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naruto going world to world fucking other girls that are hot

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Chapter 0 - Kushina Submits
Naruto and his Mother were coming back from buying that weeks groceries. Naruto’s mom, Kushina, was wearing a tight, light blue blouse with the top three buttons undone, giving everyone a few of her considerable cleavage along with a light blue mini skirt that showed off her magnificent ass.

Naruto suddenly heard a guy from across the street say to his buddies, “Hey, look at the ass on that MILF.”

Naruto turned to glare at the man, but he was quite shocked when Kushina gave the man a sexy wink and began to walk with a more seductive sway. She subtly lowered her skirt, showing off her dark blue thong. Naruto suddenly felt a strong sense of possessiveness over the woman, she was his! His Mother. She was his to fuck… ‘Wait, what. No.. I can’t…’ He glanced at her swaying ass and bit his cheek, hoping the pain would calm his instant hard-on down. It didn’t. ‘Dad’s out of town for the next few weeks. We can break her… make her ours forever.’ His barely held self control shattered as a small part of his mind said this.

“You know, that guy probably jizzed his pants from that little show.” Naruto commented as they walked in the front door, Naruto locking the door behind him.

She looked over her shoulder at him with a smile, “Probably, we didn’t stop to ask.” Giving Naruto a wink she walking away, still swaying her hips, giving Naruto the same show she just gave the village.

Only now… he could do something about it.

Naruto was behind her in an instant. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and started grinding his semi hard on into her ass. “W-what are you doing!” she almost yelled. Naruto slipped his hand up her stomach and squeezed her right tit through her clothes, causing her to moan.

“I can’t take it anymore! I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was nine years old mom, and if your hell bent of dressing like a slut gagging for cock than I’m more than happy to give you all the cock you can handle!” Naruto said loudly while trying to undo the buttons on her blouse, which was difficult, given her struggling.

“B-but I’m your mother.” she replied weakly as Naruto finally give up trying to unbutton her shirt and just rip the shirt right off of her, showing off Kushina’s dark blue bra.

“And I don’t give a fuck! I’m going to fuck you until you break! When i’m done with you you won’t even be able to think about walking for the next month. You’ll be confined to your bed, right where I want you.” Naruto hissed lustfully. He pulled his crotch back, only to give her ass a hard slap with the flat of his palm. While she was still recovering from her stinging behind he twisted her around to face him and covered her mouth with his while forcing his tongue inside. As well as guiding her hand down to his crotch, curling her slender fingers around his rock hard girth through his jeans.

After that Naruto spun her around again, crouching as he went he grabbed her skirt. His face was right behind her ass, giving him a front row seat when he pulled the skirt down so fast her nice ass jiggled around.

Pushing her down onto the floor Naruto stood back to admire her figure, her tits filling out her bra almost to the spilling point, while her blue thong stretched around her ass like a second skin. Ice blue stockings accented her creamy thighs. He threw his top off and hastily pulled his jeans and boxers down, revealing her his rock hard twelve inch cock.

She paled as she saw his dick in both shock and fear. She started to crawl away as fast as she could on her hands and knees but Naruto latched onto her ass cheeks roughly and drag her back. “N-Naruto, how-how big is that?” She stuttered.

Naruto looked at her in amusement. “It doesn’t even matter Mom. All you need to know is this is the thing your going to worship for the rest of your life.” He chuckled darkly.

She got even paler as his earlier words repeated in her head. That thing would kill her! Naruto didn’t care however. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her around close enough that her breasts rubbed against his thighs. Before she could move at all Naruto had his fingers tangled in her hair, a tight grip on her head. He leaned his pelvis forward, rubbing the bulbous head of his engorged dick on her lips. Almost a full minute of this only caused her lips to get covered in his slimy pre-cum. He growled and pinched her nose closed with one of his hands. Less than thirty seconds later she was shaking, “Open UP!” Naruto pulled her head down and his hips forward just as she gasped for air, forcing his dick into her mouth and almost down her throat. Mindless of her verbal protest (as the vibration was rapidly wiping all thought from his head aside from the words Good, Faster, and Wet from his vocabulary) he pulled back and roughly rammed right back into her sweet mouth, using her face as a fuck toy. Since he hadn’t masturbated in a few days he blew his sizable load quickly. Within minutes he was choking her with his cum and it poured down her throat. Pulling back for the final spurt her hit the bridge of her nose, the speed it hit made it splatter across her face like a warm, sticky spider’s web.

Naruto leaned down and tore her bra off. Letting her firm breasts swing freely. Kushina was still gasping for breath so her lips were limp, saliva and cum drooling onto her breasts. She swayed back and forth and looked up at Naruto woozily. “I’m not finished yet, I’m going to fuck those giant tits of yours.”

She gave a sloppy grin, “Well come on then stud, they’re all yours.” She got closer to Naruto and held her tits together. He grabbed her shoulders and slid his dick in-between her tits, the head touching her chin. As soon as it tapped her chin Naruto was humping her chest at a rapid pace.

“Oh fuck, Mom your tits are so fucking amazing, suck my dick as well.” He moaned. She leaned her head down and scooped that last few inches into her mouth. Naruto felt himself getting close several minutes later. Pulling back he pushed her down on the ground softly. His knees on either sides of her chest he crushed her tits on his cock, pumping his hips as fast as he could to finish himself off her grunted loudly and started spraying her face. His cum carving wide arcs through the air, coating the red headed woman’s hair and face in a white glaze.

“I’ve never seen so much cum in my life Naruto…” She said breathlessly, subconsciously licking her face clean. Just seeing her do that brought Naruto’s cock back to full mast in a second flat. He was about ready to bend her over and rape her when a jutsu his dad taught him came to mind to help with his training, thanks to his amazing stamina and chakra reserves. “Mom, have you ever been gang-banged.” He asked innocently. She looked at Naruto with wide eyes, not sure where this was going. “N-no I haven’t Naruto… why?”

Naruto just continued smirking at her. He leaned down and whispered something in her ear. Kushina’s eyes shot wide open, a look of horror on her face. The cum covered woman jerked upright and started scrambling away as fast as she could. Naruto dashed forward grabbed her by the ankles and dragged the screaming Kushina into his room. He threw her onto the bed and locked the door with a chakra seal.

“S-sweetie this is getting too far, stop it now. Please…” She begged.

“Heh, I’m just getting started. What are you, crazy?” Naruto said with a cruel smirk. He formed a cross symbol with his finger and four Kage Bunshin appeared. All just as naked and well hung as he was.

“I put enough chakra in these clones to last a month. Each.” Naruto smirked harder as she whimpered. Before she could even begin to fend them off he already had her pinned down on the bed, his arms holding her hands over her head.

He then positioned his twelve inch dick at her entrance, and shoved it in her all the way in one thrust.

“Oh God!” Was all she got out before the four clones surrounded her on the bed. Naruto began to bounce Kushina up and down on his cock. She was about to scream out as an orgasm overwhelmed her but one of Naruto’s shoved his cock in her mouth, making her choke and gag all over his dick.

The original Naruto came inside her, painting her womb a sticky white. Kushina’s pleasured cries, muffled by a solid ten inches of cock, caused the clone fucking her face to grunt and force his cock as far down her throat as he could and drop his load directly into her stomach.

Kushina shoved the clone away and began to cough. She struggled to keep all the cum in her stomach. All of a sudden one of the other clones grabbed her head and started throat fucking her as roughly as he could. It barely lasted a minute before it came as well. Kushina gagged on the cum flooding down her throat as she was still trying to keep the other clone’s seed down. Just as the clone pulled out the last shot of cum from his orgasm shot out and hit the center of her forehead. She was taken completely by surprise as she felt herself cum again as Naruto forced another orgasm out of her. She felt Naruto’s cum pour into her again, making her jump slightly as his cum warmed her pussy. She screamed in reluctant pleasure as it filled her up more and more.

As she screamed one Naruto, who had been jacking off the entire time, finally came, aiming his dick right at Kushina’s body. It shot wad after wad of hot jizz at her, covering her tits, stomach, hair, face and lips. Just as her tongue snaked out to lick the cum on her bottom lip the last clone grabbed her head and shoved it’s dick into her mouth and came. Since her tongue was extended her slid down her throat without anything blocking his large cock before the flood started. The last clone’s load was easily the biggest… or she was just filled with so much cum it started coming back up, as the semen started oozing back up her throat and out of her clenched lips as the clone busted a nut inside her mouth.

Naruto pulled out of Kushina and backed off, followed by his clones. Cum flooding out of her abused pussy and mouth, Kushina finished hacking up gooey white liquid just in time to see all five Naruto’s start beating themselves off above her.

“Time for a Bukkake Mom!” Was all that Naruto said before they all came, pouring load after load on her, showering her in their seed, making her glisten from the complete layer of semen covering her. The four clones dispelled with a quick thought from the original.

With the clones gone Naruto decided he was going to enjoy her himself all night long.

Seconds later he had her on her hands and knees, fucking her doggy style, while watching transfixed as her plump ass shake every which way every time he slammed his cock into her pussy “Fuck yes!” He shouted as he came in her pussy again. Slapping her ass good and hard for good measure, making her scream out and fall onto the mattress. Naruto stopped her fall by grabbing her by the tits and pulling her back up, flush against his chest while still hammering into of her at an inhuman speed.

“Okay Mom, for the next three weeks until dad gets back I’m going to fuck you every day. You hear me? Fucking say it bitch, fucking scream that you’re my fuck toy for the next few weeks Mom!”

With her tongue hanging all the way out and her eyes half lidded she vaguely felt another orgasm coming. She managed to shout out “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck you’re fucking me so hard! I’m your bitch! Yours to fuck whenever you want baby! oh yes, yes, yes!” She screamed as they both came in unison, Naruto flooding her again with even more of his cum. Naruto then flipped her around and fucked her in the missionary position.

He fucked her raw for another hour. Her pussy was a gaping mess, but her kept pounding her into the mattress. Naruto gripped her shoulder and flipped her over, he was barely outside of her pussy for a second before he expertly speared her ruined pussy again and continued fucker her when she was face down, her tits pushed into the bed, while her ass was clenched tight. Naruto started spanking her ass harder and faster.

“Yes you fucking slut, you like getting fucked stupid huh? Fuck yeah, your nice tight slutty pussy is mine!” Naruto leaned forward so he was slamming almost straight down into her pussy and his thrusts went even faster, making her scream her lungs out for the next five minutes as he fucked her as hard as he possibly could until they finally came. Kushina gave a gasping wheeze and passed out.

Naruto growled and put his hand on the back of her neck, “Kushina! Naruto! Are you home?” ‘Fuck. It’s Temari I forgot she’s staying here while Dad was out of the village… Wait this could be even better than just mom!’ Naruto thought, dark lust making itself even more pronounced.

Naruto forced his chakra into Kushina’s chakra network, waking her up with a start. She cried out as her pussy screamed at her, it was completely raw. “Go shower, now. Temari is here and once you get done. I’m going to continue fucking the hell out of both of you with my Kage Bunshin.”

Kushina whimpered, but unsteadily made her was to the bathroom to clean and heal herself
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