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The War for Return

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The Collapse. An event that brought the fusion of Earth and Hell after the connection with Heaven disappeared. This is the story of Gerardo Campos "Jira", an average civilian in the 400 years old c...

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[*Autor note:
Hi, thanks for start reading. To make a long story short, Im mexican, im telling you this now cause there might be some grammar mistakes in the road ahead, so, wanted to clarify this before we get too far. I'd really apreciate if you could mark me my mistakes in the reviewss. Well, i hope you enjoy the beggining of this and also hope to see you all in the future

Prelude: The Collapse.
(This takes place 400 years before the Main Story)

A regular morning in a typical day in the world. The same news of war, economical crisis, natural disasters, all around the globe. In the last months the darkest parts of humankind had been showed at a larger scale than ever in the last years. Being obvious, every religion has been calling for everyone that finally the End of the World was befalling over mankind.

Everyone ignored them, mainly because that had been told god knew how many times in the past and nothing ever happened. How wrong they were. In that day, everything was running smoothly, until the clocks marked the half-day in the Solstice of the first day of Summer. A minute after, the skies turned red, followed by a deafening explosion and a void like sensation inside every single person over the planet.

Rifts in the sky and all over the ground. Mountains crumbling to dust and jungles and forests burning down. The lakes, rivers and oceans boiling till' becoming steam. The bright and warm sun dissapearing until the coldness of the dark sky was all that was left. All this within minutes, but it wasn't the end in those short moments. The real end, was because of the humans.

While watching the world they knew getting upside down and becoming dust, every soul got corrupted by fear and the malice that lies inside each. Because of those feelings, the still remaining countries decided to anhiliate the others. The launchings took place while in the cities almost everyone was slaughtering their kind. Robberies, looting, rape, murder and the like. Pandemonium in the remains of the soon to be over world.

Meanwhile every trace of civilization was collapsing and the people was killing themselves, nobody noticed that between the rifts in the sky and ground, while getting bigger and wider, black flames were emerging from them . Those who did notice, were very, very lucky. They died almost instantly as the day that all religions predicted with various names; Apocalypse, the Rise of the Dead, the Dark Age, Oblivion, The Rise of Hell.

This was far worse of what the old texts of the religions could have foreseen. While the physical existence of people were not that affected, people got killed by the mere sight of the horrors that rained and surged from the rifts. What followed that day of nightmare was that while the demons were killing and devouring souls or simply watching the onslaught before them, was that none of them affected the people,thus, they just kept acting in that rageous and morderous way. While people just stabbed, shoted or punched each other, the demons were way more savage. They started to behead with their claws, mouth and wings,skinnig people with their bare hands, breaking legs and arms and letting those to suffer while being surrounded by death and pain. Sometimes they just got posesion of someone and begun a massacre. Beacause of this, what was happening to the world seemed oblivious to the self-destructive populace.

After days wich seemed an eternity, and fields and streets wich couldn't get any redder by blood, evrything cooled down, revealing that aproximately the 30% of the world populance lasted. Society got itself up despite everything cause to itself, and wandering groups become little settlements, wich became, in a manner of speaking, more civilized.

The first 5 years were of exploration, finding others and the process to rebuild some cities based in trading, cooperation, and the so long sought peace between humanity started. But what they didn´t knew back then, was that it wouldn´t last long.

Author Note.
weeeeell, this is the (as i said at the beggining) Prelude. I intend not give so many details about the story, making short chapters so i can upload them mor often.
I´LL ALSO WANT TO SAY, it a very likely scenario that i´ll post EVERYTHING TWICE. This is because of some friends told me that if word spread enough, it could be usefull that the story existed in two lenguages so it reached more people.
So, if you like it, or found something that need correction, let me know down here in the reviews. Take care, until the next time

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