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Our long, short, history

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This chapter is just about the background of the world, does not include that many details into the story, that´ll come up ahead

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This is an original FIC, in the case you found a similarity to other anime, character, fics, etc, it might be a coincidence, I do not tend to read manga or watch anime that much.

“The 554th Year after “The Collapse” is almost concluded, here I’ll tell you a resume of our history on the new found, or shall I say “always there but never proven real until recently” world. All that’s about to be told, are the events that settled the point in my life 5 years ago were I became a warrior against my will, but now I’m doing everything I can to reestablish the world on the balance it was meant to remain since its creation“
Some years after the arrival to Hell, humankind lived; o barely lived if you could call a state of constant war and slaughter against any kind of demons and abomination that history could tell off about, bringing humanity some steps even closer to embrace oblivion, any kind of living. As some years came to pass, the few cities that could survive the journey were almost deserted, as their inhabitants realized in the ruins of buildings they were an easier prey than the now nomads of the Elemental Valleys. These were some flat, deep craterous or mountainous lands that were inexplicable similar to the Old Word, Earth. What makes the Valleys safer to settle down, rather than the old cities and towns, is that, somehow, when a hell spawn entered them, it suddenly became weak and vulnerable, resulting in a place where they could defend themselves against the Hell, and this fact is what force the reminiscent of humanity to move into them to protect themselves, and perhaps, start over again.

By the time the Valleys became some kind of villages, almost every sense of malice among humans like greed, hate, racism and the likes were quickly forgotten and replaced by a brotherhood like bond by every settlement even if they were separated by miles. But I’d call more like survival came first tough. Who could blame them? You can´t survive in hell holding old, baseless and stupid grudges against the probably last remains of your kin and the biggest chance of help for your survival. All that came by an unknown event that “erased” all languages, every culture and nation kept it´s, but now they can talk and listen every word and message perfectly. This helped to create merchant routes, and the construction of houses and small buildings with the materials they traded with. The reconstruction of some cities near the valleys came to pass, because for some reason, the attacks coming from demon´s regions suddenly decreased to a point where they came once each 3 months and that´s a rare occasion. But when happened, it came with the devastation they were associated with.

For some more unknowns, during the first fifty years after the founding of the cities 150 years after human arrival to Hell of the valleys, some newborns started sporting Marks on their bodies, and while growing up, began to show a certain degree of control over the elements present in the valleys and some more elements that were sort of inexistent. The children which were marked, by the time were pre-adults and teens, were denominated Elementals, and The Last Coalition started a Program for them and become useful for humanity, recruiting adults, teens, and children alike, with the oldest being trained in combat tactics and an even harder and harsher training program with the final objective of becoming officers and trainers for the younger generations.

This so called Program, meant to be the Sword and Shield, and it was for a time, carried on for almost 2 centuries, and the treatment Elementals received became less human with the time. In the beginning they were soldiers, but the kind of people one could get along with, they protected the trading caravans they were assigned, hunted demon groups when spotted, and in the off chance there were cases of conflicts among humans, they also acted as peace keepers, with a high emphasis on peace, just separating and calming the involved parties until they could make the proper arrangements for the most beneficial solutions.
They were given power, and the power tends to corrupt, and that power brings hope for some, fear to others when misused. After the creation of the Elemental Armies, some generations started to abuse their positions after the resurgence of mob groups, gangs and bandits, like if being attacked by demons was not enough of a problem, which acted even faster the Marked could react to their crimes and raids to markets and some unprotected caravans. What made them act that way, corrupt, angry, more violent, came in the form of a feeling of impotence against those groups, forcing the then beloved soldiers to act more harshly when a human conflict popped out, being always under suspicion of the groups doing.

The resurgence of crime came with the times of relative peace, understanding among cultures, no politics and religious casts being serious, they were “suffering for their sins” already, there is no point to misguide the thinking and actions of the masses, humanity reached a point in which a colonial, general moral about the preservation of the human race is the total, absolute law. After almost three complete centuries, the impulse of greed took root again in the heart of men. Those that decided to take the life of an outside rider bandit, gang or mob leader, and their offspring, took regions to assault and act on, respecting the others´ areas, stealing and transmitting trading routes and making some sort of deals and alliances, creating a criminal network that was later called by their leaders, “Heralds of the True Heart”, them being the absolutes lords of the new founded underworld.

Now, after 450 years after the creation of the darkened world, after the Collapse, the social discrimination, enrichment of certain merchant groups and the installment of some form of feudalism, bring along the desertion of the Elemental´s Elders, whose work at the beginning of the Program, being conformed then by the time, eldest and better soldiers, consisted on investigate, search, report, collect, train and educate every marked newborn. But, as the years carried on and the elementals were accepted on the world, the Elders became a Council with a voice in the Babel Chamber, the only facility in the world, besides the mines, that resides underground, founded around by 240 A. C., the place where the heads of each faction trough the cities met and decisions were and are made based on economical events, attacks over the cities or new trading laws., It´s basically a conjunctional Capital for every city.

The Elders acted then as the Military face of the chamber, gave status about the bandit raids and demon attacks, rate success on both cases and also the annual birthrate of elementals. The 6th group of Elders was the last to sit at the Black Desk, one in which each group or face took a color that would represent them, Black was assigned for the military, the Green Desk for the Economics, the Red Desk for the trading groups and White being for politicians. The 6th had been carrying the mistrust from the 4th, as some of their men were abusive against the cities after the Golden Sun Caravan Raid, which was supposed of carrying material for the construction of a new settlement, experimental technology and construction material made from the demon sectors, and during the raid, which till date, it´s not clear if there were demons or bandits; there were about 2500 civilian and worker´s causalities and the lost of everything they were escorting and all the blame fell over them.

Their rough attitude came from the rumors about the elementals after the fatidic assault. Those rumors were based in the number of casualties on the guarding unit that consisted of five hundred soldiers, from which only 43 fell in battle. This numbers led to make the Council and a great part of the cities´ population that they either ran away or had had a hand on the assault and those who died were the scapegoats to cover their supposed involvement. The forth heads of the Black Desk were banned and the Fifth group took the stained role that came forth with the desk.

Obviously, the file and rank of the army didn’t take anything of this very kindly, and only helped cement a bad image of them, as out of frustration over their decaying status, they stared to act the way that make them look like the villains they were being falsely portrayed. The fifth heads were unable to calm the waters and stop an incoming storm that turned to be the seclusion and discrimination of Elementals, as the demolition of the academies on the borders of the cities and the construction of training and living quarters in relative “safe” zones in between cities and away from the trade routes. All this came in a lapse of 30 years. Even 20 more years later, the 6th heads finally came, whose administration only lasted 15 years, as when the final drop that dripped the glass fell down in the form of the creation of a “clean” military force and the prospect of charging the elementals with the fabrics and mining. It did not ended well for anyone, as a couple of months after those news came out at light, ALL elementals revealed to their commanders and cities, that they were not meant to be the focus of hate and be forced to work and protect those who hated them. After that declaration, the heads of the Black Desk disappeared and their subordinates abandoned the cities rather violently, no human force being able to stop them, taking to various points and some others directed themselves to bandits´ camps.
Almost 40 years later, coming back to this “tale” more close to the present; as one could suspect, the former soldiers were hunted, and obviously, not one single party could achieve that feat and in the very, very unusual time they could, little few came back.
Being outcasts from the society they once protected, they aligned themselves with the bandits and raiders, not out of vengeance, oh no, they were actually bitter and wanted them to pay to some degree, but they didn’t wanted to prove they were the villains the government and council had portrayed them as. But they did out of the necessity to be alive. They needed food, and some sort of shelter, which they had had in the facilities. In exchange for them, the bandits expected of them to help or bail them out in case of trouble, being it in the form of demon hordes or the new military forces that although comprised of regular humans armed just with fire guns and in some case the newest black iron armors that were and are an imitation through the energy channeling techniques that could be duplicated from the elemental´s mark analysis. It´s still a top level state secret how they work, just that they can imitate the elementals abilities to some degree.
With the new armies, elementals and bandits had to take more risks, entering demon´s lands, often costing the lives of the noble and more experienced of elementals and former soldiers. Soldiers, that could get the only sense of order and decency among their lines despite the looting they had just began to partake in. As the last remaining lashes were gone, the wild, mad, greedy and power hungry bastards that were the bandits, influence the new borns to be like them, if not worse.
Now, some few decades after, the world came to be just as history books portrayed the Old World. Violence between humans, war, crimes of almost any kind possible in Hell. The discord among cities is almost nonexistent, but when treated long enough, you can see the shadows trough light
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