200 years ago.”

“An apology isn’t enough.”


Katherine had just killed a lot of people in some woods. There was one survivor, though. Darius. She’d left him for last, after killing what looked to be the girl he loved.

She approached him, as he looked at her from the ground.

“What are you? Why?” he asked, both grieving and afraid of her, as well as angry at her.

“I’m a vampire. I was famished. It’s a small price for being what I am. I can show you.”

“If you have to kill people to be a vampire, then I don’t want it. I’d rather die.”

She didn’t do as he asked, since she saw potential in him. Instead, she turned him and taught him everything he knew. He’d even learned from her how to play games. He was her greatest creation. Then she’d let him go, once she realized that he was also one of her greatest enemies.


“I can’t change the past,” she replied. “I can only apologize for what I’ve done.”

“Oh, but an eye for an eye would make me feel so much better. How many times have you done the same thing? That wolf seems to care a great deal about you, but does he truly know you? You and I both know only one person that knows you just as well as I do. You never really had any connection with me like you did him, though, did you? And we both know you two still have a connection. You always will, whether you’re human or not.”

She knew exactly who he meant when he said that. She hadn’t known that he knew anything about Damon, though. She’d left Darius in 1825. She hadn’t known that he’d kept any tabs or eye on her throughout the centuries. Knowing he had, she was afraid of what he would do.

“How about you leave Damon out of this. He’s not even in town. And as he’s said and shown me the last few years, he doesn’t even love me anymore. He’d look out for himself and those he cares about, before he’d even think about me. He loves my doppelganger now, so there’s no point in dragging him into whatever plan you’re cooking up. And whatever it is you’re planning, you’re going to get caught. There are werewolves all over this town. You and I both know that being bitten will kill you. Not to mention, hunters that wouldn’t think twice in shooting or killing you. You’ll be lucky if they use you as an experiment, instead of killing you,” she replied.

“We’ll just have to see, now won’t we?” Darius replied.

After that, she knew reasoning with him wouldn’t work. She was kind of thankful when he left, though. That meant she could think on what she was going to do. She knew if Darius was going to try something, she had to somehow warn her eldest childe. Despite him not loving her anymore, and despite everything he’d tried to do to her, and had done to her, she would never wish anything to happen to him. She still cared about him, even though she did love Peter.

She decided to try something, since she had active magic now. She knew witches, so she knew a few things by heart. S, after thinking on what to do, she closed her eyes to astral project herself to the boarding house. She assumed he'd be there, since he spent most of his time there. And she was right. He was in the living room, not far room where she'd appeared at.

"Damon," she greeted, needing to get his attention, since he was in front of the fireplace, his back turned to her.

"Katherine," he stated. "What do you want?" he added, before finally turning around.

"I'm not really here. I just had to warn you. An old enemy of mine might come to town for you. He wants payback for what I did 200 years ago. He found me in Beacon Hills. If you end up in town though, be careful. It's full of wolves and Hunters, so try not to peeve off any wolves. If you run into Peter Hale though, tell him Darius has me in the tunnels."

"What did you do?" Damon inquired, curious as to why Darius, whoever he was, would want revenge.

"I didn't care about control very much in 1818. I killed a lot of people back then. I didn't know until after, that one of them was his girlfriend. He didn't want to be a vampire, but I did it anyway. I had my emotions off. I didn't care. In 1825, I realized that he was my perfect creation, made in my own image, as well as one of my greatest enemies. So, I let him go. I didn't know until tonight that he was watching me for centuries. I don't know how long I can keep this up, or when Darius will be back, so I better get back. I just recently found out that I have active magic, since I'm descended from Travelers. I don't know if this is the last time we'll see each other, but goodbye, Damon."

Before he knew it, her astral projection form had disappeared. He was glad that she'd warned him about the danger at hand, but they both knew that he was a danger magnet. Mostly, because he could be an idiot at times. Besides, despite the past and his hatred for her, a part of him cared. He wasn't going to stand by and let this enemy hurt her. Or worst. Katherine wanted to protect him, but they knew that he couldn't help the urge to help others. Even her.

He began to leave the boarding house, heading for his car, ready to make a trip to go help save her ass. No one got to hurt either of them but one another. If anyone hurt her, they'd pay with their lives.

Meanwhile, Katherine was still tied up in the sewers, injured from him having a little fun with her. She knew he was buying time.

A few hours later, he arrived in town. Since she'd told him to tell Peter Hale where she was, in case he ended up in town, he asked around until he found out where he lived. Then, after they met and got to knowing each other, he told him everything. Then he and Peter went into the tunnels.

About half way through, Damon smelled the familiar scents of blood and his now human sire, before Peter did. They then headed in that direction.

Darius stopped what he was doing, sensing them. Then he stood up and turned around to face them.

"Well, this isn't much of a fair fight," Darius commented.

Peter showed his wolf face.

"I never was one to fight fair anyway," Peter commented.

"Neither am I," Darius replied, vamped out now.

As Peter and Darius fought, Damon blurred to her side. Then he broke the ropes that held her against the sewer wall, which had pipes. He could tell that she was badly injured. He easily saw that she'd lost a lot of blood.

With blurry vision, she saw him at her side.

"You came. You saved me for once," she greeted.

"Don't thank me yet," he replied. He then assessed her wounds. He could see an opened leg artery, blood on one side of her head, and her lower stomach was bleeding. She was having trouble staying awake, and he could hear her shallow breathing. She was also pale from blood loss.

He gently took her jacket off, and used it to apply pressure to her opened artery and tie around it. He then rested a hand on the side of her face.

"Stay with me, Katherine."

He gently pulled her into his arms, getting to his feet. As he did, she rested her head on his shoulder, weak from blood loss and her injuries. He then blurred out of the tunnels, heading for the hospital.

Later, she recovered and went home to the loft with Peter. Since Peter had killed Darius, and there weren't any dangers, Damon went back to his hometown.
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