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Ch.4: Vendetta Symbol

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Same as the first.

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It was a beautiful day, as Kat entered the loft with Peter. They both stopped in their tracks though, seeing a symbol on the big window.

"What is it?" Kat asked. "What does it mean?"

"It means they're here," he replied.


"Alphas. A whole pack of them," he informed her.

"Well, I've seen stranger," she commented. "What do we do about them? What do they want?" she added.

"You almost died from a vampire. What makes you think you can win a fight with a werewolf, much less an alpha or pack of alphas?" he countered, not wanting anything to happen to her.

"Because I know werewolves. What are they doing here anyway?"

"It's possible they heard about Derek rapidly making a pack," Peter replied, guessing.

"So, you don't actually know. Well, I say we get to them first, before they plan an attack. We just have to find out where they're living."

He had to admit, he liked that plan. He also knew that Nukalian, the pack leader, would prove to be hard to deal with. Blind or not, the wolf had a reputation. Quite a few of them, Peter included, were afraid of him. He had a kind of power and demeanor that frightened everyone.

“That sounds good in theory, but how do you suppose we find them? Even if we can take down the alphas, we still have to deal with Nukalian. Nukalian isn’t someone to mess with. From what you’ve told me, I would say he’s a lot like Klaus you’ve spoken of. He may be blind, but he’s not one to underestimate. He always has something up his sleeve,” he replied and informed her. “Nukalian is more powerful than even myself.”

“Sounds like he’s been here before,” she commented.

“Before he went blind, he did live here. After he recovered, even though he was blind, something changed him, and he killed every wolf in his pack. Then he moved on to other packs and that’s how he’s gotten his pack of alphas. He twisted himself into their minds and made them kill their pack to become alphas. That’s how powerful he is. The things he’s done has frightened a lot of us throughout the years. Wolves try to avoid running into him, but not everyone is lucky enough to steer clear.”

“Well, in that case, you’re right. He is a lot like Klaus. Apart from the slaughtering of many people, all species alike, in the past,” she agreed.
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