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Chapter 5

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Helga, Phoebe, and Rhonda get over their differences and work together to defeat the source of negative energy in Hillwood.

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Wally loves you, all you little girls and boys...


Wally loves you, and he loves it when you buy his toys...

Helga swung the baseball bat she held in her hand with all her might, sending the life-sized blue alligators hurtling into a toy display. Several more giant Wally dolls surrounded Helga as she attempted to fend them off.

"This is insane, Luna!" she said angrily. "There's too many of them...! YAHH! And they won't stay down...!"

It was midnight, the scouts were on evening patrol of the city when they found themselves at the Mega ToyWorld located downtown. Apparently they had stumbled upon something, for as soon as they went inside, they were taken by surprise and ambushed by over a dozen Wally dolls.

"WATCH OUT!" cried Luna. A Wally had snuck up behind Helga and wrapped his big blue stubby arms around her.

"I just want a hug..." it said in a deceptively-goofy voice.

"Hug this!" Helga placed her martial arts training into action and threw the toy reptile clear over her head and into a group of other Wallys. By now she was getting exasperated. "Hey, I can use some help over here!...HELLO?"

"In a minute!" called out Rhonda. She was out of the fray, talking on her cell phone. "So anyway, Nadine, I was at the nail salon the other day, and you will not believe who I saw..."

"Anytime would be nice...!"

Phoebe was at the sidelines, analyzing the situation with her high-tech visor. "Helga, go for the defected one – that's their weak point!"

Helga looked to her right; sure enough, amongst the crowd stood a giant Wally slightly darker in color than the rest, with only one eye. She cracked her knuckles and smiled. "Alright – now we're getting somewhere!"

When she peered to her left, she saw a nearby display stand for the product "My First Javelin Set". Helga grabbed a javelin and charged, pointing the business end directly at the defected abomination. Without hesitation, she impaled her target, effectively shish-ka-bobbing a couple more onto the javelin in the process. As they fell to the ground in a sea of tattered fluff, Helga slammed her boot forcefully into the purple Wally's eye, shattering it. This time, the other Wallys stopped dead in their traps, also falling over. Black smoke emanated from the dolls, and they transformed back into their harmless, cuddly forms.

"Good work, Helga!" congratulated Luna.

But Helga was on the war path. She stormed over to Rhonda, who was still heavily engrossed in her phone conversation.


Helga snatched the phone from
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