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Its time to decide

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Its time

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Ty’s POV
Fuckkkkk, i don't know what i just did. I we fell asleep and i woke up sitting on his lap. Neither of us is openly gay or bi.
I don't know what to do, I'm still sitting on him and he's asleep. I carefully get up and for the first time in a week, I take a shower. Livvy is gone and I can't hold on to her forever. I take a shower, brush my hair and go out to find Kit sitting on my bed. He has livvy's locket in his hand he's looking at it. He looks up at me and smiles

“Nice abs” he says cheekily.

“Wish u had abs like mine” I reply



I go to my drawer and put a shirt on.

“A-a-about last night….”

“I won't tell anyone don't worry”

“Thanks, I need to figure things out

“About ur sexuality? I'm sort of confused about me too. I think I'm bisexual.”

“Yeah I need to figure things out, maybe write a fire message to Alec Lightwood.”

“U think ur gay?”

I thought about it, I wasn't exactly sure, I never felt anything for a girl and Kit is the only boy ive had feelings for.

“I don't know, but if anyone asks, I'm still straight”

We both walk into the kitchen to find Emma and Cristina talking as Emma makes breakfast

“Tyyyy!!!” Emma smiles

“I see that Kit got u out, I'm so happy, maybe u can talk to Julia-” Cristina cuts her off, staring at her giving her a “later” look
“Ty! So happy to see finally come out of your room, are u ok?”

“Yeah I realized that mourning over Libby won't bring her back”

“You've got to tell Julian that, he's still in his room”

“You still haven't been able to bring him out?”



Its now or never, they can help me tell Julian.

“Emma, Cristina, I Have to tell u something…..”
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