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Ch.5: The Vault

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Same as the first.

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It was a dismal night at the loft. They had just found out that there were a couple wolves that needed rescued. They were in a vault. They knew who one of them was, but they didn't know who the other one was. Peter was against rescuing them, though. He didn't think it was worth it. She thought otherwise though, along with Derek. That's why she was at the table with Derek, while Peter sat on the stairs, watching.

After making the plan, they were ready.

Derek looked between them, asking, "Who's following me down?"

"Well, don't look at me. I'm not going down there. And neither should you," Peter told him.

"So, I'm supposed to just let them die?" Derek inquired.

"One of them's already dead."

"We don't know that," Derek argued.

"Do I have to remind you what we're up against here? A pack of alphas. All of them. Derek? Seriously, not worth the risk," Peter reminded him, trying to reason with him.

Kat looked at them both.

"Stop this. Both of you. Okay?" she said, looking between them, shutting them up. "It's your choice if you're going to come or not, but you don't get to decide that for me. Or for Derek," she told Peter. Then she told Derek, "You're not going alone. I'll come with you."

Half an hour later, she and Derek had arrived. A few minutes after that, they'd made their way into the vault. That's when Peter called her to say that it was a trap. The vault was made of catalight, which scattered the moonlight. The wolves had been in there for three full moons.

A few minutes later, after they hung up, as she stood kinda behind him as a precaution, at the name he said, she knew who the second wolf was.

"Cora?" Derek inquired. "Cora?"

When they could both see her, she warned, "Derek? Get out. Get out now."

A moment later, they attacked.

As Derek fought them, she tried to think of something. She knew in their more primal state that they couldn't let them out, but she didn't have many choices. There was something she'd seen witches do, though. Especially, Freya whom she'd known off and on throughout the centuries.

"Do you trust me?" she asked Derek, as he through them away again.


"We can't let them run off, but we can get them out of here if I magically knock them out for a while," she replied.

He agreed, so she did that and they took them home. Then, later, they were back to normal.
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