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An Old Friend

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Obi-Wan discovers Palpatine's plans to turn Anakin to the Darkside. To save him he offers himself to the Sith Lord. [Anidala + Obikin]

Category: Star Wars - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Amidala,Anakin,Obi-Wan - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2019-03-27 - 790 words

Tired after a particularly gruelling senate session, Padme is more than content to sit back and watch a Holo in her living room. She had taken a few extra pillows and a blanket from her bedroom and had gotten comfortable on the push couch.

Padme is nearly a three quarters through her move when she notices Obi-Wan arrive. She goes to great her dear friend, her chocolate waterfall brown eyes full of affection for him. “I wasn’t expecting you… I am happy you came, it has been far too long, Obi-Wan”

“I am sorry Padme” He utters emotionlessly, already having set himself up to killing her.

Confusion fills her warm eyes, but the smile doesn’t leave her face. “Obi-Wan, you’re not making any sense. I don’t understand”

“I have my orders” Obi-Wan mutter unfeelingly, taking his lightsaber from his belt. “I am here to do what must be done”

Understanding dawns upon Padme, shock and fear fill her being. As Obi-Wan takes a step forward she runs for her bedroom. Anything she can get her hands on she throws at him in hopes of slowing him down as she runs.

Padme had no more meetings for the rest of today, just some of the chancellor’s newest amendments to review for the delegation of 2,000 and the loyalist comity. As such, she had put away her blaster in her room as she had felt she had no need of it.

If she could make it to her room, she could also call for her security to help her.


Traffic, as always in the city world, was a nightmare. Often feeling like every single being of Coruscant’s population had decided they needed to go somewhere all at once. Horns blaring and obscenities shouted, it was enough to give anyone a headache.

The lanes were backed up as far as his eyes could see. Anakin was not getting anywhere fast.

Anakin looks around to try to work out the best way out of this mess. Everything seems tightly packed and traffic officers were flying around everywhere, monitoring everything. It appears there was an accident. “I don’t have time for this” Anakin grumbles.

Usually, if he was in a rush, he would simply leave the traffic lanes. However with all the officers around, he would only get himself trouble. Right now, with Padme’s life potentially in danger, he will not risk being slowed down.

Anakin quickly stops his speeder and jumps out, landing on the speeder in front of his. If he cannot fly to Padme, he will simply jump across the traffic to get to her.


Padme bursts into her bedroom, the door slams against the wall so hard it nearly comes of the hinges, and dives across her bed. She grabs her comm link and pulls her blaster out of her bedside draw.

Obi-Wan enters her bedroom, his face set in a determined frown. He deflects all the shots from Padme’s blaster with practised ease. Edging closer slowly taking his pleasure in the primal thrill besting his target. A cold dark light fuelling his actions, one that he is now all too familiar with.

Padme tries desperately to hail her security team. When she realises that her security team won’t be answering her calls and why, she begins to silently cry. He had already dealt with them before he went after her. Obi-Wan was always good at planning ahead.

Padme continues firing at Obi-wan regardless of her tears. She will not go down without a fight.

Obi-Wan is almost upon her now. Fear is replaced by anger in Padme when she sees the look of satisfaction on Obi-Wan’s face. She can the darkness within his sickly yellow eyes clearly; his betrayal obvious.

“Why Obi-Wan, how could you do this?” Padme yells at him.

“You wouldn’t understand” Obi-Wan grounds out and raises his lightsaber ready to kill her, tired of playing around with her. It is time to end this, her fear was darkly intoxicating but he needs get the job done.

Right before Obi-Wan strikes her down Padme whispers sadly with no small amount of bitterness, just loud enough for him to hear “Qui-Gon would be so disappointed in you”

In one fluid movement Obi-Wan sends his lightsaber into his left hand and grabs her throat in his right. She gasps as her feet lift the floor. “Don’t talk of Qui-Gon. You know nothing of him” He yells. He slams her hard into her bedroom wall.

Padme’s breaths comes short and ragged around his strong grip “I knew him… eno-ugh to know that you… have failed him and all that he stood for… Jedi Master Kenobi” Padme spits caustically.
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