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The Amazing World of Gumball ! Darwin x Reader

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After moving in to a new... Rather strange town, you meet the Wattersons - your new neighbours! After a pretty weird accident, however, you find yourself entranced by the one person who'd think you...

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( Author's note: I do not own The Amazing World of Gumball! This is just fiction :) Please enjoy the story! )

It was your first day unpacking into your new house, and though you were sad to be leaving your hometown, you were also excited by the adventures that awaited you in this neighborhood..! Perhaps you will meet new friends, new enemies, new... lovers! Nobody knows, but the future, what is coming in this new place, and maybe, just maybe... That's when you were suddenly smacked across the face with something.

"Ow!" You called out, looking around the moving van. You sighed and smiled with relief and annoyance when you notice it was only your little brother, weilding a tennis racket as he tutted at you childishly. "Stop daydreaming, (y/n), we have TOOOONS of stuff to unpack!" He whined. "Teehehe, all right, Nicolas" you giggled softly and knelt down to his level to ruffle his mop of dirty blonde hair. He groans. "Are you gonna give me a big kiss, too?" Nicolas said dismissively. "Yupsies!" You grinned, picking the little boy up and giving him a smooch on the forehead. "Okay, okay! Put me down, big sissy!!" he squealed, snickering as he tried to wiggle from your grasp. "That's revenge for smacking me, silly" you said. "Your revenge is pretty lousy, big sissy"

You puff, picking up a large cardboard moving-box labelled "Nicolas' TOYS". It was surprisingly heavy, and you struggled to lift it. "Uuugh, gosh, how many toys do you have?!" you groan to Nicolas but upon looking around, realise he is long gone from the moving van. When you look out from the back, you see him talking to your mom, still gripping onto the tennis racket he smacked you in the face with. Your mom just nods at him and turns her attention back to her phonecall - it must be your dad who she's talking to. Your dad was at work right now, and that was also the main reason unpacking was taking AGES. "A little help here?" you ask, your voice wavering with exhaustion. "How much... can these toys... weigh.." You moan, stepping out onto the ramp of the moving van. Finally, you lose your balance and slip, sacrificing the box of your little brother's toys by letting it drop. However, this doesn't quite save you, and you flop onto your face anyway.

"Ughh" You sigh, getting up and rubbing your nose. You see Nicolas laughing his head off at you, and your mom still on the phone. "Nikki, please, help!" you laugh-cry, giggling to yourself as you stand up again. "Nuuuah, the house is only a few steps away! And I'm tired" Your brother grins, snuggling up into the fluffy yellow blanket he carries everywhere with him. "Besides, I've done enough work for today!" he declares smugly, a sly smile fading onto his face. "WHAT work" you ask, bending down to pick up the boy of his toys again, but when you look up, he's already sleeping.. Curled up on a yet-to-be-built cardboard moving-box. Suddenly, you're terribly embarrassed by your rather ASHAMING family, and hope your neighbours aren't around to see it. However, to your dismay.. And, well, amusement, your neighbours ARE there, at the house across from the one you're moving into. You drag the box of Nicolas' toys down the moving van's ramp and stare, because, well, it's all you can do when you are faced with a large pink rabbit, smiling a goofy grin at you and waving like a total maniac. "Nicole!!" he calls, turning around to look into his window.

An athletic-looking, blue lady-cat steps outside, her eyebrows furrowed and her ears flat against her head in annoyance. "Richard, WHAT" she practically hisses. "Our new neighbours!" The pink rabbit - who you presume to be Richard - replies delightfully. The lady-cat who you assume is Nicole suddenly perks up and catches your gaze. She quickly smiles and waves. "Oh, hi!! I didn't know you were coming THIS early!! Ahaha.." she calls out to you and your family, smoothing down her clothes and trying to look calm and collected. Behind Nicole and Richard, and seemingly unbeknowst to them, the lawnmower is still on, there's a large drip of magenta paint running down the wall of their house, their bushes are strangely misscut and there is a small, pink bunny desperately trying to climb her way out of the chimney. "MOM!!" the bunny cries. "Huh?!" Nicole turns around to face the scene and begins sweating. Needless to say, all the embarrassment you felt for your own family was now gone, and you were trying to process what was playing out in front of you. THESE PEOPLE were going to be your neighbours for the next chapter of your life.

Well... Atleast it'll be interesting... You think to yourself and give Richard a reassuring smile. He turns and lifts and hand into the air dramatically. "Don't worry, Anais, I'll save you!!!" he says and the little pink bunny, still stuck in the chimney, screams. "AAAAH! MOM, PLEASE HELP!!" Anais cries. You wonder whether to laugh or call the police, but find you are unable to do anything besides sit and stare. "Did Gumball put you up to this again!?" Nicole calls to Anais. Again? Does that mean this situation has happened on more than one occasion? You think and can't help but laugh. Suddenly, you notice an opportunity to get out of your boring unpacking work and actually do something interesting! Ditching the box of Nicolas' toys, you run to the seemingly crazy family's house and smile awkwardly. "Erm, I can help get her out!" you speak before you think, and then realise you're going to need to actually do this. "Oh, thank goodness!" Nicole says. "IT'S OKAY, ANAIS! THIS-- Erm, what's your name?" she whispers the last part to you. "(y/n)" you whisper back and smile. "(Y/N) IS GOING TO HELP YOU!!" she finishes and Anais sighs with relief - well, you hope it's relief, because you can't exactly read the little bunny's emotions.

Before your mom or your brother can object, you adjust a ladder that was already leaning against the wall of the house and take the first step up it. "I'LL HOLD THE LADDER DOWN, MISS (Y/N)!" Richard shouts. "Okay!" you call back, more than a little nervous. You quicken your pace, half-closing your eyes due to the intense amount of fear you are feeling. Before you know it, you're gripping onto the roof of the house. "Phew!" you gasp and pull yourself up to the roof. You climb up to the chimney, your hands shaking and sweaty. Even through your panic, you can hear Nicole calling to someone else from below you. "Gumball, Darwin, out here, NOW!" she calls. A boy's voice comes from inside the house. "But mooom, Penny's over! Do I have to go outside NOW?" he asks. "You have to greet your new neighbor!! This is important!" Nicole replies and you feel yourself go scarlet with embarrassment. Nobody's ever made such a big deal about a new neighbour before... Like, NEVER. "What's important is the fact that me and Penny are having a sleepover!!!!" the boy squeals. "Your sleepover can wait, get out here this instant!" Nicole growls and a defeated-looking blue cat and a gorgeous, iridescent yellow... thing with antlers step out onto the lawn. "Where's Darwin?" they all look at each other and ask the same question at the same time.

You try not to be distracted and finally grab Anais' hand. "Gotcha, you silly thing!" You say to her and she smiles as you pull her out. "Phew! Finally" Anais comments but before you can say anything else, you're rapidly slipping down the rooftop with nothing to hold onto. "EEEEP!" you and Anais squeal. The whole family and Penny look on in horror as you slide down their roof to your inevitable fall.. with THEIR daughter in your grasp!!! "Oh no, oh no, oh no.." You repeat to yourself, desperately trying to think up something to do. When you finally slip off the edge of the roof, Anais jumps from your hands and into some bushes - smart move. You, on the other hand, are left falling. "AAAAAH!!!" You scream, closing your eyes and deciding to accept your fate. ... But something manages to cushion your fall. "Oof!"

There's a noise beneath you. You gasp and stand, noticing that you have just fallen onto another boy - a goldfish..? With arms..? And legs..? "Oh-- Oh no, oh, I'm.. I'm so sorry!" you blabber out in apology. Anais pokes her head out of the bushes and holds in a giggle. The pair holding hands - who you figure are Gumball and Penny - are gawking at you. Nicole is seemingly lost for words and Richard is smiling blindly. "Thanks for getting our little girl down!" he grins. You feel your face go red again and you try to compose yourself. You facepalm and sigh, kneeling down to the boy who probably just unwillingly saved you from a ton of broken bones. "Hey, uh.. T--This is Darwin, right?" you look up to the family. They nod at you nervously. "Are you okay, Darwin?" you ask shakily. He doesn't respond for a moment but suddenly jumps up in a quick movement. "Yup!" he chirrups. "Are you sure, I mean, I just--" you stop talking when Darwin smiles the sweetest dimpled smile you have ever seen. EVER. For a moment, time stops and you're just dramatically staring into this boy's eyes, when you hear a loud "AHEM" come from your side. It was your mother, standing above you.

"(y/n), what do you think you're doing!?" she asks firmly, taking your hand and pulling you up. "We have been here all of two seconds and you are already terrorizing our neighbors" she tuts. "I'm sorry, I was just trying to help" you laugh. "Well, little missy, I think it's best you go back to helping us unpack!" your mom giggles at you. She was never the "serious" type of mother, and boy, were YOU glad! As you're walking away to your moving van, you wave politely at your neighbours and mouth a "sorry!" to them. "Sooo," your mom twirls you around to the back of the moving van and winks. "Who's that new boyyyy?" she asks. "Ah-- Mom, what are you talking about!? What boy-" you say, feeling embarrassment build in your chest yet again. "Well, I mean, you seemed pretty touchy with him literally one second ago" your mom nudges you playfully. "Mom, that was an accident!" "Ahaa, that's how it starts!" she remarks. "Now, I'll help you with this box" she adds as she tries to lift Nicolas' toy box. "HUFF! O--On the other hand, I'll just carry your little brother inside.." she mumbles and you roll your eyes before lifting the box yourself.

You notice Penny run up to you and help you with the box. "Wow, this thing is heavy" she puffs. "Gosh, I know! Erm, I hope I didn't freak you out or anything, teehehe" you say and she giggles. "It was an accident.. (y/n), right?" she asks. "Yup! God, I hope that never happens again. It was so embarrassing!" you moan with shame. "Don't worry, it's not like you did something AWFUL" Penny says comfortingly and you smile. "You seem really close to them!" you say. "The Wattersons, yeah! Gumball's my boyfriend" she declares proudly. "Ooooh" you tease and she blushes. "Ooh - Whatever, hehe! You'll be going to the same school as all of us! Elmore Junior High" Penny speaks as you both finally manage to finish dragging Nicolas' box of toys upstairs into his room. "Huff.. Cool!" you reply. "I'll best be off now! I'm having a sleepover with Gumball tonight!" Penny says. "Hey, tell Darwin I'm--" you begin to speak but she cuts you off as her face lights up in a radiant smile. "I know, I know! You can come to the sleepover, too!!!" she squeaks. "Oh, no, that'll be--" you say, but once again are cut off by a very excited Penny. "Whoohoo! Let's go! Finally, another girl!" she chirps joyfully and drags you down the stairs and outside. "Mom, I'll be at the house over!" you call to your mom and hope she heard you.

As you are taken inside the house, you notice Anais sitting on the cough and playing with a kind of scary-looking toy donkey. "Daisy, daisy" it sings. You shudder and wave at her. "Oh, hi!" Anais waves back. You and Penny make your way up the stairs and she smiles at Gumball. You presume they've been together for a while, but the way Gumball is looking at Penny makes you giggle. There's literal lovehearts in his eyes, and he's smiling this lovestruck grin. Nicole is folding laundry and smiles awkwardly at you. "Erm, hi, Mrs. Watterson!... sorry" you say. She nods. Gumball and Penny go off into a bedroom and you follow them. There's a bunkbed, and a fishbowl on the nightstand next to it. "PLEASE KNOCK!" it reads. You smile at that. "Is that where Darwin sleeps?" you gesture towards the fishbowl. "Yeah!" Gumball responds. You laugh. "You've got a cool room!" you look around, and Gumball nods proudly. "Soo, what do you guys wanna do!?" Penny asks excitedly. "I dunno" Gumball shrugs. "How about we tell the new girl some stuff about ourselves?" Penny claps her hands and Gumball groans. "I don't waannaa" he sighs.

"Well, then say some stuff about Darwin instead!" Penny pats Gumball on the head. Hearing the name "Darwin" made you cringe - you still can't believe what happened, and you're unsure you'll ever even get over it! "Fine" Gumball says and lays on the bottom bunk. "Well, I'm Penny and.. I'm the "leader" of the cheerleading squad!" Penny says. "I'm Darwin and I'm a fish" Gumball imitated Darwin - pretty well. "Oh, come on, try harder than that, Gummy" Penny tuts. "All right, I'll tryyyyy.."

A LOT of unecessary information later...

It was almost dark, and the three of you had been doing dumb things all day long. You were getting along well with them, but figured it was time to go back home. "I guess I'll be off now. See you tomorrow - or on Monday, we'll see!" you smile. Penny and Gumball wave and you before continuing to chatter about silly things. As you walk through the hallway, you hear strange, VERY loud singing coming from the bathroom. "WITHOUUUUT YOU, I CAN'T BREEEEEAATHE" the voice sings. Your curiosity helps itself and you end up with your ear against the door, listening to the surprisingly sad song. The shower isn't on, and you wonder what's going on in there. Before you can even think about it, you knock.

The singing stops.

The door opens...

It's Darwin. "Oh?! Oh, sorry, I--" you start to speak and he looks down. His cheeks are rosy and it's clear you've embarrassed him. "I just heard your--" "You heard my singing! I knew I was too loud" he slaps himself across the face. "Woah! Hey, it's okay! I, err, I thought it was pretty good!" you smile and try to calm him down. Before you know it, you're sitting on the edge of a bathtub in a locked bathroom with a distraught fishboy as he explains his whole life story to you. "But me and Carrie broke up and I've been so sad!!" he cries. "Aw, Darwin, i--it's okay, really". "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" he squeaks, his voice cracking. "It's not your fault!" you reach out your hand and wonder what to do. You stroke his head awkwardly and then recoil, now extremely embarrassed. Darwin swings his feet nervously, looking down at the ground. You can't help but smile. Without warning, he hugs you and it feels like your heart skipped a beat. You can't breathe for a moment and then you hug back. "I'm sorry" he mumbles into your shoulder. "I don't mind, silly" you say softly and he pulls away, smiling that adorable smile at you again.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE" a voice booms through the bathroom door. It's Richard. "Mr. Watterson--!" you say. Darwin grins and proceeds to HIDE HIMSELF IN THE TOILET. You facepalm and open the bathroom door. "Sorry, I was, uhh.. Fixing my hair" you blurt out. Richard nods. "Okay!" "Bye!" you wave to him, silently angry at how you didn't say bye to Darwin. When you're crossing the road to go home, you notice a skip in your step. You can't stop thinking about him! You grin, prancing up your stairs into your bedroom, where you fall back on your bed and yawn, closing your eyes. You fall asleep after a while, drooling on your pillow.

(I hope you enjoyed this first chapter! I WILL be making more
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