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Gerard gets fucked

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Gerard gets is a toy.

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I walked into Franks house. Then all of sudden i am tied up. I am drunk when i walled up in there.I really want to do something daring, touch Frank in ways I've never touched him before. My judgement is obviously impaired by the abuse my liver's taking, it's not even funny how fearless I've become. It's not bravery, or fearlessness; it's stupidity. I giggle rather girlishly as I have this stupid monologue in my head. Everything's funny right now. The angle of the phone, how my face is just a pinky length from Frank's...

My face is almost touching Frank's when he connects our lips. He doesn't hesitate to put his tongue into my mouth rather sloppily, and after the initial reaction of OH MY GOD FRANK IS KISSING ME, HIS TONGUE IS IN MY MOUTH, I kiss back in an equally uncontrolled manner. I'm surprised he initiated it, I thought it would be me doing something fucking retarded, but I happily go along with it. More than happily, actually, but I can't think of words to describe the way my drunken body feels.

Hid tongue invades my mouth, discovering every depth of it, clearly in charge and at large. One of his arms is threaded around my waist, his hand kneading one of my ass cheeks, his other arm across his lap, his hand squeezing my thigh, shooting pleasure up my spine and sending the blood down south.

I can't believe Frank is doing this to me, I never imagined he would want me in any way besides as an accomplice. I've wanted it, of course., but maybe he's had too much to drink and won't want me later... but my mind can barely register that thought before I find each of my legs on a different side of Frank, his hand hot against my butt as he squeezes. While I may be on top of him in this drunken session, there is no doubt in my mind Frank is in control. He's dominant, as he always seems to be.

My shirt is off almost the instant Frank wants it that way, my flushing chest exposed to him. Frank's tongue isn't ravaging my mouth any longer, instead it's latched deliciously onto my neck, a wet suction making me gasp. There's a tongue in that wetness, melting away my brain. I can't help but let out a moan that I would be ashamed of if sober as Frank sucks harder on my neck, drawing more blood to the surface.

I'm flipped over and thrown on the bed, and Frank is over me, shirtless. He rubs his crotch down on mine-- Oh god, the feeling is simply divine. It feels so, so good in our sloppy movements, but I still want more. I thrust up to meet Frank, trying to get an even more perfect pleasure from our clothed contact.

My pants are undone as quickly as manageable and pulled down, and Frank's hands near my legs makes my breath hitch. It feels so good, the light teasing of flesh nearly but not quite on skin on my thighs. My head wants to explode with what he's doing to me, and we really haven't even done too much thus far.

I try to get Frank out of his pants, and after a few failed attempts with fumbling fingers I manage to succeed, dismissing his pants from the situation. It feels good, his thighs pressed against mine, the rubbing of our flesh and he rolls our hips together is simply mouth wateringly good.

Before I ca even register what's happening my boxers and his have disappeared, and our skin on skin in the groin area is making us both moan. his fingers are in my face, so I take them into my mouth and suck. I love these fingers in my mouth, I love the person they're attached to and love the accuracy these fingers can kill with. I wrap my tongue around them, trying to coat as much saliva onto them as possible.

When frank takes his fingers from my mouth, dripping in spit, I can't help but feel a slight loss. So slight I don't really even notice it. Frank flips my over and commands me to get on my hands and knees, which I do without hesitation. It's not long before I feel the pain of him working his first finger into me, the sting that i just have to get used to. It hurts, and I whimper. I'm a Hooker, for Christ's sake, I shouldn't whimper! But i'm a drunk Hooker, so I guess it's okay.

I feel the tears prick to the front of my eyes as Frank ungracefully inserts his second digit, this stretch hurting so much more than the first one. He waits an impatient moment before he starts to scissor his fingers into me, and it's not comfortable in the least but he's giving me something, and that's better than no preparation.

Frank takes out both of his fingers, and I feel something larger pushing into me. Frank slowly, but not as slowly as I would like, pushes into me. He fills me up completely, and moans as I clench around him, trying to get used to the feeling. But after a moment of this clenching I'm doing, Frank decided to move. he pulls out a little, only to thrust back in with power. I let out a mix of a scream and a moan, and he pulls out further and slams back into me harder.

It's a strange combination of pain and pleasure, and the pleasure eventually overrides the pain and I'm thrusting back to meet Frank, my body and (presumably) his covered in sweat. This feels so good already, but when he hits that spot and I scream his name in what must be illegal volumes I know it can only get better from here.

He hits that spot again, harder, harder and faster, abandoning any pretense of a rhythm as we both near the end. I burst all over the bed, and my mind goes blank as my toes curl in pleasure, and I clench as my hands dig into the bedding. He comes inside of me, and hell, we should have used a condom, but this feels so right. It's a good minute before I can even think relatively straight, and Frank pulls out of me. We clumsily clean ourselves off and get back lazily into our boxers.

"This.. this never happen'" Frank said to me as he fell asleep. My heart sunk a little, but I fell asleep the next instant.

When I wake up, my head is splitting.

Frank's already up, I can hear him. He mumbles a hello, or something like that.

Once I've gotten a cup of coffee and sunglasses, he asks me. "Do you remember what happened last night Gerard?"


Shit..... I do remember I had sex with Frank. "No"
"Great now lets redo it but better. You are going to be my sex slave. Whenever I want to have sex with you. i don't got to ask you are mine now no one's elses you are mine. I can fuck you to I cum in you. Then I ride you till you cum in me. And i get enough of it for five minutes. Do you understand."

I am think OMG OMG OMG OMG..... This can't be happening. I love him but i want him to think i am scared so I whimper "No plz no."
"Oh yes you are mine forever."
I am walking down a hall way that has wipe and sex toys. So i am thinking yes he is useing all that on me.
WE finally get to his "sex" room. He ties me up. We start to kiss deeply. OMG Frank is humping me like humping. He is taking off my close slowly while he is humping me. Then all of sudden he is naked too. He put his finger in my mouth I put a lot of slava on then till he pulled them out of my mouth.
"Bind over on your knees now." so I listened to him. He starts sissoring me. I moan his name so loud he took out his fingers and put his full length in me. Hard at first then he pulled out then slammed back in me.
Next thing I know he is riding me with cum in my mouth. I feel my self about to cum. "Frank i am going to cum." That is when started to suck my length tortureing it at the same time. I came in his mouth and he SWALLOWED. The moaned "GGGEEEERRRRAAADDD FUCK ME MORE."

Then next think I know I got shot and Frank. The person said "Go to HELL you FAGS."
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