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Danny, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker's, parent's all disappeared without any warning. They just suddenly were... Gone. Can Danny and Sam's kids figure out what happened to their grandparent's before the sa...

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I wrote this when I was little, so it's not the greatest, but eventually the chapters will get better.

I, Daniel Fenton, sigh as I suck the Box Ghost into the Fenton Thermos for the tenth time this night. I fly of, the Box Ghost trying to escape the cylindrical container. As I enter Fenton Works, I notice the Sam and Tucker are here. Sam, Tucker and Jazz are crying. "What's wrong guys?" I ask, changing back into Fenton mode in mid air, falling to the ground.

"Danny," Jazz starts, but isn't able to finish. I stare at her, confusion on my face. Then I realize something. Sam? Crying? There most really be something wrong.

"Sam?" I ask.

"Danny, something, somethin, some," but she can't finish.

"Will somebody just tell me what's going on?" I ask.

"Dude, our parents," Tucker starts but can't finish. I'm pretty sure whatever is going on, involves our parents, and not something small, like grounding us. It has to be big, like a car accident. Oh, no!

"Did they end up in a car crash?" I ask, to afraid to know the answer.

"Worse than that, Danny. Mom and Dad? They're d-d-dead." Jazz can just barely chock the words out.

"WHAT! HOW?" I ask. I was taken over by so much shock. Mom and Dad! Dead? There is silence in the room. I can't believe it. Then I wonder something. "Sam? Tucker? Why are you here?" I'm almost to scared to know the answer.

"Our parents are dead too!" Sam says. I know Sam must be extremely sad. Sam never cries!

"Beware!" Comes a voice from the thermos. I am so not in the mood. I take the thermos, run downstairs, and chuck it into the ghost portal, the Box Ghost still inside.

Ten years later

"Bye honey!" I say kissing my wife, Sam. I am off to work. Today we are getting launched into space for a one week mission. I love my job as an astronaut.

"Bye baby, I'll miss you," Sam says, starting to cry. She doesn't want me to be gone for a full week. I'm excited though. This is my first time going to space!

"Mommy! Daddy! Selena stole my crayon!" Summer yells.

"I did not! She stole my marker!" Selena responds.

Summer: "Ow! Don't hit me!"

Selena: "Make me!"

"Well, have fun with the kids," I say. "And by fun, I mean good luck."

"Haha," Sam replies. "Very funny!" She plants a kiss on my check.

I leave the room to make it to the air port for the long flight from Amity to Florida.

Sam's POV

"Girls! Are we really going to argue over a crayon and a marker?" I ask.

"But she took it from me!" Summer says.

"Did not!" Selena replies.

"I'm not a part of this," says my other daughter, Julie.

"Me either," says my son, Justin. I sigh. Having identical three year old triplets and a four year old son is a handful. Luckily for me, it is almost one o' clock, and that means nap time!

"OK, guys! It's nap time!" I say, picking up Summer and Selena, Selena still holding Summer's crayon and Summer still holding Selena's marker. I lie them down on there toddler beds and take the coloring materials away. Then, I head down to get Julie and Justin. When I get down, I can't find them. "Guy's, I know your hiding. I hear giggling coming from the basement. As soon as I do, I think, 'Oh my god! They can't be down there! That is where the ghost portal is.' "Julie, Justin! Get out of there now!" I tell them.

"Mommy, what's this room?" Julie asks, confused. I look around Fenton works. When Danny's, Jazz's, Tucker's and my parents died, we decided to live together. We didn't want to go to foster homes and get separated, so, we all lived in Fenton works. Luckily for us, my parents were rich, and we had enough money to live with food and clothes until we were sixteen and able to get a job. We could have had one at The Nasty Burger, but there were no openings.

Now, everyone knows what happened to our parents, but no one knows Danny is half-ghost. We couldn't risk it. Also, Jazz and Tucker don't live with us anymore.

I don't want to answer Julie's question, she's only three, so I tell her it is the basement, and she is not to go down there. After making sure she and her brother are both clear on that, I walk up stairs to there rooms, and put them in bed.

One week later

"I'm ba-ack!" Danny calls through the house.

"Hey, welcome home!" I tell him.

"Daddy!" The triplets and Justin yell, running through the hall to there father.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not run it the house?" I ask, laughing as they trip over each other.

"Daddy! Did you have fun on the sun?" Julie asks.

Danny and I try hard not to laugh. "Honey, you can't go o-" Danny starts to say, but is interrupted by Justin:

"You can't go on the sun! Everyone knows that, dummy!"

"Justin! Where'd you learn that word?" I ask him?

"Pre-School, mommy."

I sigh, then I feel dizzy. I quickly go lie down on the couch as the kids drown poor Danny with questions.

"What planet did you go to?"

"Is space hot or cold?"

"Did you meet any aliens?"

"Did you see any meteors?"

"The moon, cold, no and yes," Danny says answering all the kids questions. The giggle and start asking more, but I fall asleep feeling sick.

I wake up the next morning lying in bed next to Danny. He must have carried me upstairs. I am about to fall back asleep when I notice something sinking down from the ceiling. It lands on our bed and it turns tangible. I look and see a sleeping Justin in our bed. I shake Danny awake. "Uh, Danny, I think Justin just got his ghost powers.
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