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Till We Compete Again! (alternate ending)

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this is an alternate ending to the Till We Compete Again episode of pokemon xyz in this reality pokemon sun and moon does not take place

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Ash sits on a bench in the airport.

Ash is looking at the ground in confusion then he looks at the Pokeball where Greninja used to sit in. Ash said in himself " what am I going to do" Ash was very conflicted about leaving for Kanto because not only was Greninja one of his best friends still here but he also had friends here that he would miss. He would miss Clements handy inventions and his " the future is now thanks to science". Bonnie's amazement at every new pokemon and her friendly nature. However, the one he was most worried about was Serena. Ash couldn't quite put a finger on it but he always felt more ad eas around Serena. Ash looked up to see Serna she asked him " Your struggling with something aren't you" Ash tried to deny it but Serena told him she knew him better than anyone. Ash smiled and told her he had his doubts about leaving for multiple reasons. Serena told Ash " you always make the right decision ash just listen to your heart and then decide." Ash was thankful for her advice and told himself "okay listen to my heart". After a while, he released that he wanted to stay but he would need to ask Serena an important question first. Ash said "Hey Serena" Serena came to him and asked him "What is it, Ash?" Ash said to Serena " I have to ask you a really important question and you need to answer it truthfully.". She nodded and he asked her " Serena do you love me?". Serena began to blush and stuttered "l-love y-you what do you mean where did you get that idea?" Ash told Serena that Boney told her after the events with team Flare. Serena said that Bonnie was right. After that Ash grabbed and kissed her. The kiss broke and Ash said that he wasn't going anywhere. Immediately after that Ash made Serena a promise "Serena the day I became Kalos League champion will be the best day of your life."
She nodded and said she would wait

5 years later

"And the winner of the pokemon league is Ash Ketchum" Alain walked towards Ash "Well done ash I didn't expect to see Greninja again so well done". the announcer said "now we will...

Ash interrupts the announcer

Ash asked the announcer for the mic. As soon as Ash had the mic he said "Serena! Remember five years ago that I made you a promise that this day would be the best day of your life?"
Serena came down and nodded. Ash told Serena that he intended to keep that promise.
Ash got down on one knee took a box out of his pocket and presented a ring. After that he said "Serena you've always been there for me even when I didn't know it. What I want to say is that you make me happy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you so will you marry me" Serna cried and said "yes"

what happened after this is well they got married got a girl and settled down
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