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after a weird interaction with the wattersons you find someone who follows you... alot

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"come on and help me with the groceries" a voice blurted out "no im in the middle of a round" another voice said. (y/n) was playing minecaft as his mom busted the door down "HELP ME NOW!" his mom yelled "FINE" (y/n) said "ugh" (y/n) grabbed the groceries as a watterson called out "hey Darwin come on" "huh" (y/n) said in surprise as a blue cat and a orange fish shot oranges at (y/n)'s house "HEY STOP!" (y/n) called out "who is that" the orange fish "i don't know" the blue cat one said as he stared at (y/n) "just... stop shooting oranges" said (y/n) "fine" said the orange fish.after (y/n) helped her mom (y/n) looked out the window and saw a peanut walking to the wattersons "what the heck" (y/n) said as the peanut rung the doorbell and then the door opened and a blue cat came out. "oh hey penny" the blue cat said as a little pink rabbit cried out "HELP" (y/n) quickly looked to see what was happening as a little pink rabbit hanging on by a thread on the same roof the wattersons live under "!!!" (y/n) yelled as he ran and grabbed the pink rabbit "WHAT DO YOU THING YOU ARE DOING" a voice yelled "hu-" (y/n) said as a flying punch knocked you out and the pink rabbit got grabbed out of your hands "(Y/N)" the blue cat(gumball) yelled as he helped you up "MOM WHAT THE HECK" he yelled "he shouldnt get near your sister we dont know (y/n)" his mom said as gumball dragged you into the house "!" "are you ok" gumball said with a weird frownish grin "yeah..." (y/n) said with a confused look as the peanut got picked up because her sleepover with gumball was cut short by the incident."your family is crazy"i said for some reason "yeah i know" gumball replied then suddenly i knew i had to go "uhhhhhh i gotta go" i said "ok" gumball said. as i was running home it hit me... gumball liked me
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