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Chapter 1 - Big Booty Sister - Tayuya Dominated
When Naruto woke up hours after screwing his mom into a near sex induced coma. He cursed out loud as he saw it was eleven thirty at night. He forgot it was Halloween tonight; the guys must have left for the party already. 'Fuck. That sucks; there go my plans for the night...' Glancing over at his Mom he also decided she had as much as she could handle for now. Her pussy was a puffy, angry red color. Granted the red was covered rather nicely in the several coats of his seed painting her a glazed white, but still…
“You know boy, you owe me for making sure your mom didn’t get pregnant. Well, no. I’ve also upped your lust so much you're now a mindless fuck machine who'll fuck any woman with a sexy body at the drop of a hat... so maybe it evens out.” Kyuubi's words and the malicious laughter that followed went unheard. Naruto continued his thoughts, unaware of the beast fiddling with his body.

“Shame this bitch's shower took so long, Temari was out the door, most likely to visit uncle Nagato’s smoking hot wife Konan, before she even turned on the water. Mmm, Konan... nice big tits, fat ass, with sexy exotic blue hair, and orange eyes that I would absolutely love staring up at me as her lips are stretched around my dick. Yeah, she'd be an awesome fuck; Nagato's always back in Ame on business as the Amekage anyway, not like he'd ever know.” Naruto mused to himself with a smirk as he went downstairs, not even bothering to put anything on aside from a pair of boxers.

“Already picking out potential targets eh? Now that’s planning ahead. I can’t wait to see who your next target is.” Kyuubi laughed as he sent his container a subtle mental image. The blonde wouldn't even know it wasn't originally his idea to think of the girls, just that they were on the list of potential girls to fuck.

So after a few minutes Naruto started, walking into the living room, planning on heading to the kitchen for a drink when he stopped frozen, he couldn't believe his eyes. His sister Tayuya was in nothing but a purple bra and matching purple hot pants. Naruto didn't even notice he had stopped to stare at her, his dick becoming hard enough his boxers nearly ripped. His Sister's pants framed what was actually voted to be the most fuckable ass in the village. Secretly, of course, since she would most definitely kill anyone involved in such a poll. He also had it on good authority she'd never let any of the few boyfriends she's had talk her into sex of any kind. Which was also voted the fourth fastest way to die to the leaf village.

With a little bit of help from the Kyuubi Naruto’s thoughts were growing more and more depraved in regards to what he was going to do to her perfectly untouched ass she turned around, her eyes landing on his crotch instantly. She gasped, her eyes widening heavily before she calmed down, a sly smile etching its way onto her face that did nothing to calm his mood. "Aww, does little Naru-chan likes what he sees? Does seeing me like this turn you on?" She taunted in a voice that was almost mocking him. Naruto decided to return fire for once.

“Well obviously, your tits aren't all that impressive but your giant ass is enough to make me mess my boxers.” He replied.

She paused, a bit taken aback. She recovered quickly and with another sly smirk she continued, her tone just as mocking as before, “You can look. But you can’t have, you bad boy, you think you’re the only one who’s been trying to get inside my pants?” smirked Tayuya as she teased her little Naru-chan

Naruto raised an eyebrow. “Believe me when I say I know how many have tried, and who the fuck says I can’t? What's stopping me from bending you over the table right now and fucking you cross-eyed?” Naruto replied instantly.

She blinked owlishly, "...What! Are you into incest little brother? Well too fucking bad I ain’t into that kind of shit, besides who would be into that kind of crap.” She asked rhetorically. He was obviously screwing with her.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and ask mom? She's on my bed covered in quite a bit of my cum from when I fucked her raw yesterday. Why do you think I’m down here? Her pussy's too red and sore to use.” He said plainly.

Instantly Tayuya’s mouth dropped wide open at her brother’s admission of incest. She scoffed and turned around, hooking her fingers onto the edges of her hot pants she tugged them down a few inches, her luscious ass spilling out of the tight clothing, revealing her black thong and thrust her ass out towards him as a final taunt. Only to gasp as he was already behind her, giving her ass a slap hard enough to send her stumbling. She spun around, only to take a step back as the large bulge in Naruto’s boxers looked even bigger up close. Naruto gripped the back of her head and bent her over the couch. His thumb hooked around the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, his cock flopping and landing right between her clothed cheeks. She groaned involuntarily as his warm length was ground into her.

“Naruto ge-get the fuck off of me dammit!” Tayuya struggled. Naruto stopped grinding into her ass and pulled her back harshly by the hair. Tayuya wound up on her ass staring up at her brother twitching member. It's intimidating girth actually resting on her forehead. "You see this? This is what I’m going use to fuck your dirty little mouth with; It’s time you used your mouth for something else. Then I’m going bang your tight ass in every position known to man. When I’m done your ass will be so broken no one but me will even fit in it anymore.” Naruto promised as Tayuya turned her head around and saw that his eyes had turned from a clear blue to a dark red color.

To Naruto’s surprise Tayuya was able to get loose and sprang to her feet. She sprinted up the stairs with Naruto right behind her. She just passed the top step when Naruto tackled her from behind. Swapping them both in mid-air for the blankets in one of the spare bedrooms with Kawarimi no Jutsu Naruto pinned her below him. His eyes wide with lust as the normally brash girl whimpered and squirmed below him.

He grinned suddenly, an idea forming. “Tell you what sis, I feel like in a generous mood right now, so why don’t you give me the best blowjob ever and I’ll consider not fucking your ass to ruin.” Tayuya grimaced at both his perverted grin and at the giant twitching piece of meat pressed against her thigh. “Fine.” She spat. Naruto giggled gleefully and sat on the edge of the bed as she positioned herself between his legs.

Tayuya worked her mouth, until she got a good amount of saliva built up. Leaning over, she let it drizzle from her mouth, and coat Naruto's cock head. Naruto moaned at the feel of the liquid hitting his sensitive organ, and even more when Tayuya gripped it tightly and started beating him off. Tayuya stared him right in the eyes, having heard this got guys off faster. She was willing to try anything to get this over with, and took as much as she could into her mouth, slurping as she pulled back. Letting him slip from her lips with a loud pop.

Naruto sighed in pleasure. Tayuya, taking this as a good sign, did it again, going even slower this time. Squeezing her lips as tight as she could for added pleasure. Once he was free with another, even louder pop she started licking him from base to tip, swirling her tongue around the crown before sucking the head back in. Naruto groaned loudly at her actions, the feeling sending waves of pleasure through him. Tayuya took her time, ravishing his penis with her mouth, being careful about her teeth. No point to giving him a reason to get angry with her...

She sucked him slowly and deeply, using her tongue to massage as much of him as she could reach, occasionally pulling back to give attention to his unnaturally large testicles. Tayuya bobbed her head slowly while gently stroking what she couldn't fit into her mouth.

She preferred doing this of her own desire, not being coerced into it, but she didn't want to have her brother sticking his giant cock of his into her ass. 'He actually tastes pretty good maybe I shou-NO! You are not enjoying this. Just get him off so we can leave.' Naruto groaned when Tayuya started to moan around him, the moans actually being her fighting with herself, her mental battle turned verbal as she subconsciously noticed the vibrations getting him off more. With nearly half of him in her mouth, and his head near her throat, Naruto was getting annoyed. He pushed her head up gently, letting her do the work as she released his cock with an over the top slurp and pop.

“You’re doing okay, but you're never going to make me cum if you don't use your throat. Hurry up, or I’ll do it myself.” Naruto threatened his sister as she was hovering near his cock.

Placing her lips around the tip, she slowly slid down, until she hit her gag reflex. Forcing the urge down, she got maybe four inches deeper, before being overwhelmed. Pulling back quickly, she began rubbing the excess saliva from her actions onto his length. Tayuya then began to taste something coming out of her brother’s dick, and was really hoping he would cum soon. She kept going, at least until she was forced to start swallowing every few bobs. Tayuya soon had her mouth full of what she thought was cum and pulled back to swallow.

“Okay, I made you cum. Now let’s forget this ever happened Naruto.” She said, starting to stand up. Until Naruto’s hands forced her back down. “I haven’t cum yet, that was just my pre-cum. And what did I say about trying harder? It looked like you were barely even trying at all. This isn't a good way to convince me to not fuck you rotten.” Tayuya gritted her teeth and glared at him. She leaned forward and took him back into her mouth. In her anger she forced her head down several inches lower than before, bobbing her head up and down rapidly.

“I got a surprise for you, kid.” Kyuubi snickered as it secretly began to manipulate Naruto’s regeneration in a very specific way. Enjoying the show, and enjoying that he could make it even better more.

Tayuya continued in this vein for a while; sucking as much as she could fit without choking, stroking what she couldn't, and swallowing the bittersweet liquid he released when necessary. When she felt him jump, she knew he was getting close. The telltale swelling a few seconds later told her that he was about to explode... and explode he did. He shot out three spurts, before he began spraying his seed into her mouth like a fire hose. What's more was that each of the spurts alone was more than most men let loose through their entire orgasm. She had to swallow at an insane pace just to keep up, barely being able to do such as cum leaked out of the edges of her mouth. She tried to back away, only to find her brother’s hands gripping the back of her head, forcing her to swallow his cum. Now she had no choice but to endure the best she could. Her throat was forced to work overtime trying to take on the steady stream for almost three whole minutes before it began to wane. When he finally let her go, she pulled back taking in heaping breaths of air as she collapsed to the ground, cum leaking from her mouth as she coughed up several cups of his seed onto the floor.

“Well that was pretty average Sis, but you did do one things right.” Tayuya looked at her brother hopefully, as of cum drooled onto her tits. “You got me nice and lubricated so I can fuck your ass even harder!” He cried happily, dashing all hope she had of getting away. She watched numbly as he grabbed her forearm and lifted her onto the bed on her back. He gripped her breasts and began to toy with them as his other hand undid the clasp of her bra. As it came undone Naruto began to toy with her nipples, licking and sucking on her sensitive flesh. Making her squirm in agonizing pleasure before he grabbed her and flipped her over.

He grabbed her hot pants and pulled them down to the middle of her creamy thighs, smirking at his sister’s thong, something his family must have a weakness for. The women seemed to love wearing them, and he sure as hell wasn't complaining as he got to take them off of them.

Naruto gripped Tayuya’s hips to prevent her from escaping and lifted her ass up, putting her in the doggy style position with her face and chest still lying on the bed. He scooped up some of his cum and used it to lube up her asshole with one finger before he pushed his cock between her legs and rubbed it against her slit, making her gasp as it sawed along her clit, coating it with her juices so that it was even more lubricated. When he was satisfied he spread her cheeks with his thumbs, exposing her rose bud, and slowly sunk his entire length into her puckered hole.

Naruto grunted and kept thrusting harshly forward, sinking deeper and deeper into her bowels. Tayuya's muffled screams only spurring him on. Naruto closed his eyes and sighed blissfully, paying no heed to how long he just stayed in that position, savoring the feeling of being buried balls deep in his sister’s perfect ass. He came back to reality when Tayuya screamed at him to hurry the hell up. Now on all fours she pulled forward an inch and then thrust herself back, her tired arms wobbling precariously in the process. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and their gazes met. “Come on Naruto is that all you got! You wanted to fuck my ass so bad before, so fuck it already! What’s stopping you, you got cold feet or something” She sneered.

Not wanting to disappoint his sister Naruto pulled all the way out, grinning as her hole immediately sealed itself up, and then gently but firmly thrust all the way back in. He continued like that, setting an agonizingly slow pace, making sure to brush against all the right spots. Tayuya’s ass made lewd sucking noises as it desperately tried to keep Naruto's thick cock inside, only to fail with a 'pop' as each time his mushroom-like head pulled free of her tight sphincter.

Tayuya’s moans grew louder as the slow pumping brought her closer and closer to orgasm, creating a burning heat inside her, but not enough to give her the last push she so desired. She would have loved to thrust back at him, impaling herself and forcing a more energetic rhythm, but she barely had the strength to stay on her hands and knees let alone move them.

"Harder! God! Yes! Naruto fuck my ass harder! Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop you hear me!" She cried. The amount of desire and lust in her voice made Naruto's cock, if possible, grow even harder than it already was. He pulled out again and stayed there, poised at her back entrance. Leaning forwards he pushed back in sharply so he was molded against her back with his head over her left shoulder.

"Get ready Tayu-chan!" He whispered in a husky voice with his mouth right next to her ear, "I'm going to pound into you and I'm not going to stop until I've emptied myself in your tight fucking ass, my cock is the only cock that's allowed inside you, no one else's. You're my bitch now, just like mom." Smirked Naruto as he thrust faster and harder into her ass.

Tayuya could only whimper in response as he snaked his left arm up to circle her slim waist. His right arm went around her chest and groped the opposite breast. Leaning back so they were both upright Naruto made good on his promise and started pounding into her ass at full speed. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the room as he barely removed half of his member before slamming back in. Tayuya’s pent up orgasm finally exploded with a scream of ecstasy that went on and on, seemingly growing with every thrust. Naruto's grin threatened to split his face as he saw the seal he slapped on her ass activate and light up with a soft blue glow. His creation was a success. Time would only tell when he would use it.

For a good half hour Naruto pounded into his sister’s asshole, never slowing down, even when her voice broke from her continuous screaming or when she went limp in his arms, the only sign of consciousness from her being the whimpers of pleasure that escaped her mouth. Her orgasm never subsided as his relentless thrusts forbade her from coming down. Eventually Naruto felt his loin’s burn and he could no longer hold back his release. Pulling as far back as he could he slammed forward as his orgasm started. He could feel her ass flatten against his crotch as he buried that last inch that her massive ass denied him before he let loose, splashing her bowels with one of the biggest loads he ever produced.

He didn't know how long he was cumming for, but when he came down from his high Tayuya was unconscious. He contemplated pulling out of her, but she was still milking his erect cock and he did have some pent up energy to spare before he could go to bed. Rolling onto his side he took her limp body with him. Lazily pumping his cock into her ass he lost himself in thought. Wondering when his Mom was going to be healed enough to fuck some more. He groaned suddenly as he came inside Tayuya's ass once more. And just like that, inspiration. He never fucked his mom's ass.

Naruto grinned. He would just have to fix that problem... juuust as soon as he came inside his Sister's ass a few more times, even unconscious it felt amazing.
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